December 2, 2023

Episode 57

Olivia’s POV

After Nelson left, I stood up and walked around my room for a while before sitting back on the bed.

So I’ve lived a fake life for 17 years or should I even say 18 because I’m going to be 18 in a month’s time.

I’m never going to accept the President and his wife as my parents so it would be better if they just replace me with Stephanie.

Seconds later, I heard a knock on the door and I need no soothsayer to tell me who it is.

I got down from the bed and opened the door to see Mom and Dad staring pitifully at me.

I rolled my eyes and went back to sit on the bed and they came in afterwards.

“Olivia, we…. we’re sorry for hiding the truth from you all these years, we only did it to protect you” Mom said softly

“To protect me from who or what?” I asked her

“Since you were abandoned, we thought your life was in some sort of danger, so we did everything in our power to make sure no one finds out you’re not our biological daughter. Believe me when I say that’s the truth”

“Okay I believe you, I want to be alone now”

“Dinner is ready, come downstairs” Mom said

“I’m not hungry” I replied already covering myself with the duvet

“Olivia….. please even if it’s little” Dad spoke for the first time

“Please Mom……. Dad, I want to be alone and I will appreciate it if you guys respect my decision and let me be” I said sitting up again

“Okay then we’ll leave but please don’t do something stupid” Dad said and stood for a while probably waiting for my response but when none came, he left the room with Mom.

Next morning

I took my bath and stayed in my room patiently waiting for Nelson’s arrival. I’ve tried his number several times but it’s not reachable.

I haven’t eaten anything since last night and I’m really hungry. I don’t want to go downstairs because I know Mom and Dad will force me to eat.

About an hour later, Nelson finally arrived. I ignored him and pretended to be mad at him.

“Olivia, I know you’re mad at me and you have every reason too. I’m really sorry, I was attending to something” he said but I didn’t answer him

“Olivia………” he drawed

“What were you busy with that is so important than I am?” I finally asked facing him

“Nothing is more important than you are and you know that. I’m sorry okay?”

“Tell me what you were attending to” I demanded

” (sighs) fine then. I was selecting the guards that would guard you from now on. Few will follow you anytime you go out while the rest will follow behind secretly.

You know you’re the President’s daughter and information might have gotten out to some people, like maybe some of his rivals so I have to take preventive measures. I wouldn’t want something bad happening to my cupcake” he concluded leaving me surprised

Wow! Even I myself didn’t remember I will be needing guards. Apart from the fact that I’m the President’s daughter, I’m already kind of like a celebrity.

Being Nelson’s girlfriend and also the winner of the K-Pop contest has made me known almost all over the world.

I definitely have the best boyfriend ever.

“Thanks” I said giving him my best smile

“You’re welcome. So what have you eaten today?”

“I haven’t eaten anything”


“I don’t want to eat here”

“Common Olivia. Does that mean you didn’t eat last night?”

“Yes, but I’m going to eat soon. Let’s go to an eatery” I said standing up

“No. You should eat the food your Mom prepared for you”

“I will eat anything she prepares when we return home. Please, we can even make it a date” I said trying to convince him

“Fine then, just for today”

I hurriedly changed my clothes and we were on our way in few minutes.

Nelson’s POV

I got into the back seat of the car with Olivia and the driver took off while two other cars containing the guards followed behind us.

Olivia focused her attention on her phone while I just stared outside through the window.

It wasn’t l that long before I noticed a car trailing behind us. At first I thought it was a coincidence but within the twinkle of an eye, the car double-crossed us.

What’s the meaning of this? The guards got down from their car to meet them but the men were stronger than the guards so they subdued them in no time.

The men marched towards our car and shot the driver on his leg before coming for I and Olivia.

“Release the girl to us and continue your journey peacefully” the person I assume to be their leader said but I shook my head

“I can’t release her to you, take me instead please”

“I’m going to repeat myself for the last time, release the girl to us” he said again but I still continued shaking my head

“I have no choice then” before I could process what he said, he shot me on my left leg making Olivia let out a really loud scream.

“Ne……. lson” she said squatting before me with tears dropping from her eyes and I let out a painful smile

“I’m fine” I managed to say but that only increased her tears

“Are you going to release her to us now or not” the leader asked again

“I will never release her to you” I said and he brought out his gun to shoot me again but Olivia stopped him

“I will go with you. Please, just don’t touch him” she pleased in tears

“O.. livia, what are… you doing?”

“I’m sorry Nelson but this is the only way” she said and stood up to meet them while the leader let out a sly smile

Immediately Olivia got to where he stood, he brought out his gun and aimed at me.

“Farewell” he said and shot the gun

I closed my eyes expecting the bullet to hit any part of my body but when nothing happened, I opened my eyes to see Olivia falling towards the ground with the men’s eyes wide opened.

Don’t tell me….. No, it can’t be.

It was not until Olivia gave a painful smile before I understood what just happened. She took a bullet for me! Tears drop like rainfall on my face instantly

Why? Why did you do this to me Olivia? I eye searched her body to know where the bullet touch and I saw bloodstain on the side of her stomach.

The men quickly carried Olivia and drove off with her. I almost screamed my lungs out but they didn’t stop.

I’m going to sack those guards today. What have they been doing since?

My eyelids were almost closed before some guards came to take me to the hospital.

I tried telling them to search for Olivia instead but I lost consciousness.


©️ Tricia


Episode 58

Authoress’ POV

The guards assigned to follow Olivia secretly lost focus at a point so it took a while before they could meet up with them.

When they got there, the men had taken Olivia with them already so they divided themselves.

