December 5, 2023


Episode 51

Bella’s POV

Stephanie has finally being sent out of the President’s house and the public knows about it, just that they’re not sure of the details yet.

Should I clear their curiosity? No, I think I should stop here.

I now have my own mansion here in South Korea, it’s really big and beautiful. What was I even expecting? We’re talking about the President’s mansion here.

Dad called me last night to know when I will be coming home, that old man won’t just let me be.

I think it’s high time I move into my penthouse, at least they would stop disturbing me and monitoring my movement.

I have no choice but to return to England tomorrow as it is now and I wanted to know who the President’s biological daughter is.

If they found out about Stephanie before i told them, then they should have a clue on who their daughter is.

I know it’s going to be announced everywhere if they eventually find out but I wanted to see how beautiful the daughter is.

Olivia’s POV

When Nelson gave my phone to me, I just dropped it and went to bed. I woke up in the evening and decided to log in to Instagram.

Different notifications kept popping up that I felt like turning my data connection off but I saw something that caught my attention.

The headline states “is Stephanie really the President’s daughter?”

What kind of headline is this? Of course she’s the President’s daughter.

I decided to read what was written below it and what I saw left me confused. It was stated that Stephanie no longer lives in the President’s house because she’s not his biological daughter.

How is that possible? Mr. Park confirmed she’s his daughter, right? I think I have to ask Nelson about it.

“Nelson, is it true that Stephanie is not the President’s daughter?”

“Y… Yes, I think so”

“Why are you stuttering?” I asked eyeing him suspiciously

“Nothing. Take your mind off Stephanie and focus on how to become the perfect K-Pop idol, okay?”

“Why should I take my mind off Stephanie? Is there something you’re hiding from me?”

“Of course not”

“Okay then, if you say so. Can you answer my question now?”

“Which question?”

“I just asked if it’s true that Stephanie isn’t the President’s daughter?”

“I don’t know anything about that”

“Really? Don’t worry, I will find out on my own” I said and walked away

Park Chang Min’s POV

I always knew there was something fishy about Stephanie, turns out my guess was right.

Thank goodness I never accepted her as my sister, who knows how depressed I would have been now?

All that’s left now is to find my real sister and I think Mom knows something about it.

I’ve noticed for a while now that she’s always distant and staring at a particular picture. I haven’t seen the picture clearly because she’s always careful with it.

Dad also seems suspicious, I don’t know what’s going on in the head of those two. I wish I could lay my hands on the picture, just maybe it might give me a clue.

Wow! I think luck just shined on me. Mom has never left her study open ever since she started staring at the picture but she did today and I think it’s because she didn’t sleep last night.

After she left the study completely, I quietly went in and started searching for the picture.

It took me about an hour before I saw it inside a big book, Mom sure knows how to keep her things first.

I will just quickly check the picture first before putting everything in the office in order.

I turned the picture and saw the picture of a beautiful young girl. Wait! Isn’t this the overall winner of the contest?

Of course she’s the one! But why does Mom has her picture?

Is it because she’s the winner? No, I don’t think so. A winner emerges every year and I’ve never seen Mom keep any of their pictures.

Is it because she’s beautiful? I don’t really know but I don’t think so too.

What if she’s Min Jin? No, that’s not possible. What other reason does Mom have to keep this picture with her and stare at it all day long?

Am I supposed to start investigating this one too? Should I find out where Min Jin is first or I should find out the connection Olivia has with Mom?

Gosh! I’m so confused. I think I will find out who Olivia is first, who knows, she might be related to Min Jin somehow and that will give me the clue I need.

I called one of the investigators instantly.

“Hello sir” I heard from the receiving end

“Good day. I want you to find out everything about Olivia, the overall winner of the contest and submit the information to me tomorrow”

“Consider it done sir”

“Good. Is there a way we can conduct a DNA test on her without her knowledge?”

“I will check it out and give the feedback to you tomorrow sir”

“Alright then. Bye” I said and disconnected the call before settling down to put the things in the study back to order.

Stephanie’s POV

I haven’t been able to step out of my penthouse since morning because the reporters are everywhere. I think they will be up to about fifty.

I had lots of modelling works to do today but I wasn’t able to do anyone. Some of the agencies that signed a contract with me have withdrawn the contract and given it to someone else.

