December 2, 2023

Episode 59

Nelson’s POV

I really don’t understand Olivia. Why will she be thinking about death knowing fully well that I can’t do without her?

But no matter how hard I think about it, I went too far with her. What if she’s crying now? I guess I need to apologise to her.

I walked back to her ward just to see her eyes closed. Could she have slept within that short period of time?

No, I don’t think so. I walked quietly to the bed and tickled her but surprisingly she didn’t move.

“Olivia if this is a prank, stop it now please, you are scaring me” I said, my voice shaking with each word I said

“Nurse! Doctor!” I screamed with tears flowing down my cheeks

“Yes sir Nelson? What’s wrong?” the doctor asked walking in with a nurse

“I… I don’t know. I just came in and met her this way”

“You mean you left her side?” the doctor asked

“I… only stepped out for a while”

“The reason why I didn’t assign any nurse here was because you said you would stay with her and I warned you not to leave her side because she’s still really weak”

“I’m sorry doctor. Please do everything in your power to save her” I said, my voice barely audible as a result of the tears.

“You will have to step out for a while while we check on her” the doctor said

“Okay doctor” I said without any argument

Olivia I promise not to get mad at you from today. Even if you’re at fault, I will take the blame so please don’t leave me. I promise to give you whatever you want anytime so please fight for us, if not for anything, for our love. Please…..

I said those things in my heart with my head bowed and tears dropping to the floor.

Stephanie’s POV

I’m glad I was able to escape from those men but who could have sent them?

The mission was a secret one so no one could have found out about it except if those guys betray me but I know they won’t do that.

I have a shoot in about an hour and I don’t know how to go about it. News is going to spread soon about the attempt on Nelson and Olivia’s lives and since Olivia saw my face, it’s only a matter of time before the cops will come for me.

I wouldn’t have brought her to my penthouse if I knew this would happen. I had thought I would just get rid of her once and for all.

I will find a solution to that after my shoot.

Park Min Shin’s POV

Ever since I heard what happened to Nelson and Olivia, I haven’t been myself.

I’ve been separated from my daughter for 17 years and now that I finally found her, someone wants to take her from me.

I will never forgive whoever it is that made an attempt on Olivia’s life.

That aside, I don’t know what to do about Chang Min. I know he must be deeply hurt now. Maybe I should go to his penthouse.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

I picked up my car keys and asked my guards to follow behind me.

When we finally got to Chang Min’s house, I asked the guards to stay back outside while I went in to meet him.

I was surprised when I met different bottle of alcoholic drinks on the floor with Chang Min just right beside them.

Looks like he drank all night because the drink still has effect on him.

“Chang Min, what have you done to yourself?” I asked crouching beside him

“You should have told me earlier mom. What do I do now?” he said bursting into tears.

“Chang Min, what are you talking about?” I asked utterly confused

“I had already started developing feelings for Olivia. If you had told me she was my sister earlier, I wouldn’t have fallen so deeply in love with her. What do I do Mom?” he asked tearily

“You knew she has a boyfriend but you still fell in love with her? What has gotten over you?”

“It wasn’t something I could control Mom but if you had told me earlier, I would have tried to keep my feelings in check”

“I… I’m sorry. With time, those feelings will die down so you don’t have to drink your self to stupor.” I said to him before preparing his bath for him.

“Go and take your bath while I prepare breakfast” I said to him

“Okay Mom” he stood up and went to take his bath while I also went to the kitchen to cook.


©️ Tricia


Episode 60

Olivia’s POV

I woke up with a severe headache and noticed everywhere was dark. Where am I?

I tried to recollect everything that happened and I remembered Nelson getting mad at me before I passed out.

Why would they even think of switching off the lights in the hospital when a patient is in?

I wanted to stand up at least to get some air but discovered I was too weak to even move my hands. Those men will definitely pay.

I don’t even know how Nelson is feeling right now because I didn’t get the chance to ask him before I passed out the other time.

I was still thinking about how to stand up or call the attention of any of the nurses around when someone came in, locked the door and started strangling my neck.

What is going on? Does this mean someone came into this hospital to attack me again?

I tried getting the person’s hands off me but my efforts were futile because I was still really weak.

I had already lost all hope when someone broke into the ward (because the door was locked) and engaged in a physical combat with the person that attacked me.

