December 5, 2023

Episode 53

Nelson’s POV

I studied one of the people that dressed for Olivia yesterday and one of them seemed suspicious.

I shrugged it off until I saw her sneaking away immediately she left our room in the hotel.

I checked the set of people that came to dress for Olivia today and noticed she wasn’t among them and that confirmed my suspicions.

Thankfully I took a picture of her yesterday since I wasn’t so sure about her. I instantly put a call across one of my friends in Korea who is an investigator.

“Ohh my goodness… Someone should please not wake me up from this dream. Is Nelson really calling me?” I heard him say immediately he answered the call

“It’s not a dream and don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, I’ve just been busy lately”

“Yeah, busy with a certain Olivia”

“Not really. I want you to find someone for me please”

“Who might that be?”

“It’s a girl. She was among the people that attended to Olivia yesterday but I can’t find her now and she looked suspicious yesterday”

“Okay, for old times sake. But promise to pay me a visit before you leave Korea.”

“I promise and please be fast about it”

“Sure thing boss” he said and I ended the call.

I can joke with any other thing but not my Olivia.

“Honey, where are we going today?” Olivia asked as she emerged from the room.

“Someone is looking great today” I said teasingly

“Weren’t you the one that asked them to put this rubbish on my face?” she said pouting her lips

“Do I really have to use make up?”

“Of course! Very soon, you will become a K-Pop idol. You should even be thankful you have a boyfriend like me” I said proudly

“Thankful my foot. Let’s just go” she said walking away

After few minutes of driving, we arrived at our destination.

We went to Ggotji beach first to have some fun. Many lovers were there and Olivia couldn’t stop admiring it.

After we left there, we went to Dadohaehaesang National park. We bought ice cream and sat down quietly watching the couples and kids present.

“This view coupled with the ice cream reminds me of our first real date.” Olivia said staring directly at me

“Yeah you’re right. I’m glad I met you”

“Me too” she said and we engaged in a hot passionate K!SS

Fortunately for us, we wore masks and face cap. I’m sure our picture would have been the latest trend on net if we hadn’t done that.

When we finished from there, we went to a nearby restaurant to eat lunch after which we went home to take a nap. We already agreed to visit Gwang-An-Bridge in the evening.

Stephanie’s POV

Why does it seem like everything is falling apart for me?

Almost all the company that signed a contract with me are withdrawing their contracts.

I can’t even walk freely anymore. The media still has lots of questions to ask me, I barely escaped from them the last time but I won’t go down alone.

The President is supposed to have found his biological daughter now and I’ve planted a spy in the President’s mansion and the sound has been feeding me with information.

I will make sure I end her life and also end mine.

Lately, she said the President’s wife stare at Olivia’s picture most of the time. I will soon get the President wife’s hair but I don’t know how I’m going to get Olivia’s own.

I have to carry out a DNA test on them to know if Olivia is their daughter or not.

Park Chang Min’s POV

I wasn’t able to collect the result yesterday evening because I was really busy but no matter how tight my schedule is today, I will make sure I pay a visit to the investigator.

Hours later

I was able to rush my work and even move some of them to the next day. Min Jin is way more important than any of my work.

“Good day sir” the investigator stood up to give me a hand shake when I entered his office

“Good day. How is work?” I said taking a seat

“Fine fine. You’re here for the DNA test, right?”

“Yes” I replied sharply

“May I ask who owns the other strands of hair?”

“It’s confidential” I replied him

“Alright then” he said stretching the result to me

“Thanks for understanding”

“It’s okay” he replied focusing on his work

I slowly brought out the result with shaky hands. Why am I like this when I have no idea of what the outcome will be?

“Are you okay sir?” the investigator asked

“Y… Yes” I stuttered “I think I have to go home, I will send your balance to you”

“Alright sir, take care of yourself”

*Minutes later*

I should be able to check it without being scared or nervous since I’m alone now, right?

I brought out the result and closed my eyes for a while before opening it.

I slowly checked it from the top and started going downwards until I saw positive and negative.

Surprisingly, the tick was on positive. I laughed before finally shaking my head.

I know I’m not seeing clearly because there’s no way a girl from England could be my sister, it just doesn’t make sense.

I checked it properly again and discovered it was still marked positive. Are they trying to tell me Olivia is my sister?

I know I’m somehow drawn to her but I’ve always thought it’s because she’s beautiful.

