December 5, 2023


Episode 61

Nelson’s POV

I woke up to find myself in a hospital bed. Huh? What happened? Why am I lying here?

I thought deeply for a while and within few minutes, everything came rushing in. Olivia!!

I quickly took off the drips that were fixed on my body and ran out of my ward to Olivia’s own.

When I got there, armed men were strictly guarding the door. It’s probably because of what happened last night.

“I want to see Olivia” I said P@ŋting due to how I ran speedily and I’m even yet to recover from the stab but Olivia is more important.

“Okay sir” one of them said opening the door

I went inside and to say I was shocked is an understatement. My own Olivia was on a life support machine.

“Olivia” I called out lowly breaking down in tears.

Everywhere was silent, the only sound I could hear was that of the machine andy sobs.

I slowly walked out of her ward to the doctor’s office.

“Ohh…. Sir Nelson, why are you out here when you haven’t fully recovered?” he asked but I paid no attention to his question

“Why is Olivia on a life support machine?” I asked staring at him pathetically.

“Ahh… that! I totally forgot she’s your girlfriend. I’m sure you know she was attacked last night” he paused staring at me for a while before proceeding

“She was still really weak when she was attacked and you know she lost a lot of blood before she was brought to the hospital yesterday.

Right now, we can only hope for miracle. As you can see, we have placed armed men at her ward so I can assure you that what happened last night won’t happen again.

That’s all there is to know about Olivia’s health. I suggest you also get some rest.” the doctor concluded focusing on the works on his table.

I will never give myself rest until I find the Ɓîtçh that tried to kill Olivia and I’m not going to stop until they pay for touching my Olivia.

I’m going to start with those bastards that kidnapped her. In their next life, they will never engage themselves in any dirty work.

Park Min Shin’s POV

What are these people saying?

I increased the volume of the TV so that I can hear what is being said and I was shocked when they said Olivia was on a life support machine.

At first I thought it was my Olivia, but I later calmed myself. Nelson is with her and I know he would protect her with his life.

Poor girl! I wonder who this Olivia is. She looks a lot like my Olivia but I know my Olivia is okay wherever she is.

I wanted to go to my room when I heard yet another shocking statement.

“Few days after Olivia won the K-Pop contest, many attempts has been made on her life but the most saddening one is the recent attempt.

She was in the hospital still recuperating from the stab on her stomach when someone else came in to strangle her.

All thanks to her boyfriend Nelson who came rushing in….. ” I fell weakly on the floor instantly.

My vision became blur and I need no one to tell me I was going to lose consciousness.

*Two hours later*

I woke up to find myself in the hospital. I tried remembering what happened and almost immediately, everything came rushing in. No, not my Olivia.

I quickly sat up and removed the drip and stood up but I instantly fell back on the bed.

I felt really weak and my head was spinning. What’s happening to me? Now that Olivia really needs me, this has to happen?

No matter what happens, I will go to England today. I don’t care if I collapse on the way, the most important thing right now is seeing Olivia and I won’t return to Korea without her. That’s a promise.

I pulled myself together and got up, I didn’t fall back this time.

When I got to the door, the nurses tried stopping me but I threatened I was going to close down their hospital. I wonder why the maids didn’t take me to my own hospital instead.

When I got outside, my guards were already waiting for me so I stepped into the car and we went home.

“Call the pilot to prepare the jet. I will be travelling to England in an hour’s time.” I said to one of the guards

“Yes ma’am” they replied without questioning me. Of course they have no right to

When I got home, I met my husband looking really worried.

“What happened to you” he said rushing towards me

“I fainted but I’m fine now”

“Why did you faint?”

“It’s Olivia. Someone tried to kill her last night. She barely survived and now she’s on a life support machine. I’m afraid I have to go to England right away”

“Let me come with you”

“No, you can’t. Stay behind and govern the country”

“Buy I’ve been away from my daughter for years. I’m supposed to be there for her now that she needs me”

“You’re right but one of us has to stay, please. I will explain things to her and I promise she won’t hate you”

“Okay then. Take care of her and yourself too”

He pecked my cheeks and I went in to pick the few things I will be needing.

“I’m off to the airport” I announced to him when I got back downstairs.

“Alright honey, safe journey”

We got to the airport and I was surprised when I met Chang Min and Jimin with their luggage like they’ve been waiting for my arrival.

“Chang Min, Jimin, where are you guys headed to?”

“Wherever you are headed” Chang Min replied nonchalantly

“Really? You don’t even know where I’m going to”

“It doesn’t matter Mom. I’m sure you don’t want to go late to wherever you are going to. I will be inside” Jimin said and got into the jet while Chang Min also followed him.

How did this children find out about my journey? I just hope they don’t cause trouble in England.

I got into the jet and we took off to England. Olivia please be safe for me.


©️ Tricia


Episode 62

Katherine Logan’s POV

I saw a shocking news this morning. It was said that someone made an attempt on Olivia’s life.

