December 5, 2023

✩ A
( Fairies from Netherland… )


By Authoress Rhema 🧁


Elijah found himself falling but Micah raised him back up and threw another punch at his face.

“Fûck!” Elijah spat out blood from him mouth.

Micah raised Elijah tightly from the collar and drew him closer to him.

“This would be the last time you’ll ever hurt Jade again” he said angrily.

Elijah suddenly began laughing, making Micah a bit confused.

“So you’re the new guy Jade is going out with?” He laughed so hard with blood coming out of his nose and mouth.

“What’s funny huh!?” Micah raised his hands up to punch Elijah but Elijah said something that made his hands stopped in mid hair.

“I know why you are doing this Micah, I know why you are suddenly close to her” he laughed.

Micah fist were tightly clenched in the air.

“You’re just nothing but a bastard!” Micah pushed him off and began leaving in anger.

“That’s right Micah, I know!!” Elijah shouted after him and laughed again.


Jade walked up to Brielle who was talking with Roman.

“Brielle” she called and Brielle looked up at her, so as Roman but she ignored him.

“Last night I was too proud to say thank you” she muttered and looked down.

“So…?” Brielle asked with her brows creased.

“So I came here to swallow my pride and tell you thank you for saving me last night” she said and immediately turned around and left.

Roman looked at Brielle immediately.

“What did you save her from?” He asked in a whisper.

“Something, you don’t need to know” Brielle smirked.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I don’t want you to get interested in her okay? Our mission here” Brielle reminded him.

“Whatever” Roman rolled his eyes and looked elsewhere.



Declan was sitting in his room, pressing his laptop with his headset on.

A knock sounded on his door and it opened revealing Charlie that just stepped in.

“Declan” she called and came to sit on his bed, facing him.

Declan took looked up and looked at his laptop again.

“Please don’t Ignore me” she stood up and came to sit beside him.

Declan still acted like he didn’t see her.

Charlie covered his laptop with a pout and he took his phone.

She grabbed his phone from him and dropped it on the table in front of him.

Declan adjusted his headphones and looked elsewhere.

Charlie stood up and sat on his laps then removed his headphones and hid it behind her.

“Stop I’m not in the mood” Declan frowned but Charlie cupped his cheeks and began K!SSing his face.

“Charlie” Declan looked elsewhere but she made him face her and placed her lips on him.

She began K!SSing him but he didn’t respond.

“I’m sorry about today” she pulled away from him and pouted.

Declan looked at her.

“You use to confuse me sometimes, if there’s something wrong I did and you don’t like, you can just tell me instead of avoiding me because it hurts” he muttered.

“I swear Declan you didn’t do anything, it’s just me, it’s just that there’s so much about me I have to tell you and I feel like you’ll leave me once I do” she said slowly with her face down.

Declan raised her chin up with his thumb and made her face him.

“I will never leave you Charlie, I will die if I do so” he said.


Declan cut her off with a K!SS on the lips.

“We shouldn’t be keeping things from eachother, tell me Charlie” he said.

Charlie shut her eyes tight before opening them back.

“I’m not who you think I am, I’m a…”

The door burst open and Harrison rushed in, saying something.

“Declan is 6 o clock already, time for our band practice..” he paused when he saw Charlie with him.

“Oh Charlie is also here, hi Charlie” he waved at her then realization dawn unto him on seeing their strange position.

Charlie was sitting on Declan’s lap, straddling him as her hands were wrapped around his neck and his hands on her waist.

“Harrison wait we can explain” Declan said and Charlie stood up immediately.

“You two are together? When did it happen?” Harrison asked.

“For a short while now, please we are keeping as a secret” Declan pleaded and Charlie nodded immediately.

“A secret but I’m bad at keeping secret” Harrison said.

“We’ll give you anything you want” Charlie said and Declan nodded.

“Anything?” Harrison asked again and Charlie nodded.

“Fine, don’t forget what you said, come let me help you get out” Harrison called out to her.

“Don’t worry about me” Charlie smiled and went to the window, she opened it and next thing they didn’t see her.

“What happened did she just jumped, the window is about ten floors high” Harrison said with widened.

“She’s fine, it’s something she’s use to doing do let’s go” Declan wrapped his hands around Harrison’s shoulder.

“So when did the both of you…

“Shut up!”



“Hmm… Great lyrics Declan” Kim smiled after going through the song that Declan wrote.

“Thanks” Declan smiled.

“Everything looks so real in the lyrics so it’s too plan the video” Kim said.

“We can ask our neighbors to film in our video, one of them is really pretty and I feel like she’ll be a good match in the song video, staring with the leader himself” Harrison said and secretly winked at Declan.

“I think he’s right, Charlie would be better off in the video and the other girl” Gael smiled.

“Which one? Her friend?” Harrison asked.

“Ion know, that one that stole our show” Gael shrugged and Micah faced him immediately.

“Jade is going to be in our music video?” He asked.

“If you guys agree” Gael shrugged.

“I agree, let’s add Charlie’s friend too” Harrison said.

“No she’s too brutal, did you see how she almost break my bones that night” Gael squeezed his face and Declan shrugged.

“So what did you all say?” Kim asked.

