December 5, 2023


Episode 70 (Final episode)

Part I

Olivia’s POV

“Do you think I did the right thing by not going with anyone of them?” I asked Nelson in the evening when we were walking in the garden

“In my own opinion, I think you did the right thing. That way, they won’t feel like you love one of them more than the other”

“Alright, thanks. Who do you think I should go with?”

“That’s your choice to make. Just make sure you’re not sacrificing your happiness for anyone.

Any decision you make is fine by me”

“Thank you Nelson, you’ve been the best boyfriend so far. Left to me, I would choose both of them but I don’t know how that is going to be possible”

“You can make use of either of these two options.

You can choose to live alone. If they miss you, they can come to spend some time with you and if you miss them, you can go and spend some time with the too.

The second option; You choose to live with one of them while the other person is permitted to visit you from time to time.

Which do you prefer?”

“I think I will go with the first one, it’s better that way. Besides, I will soon be going to Korea for my training so living alone is the best thing to do”

“As you wish. So when are we getting married?”

“I’m not ready for marriage yet”

“Then why did you say yes to my proposal?”

“I said “yes” because I really want to spend the rest of my life with you but I don’t want to get married yet, I still have a long way to go”

“When will you be ready then?”

“I don’t know yet but I won’t keep you waiting for too long”

“Alright, I will wait” he said and gave me a passionate K!SS

“Hmm hmm (clears throat)” I and Nelson disengaged from the K!SS before turning to look at the intruder

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything?” Chang Min asked staring from me to Nelson

“You interrupted a whole lot of things” Nelson said a bit playfully

“I’m sorry Your Highness but I have to give something to my baby sister”

“She’s your sister, not your baby. I’m the only one entitled to call her that”

“But she’s also my baby sister” Chang Min whined and pouted his lips like that of a kid. I don’t think he and Nelson will ever get along.

“Both of you should stop behaving like kids. You said you wanted to see me” I turned to Chang Min

“Yes. I just want to give you a gift for your birthday, sorry it’s coming late.

Happy birthday, I wish you lots of fun and love”

“Thanks” I said and collected the gift

Almost immediately, Jimin also came to give me his own gift.

I can’t believe I’m surrounded by many people who love and care about me. I think I’m really lucky.

After the party, I went home to pack my clothes and spend the night in Nelson’s mansion.

We are going to discuss everything we talked about with my parents tomorrow.

*Next day*

I wore my clothes and ate a light breakfast with Nelson before we went to my foster parents house.

We already agreed to meet there yesterday.

Park Min Shin’s POV

Olivia is going to make her choice of who she wants to stay with today, I’m so nervous.

What if she doesn’t choose me? Does that mean I’m going to loose my only female child forever?

Ohh God, please touch Olivia’s heart. She has been with Katherine for almost 18 years so she should spend the remaining years with me.

After having breakfast, I drove to the Logan’s house with Jimin and Chang Min. When we got there, Olivia and Nelson were just arriving as well so we all went into the house.

Olivia’s POV

I and Nelson arrived at my foster parent’s house. Coincidentally, that was the same time my biological parents arrived.

I greeted them politely and we all went inside the house together.

“Uhhm…… So we all know we’re gathered here for a purpose, and that’s for Olivia to choose whoever she wants to stay with.

Before she makes her choice, we need to put this at the back of our minds.

We don’t have to become enemies because of what is going to happen today.

Olivia is only going to choose one person so the other party shouldn’t hate whoever she chooses.

Olivia has made us one and it will be great if we remain that way till the end.” My foster dad addressed everyone present in the gathering and that’s because he’s the eldest among them. If only they knew I won’t be choosing to stay with any one of them.

The President returned to Korea two days ago to check how the country is being run in his absence.

“It’s over to you now Olivia. Do you choose to stay with your foster parents or your biological parents?” Dad asked

I stared at each of them and notice they were all nervous except Nelson, he already knows what my decision will be so he has no reason to get all worked up like them.

“I’m not going to stay with anyone” I blurted out leaving everyone of them in a confused state.

“W.. what are you talking about? You clearly heard the options right? So why… ” My biological Mom (Park Min Shin) stuttered helplessly.

