December 5, 2023




❣️❣️❣️🌹CHAPTER 7🌹❣️❣️❣️
I woke up, removed my black duvet from my body, stood from my cozy bed and went inside the toilet, got undressed and turned on the shower and the fresh lukewarm water poured on me like rain, washing the germs off my body with soap.

After showering I came out, sat at my makeup desk, applied some lotions and natural makeup.

I wore my blue sleeveless bodycon long dress with long slit and my adidas sneakers. I fixed my curly hair in pigtails.

I wore black rose earrings and black pendant necklace, I put my fill black girl water bottle in my black designer backpack, wore it.

I sat on my bed and dialled Aaron’s number in video chat. He picked up and smiled.

Aaron📱 Hey sis! How’s school?

Avery📱 School’s good. How’s your studies?

Aaron📱 Forget about em, gurl. I’m tired of high school. I can’t wait to meet you in Damville.

Avery📱 Me too. I’ve missed my lil bro so much. By the SunLake is a lot of pressure, so many tests, lectures, studies… But you’ll get use them.

Aaron📱 Urgh! More pressure in the university? That’s seems worst than high school.

Avery📱 *Giggled* Don’t say that… Dad?

I smiled as I saw dad in video call.

Aaron📱 Dad, it’s Avery.

Dad gave me a contempt look and glared at Aaron “Hang up the call.” Dad ordered Aaron.

“But dad…”


The phone was hung up.

My eyes was soaked with tears. It’s been long since I’ve seen my father and he didn’t still want to see me. He didn’t miss me as his daughter. I wish mom’s still alive.

I sighed as I fixed my makeup and left my hostel bedroom.

I’m the only one sleeping there, because I don’t want to have any friends. I don’t want to be put into trouble like how Gianna and Rex did.

“Morning Avie.”

“Hey gurl.” Adelaide and Yolanda greeted as they came out of their bedroom.

They’re roommates and my classmates and only friends who are always there for me unlike Gianna.

They’re also stylish.

I smiled “Hey guys. Good morning.” we made a group hug and disengaged.

We started walking down the corridor “So, are you ready for today’s maths test?” Yolanda asked me.

I scoffed “Always ready.”

“What about next tomorrow’s oral presentation on marketing?” Adelaide asked.

I rolled my eyes with a smile “Duh!”

All of us giggled “I’m sure Yolanda isn’t ready.”

I snickered.

Yolanda gasped “Wha? Yes I am. Why would you say that?”

“Because you have a terrible stage fright, you stutter when you’re nervous.” Adelaide said.

“No, I don’t.” Yolanda denied.

“Adelaide’s right, girl. You stutter like a weirdo.” I added.

“Urgh!! Whatever. We’re gonna be late for class.” Yolanda groaned as she walked faster.

“Ouch!” Yolanda winced as she accidentally bump into Kylie.

“Gosh! Are you blind? Can’t you watch where you’re going?” Kylie shouted rudely.

She’s just stupidly rude to everyone, just because she’s also from a rich family and she’s typically blonde.

“I’m sorry.” Yolanda apologized.

“You should be. Ɓîtçh!” Kylie said.

I scoffed “What’s even the use of apologizing, Yolanda?”

“Hey Ɓîtçh, mind your business.” Kylie said to me.

“Yolanda business is my business, so just stay away from us, and learn to apologize and be nice.” I advised her, giving her a smug look and the three of us walked away rudely from Kylie.

“Nice one Avery.” Adelaide praised me.

I rolled my eyes “Come on girls, that girl is just a Fůçƙïṅg jerk.”

“Just forget about her and let’s focus on our maths test.” Yolanda said as we left the hostel house.

We went inside the luxurious school building and stood in front of the classroom.

I yelped as someone covered my face with his palm, and was breathing on my neck.

“Guess who it is.” He whispered.

I smiled “Zayn Malik?” I retorted sarcastically.

He chuckled “He’s the most handsome guy you’ve ever seen.”

I grinned happily “Zayn Malik?! OMG!!”

Marcus removed his hand and frowned at me “Seriously? Come on. It’s me. Marcus Coleman, your best boyfriend.”

I smiled as I hugged him “I know it’s you babe. I can feel your breath on my neck and your deep voice.”

Yes, Marcus is my first boyfriend, we started dating since I moved in to the hostel.

Although he’s cute but Rex is cuter. Why did I even remember him?

He was the one who gave me a tour around the school and he told me he had feelings for me so started dating.

Marcus scoffed “Really? How does it make you feel?”

“Like the most luckiest girl in the world.” I said warmly.

He smirked as he left my chin and K!SSed my lips, we pulled away and smiled at each other. We heard some giggles.

I frowned as I noticed Adelaide and Yolanda smiling at me. They quickly went inside the class.

I rolled my eyes and smiled at Marcus “See you after lectures.” I said.

“Okay baby. Good luck on your maths test.” He said and walked away.

I chuckled as I went inside the class and sat in the middle of Adelaide and Yolanda.

“So, how’s the K!SS?” Adelaide teased.

“Yeah, I’m so jealous, my boyfriend is not this romantic.” Yolanda pouted.

“Excuse me?” Olly exclaimed from the front seat “You know I can hear you right?”

“I know, that’s why I’m saying it.” Yolanda retorted.

She stood up and went to her boyfriend seat.

“She is so quirky and sweet.” I said.

“Yeah, but sometimes she can be so annoying, party attender and rough.” Adelaide added.

I scoffed as I opened my maths textbook.

“I almost forgot.” Adelaide said ““My mom gave me my allowance so I used half of it to buy you this.”

I gasped as she gave me a galaxy design game controller 🎮 that glows at night and it’s super cool to use.

I’ve been looking for this my whole life “Oh my God, Adelaide. Where did you get this?”

“You know my uncle works in a game company so he helped me get this.” She explained.

“Oh my… Thank you babe.” I hugged her.

“Don’t thank me alone. Yolanda was the one who paid for the game controller and part of my allowance.” She said.

“But guys, you shouldn’t have.” I smiled.

“Come on, Avery. You deserve it.” Yolanda said.

I smiled at myself. Having a peace of mind. No bestie controlling me, no bestie boyfriend disturbing or blackmailing me and no implications. That’s good.

But why can’t I forget that prom night? Why did I enjoy it? Why can’t I forget about Rex? Did I miss him. But I have a boyfriend.

Why is the past still disturbing me even though I’m trying to move on?


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