December 2, 2023


Episode 47

Bella’s POV

I’ve finally arrived in Korea. The last contest is going to take place tomorrow around somewhere here so I will just check it out before focusing on the reason why I’m here.

The two reasons are: to check up on Nelson and also expose Stephanie’s true colors.

My evidence is not really strong but at least it will go a long way in putting doubts in their mind.

I was able to get the voice record of Stephanie and the doctor but I wasn’t able to get it.

If luck is on my side, I will probably see Nelson at the contest tomorrow. He might be bored and just decide to see the contest live.

The D-Day (Final day of the contest)

Olivia’s POV

I can’t believe the long awaited day is here, the day that would determine if my dreams of becoming a K-Pop idol will actualize this year.

I’m sure the most nervous person on earth. Nelson as usual did what he knows how to do best.

He called make-up artists to do their work and I must commend them.

“Don’t tell me you’re nervous” Nelson said on our way to the event making me scoff.

“So I’m not supposed to be nervous?”

“Yes. Nervousness results to failure. Just believe you can do it and have faith in yourself, okay?”

“Okay, thank you”

“So, take in a deep breath now” I did as he said

“Good. Make me proud” he said when we got to the entrance of the hall.

“I will put in my best”

As usual, we moved to the back of the stage while the audience sat in the hall.

The contestants left were just one hundred out of eight hundred that started so today, fifty people will be out and the rest fifty will become K-Pop trainees.

We began the contest and before we knew it, we were done.

“Ladies and gentlemen” we heard from the blaring speakers.

“We’ve finally come to the end of this contest. Usually, the result is supposed to be announced tomorrow but we will be announcing the one for this year today so that you guys can know your faith and the lucky ones will start preparing for their training.

You will go on a break of two hours while we finalize the result of the contest. Remember you can’t exceed two hours, you can leave now.

I slowly left the hall and went over to where Nelson was.

“You did great. Let’s go to a restaurant” Nelson suggested


We ate and had fun a little, before we knew it, two hours was almost up so we went back to the hall.

“Check your E-mail. The lucky winners should wait behind while the rest are permitted to go to their various homes.”

Everyone of them logged into their E-mail while I stood up and went out to meet Nelson. I don’t know why he won’t let me check it myself.

“Nelson let me check it now please”

He logged in to my account and gave the phone to me.

“What?!!! You mean I came first out of eight hundred contestants? No, I’m probably not seeing things clearly.

“Nelson, I can’t find my position” I said confused while he gave me the “are you okay?” look

“This is it” Nelson said pointing at it

“Are you trying to say I came first out of eight hundred contestants?”

“Of course. My baby is a genius”

“Okay okay, everyone settle down” the MC said while I gave Nelson the phone and quickly went back inside.

“It hasn’t been easy all through. Some people put in their best but it wasn’t enough so those of you that won’t should consider yourself lucky.

We’re going to award the first five contestants so if you hear your name, kindly step forward” the MC said.

Almost immediately, the names were called and of course I was among.

The MC started from the fifth and when it got to my turn, he paused and stared at me for a while before speaking up.

“I want all of you here to applaud this girl. No, that won’t do. Give her a standing ovation.

She came from England and surpassed everyone’s performance, I wonder what the Koreans we’re doing.

Ever since we started this contest, she maintained the first position all through. I’ve never seen this kind of great performance in my entire life.

The last time I saw something close to this was when the First Lady was still a K-Pop idol.

Your parents must be really proud of you” he said turning to me.

“How old are you”

“I’m 17 sir” I answered politely

“Ohh…. that voice that melts souls. Are you done with college?”

“No sir”

“Okay. Congratulations! I wish you all the best and I must commend your parents for bringing up such a beautiful and bright young girl.

I must also commend you for your hard work. Keep it up” he said giving me a thumbs up.

My prize was giving to me and I was crowned as the winner.

“You are free to go home now but remember you are to be back within 2 months to begin your training. Good luck” he said while we left the hall.

I wonder what Stephanie’s position was because she wasn’t among the top five.

I had just gotten outside the hall when journalists and some of the contestants surrounded me.

“Miss Olivia, how do you feel being the overall winner of this contest?”

