December 5, 2023


Episode 49

Olivia’s POV

Wow! I’m so happy, I will be going on a tour in the whole of Korea with my great boyfriend Nelson. Isn’t that great?

After having a breakfast of beacon and eggs, I wore my clothes and went out to meet Nelson.

In case you’re wondering, I and Nelson now live together and we also sleep in the same room. It started last night and that’s because I have no choice.

The contest ended yesterday so all contestants were expected to move out that same yesterday so I decided to stay with Nelson.

“Olivia! Do you want to sleep there?” Nelson asked from outside

“Yes baby and I don’t like this bed, get me a mattress instead” I said mockingly

Few minutes later, I was already outside.

Nelson got into the car pretending to be angry. He’s not aware that I know him like the back of my palm.

“Baby smile for me” I said when I got into the car but he just concentrated on his phone without sparing me a glance.

“Fine then” two can play this game.

I also brought out my phone and ignored him completely until we got to our destination.

The first place we went to was Changdeokgung Palace. I’ve heard about this place before.

Nelson won’t even talk to me, I don’t know his problem. Does he have to behave like a jerk?

“Olivia isn’t this place beautiful?” Nelson said turning to me while I stared at him like he had suddenly grown two horns on his head. He was mad at me just now, right?

“Won’t you say something?” he said again while I rolled my eyes

“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me?”

“I’m sorry” he said in a flirty way that caused goosebumps on my skin.

I quickly walked forward to prevent him from noticing.

“This place is so cool, I’ve heard a lot about it” I finally said after sometime while he stared at me weirdly.

“Let’s go. I can’t wait to see every single part of this gorgeous palace.

“Chill okay? We can’t check everything, a guard will take us round the places we’re permitted to visit so just calm down” he said while I just stared at him

“Well I don’t see any guard here” I said looking around

“That’s because we still have to walk for a while” he said hitting me lightly on my head

“Ouch! That hurts you know?” I said pouting my lips and rubbing my head at the same time.

“Sorry princess” he said mockingly and ran away

“I’m so going to beat you if I catch you” I said running after him.

We checked the palace and it was really big and awesome. After that, we proceeded to Jeju island. The island wasn’t bad itself.

We finally went to Itaewon to have lunch before calling it a day and that’s because Nelson had something urgent to do.

We will continue the tour tomorrow so I have nothing to worry about. I think we should check Seoul Tower tomorrow, I heard it’s really tall.

Korea is really big and full of interesting and great things, I wish I was born here.

Park Min Shin’s POV

I’ve been trailing Olivia and Nelson ever since they started their tour but they probably didn’t notice because they’re having a good time.

I miss my daughter. I wish I could just go there, embrace her and tell her she’s my daughter.

If she wasn’t even with Nelson, it would have been a bit easier but I know Nelson would never release her to me. What do I do now?

Stephanie has finally left for good this morning and I’m happy about that development.

My husband wanted to involve the police but I pleaded with him to let her go because I don’t want any trouble.

All I want is my Olivia, I wish she was here with us so that our family will become complete once again.

I don’t want to continue watching her from afar like this, I want her to be in my arms day and night to make up for lost time.

We have a lot of catching up to do as mother and daughter, Chang Min also needs his sister in order for him to stop being cold hearted.

I guess I will have to go to England before Olivia so that I can talk to her parents before she returns.

And when she finally returns, I will just take her with me to Korea here and stay with my daughter forever.

I hope everything returns back to normal soon.


©️ Tricia


Episode 50

Stephanie’s POV

After hours of being in the plane, I finally arrived home. I took my bags and got into the car waiting for me.

Few minutes later, I was home already.

“Mom! Dad! I’m home” I said going upstairs but no one replied

Hmm, that’s strange. Mom and Dad are usually at home so why isn’t anyone answering me?

I dropped my bags, freshened up and went back downstairs. Still quiet! Checking up on them won’t be a bad idea, right?

I went to their room and was surprised when I met them sitting on a couch and typing on their phone at the same time. Does that mean they didn’t hear me when I greeted them?

“Mom and Dad I’m home” I said to them again

“So?” Mom questioned taking a quick glance at me before focusing her gaze on her phone.

“M… Mom” I stuttered

“I’m not your Mom you ingrate, go to Park Min Shin and call her that” Mom shouted

Oh God! This is the first time she will get mad at me, what have I done?