Immediayely the cologne hit my nostrils, I knew it was Nelson and when my attacker grunted, I instantly discovered it was a female.

I struggled to keep my eyes open but strength gradually slipped out of me until I finally lost consciousness.

Nelson’s POV

I left Olivia’s ward to go home and get food and clothes for her because the doctor said she was going to wake up soon.

I hadn’t gone far when I suddenly started feeling strange. I just felt like someone was in danger but who could it be?

Could it be Olivia? No I don’t think so. The security in the hospital is really tight so there’s no way anyone could harm her but it won’t cost me anything if I turn around to check on her, right?

I drove back to the hospital immediately but when I got there, I discovered the lights in the hospital were out and it was late already.

What could have happened within few minutes that I left the hospital? I was still trying to comprehend the whole issue when something suddenly flashed through my brain.

Olivia!!!! I ran as fast as I could. Everywhere was dark but I didn’t even notice it. I just kept running to Olivia’s ward like I’ve been working in the hospital for over 30 years.

When I finally got to Olivia’s ward, I discovered the door was locked. Oh $h|t! What’s this?

I quickly searched around for something I can use to break the door and luckily for me, I found a metal on the floor.

I hit the door with the metal severally until it finally gave way.

I got on just in time to see someone strangling Olivia. The scent seemed familiar but I don’t have time for things like this now.

I engaged in a fight with the person and discovered it was a female. Wow! She must be really bold to have come into my girlfriend’s ward in order to kill her.

We kept struggling for a while and when she saw that I was close to overpowering her, she brought out a dagger.

Thankfully, I trained a lot in my high school days so I know how to skillfully handle something like this.

She brought the knife forward to stab my stomach but I was quick to dodge it and within the twinkle of an eye, the knife was with me.

I cut the side of her stomach with the knife, at least that’s going to teach her not to mess up with my Olivia ever again.

I don’t want to kill her yet until I find out who she is so I’m going to stop here for now, Olivia is more important.

I released her and started walking towards Olivia but she picked up the knife and stabbed by leg before running weakly out of the ward.

The gun shot on my leg is yet to heal and now someone stabbed me on that same leg.

Not long after she left, the light came on again and I took my eyes to Olivia on the bed.

She looked really pale, weak and tired. I feel like her life would have been much better if she hadn’t met me.

What kind of a boyfriend am I? I’m rich and I have connections all over the world yet I can’t protect the person my heart beats for?

Olivia, forgive your boyfriend. I promise to protect you withy all from today. Not even a strand of your hair is going to get hurt. I promise.

Stephanie’s POV

How many lives does that witch of a girl has? She was almost dead before Nelson came in. Why do my plans for her have to fail every time?

Ouch! I’ve forgotten Nelson pierced my side with the knife. That guy is just to cruel. Didn’t he know I was a female?

There’s no way I can treat this in the hospital now because they will definitely ask me silly questions.

I guess I have to make use of a first aid before taking some pain killers. My penthouse isn’t safe for me now.

Thankfully, no one knows I own the penthouse but I’m scared of what would happen if the guys I hired decide to talk.

Not only that, Olivia also saw my face and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to kill her. What is going to happen to me if all this is discovered?

Katherine Logan’s POV

I can’t believe Olivia’s life is now a game of chess to some people. Can you imagine? Few minutes after she became known as the President’s daughter, someone has made an attempt on her life already.

It’s only few people that even know about it. It’s supposed to be just my family and the President’s family that knows about it but I don’t know how some people suddenly found out. My poor Olivia!

I went to the hospital during the day to check up on her but she wasn’t awake. Nelson then asked me to rest at home and come back the next day. I just hope she’s okay.

Bella’s POV

The drama in the President’s house is just getting interesting each passing day.

It was announced in the news today that someone made an attempt on Nelson and Olivia’s lives on their way out.

Who could have done something like that? As far as I know, Nelson and Olivia are celebrities so they would probably have enemies but still, I don’t think just anyone will do that.

Stephanie is a strong suspect but I’m not so sure. I think she should have learnt her lessons already but being the devil she is, she still might not have learnt her lessons.

I wonder why the President didn’t deal with her after finding out she fooled him.


©️ Tricia

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