The Olivia I know is a sweet and easygoing girl so I don’t think she would cause trouble. Whoever tried to take her life is definitely going to pay.

After I regained myself, I changed my clothes and went to the hospital. Olivia was not yet awake when I got there so I went to meet Nelson. He should know about what happened last night.

“Good day ma’am” he greeted immediately he saw me

“How are you doing my son?”

“I’m doing great ma”

“Alright. What exactly happened last night? You were in the ward with Olivia, right?”

“Actually ma’am, I wasn’t in the with Olivia at the beginning of the incidence.

I had gone to home to bring food and clothes for Olivia but on the way, I started feeling insecure like something was wrong somewhere so I turned back to the hospital to check on Olivia.

When I got there, I noticed the lights were out and it arouse my suspicions. I took to my heels and went straight to Olivia’s ward but it was almost too late.

The assailant was already in the ward before I got there. We engaged in a fight and that was how I got to have this cut on my leg but I discovered it was a female.” he rounded up his explanation

“Sorry about that. How are you feeling now?”

“I’m good ma’am. I just want Olivia to wake up. I wish I didn’t leave the ward” he said bitterly

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Olivia is a fighter and I know nothing will happen to her” I consoled him

“Thank you ma”

“Welcome. Have you eaten?”

“I don’t have the appetite to eat but maybe I will be able to eat when Olivia wakes up”

“I’ve told you Olivia will be fine. How do you think she will feel if she wakes up to discover you have been starving yourself because of her?”

“It doesn’t matter. Let her wake up first”

“Okay, if you say so. I will be on my way now, make sure you rest properly”

“Alright ma” he said and I went back home.

Park Jimin’s POV

After hours of being in the jet, we finally arrived at England.

This is going to be the first time I will be saying Olivia and sadly it’s going to be in the hospital.

When Dad brought Stephanie home as our lost Min Jin, I didn’t really pay much attention to it.

I didn’t hate her but I didn’t really like her either. I can say I was just indifferent but Chang Min really disliked her a lot like he already knew she’s not our sister.

I wonder why Mom and Dad didn’t send her to jail, that would have brought her to her senses and in her next life, she will never think of fooling the Park’s family.

We got down from the jet and got into the car that was already waiting for us.

Few minutes later, we were at the hospital. Mom rushed down from the car like someone that was being pursued by unseen forces. Mom can be so dramatic sometimes.

Chang Min just kept staring blankly at nothing in particular, he has been like that since we left Korea. I wonder what’s wrong with him.

“Hey man, what’s up?” I asked turning to him but he opened the door of the car and got down like he didn’t hear what I just said.

This only means one thing, something is not right with Chang Min. Anytime he snubs me like this, it means something is wrong.

I also got down from the car and went to the hospital. Mom was already there and even though there were guards with her, she still made use of her shades because she doesn’t want attention to herself.

Chang Min also did the same so I was left with no other choice but to use it also. We are here to see our sick sister, not sign some autographs or let fans admire us.

We were close to the receptionist when we sighted Nelson coming close towards us. Perfect timing!

I walked up to him and met him halfway.

“Hey! How are you doing?” he stared confusedly at me and I discovered it was because of the shade I was wearing.

I took him to an enclosed part of the hospital and took off the shade. He stared at me in shock for a while before he composed himself.

“How is Olivia doing?” I asked him

“You can check her ward to see how she’s doing” he answered rudely

“Nelson what’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong. I’m sorry for the way I answered at first, I’m just scared. What if Olivia doesn’t wake up?” he asked helplessly

“Don’t have negative thoughts. Olivia love you so much and she will never leave you alone. Death itself wouldn’t be able to separate you guys so just wait patiently for her to wake up”

“Thanks. I guess this was what I needed”

“Anytime. Can we see Olivia now?”

“Yes but it’s one person at a time, the doctor said she doesn’t need noise”

“Alright then. Let me see her”

I left Nelson and went to meet Chang Min, he told me Mom was in Olivia’s ward already so one of us will go in when she comes out.

Stephanie’s POV

After I finished with my shoot the next day, I went to an hotel because there’s no way I can go to my penthouse now.

I started deliberating on what to do, I really wish Olivia doesn’t wake up. It’s just that I don’t know if those guys that were caught will mention my name.

I’ve checked different prisons but they are nowhere to be found and I don’t know where else to check.

I don’t even know who came to save Olivia, I could have traced them through the person but I don’t know who it is.

It can’t be Nelson because my guards shot him, I wonder who it was.

When I got to the hotel, people were just staring at me and whispering among themselves.

I don’t know how they still manage to recognise me even when I’m using dark shades.

If not for the guards with me, they would have probably hurt me. It’s not like any of them are better than I am.

That reminds me! I’m yet to deal with Bella.

If she hadn’t gone to the President’s house to expose me, I will probably still be addressed as the President’s daughter but she ruined everything for me and I will make her pay.

I ordered some of my bodyguards to watch her closely and kidnap her when she’s alone.

I will teach her a lesson she will never forget so that she will learn to mind her business in her next life.



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