“I heard the options but I’m not going to stay with anyone of you.

I will live in my house alone, then you guys are free to visit me anytime you want and I can also visit you anytime I want to.”

“So you don’t love anyone of us enough to choose to stay with us, is that it?” Mom (Katherine) asked almost breaking down

“After all the love we’ve shown you? We took care of you right from when we picked you, up till this moment and this is how you repay us?

There’s no problem about that, it’s fine” Mom concluded

“The reason why I didn’t choose to stay with anyone of you is to avoid things like this yet it’s still happening. What exactly would you have me do?

I never asked to be abandoned by my parents so stop making it look like any of these is my fault” I said a little calmly

“I’m sorry. I only cared about how I felt without considering your own feelings. Forgive me” Mom said looking sober

“Olivia please, if not for anything else but the fact that I’m your birth Mom, come with me. I also want to spend time with my daughter.

I don’t care if it’s for three or five years, I just want to be close to the only daughter I have in this world. Please come with me.” she pleaded almost going down on her knees with tears in her eyes.

My heart melted instantly and I felt like running into her arms. I also want to know what it feels like to be with my birth Mom.

The few moments I spent with her while I was in Korea was fun and probably the best moment of my life but I can’t just choose to go with her.

What about the people that took care of me and acted as my parents for over 17 years? They will definitely feel bad.

I know Nelson asked me not to sacrifice my happiness for anyone but I still can’t make many people unhappy because of my own happiness.

That will be a really selfish thing to do and besides, people will say I’m ungrateful.

“I’m sorry Mom, I’ve made my decision” I said and ran outside before bursting into tears.

Nelson came to meet me few seconds later. He must have followed me when I left the sitting room.

“Olivia, what’s wrong?” he asked softly

I turned to hug him immediately and continued crying.

“It’s okay….. Everything will be fine” Nelson said patting my shoulders.

I calmed down after some time.

“So tell me what’s wrong” Nelson demanded

“I.. I really want to go with my biological parents but my foster parents would be unhappy and feel dejected. I won’t be able to handle it”

“I told you not to sacrifice your happiness for anyone, right? You deserve all the happiness in this world after all you’ve gone through so you need not sacrifice your happiness for anyone”

“I know but that would be selfish of me. They stood by me even when they knew I wasn’t their daughter so I can’t repay their good with evil. Don’t worry about me, I will be fine” I said with a faux smile.

“Fine then, since you won’t listen to me” Nelson said rolling his eyes

“I will definitely listen to you, it’s just different this time. Let’s get back inside” I said to him and started walking away

“What happened to you Olivia?” Mom (Park Min Shin) asked when I got in.

“Nothing Mom, I’m fine”

“But you don’t look fine to me” she said with care

“I’m really fine Mom”

“Alright then, if you insist. I’ve respected your decision, what matters to me is your happiness.

As long as my only daughter is happy, then I’m fine” she concluded with a tearful smile.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer so I ran to hug her with tears falling from my eyes like rain.

“Mom…” I called lowly and let the tears fall

“I want to stay with you” I said a little loudly this time and I’m sure they heard.

I slowly pulled away from the hug and faced them.

“I want to stay with my birth parents. I miss them and I want to know how it feels to be with the people that brought me to this world.

Mom (Katherine Logan), I know you’re probably sad because of my decision but if you really care about my happiness, I think you should be happy for me.”

“I’m happy for you but I’m really going to miss you” she said pulling me into a hug

“I will stay back for a month and half before I go to Korea to begin my training so we can be together until then. I think that’s better”

“Yes. Thank you”

Chang Min and Jimin also hugged me.

“Thank you for choosing to stay with us. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you” Chang Min said after we disengaged from the hug

“We definitely have a lot of catching up to do”

“Who’s ready to party?” Dad screamed loudly

“Meeeeeeeee” we all shouted

We got into our different cars and went to many fun places.

I’m grateful for the kind of family I’m blessed with. I can’t believe I have four parents when every normal human has two. I’m indeed lucky.

Not just that, I have the perfect boyfriend in the world. What more could I ever wish for? Absolutely nothing!

