December 5, 2023

Episode 8
Olivia’s POV
Today is another day and I hope I don’t get into trouble cos of what happened yesterday. I was about entering my class when someone called my name and I turned back only to find out it was Nelson. I stood still staring at him like a statue bcoz I don’t think he’s referring to me so I just decided to see my namesake and probably make friends with her if she isn’t a proud peaCöçk like Bella but I was surprised when Nelson walked up to me and asked if I could spare a little of my time and I didn’t know when I nodded my head. He asked me to follow him which I did without thinking twice until we stopped in an empty classroom when he turned to face me and asked if we could be friends. I stood there staring at him cos I know I didn’t hear him clearly, there’s no way Nelson will ask someone like me to be his friend so I waited for him to repeat what he said and he still said the same thing so I just nodded my head. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be with my crush almost everyday and I can’t possibly say no. He pulled me into a tight hug and said friends forever and I repeated it after him. We walked out of the classroom holding hands and smiling at each other but I still find it hard to believe that Nelson is now my friend.
Bella’s POV
I got to school and was about going to my class when I sighted Nelson and Olivia holding hands and smiling at each other. To say I was shocked is an understatement, when did all this suddenly happened or am I imagining things? I wiped my face thinking they’ll just disappear since it’s my imagination but it was real, they were really holding hands. The Nelson I know doesn’t move with females especially after what Stephanie did so Olivia must have casted a spell on him and I’m going to make sure I deal with her.
Nelson’s POV
The week went by quickly but it was of course the best week of my life and I’m now sure of my feelings for Olivia. She’s the best female friend any guy could ever ask for and I’m sure she’ll make a really great girlfriend. The next thing to do is to make Olivia my girl but I have to take things slow until I’m sure she has feelings for me. I asked her about her love life but she said she has never dated before and I’m glad knowing I’ll be her first in everything but she says she has a crush on someone, though I don’t know who she was talking about but I was really jealous. Anyway that doesn’t really matter, I just have to ask her out before her crush does but the most important thing right now is that I really miss her and I can’t wait to see her on Monday. This weekend seem like the longest in my entire life and I think it’s bcoz of Olivia.

Monday Morning
Olivia’s POV
It’s Monday and I think I’m the happiest person on earth cos I’ll get to see Nelson today, I’ve really missed him so much and I can’t wait to get to school. I took my bag and bade my family good bye after having a light breakfast, I couldn’t wait for my dad cos I’m dying to see Nelson so I just took a cab instead. When I got to school, I noticed the students gathered around something or someone so I decided to check it out and I saw Stephanie. I know she’s Stephanie cos she’s a popular model, she’s really beautiful even more than Bella and I’m envious of her. With people like Bella and Stephanie around, Nelson wouldn’t even look at me twice, we might still be friends but he’d never date someone like me and that alone brought tears to my eyes. It hurts to know that Nelson can never be mine and what hurts the most is that he’s the first guy I’ll ever fall in love with. I’ve admitted the fact that I’m not just crushing on Nelson but I also love him, the happiness and eagerness to see Nelson disappeared completely and all I wanted to do that moment was to find a quiet place where I can cry my eyes out. I quietly left the crowd and walked slowly to my class with my head bowed cos I didn’t want the tears to fall until I bumped into someone. I said sorry and wanted to walk past the person without raising my head up but the person pulled me back and I raised my head to see it was Nelson. I quickly hugged him and cleaned my face bcoz I didn’t want him to ask me any question, then I pulled back and we tried talking but it was time for our first lecture already so we went to our respective class.

To be continued

Episode 9

This episode is dedicated to Naomi Pius Bucham

Stephanie’s POV

I already registered into the school Nelson attends, it’s not like I want to learn but I just have to get my Nelson back at all cost and to do that I need to get closer to him. When I got to school, the students were screaming happily and even taking pictures of me, I’m sure they were so glad to have a celebrity in their midst. I was putting on a ɓȕϻ short and crop top which made me look really hot and I’m sure Nelson would fall for me again since he has no girlfriend as it is. I tried searching for Nelson among the students present but he was not among them so I decided to check him in his class and luckily he was seated in the class. I walked up to him in order to get his attention and it worked cos he stared at me with shock on his face but almost immediately he composed himself and wore a cold expression but I still didn’t give up.
“Hi” I said to him

“What do you want?” He replied without emotion

“Come on we both know you missed me”. He shot me a stare before focusing on what he was doing and then the teacher came in so I had to look for somewhere to sit but I couldn’t concentrate throughout the class cos Nelson has grown more handsome. That isn’t my business cos I just need fame and that’s all and I must get him no matter what it would cost me.

Nelson’s POV

I was really shocked when I saw Stephanie. She has grown really beautiful and was looking hot but almost immediately, I remembered how she broke my heart and all I felt towards her that moment was hatred and anger, I can’t wait for lunch time to see Olivia’s face cos I’m sure it will calm my nerves. If Stephanie thinks I still feel anything for her then she must be the biggest fool on earth cos I feel like strangling her for breaking my heart but at least she has taught me a lesson, once bitten twice shy and I will never ever fall for her trick, not in this life and not in the next life.

Bella’s POV

This past week has been hell for me with Nelson and Olivia getting closer and I think I have to do something about it really fast. It was lunch time already and I want to use that period to make Nelson hate Olivia, I have my plans already. I’d lie against Olivia and make Nelson hate her forever so that she’ll never come close to whatever belongs to me in the next life. I was close to the cafeteria when I bumped into someone or I should say we bumped into each other. I raised my head to lash out at the person but left my mouth hung open when I saw the last person I ever want to set my eyes on, Stephanie. What the hell is she doing here bcos if I remember clearly, she’s now a model well after duping Nelson and she only has one reason to be here, that’s bcoz she wants Nelson back and I’ll never let that happen. Why does she have to come now when I was just few meters away to achieve my goal. I need a change of plan and I have to think deeply.

Olivia’s POV

It was lunch time and as usual I went to the cafeteria with Nelson like we’ve always done ever since we became friends. I didn’t really feel like eating but I don’t want Nelson to ask me any question so I just forced myself to eat a little and then we left the cafeteria. We headed to the field just to talk about some things and play for a while before the next class and I think that was a good idea cos I cheered up after that. School ended for the day and I bade Nelson farewell as usual but he offered to give me a ride which I politely declined cos I don’t want Bella and Stephanie to murder me.

Park Sung Joo POV

It’s been weeks already and we’re still unable to find my daughter, I’m sick and tired of everything. The private investigators think they’re doing their best but it doesn’t seem so to me, we’ve been going from one hospital to another to check the DNA of all their patients but so far we haven’t found the right match though we saw one that almost matched it last week. I have a feeling that my daughter is here in England but it’s probably going to take a while before we find her. I do hope we find her soon and I hope nothing happens to her cos I won’t be able to forgive myself if something happens to her and I hope she’s okay wherever she is.

To be continued……

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