December 5, 2023

Episode 6

Continues from Olivia’s POV
I opened my eyes to see who my savior was but I was really surprised to see Nelson, it’s like Nelson is my guardian angel cos he’s always around when I’m in trouble but he still continued since no one answered him. “Bella, what’s wrong with you, why should you bully innocent people just because you’re richer than them?” Bella couldn’t say a word as she just kept staring at the floor probably praying for the ground to open up and swallow her because of the embarrassment she was facing in the presence of the students. I thought these two were dating, how come Bella is this scared of Nelson? Something is definitely fishy but that’s the least of my worries right now, how can Nelson even think of standing up for me against his girlfriend? I don’t want trouble but Nelson has succeeded in putting me in one. Before I could blink my eyes, I was already in Nelson’s arms. All the students including myself and Bella were totally shocked, he carried me like it meant nothing and ordered some of his guards to open the door and take us to the school clinic while the rest were ordered to get new clothes for me.
Nelson’s POV
I’m sure everyone will be in shock now because of what I did but the truth of the matter is that I’m also surprised myself, I just couldn’t stand there and watch her in tears cos each drop of tears broke my heart. I should have controlled myself since I’m really popular but I couldn’t think straight at that moment, I turned on my phone only to see what happened few minutes ago trending with a lot of likes and comments with the headline “POPULAR MODEL NELSON MONTES CARRYING A GIRL THAT ISN’T ISABELLA IN HIS ARMS”. I turned off my phone in anger and waited for Olivia to come out of the dressing room but when she finally came out, my mouth was hung open. The cloth was a little bit short compared to the ones she put on and she was really beautiful with her flawless skin, I wonder how she’ll look with make up.

Episode 7A

Olivia’s POV
When I got down from the car with Nelson, all the students were taking pictures of us and their gaze was especially on me probably because Nelson saved me from his girlfriend as we all believe but none of them dare approach me since I was walking with Nelson. We departed along the hallway and I thought the students will rush to me and start insulting me or at least ask me questions but instead they let me enter the class peacefully and I was really grateful. School went on smoothly without Bella or any of the students troubling me except Cindy of course that kept asking me if I’ve been meeting Nelson secretly before today to which I gave a negative answer. How can someone like me meet Nelson secretly, it’s not like I’m really poor but I’m no way near his class and it’s impossible for him to notice someone like me, although I’m still confused as to why he saved me but I guess I’ll remain confused cos we probably won’t cross paths with each other again. Cindy told me to log in to Instagram and Twitter and immediately I did I saw the picture of I and Nelson trending online with over 3 million likes and numerous comments, to say I was shocked is beyond understatement. I saw the headline, “IS THE MYSTERIOUS GIRL JUST HIS SIDE CHICK OR HIS MAIN GIRLFRIEND THAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN FOR SOMETIME”. Many people insulted me in the comment section for trying to destroy Nelson and Bella’s relationship, some called me gold digger, relationship breaker and many bad names. The problem of being a celebrity is that you can’t have privacy, the world will know about every single thing you do and I really don’t like that. My dream is to become a model and K-Pop singer but I don’t know how I’ll cope with things like this. When I got home, my parents started asking me different questions like “am I really dating Nelson?” “when did we started dating” I was really fed up with their question and I just told them we aren’t even friends then I went to my room.

Episode 7B
Nelson’s POV
My parents have been on my neck with different questions as to who Olivia is to me and I know they won’t stop until I answer them so I told them she’s no one for now but I don’t know what might happen later on and they let me be. That’s one thing I like about my parents, they always respect my decision and tell me to do what I think is right, I can say they’re the best parents in the world and I’m really proud of them. I already know what I feel for Olivia cos I’m not a kid, I won’t deny the fact that I’m scared of falling for another Stephanie but I’m sure I love Olivia so I’ve decided to take things slow. The first step is to make her my friend and see if she also loves me cos I don’t think I can handle rejection after heartbreak. I’ve rehearsed how to approach her over and over again into making her my friend, the truth is I’m really shy when it comes to talking to a girl and it was really hard to ask Stephanie out when I thought I had found my better half not knowing I fell for the devil himself but everything happens for a reason and I’ve learnt my lessons, that’s the exact reason why I have to take things slow with Olivia.

Stephanie’s POV
I really regret leaving Nelson for that douchebag, it’s not like I really love any of them I only want fame and popularity and I’m already a successful model, the next thing is to become a famous musician and that’s why I have to go back to Nelson now. I left Nelson for that guy cos he’s richer and influential than Nelson but I discover he can’t make me a popular musician like Nelson will so I’ll go back to Nelson. I decided to log in on Instagram when I saw a trending post of Nelson and a girl with different headlines. That’s the least of my worries cos I can get her out of the way with just a snap of my fingers. It would have been a little bit difficult if it was Bella cos she’s also rich but I’m glad she’s not the one. The next thing to do is to prepare my flight for England.
Nelson here I come.

To be continued

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