“I agree” Declan, Gael and Harrison raised up their hands.

All eyes went to Micah who was busy pacing out. The image of Jade’s face when she was looking at the full moon came to his face.

“Micah?” Declan called.

“Sure do what you want” Micah cleared his throat and they all smiled.




👥That girl looks familiar to that Charlie girl

👥She is Charlie from that Spider’s page

👥That means that spider or whoever that person is, is jealous of Charlie and Declan’s relationship.

👥Did you see the way they were smiling at each other in the video.

👥Why is no one talking about the other girl, she’s cool too.

👥She’s dragon queen, she acted so well in the video and she’s pretty too.

The music video has gone viral and everyone were talking about Charlie and Declan, assuming that the both of them are in a relationship to be close like that.



Nora was tied to a chair with her mouth gagged as she watched Charlie and Declan get married right in front of her.

When Charlie was saying her vow, Declan was looking at her with so much love in his eyes which was making tears to drop out of Nora’s eyes.

Nora couldn’t say anything because her mouth were sealed.

“You may now K!SS the bride” the priest said.

Declan removed the veil from Charlie’s face and began moving his face closer to her.

“Hmmm!!!” Nora screamed in horror and then woke up from her night mare.

She was crying for real.

Her laptop was beside her, she was watching their latest music video when she fell asleep.

In her laptop screen, a paused scene where Charlie and Declan were smiling at themselves was there.

Others might think it’s just a music video but it you look closely you’ll see the way he looks at her.

“I don’t want them to be together!!” She screamed and threw her laptop away in anger.

Her head began hurting and she held it tight.

“Nora are you okay?” Her room door opened and Tiffany stepped in.

Tiffany’s eyes traveled on the broken laptop then back to Nora.

“What’s wrong why are you holding your head? Are you sick? Do you need to go to the clinic?” She asked worriedly.

Nora shut her eyes tight and slowly stood up.

“I’m fine mom, don’t worry about me” she muttered and went to the bathroom then looked herself in.

Tiffany looked at the broken laptop again then at the bathroom door.

“What’s wrong with my Nora?” She thought…



Charlie just settled down on the front roll when many girls suddenly rushed towards her.

👥Charlie please can we take pictures with you?

👥Are you together with Declan already.

👥You two look so good together.

👥Can you help me with your autograph in your book?

Charlie just looked left and right, not knowing what to do or how to reply.

Nora just walked in and seeing everyone beside Charlie made her blood boil.

“Everyone out, I want to sit!” She said hardly.

They scoffed at her as they left one by one before Nora sat down. She acted like she didn’t see Charlie who was beside her and began opening her book to read.

A teacher worked in with some scripts in her hands.

“Everyone get ready, we are having a surprise exam now” she said.

“Surprise exam!?” Students gasped.

“Yeah, that’s why I said it’s a surprise exam” the teacher smiled and began disrupting the script to everyone.

‘Exam? I’m not even prepared yet’ Nora thought, looking at the questions she was begining to reason that last time she opened her book but couldn’t remember.

Due to the other books she has read in the past, she was able to write something.



Micah saw Jade standing close to his car when he came outside.

“What are you doing here?” He asked with one of his brows raised.

“To say thank you for going out with me tomorrow” she replied with a smile.

“Huh? I don’t get it, why thank me?”

“We’ve been hanging out these past days and it’s nothing but fun, hanging out with you helps relieve my stress so please let’s go out tomorrow” she pleaded.

These few days that just past, him and Jade actually went with their deal that’ll she’ll get to act as his fake girlfriend and after that, they have been going out more often.

Micah was getting angry with the fact that he was always thinking about her everytime and everything she don’t see her text message, he’d feel uncomfortable.

He’s Micah after all, having this thought was making him feel downgraded as a fish.

“No” he replied and pushed pass her before going to his car but Jade grabbed his hands back.


“Jade we are not best friends okay? Stop following me everywhere, I need to be alone all by myself!” He snapped and pushed her hands off before entering his car and driving off.

“Jerk!” Jade scoffed and match to her car, she sat on it and started driving.

“Why was I even begging him to go out with me? Why do I enjoy his company so much or is this how I fall so easily?” She thought angrily as she sped up her car.



“The results are out!” A student announced and noise started immediately.

“So fast, it didn’t then take up till two days” Harrison said, looking surprised.

👥So Nora’s is going to get the first position as usual?

👥Wait something is not right, Nora is not even part of the top five students..


👥Who got the first then?

“Oh my God Charlie got the first position” Harrison gasped out when he saw the list.

People began murmuring in surprise.

👥Charlie got first

👥Charlie beat Nora in her own spot.

👥For years no one can compete with Nora but Charlie did.

👥Charlie even pushed Nora out of the top five.

👥Hey surprising Jade is in first five students for the first time in history.

👥Nora got the sixth position.

Nora forced her way to the crowds immediately, she gasped when she saw the results, it goes like this.

Charlie first, Declan second, Gael third, Micah fourth and Jade fifth while she was the sixth position even Jade that don’t always fancy her books passed her.

Tears came out of her eyes as her gaze traveled to Charlie’s name as the first position, her roll and spot.

“You stole my spot!” She said between gritted teeth.


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