“Have you been part of a K-Pop group?”

Different questions were just popping from different angles and my head was beginning to get muzzy. Is this what celebrities face?

I was still struggling to keep my eyes open when I noticed that the attention of some people was now elsewhere.

Is the First Lady around or what? I didn’t wait for long before I got my answer.

Nelson walked straight to me in the midst of the journalist with some of his bodyguards.

“My girlfriend isn’t used to this kind of things do if you have anything to ask her, we can go to somewhere cool and all of you will be permitted to ask her one question each.” With that said, Nelson took my hand and we left their midst with the help of his bodyguards.

“Ohh my God… She’s so lucky. Just few minutes ago, she was crowned the overall winner of the contest and now she’s Nelson’s girlfriend?”

“I think she was born on Sunday, she has all the good things of life. I’m envious”

I kept hearing different comments from different people and I knew instantly that my life would change from that moment.

Park Min Shin’s POV

I watched the contest from home and I couldn’t help the tears that rolled down my cheeks especially when Olivia’s parents were being praised.

My daughter. Yes, I found out last night that Olivia is my daughter and not Stephanie. Is she ever going to forgive me?

I haven’t told anyone about it yet because I can’t even seem to get a hold of myself yet. No wonder why I always felt complete whenever I was with her.

My husband came in almost immediately after the contest and I quickly wiped my tears.

“I saw you crying so you don’t have to wipe the tears. What’s wrong?”

“I…. I wasn’t crying. Something flew into my eyes” I stuttered

“Min Shin” he drawed making me burst into tears

“What’s wrong?” he stood up and came closer to me

“Our… l.. o.. st daughter, I f.. ou.. und her” I just hope he was able to comprehend what I said

“W… Where” he stuttered

“She’s among the contestants, her name is Olivia”

“Isn’t that the girl that won the contest?”

“She’s the one”

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go and see her”

“It won’t be that easy. Nelson is with her and I’m sure he won’t release her to us. I think we have to go to England to see her parents”

“Have you been able to find out why the doctor said Stephanie is our daughter when she’s not?”

“Partially. The investigators said there was a deal between Stephanie and the doctor but they can’t find any evidence because someone tampered with it. They promised to try their best.”

“Okay then, wipe your tears. We have to prepare for our flight to England” my husband said while I just nodded

“Ma’am someone is here to see you” one of the maids came to inform me.

“I don’t have an appointment with anyone but who is the person?”

“It’s a young lady ma’am” the maid replied

“Bring her in” I said thinking it was Olivia but I was disappointed when I discovered she wasn’t the one.

“Good afternoon young lady” my husband said trying to make her feel at home

“Afternoon sir” she answered politely

“So how may we help you?” my husband further asked

“I will be the one helping you sir and ma. My name is Isabella and it’s a pleasure meeting you” she said leaving I and my husband confused.

How does she wants to help us? I guess we will just have to listen to whatever she has to say.


©️ Tricia


Episode 48

Bella’s POV

Where do I start from? Ohh! I think I’ve gotten it.

“So I just came to give you a little piece of information. You might have found out already but in case you haven’t, it will be of a great help to you. I also have evidences” I stopped to look at their faces and as expected they were confused.

“W-What do you mean?” Mr. Park managed to ask.

“Stephanie isn’t your biological daughter, it was a plan between she and the doctor that carried out the test on her” they weren’t as surprised as they expected them to be so I just concluded that they must have found out before hand.

“Where is your evidence?” Mrs. Park asked

I brought out the two recordings from my bag.

“So am I supposed to just give you the evidence for free?” I stood up and walked around them

“You’re in our house. We could just ask the guards to collect the evidence from you and throw you outside” Mr. Park said

“I would love to see you try” I said stopping right in front of him

“Calm down. What do you want?” the First Lady said calmly, looks like she’s an easy going person

“Hmm….. I think I will just take one of your mansions here in Korea, that will be more than enough”

“Alright, consider it done so can we see the evidence now?” Mrs. Park asked

I removed the first one and played the recording for them. It was the one of I and the doctor when I went to see him. In the recording, he confessed his crimes unconsciously.

When I finished with that one, I brought out the main one. It was Stephanie and the doctor this time around.

