December 5, 2023


Episode 69

*Saturday morning* (Olivia’s birthday)

Park Min Shin’s POV

Today is Olivia’s birthday and also the day she will be discharged, I’m so nervous. I just hope things go according to plan.

“How are you feeling Olivia?” I said to her when she came to the reception

“I’m fine now, thanks” she answered politely

“Errm…… I would want everyone of us to go somewhere first before heading home” I said clasping my sweaty palms together.

“And where would that be?” Nelson asked a bit rudely

“I assure you guys are going to love it when you see it”

“We don’t want to see it. Besides, I’m taking Olivia out so you can come with us if you want to” Nelson replied

“I promise it won’t take time, you can take Olivia to wherever you want after that” I pleaded

“No. Let’s go Olivia” Nelson said and took her away

I just hope he doesn’t ruin my plans.

Katherine’s POV

I wonder what Nelson is up to, I just hope he isn’t planning any surprise party for Olivia.

Besides that, where is Min Shin taking Olivia to? Something definitely seems fishy.

“Nelson, I want to take Olivia to somewhere please… she won’t even spend thirty minutes there”

“If I may ask, where do you want to take her to?”

“It’s a secret”

“Ohhhh…… Okay then. You can take her out when I’m done. For now, we have somewhere to be. Excuse me” and with that he got into the car with Olivia.

The rest of us had no choice but to follow them.

Nelson’s POV

Phew! Thank goodness I was able to take Olivia from those people. I drove straight to the mall to get Olivia dressed.

When she was done, I asked my guards to surround her in order to prevent her parents from seeing her dressed.

We got to the car and went straight to the venue of the event.

When we got there, the guards opened the car and Olivia stepped down from the car in her beautiful gown with her flawless face and heels.

I can’t believe this beautiful damsel is my girlfriend. I didn’t invite paparazzi because I know Olivia won’t like it.

I stretched out my hand to Olivia and she took it while I led her to the hall.

Wow! The place is even more beautiful than I expected. I never came here until today. Truly, she’s the best event planner in England.

“Uhhm…. I’m lost Nelson. Why are we here and why am I wearing this dress?” Olivia asked confused. I almost forgot this is a surprise birthday party.

“You will find out soon.” I said giving her my best smile.

I led her to the special seat designed for her.

“I want to make use of the restroom, I will be back” I lied to her

“Nelson, what are we doing here?” Olivia’s biological Mom (Park Min Shin)confronted me when I got outside.

“You will find out soon ma’am” I said and walked away

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are all gathered here today to celebrate a prominent person in out midst.

Not only is she plus one today, she fought for her life and eventually won.

I present to you our one and only Olivia Logan, the only non indigene of Korea that went to Korea and defeated over seven hundred contestants” the MC shouted over the speakers

I watched Olivia from where I stood and she looked completely lost. I would have gone to meet her but I still have something to do.

Olivia stood up and forced a smile on her face the confusion.

“You can have your seat now” the MC said again

“Let’s listen to cool music for the mean time. You are all free to dance on the stage” he concluded and left there.

Almost everyone got on stage and started dancing except Olivia and few people.

When I noticed people were engrossed in the dance, I signalled the workers to make the light really dim.

Some people panicked while some continued dancing. The music was changed into a solemn love song immediately.

At the end of the music, I went on stage with the lights still dim.

“There’s only one person on this planet that has captured my heart and I don’t think she’s ready to release it now. There are many ways to be happy in this life but all I really need is you.

You deserve the very best, someone who will love you without limits, who will let you grow without borders and love you without end. I want to be that person if you will allow me.

Olivia Logan, will you marry me?” I asked the question I’ve been dying to ask

Olivia’s POV

What is Nelson doing? How can he ask me to marry him when I still have a lots of things to accomplish before thinking about marriage?

What do I do now? Everyone is definitely waiting for my answer.

“I’m still waiting Olivia” he said and this time, the lights were bright

“I will marry you” I replied and went to meet him

“Thank you” he said and K!SSed me passionately

After we got down from stage, my two Moms came to meet me.

“Olivia I’m really happy for you but I also have something to show you” my foster Mom spoke up first

“Me too” my biological Mom also said

I stared confusedly at both of them. Who am I supposed to go with now?

“Olivia, who do you want to go with first? Nelson asked calmly

“I don’t think I want to go with anyone. If they’re headed to the same place, then I will go with both of them.”

“You’ve heard her. We will like to continue with our party” and with that Nelson took me to cut the cake.


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