“It’s not what you think Mom, I can explain” I said going on my knees

“Don’t you dare. You will go to your room now, pack your belongings and leave this house this instant” Mom said already standing up

Dad just looked on without saying a word. I won’t blame him, he’s really gentle and reserved.

“Mom please I’m your only daughter, what happened was the devil’s work. Please Mom, don’t send me packing” I said already on my knees and in tears

“Ohh…… it was the devil’s work. You abandoned us for money and popularity and you’re here telling me it’s the devil’s work?

Did that devil remove your brain from your skull that you couldn’t differentiate between your biological parents and the President of Korea?

You know what, I don’t blame you. I only blame that good for nothing President and his wife.

You played this kind of game on them and they just let you go freely when you’re supposed to be locked behind bars.

Just get out of this house and out of our lives for good before evening or else you will see the other side of me, now get lost.” Mom said closing her eyes.

What have I gotten myself into? They should get lost too, I don’t need them.

I stood up, went into my room and took the important things I will be needing. I can buy new clothes later.

When I was done packing my things, I got into my car and drove off to the modelling agency I work for.

I hadn’t even sat down when my manager came to me.

“Stephanie you have to see this” she said showing me something on her phone.

It was about me not being the President’s daughter, news sure travels fast.

“You have to do something about this fast because the public won’t keep quiet about this and you know what it means.

Some people have withdrawn their contract with you already so if the public becomes involved, it will be really bad for your reputation” she said

By the time she finished talking, my eyes were already turning and I couldn’t feel my head.

“I’ve heard you but I need to go home now” I stood up and drove straight to my penthouse.

Whoever said Karma isn’t real must be dreaming.

Nelson’s POV

What’s this I’m hearing about Stephanie not being the President’s daughter? No, it can’t be!

I know I had doubts about her being the President’s daughter but how can this happen.

The test must have been carried out by a professional doctor so what kind of mistake is this?

Mr. Park and his wife have refused to respond to the journalist’s question regarding the issue, looks like I will have to investigate myself.

“Nelson, my phone” Olivia said stretching out her palm to me.

Ever since we came to Korea, the phone has being with me because I wanted Olivia to focus on the contest.

“You don’t really need it” I said to her

“Why? You collected it because of the contest and the contest is over now so I think I can have my phone now”

“Fine then, you can have it” I said stretching it to her

“What’s wrong?” she asked taking a sit beside me

“Nothing, just take” I dropped the phone and left the room

I don’t want her to know about Stephanie yet because she will start getting curious. I have to find out the connection she has with the first lady first.

“Nelson, why are you behaving this way? Fine then you can have the phone” she dropped the phone and walked away.

*Sighs* “Olivia wait up” I said to her but she didn’t stop

I walked up to her and held her hand turning her to face me, surprisingly, she was in tears.

“O… Olivia, what’s wrong?” I stammered

“Everything. You won’t talk to me because you’re busy and you also won’t give me my phone.

I have no one to talk to here except you so what do you want me to do when I’m bored? Are you even sure you love me?”

“Olivia stop it please. I love you and you know that.

I agree that I was selfish few minutes ago and I’m sorry, I promise it won’t happen again. You can have your phone now” I said giving the phone to her

“I’m sorry too for over-reacting” she said resting her head on my chest

“So we’re good now, right?”

“Right” she said giggling

I must say I’m lucky to have Olivia.

Park Sung Joo’s POV

I don’t know what to do about the press, I’m totally confused. I don’t know what I did to Stephanie that made her do this to me.

What will people say about a President that can’t handle his own family?

“Sir, what do you have to say concerning Stephanie?”

“Ma’am is it true that Stephanie isn’t your biological daughter?”

“How did it happen? Was it a mistake on your part or one of your rivals did it to put you in trouble?”

Different questions were thrown at I and my wife. We haven’t gone out since yesterday because of this issue but we can hear their questions from outside.

When will this be over? I know sooner or later, we will have to explain things to the public because even if we don’t, they will still find out on their own.

Stephanie should be thankful to my wife. If not because of her, she would be behind bars now and I would have taught her a hell of lesson.

“Honey, we can’t keep the press waiting for too long. We have to satisfy their curiosity tomorrow” Min Shin said to me

“You’re right. We will have to call our secretaries to write our their questions and then we will prepare an answer for each questions”

“Alright then”

We went in to prepare for the next day. Tomorrow is going to determine a whole lot of things.

TBC ……..

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