“Please I want you to repeat the DNA test in another hospital” I said when the investigator answered the call

“But why sir? That hospital is one of the best and you know that too sir”

“I know. Besides it’s just one of the best, not the best so try it elsewhere and let me see the result”

“Alright sir” he said and I ended the call


©️ Tricia

Episode 54

Park Min Shin’s POV

I and my husband are on our way to England now but we didn’t take our private jet to prevent the public from suspecting anything.

“Sweetheart, do you think everything will go well?” my husband said turning to me

“We just have to be hopeful and optimistic. No good will come out from being peqssimistic”

“You’re right about that. Do you think Olivia would forgive us and accept us as our parents?”

“I don’t really have an answer to that but one thing I know is she’s a humble girl and has a good heart. I don’t want us to take her for granted because of that.

You know what you went through in the name of making Stephanie accept you but at the end of the day, she isn’t even our biological daughter.

I think Olivia deserves more than that. All I will say is we should hope for the best”

*Hours later*

We’ve finally arrived at England and to say I’m nervous is an understatement.

We went straight to Olivia’s house since we already made our findings before coming here.

We knocked on the gate and it was opened few minutes later. The gate man took us to the main building and informed them they were having a visitor.

“Good day ma’am and sir, how may I help you?” the person I assume to be Olivia’s foster parents said when she opened the door.

“Can we please come in first?” I pleaded

She stared at us for a while before finally letting us in.

When we got in, we took off the face mask we used and the clothes we wrapped on our bodies, the woman’s mouth was wide open in shock.

“I……I’m sorry, I never knew you were the one” she said lowering her gaze

“It’s okay. So I assume you know why we’re here?” I said to her raising my brows after we sat down

“No ma”

“Drop the formalities. Since you don’t know why we’re here, we will let you know.

We are here to take our daughter, Olivia ” I said while she stood up immediately

“Which Olivia are you talking about?”

“The girl you claim to be your daughter. We’re her biological parents and we’ve come to take our daughter”

“No one is taking my daughter from me. Olivia is my daughter, I brought her up since when she was little until now so I’m the only one that has the right to be her mother” she said shakily

It’s obvious she’s scared of losing Olivia but what can I do? I haven’t been with my daughter for 17 years, now is the time I really need her.

“We will give you tomorrow to think about it and we’ll also be here with the papers. Please when next we come back, sign the papers for peace to reign.

We aren’t here to fight you. If you need any amount, just name it but please don’t make things difficult for us. Bye” I said and was about leaving

“I’m never going to sign any of those papers. If you think I would sell my daughter for money, then you must be dreaming.

She has brought me joy ever since she came into my life, she’s my daughter and will always remain my daughter no matter what happens” and with that she left

With the way things are going, I have a feeling that something might go wrong. I just hope I’m wrong.

Olivia’s POV

I’ve been having a feeling that something is wrong somewhere but I don’t know what it is. I have to go home just to be sure my family is okay.

“Nelson, can we go back to England tomorrow?” I said turning to him

He gave me the “are you okay look” and focused back on his work. He probably thinks I’m joking

“Nelson please let’s go home tomorrow” I said again. This time, he stopped what he was doing and faced me.

“Why do you want us to go home tomorrow? What happened to the Jeju island you said you wanted to go tomorrow?”

“We can always come back for that. I feel like something is wrong somewhere. I miss my family, I want to be sure they’re fine”

“You can just call them instead” he said already bringing out his phone

“I don’t want to call them. I don’t think they would tell me if something is wrong.”

He stared at me uneasily before finally shrugging it off

“It’s okay if that’s what you want”

“Thanks” I said and lay on the bed.

Nelson’s POV

Olivia should have just waited a while before putting up her drama, why does it have to be when I’m close to discovering something?

I went out of the room to call my friend

“How far about the job?” I said immediately he answered the call

“You couldn’t even greet before asking about the work. Anyway, I’ve gotten some things on the girl.

When she came to the hotel looking suspicious, she was actually sent to carry out a plan.

I don’t really know what it’s about but I know Chang Min sent her.

Just give me few more days and I will be done”

“Alright then. For now, I will be leaving Korea tomorrow but I will come back when you’re done. My girlfriend said she misses her family”

“That’s nice. Take care”

“Thanks. Bye…. ”

England, here we come.


©️ Tricia.

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