I slowly played it, they almost ran out of breath out of curiosity. I hadn’t even gone far when the front door opened. Lo and behold, it was Stephanie.

“Good afternoon Mom and Dad” she greeted like a good daughter. Green snake under the green grass

The President and his wife didn’t even behave like they heard what she said, they just continued listening to the record.

Stephanie wanted to say something, she probably wanted to ask them why they didn’t respond to her greeting but when she heard her voice, she decided to listen and got the biggest shock of her life.

“Stephanie, what do you have to say to this?” Mr. Park said already boiling in rage.

I’m sure the reason why he hasn’t strangled her with his bare hands is because he’s the President and he doesn’t wants to commit murder.

“I….. I can explain. Sincerely I don’t write understand what I just heard. Where did…. ” she was still saying but Mr. Park cut her off

“Shut that hell hole you call a mouth or I will shut it for you. Do I look like a fool to you? You’re not even up to 20 and you pulled this kind of stunt on the entire people in the world.

Aren’t you scared and ashamed of yourself?” Mr. Park shouted in anger.

This is fun to watch. I quietly sat down and watched on, should I record everything on my phone? Hmm, I think I will just watch.

“Stephanie, why did you do it? You know how much we’ve been dying to be with our long lost daughter and you did this to us. How could you be so cruel?” Mrs. Park said almost crying, I pity her though.

Instead of Stephanie feeling remorseful, she rolled her eyes and sat on one of the couch.

“I never asked you to make me your daughter. Besides, why didn’t you double check? You just suddenly came to my doorstep and told me I was your lost daughter”

“If you hadn’t gone to bribe the doctor, I wouldn’t have come to you” Mr. Park answered her

“Still, you should have done the test somewhere else just to be sure, at least you’ve learnt your lesson now. I’m tired now so I will leave tomorrow” Stephanie said going to her room.

I don’t even think she’s human because she doesn’t has conscience. She can’t even apologise. I guess my job here is done, I need to leave now. They should sort the rest within themselves.

Stephanie’s POV

After the contest, I checked my E-mail account and met with a big shock.

I managed to be the nineteenth among the fifty contestants chosen, I can’t believe this. After the huge amount of money I paid for bribery.

That man is surely going to pay for what he did. I went to a bar to take just a little amount of drink to calm my nerves.

I went home few minutes later to meet the shock of my life. The truth is finally out and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The best thing to do is return to my parents tomorrow, but if they found out about me, they must have found their biological daughter, right?

No, I don’t think so. Bella was the one that exposed the secret to them so they would still be in shock. How did Bella even find out?

Did that doctor betray me? If I find out he betrayed me after the money I gave to him, then I’m going to finish him off myself.

Ahh.. I want to rest. From tomorrow, I will cease being a President’s daughter.

I might still be able to pull something. I think I should find out who their daughter really is and end her life, after that everything will be mine.

Nelson’s POV

Olivia was really tired after she finished answering different questions from different journalists. My poor girlfriend!

Something she has never done in her entire life. I know this will be the most difficult aspect for her when she finally becomes a K-Pop idol.

“Olivia, let’s go home now” I said turning to her but she shook her head

“I can’t walk” her voice came out in a tired whisper

“Alright, get on my back then” she did so without even protesting since she was damn tired

“Sorry sweetie” I said when we finally got home

“Do you want anything?” I asked her

“A chilled orange juice would do”

I ordered one of the guards to get it for her and he came back few minutes later. She managed to sip little before she slept off.

I’m sure she will be okay when she wakes up.

Hours later

“You’re awake. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes and I feel a lot better now”

“That’s good news. So when do you want us to go back to England? Should we leave tomorrow or when?”

“Let’s stay back a little, maybe for about three days. I still have to take a long tour around Korea and taste almost all their dishes”

“Why not all?”

“You don’t expect me to eat those earthworms and raw leaves that they eat, do you?” she said making me burst into laughter

“Aren’t you the one that like Koreans?”

“I like them including the country but I don’t like all their foods”

“Yes ma’am. We’re leaving in three days time, right?”


“Okay then. Let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest” I said winking at her

I’m sure she understood what I meant by that.


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