For how long will I continue like this? Don’t this reporters have anything to do with their lives other than standing outside my door and asking silly questions on what doesn’t concerns them?

That reminds me. I saw Nelson at the contest, I just hope he and Olivia went there seoerately because they already broke up before the contest.

I’m sure that Olivia must be feeling on top of the world now because she’s the overall winner. I know she probably bribed the judges or slept with everyone of them. Shameless prostitute!!

I will find a way to dismiss this reporters tomorrow. For now, I want to rest.


©️ Tricia


Episode 52

Park Min Shin’s POV

I and my husband are currently seated before the press, I don’t know when we’re going to finish with the questions.

“Is Stephanie really not your daughter?” one of the journalist asked

“Yes” I responded because I know my husband is not himself

“How did that happen? I mean, you should have double-checked. Apart from that, being the President of this country, you should be able to handle this small issues if you really want to run a country. What do you have to say to that?” another journalist questioned.

“I… (clears throat) I will agree that’s a fault on my part. I failed to check properly and I’m facing the consequences now.

I’m truly sorry for misleading the entire country and I promise it won’t happen again” my husband finally said

“You should have prevented it from the start. What do you want the public to say about a President that can’t even handle the issues of his immediate family? Just put yourself in their shoes and tell us what you would think about such President.”

“I would also think the same way but I promise it won’t repeat itself. I was just overwhelmed with the joy of finding my lost daughter.

Think about it. If you were me, would you double check? I have been separated from my daughter for 17 years so you should know how I felt.”

“We understand but what about the public? What are you going to do about them?”

“They should tell me whatever I can do to make them forgive me”

“Alright, we will inform them about it. You should also find your biological daughter within that period and make sure you triple check this time because we won’t accept any mistake again”

“Thank you, I will do just that” my husband said shaking hands with some of the journalists.

“Finally, we’ve managed to get the public and media off our neck for some time” my husband said when we got home.

“You’re right but there is one more thing. We have to secretly travel to England to see Olivia’s foster parents” I said to him

“That’s true. When should we leave?”

“We should make it as soon as possible, probably this week”

“Okay then. In two days time, we will leave for England” my husband concluded

Bella’s POV

I think it’s time I left Korea, besides Dad called me last night asking me to come home.

I got into my car and the driver started driving me to the airport.

“Stop the car” I said when I spotted someone like Olivia and Nelson.

I took a close look at them and it turned out I was right. Like seriously?

I know the person that won the overall winner of the just concluded K-Pop contest looked like Olivia but I never thought she could be the one.

And Nelson? I though he and Olivia broke up or was it all an act?

“Ma’am we’re going to miss our flight” my driver’s voice jolted me out of my thoughts

“Okay, let’s go” I wish Dad wasn’t making use of his jet.

There will still be a lot of time to find out what really happened between Olivia and Nelson.

Park Chang Min’s POV

The investigator has given me a complete detail on Olivia’s background.

I now know she’s from England, she has a brother and sister and some other things there.

He hasn’t been able to carry out a DNA test on her because of her boyfriend (Nelson). They’re always with guards anytime they go out so it’s difficult to get some strands of her hair, I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit.

I just don’t know why I’m nervous about this whole issue.

For all I know, she might not even be related to Min Jin so I don’t understand why I’m getting all worked up.

The sound of my phone snapped me out of my thoughts. I checked the caller and discovered it was the investigator.

Has he finally been able to get something? The only way to find out is by answering this call.

“Good day sir” he greeted from the other end

“Good day. Do you have any news about Olivia yet?”

“Calm down sir, that was why I called. I was able to sneak a maid in among the people that dressed for her so I have some strands of her hair with me now.

All that’s left to do is carry out the DNA test and that will be all”

“Are you sure about what you’re saying?”

“Yes sir”

“Ohh… that’s good news but please be fast with the test and make sure there are no mistakes. When is the result going to be out?”

“Probably this evening sir”

“Alright thanks so much. I will be expecting the result in the evening”

“Okay sir. Bye”

Yes!!!! I can’t wait for the result to be out. After the result is out, I will talk to Olivia myself to see if I can find any clue from her.

I know it’s going to be hard because of her overprotective boyfriend but I will still try.

I wish it was evening already.


©️ Tricia

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