Some of them stayed back to attend to Nelson while the rest followed the men behind.

They kept driving at a high speed and broke different traffic rules in order to keep up with the men but there was still much distance between them.

After driving for some minutes, they finally stopped at Stephanie’s house. Nelson’s guards also got there almost immediately and they went into the house quietly.

The guards started making plans on how to save Olivia and deal with the men while Stephanie waited for Olivia to regain consciousness.

Stephanie’s POV

The boys informed me that Olivia is in their custody right now, her death will be a slow and painful one.

Few minutes later, I heard the horn of a car and I checked outside to discover it was the boys. Perfect!

They brought Olivia to the torture room but she was unconscious and I noticed bloodstain on her dress.

“What happened to her?” I asked turning to them

“She took a bullet for her so-called lover” one of them replied

“What a pity! Let’s wait for her to regain consciousness” I said and went over to a seat

I had barely sat down when I heard her cough.

“Looks like someone decided to wake up soon” I said standing up

She stared around for a while probably trying to adjust her eyes to her surroundings.

“Where am I?” she said panicking

And like she just woke up from a trance, she began calling Nelson’s name.

“Nelson… Nelson, where is he?” she asked looking around

She was still looking for Nelson when her eyes landed on me and she stopped moving instantly

“S.. Stephanie?” she called confused

“Does it look like you’re of the same status? Call her Stephanie one more time and I’ll show you the way to hell” one of the boys threatened

“She might think we’re of the same status after being told now that she’s the President’s daughter”

“What did you do to Nelson?” she said turning to me

“Ohh…. he’s probably in hell where he belongs” I said smiling at her

“No, that’s not true. I… If anything happens to Nelson, I will never forgive you” she said in a shaky voice

The gun shot has started having an effect on her, this is going to be fun.

I slowly walked back to my seat.

“Where should I start from? Is it your face, your hand or the guys should have little fun first?”

“Having fun first will be the best” one of the guys said

“So be it then” I gave them the go ahead but Olivia started whimpering and shaking her head

“What’s wrong? Nelson has been down there countless times so it shouldn’t be new to you, right?” I said turning to face her

“Please…… you can do anything to me, just don’t let them Ř@pê me. I’m begging you” she said as tears flowed freely from her eyes and for a moment, I felt her pains.

Why should I feel this way? This is the only way for me to survive so there’s no going back.

“Carry on” I said to the guys and left there.

I had barely left the room when I heard gunshots. Huh? What’s happening?

I took some steps forward to take a look and saw some armed men that had already surrounded the room. Who are they?

That’s not really important right now, I have to leave this place fast. I went to the back of the house carefully and got out through the back door. I’m safe now.

Olivia’s POV

Once again, Nelson’s guards saved me from yet another Ř@pê. Why does Stephanie hates me this much? Does this mean she was behind my first kidnap?

What am I talking about? That’s not important right now.

“What of Nelson?” I asked turning to the guards

“He’s in the hospital” one of them replied

“We also need to get you to the hospital now, you’re bleeding a lot” another one said

“Serving you was the best thing that happened to us ma’am. We will never forget you”

“Why are you sounding like this is the last time you will be serving me?” I asked them tiredly because I was loosing too much blood already

“This is the last time we’ll be serving you. Once sir Nelson wakes up, he’s going to dismiss us and employ new people.

Please ma’am don’t interfere when he does that because we deserve it. Let’s go to the hospital now” they took me to the car and off we went to the hospital.

*In the evening*

Ohh.. it’s evening already. Where is Nelson?

I looked beside me and found him staring at me with tears in his eyes.

“I failed to protect you once again” Nelson said facing downward

“No you didn’t. You tried to protect me with your life, you’re the best boyfriend ever” I said smiling sadly because of the pain I was feeling.

“I don’t deserve to be called your boyfriend. I should have protected you properly, then all this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Stop blaming yourself Nelson because you tried your best.

If it ever happens that I don’t make it out of here alive, always remember that I will forever love only you and no one else”

“What are you talking about? You want to live me alone in this cruel world? Do you hate me that much?”

“Nelson you know I really love you but I think it’s best if we face reality”

“So the reality is that you’re going to die?”

“No but there’s a possibility I won’t make it out of here alive”

“I don’t care about any possibility. Have it at the back of your mind that I’m going to commit suicide if you don’t make it out of here alive” he said and left angrily

Immediately he left, I started gasping for air and there was no one around. After few minutes of gasping, I finally gave in to darkness.

Park Chang Min’s POV

The news about Nelson and Olivia being attacked by hoodlums is spreading like wildfire all over the world.

Mom has refused to take anything ever since she heard the news and that only means the result of the DNA test is probably correct.

“Mom, who is my sister?” I said turning to face her properly

“What are you talking about?” she stuttered

She probably wasn’t expecting that question.

“You know what I’m talking about Mom. Is Olivia really my lost sister?”

“Who is Olivia?”

“Mom please, cut the pretence. Is Olivia really Min Jin?”

“Yes” she said bursting into tears

“You knew all this while and you kept it from me knowing how much I’ve missed Min Jin over the years?”

“I’m sorry”

“Why isn’t she here yet? I know you went to England recently so why didn’t you bring her with you?”

“She refused to come with us”

“Okay. I will be on my way now”

“Chang Min” she called trying to come close to me

“Not now Mom, please I want to be alone” I said and drove off to my penthouse.

If I had known she was my sister, I wouldn’t have allowed her go to England. Even if Nelson is going to beat me up all day, I would have endured everything just to be with Min Jin.

I will just drink away my sorrows tonight.


©️ Tricia

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