I hope the peace and unity between us lasts forever.




Chang Min’s POV

After we all had fun as a happy family, we returned back to our lodge.

I took a quick shower and got into bed. I was about sleeping when I received a call. Who could be calling me this late at night?

I checked the screen and discovered it was a strange number. I reluctantly picked the call without saying anything.

The caller also didn’t say anything for a while but later on, I heard a small voice.

“Good evening” the voice said

“Evening. How may I help you?”

“Please, am I speaking to Park Check Min?”

“Yes. Who are you?”

“I was the girl you met in the mall few days ago. You gave me your business card” she explained

“Ohh…. I remember now but you weren’t able to tell me your name that day”

“My name is Mirabel”

“Wow! Nice name you’ve got. So how have you been?”

“Fine and you?”

“Well, I’ve been okay too but I think I feel much better talking to you now” I know her cheeks will be red like tomato now

“Stop flattering me. Why would a celebrity feel better talking to a commoner like me?”

“Oh… come on! Whether you’re a commoner or not, you’re still human. You never choose to be poor or did you?”

“No” she said lowly

“Can we go out on a date tomorrow?”

“I don’t think so. My aunt doesn’t let me go out except when she asks me to get something for her.

I’m always home doing all the house chores alone” she said with sadness in her voice.

“I will pay you a visit soon, just endure for a little while”

“It’s not necessary. At least, she gives me good and a place to lay my head. I’m contented with that”

“It’s rare to find a girl like you. I will do something about that.

I want to sleep now, we’ll talk tomorrow”

“Alright, good night”

“Sweet dreams” I replied and ended the call

Looks like I finally found the person my heart beats for.

Authoress’ POV

3 years later

Stephanie was sent to jail after she was found guilty of all the crimes charged against her.

It was supposed to be a life time imprisonment but Olivia pleaded with Nelson to use his connections to reduce the time she will spend to 25 years with hard labour.

Bella who was an accomplice was also sentenced to 5 years imprisonment but because of her Dad’s connection coupled with Jimin’s own, she was bailed with a really huge amount of money.

Jimin was really mad at her but love later prevailed and they started their relationship.

Olivia finished her training after 5 months, that’s the shortest time ever recorded for a trainee in Korea and it’s because Olivia was really good.

Immediately she finished training, she became a K-Pop artist in one of the biggest company in South Korea.

During one of her concerts, a modelling company invited her to work for them and through that, Sha became a model after training for 3 months.

Saturday morning

“Ohh….. Bella, we’re going to be late” Olivia said panicking.

She and Bella were now best of friends due to the fact that Jimin was now married to her.

This particular day happened to be the day Olivia was getting married.

“Olivia stop panicking. Do you want to ruin your make over even before the wedding starts?”

“Errm…. No. So where’s the chauffeur? Why isn’t he here yet?” Olivia asked a little bit calm

“Let’s just…. Ohh….. I think he’s here already” Bella said when she heard the sound of a car

“He’s really here” Bella confirmed it

“Thank goodness” Olivia said and slowly walked out of the room with the assistance of her bridesmaid.

*At the wedding hall*

“Do you take Park Min Shin as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you apart?” the Priest said to Nelson

“I do”

The Priest then repeated the question to Olivia and she replied with “I do”

“You may now K!SS the bride.”

Nelson unveiled Olivia and K!SSed her passionately like they haven’t been together for years.

*5 years later*

“Isabel, come here now!” Olivia screamed from the kitchen

“I don’t want to” Isabel replied nonchalantly and continued playing

“Isabel, you should answer Mom whenever she calls you” Isabella said to Isabel

“Fine then. Mom I’m here” Isabel said when she got to Olivia

Olivia had actually given birth to twins two years after her marriage with Nelson.

Isabel is stubborn and rude while Isabella is really calm and polite; just the perfect description of Olivia.

“Honey, how are you doing?” Nelson said pecking Olivia’s cheek. He had just arrive from work

“I’m not fine. Isabel never listens to me”

“You know she’s a kid. Give her time, okay?”

“Alright. How was work today”

“Work was fine”

They sat round the dining table and ate happily like the family they were.

The end……


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