December 2, 2023


Episode 45

*South Korea*

Park Sung Joo’s POV

I can’t believe I’ve been spending huge amount of my money on someone that isn’t my daughter and to think I almost signed some of my companies to her.

I’m sure if Min Shin hadn’t stopped me, the company would have been hers already and I would have regretted it in the future.

But how did this happen in that huge and renowned hospital? What will the world say about me?

A man that can’t handle his immediate family alone won’t be able to handle a whole country and is not fit to be a President.

Who have I offended that has decided to take revenge on me by putting me in this kind of predicament?

If this is a mistake from the doctor’s part, then I will see to it that the hospital is closed down for a while and if there’s another mastermind behind it, such person won’t go unpunished.


Bella’s POV

I’ve gotten information on Nelson’s whereabout and I discovered he’s in South Korea.

Should I go or should I stay back? I’m confused. Maybe I should just go.

At least I will get to see my Nelson and maybe I will also find a way to expose Stephanie during my stay there.

I turned on my laptop and booked a ticket online. The plane will be leaving in two days.

I’m supposed to use my Dad’s private jet but I just feel like using a public plane. That way, I won’t feel bored and lonely.

I’ve been trying to get who the real daughter of the President is but I haven’t gotten anything yet.

I’ve carried out test on almost all the female citizens from age 18-20 and it’s really stressful.

I know I will finish the test within two days and if after two days I don’t find anything, it would mean Olivia is the only citizen of England that I didn’t carry out a test on and that’s because I don’t know where she is.

That’s not even necessary. I know she can’t even be related to the President not to talk of being his daughter.

I just have to prepare for my flight first. If I reveal the truth about Stephanie, they will be able to search for their daughter again carefully.

Stephanie’s POV

Today was really hectic. I can’t believe I was told to perform the dance steps of that difficult song and also sing at the same time, I was out of breath when I finished.

What’s the title of the song again? “Secret story of the….. Swan by… by iz*one” Yes! that’s it.

Those people obviously don’t like me. Why else would they ask me to perform that kind of difficult song. Rubbish!

Tomorrow is another day for another dancing and singing contest, why can’t they give us a little break?

I can’t believe Olivia is among the contestants. Does she think she can compete with me?

I just pity her because she sang like a bee and danced like a Cöçkroach, I’m sure she will be out of the contest tomorrow.

“Stephanie” I heard Mom’s voice downstairs. Why is she calling me after refusing to let me sign those papers?

“Yes Mom?” I answered and walked downstairs sluggishly

“What were you doing upstairs when I called you?” she asked making me almost roll my eyes but I quickly cautioned myself

“I was resting Mom”

“You’ve rested enough Stephanie, you should practice for tomorrow’s contest”

“But I’m tired Mom”

“You shouldn’t be like this Stephanie. Before you thought of becoming a K-Pop idol, you should have thought hard about it.

Do you know how many songs K-Pop artists perform daily? You have to train yourself now if you really want to become great in the future.” she concluded

“Thanks Mom” I said already tired of her boring speech. Who said K-Pop artists stress themselves? They only sing and dance, then the money would come.

“You’re welcome. Go to your room now and practice”

“Alright Mom” I said and went upstairs

I’m just going to turn on the volume of the music, lock my door and plug my ear phone to prevent the noise from disturbing me.

Practice my foot!


©️ Tricia


Episode 46

Nelson’s POV

The spies I assigned to follow the First Lady have been giving me disturbing reports lately. It looks like the First Lady wants something from Olivia but what could it be??!!

Olivia is just from an average family so she wouldn’t want anything that involves money from her. Olivia came in almost immediately.

“Welcome baby” I said smilingly

“Thanks” she replied tiredly

“Awwn…….my baby is tired, I just thought it will be better if you went to see her first and rest afterward. I’m sorry, you can rest now”

I went closet to her, collected her bag and made her lie on the bed while I sat beside her and stroked her hair.

“Are you going to tell me what you discussed with the First Lady or you will take a nap first”

“We didn’t really talk about much things. We talked about her childhood days, she’s really fun to be with. She’s also nice, she removed the dirt that was on my hair before she hurriedly left. That seemed somehow strange though.” she concluded.

“What did she remove from your hair?” I asked curiously

“It was a piece of paper I think”

“A piece of paper? Did you do anything on paper today?”

“No, I also don’t know how the paper got to my hair” she answered confused

“Did the paper look neat or rough?”

“It was really neat and white. That’s all that happened, I want to sleep now”

“Alright love, I’ll be right beside you when you wake up” I said giving her a light peck on her lips while she drifted off to sleep

I don’t quite understand what the first lady is up to. I’m sure there was nothing on Olivia’s hair so why did she lie about it?

I thought deeply for a while before something occurred to me. If she had touched any other part of Olivia’s body apart from her hair, Olivia would have known since she was conscious.

The simple meaning of this is that she probably took some strands of Olivia’s hair but what does she need it for?

I mean she has Stephanie already and if I remember clearly, she never said she gave birth to twins so there’s no way she would want to carry our a DNA test on her, right?

I think there’s still some secrets I need to find out, I just hope those spies are capable.

Back to my pretty girlfriend, she looks really innocent in her sleep. Can’t believe she’s mine alone.

Park Min Shin’s POV

I’ve finally gotten a hold on Olivia’s hair. When I told her something was on her hair, it was a lie. I took the paper out of my bag and removed some strands of her hair before showing the paper to her. I’m a genius.

All that’s left now is for me to conduct the DNA test, I don’t know why I’m nervous. I just hope everything turns out well.

I quickly went home to avoid suspicions, I will probably do the test tomorrow.

“Welcome home Mom” Chang Min greeted

“Oh my world! I’ve missed my baby so much. When did you arrive?”

“About an hour ago”

“And you didn’t think it was necessary to inform me?” I said pretending to be hurt

“No Mom, you know that’s not true. Okay it won’t happen again” he said in defeat


“I promise” he said and I hugged him tightly

“You look like a baby when you pout your lips, you know that right?” Chang Min teased

“Did you just call me a baby?”

“N-No Mom” he stuttered already scared and that’s bcos I don’t like being called a baby

“It’s okay, I will be in my room. What of Jimin?”

“He’s also back but he went out”

“Okay. Won’t you say hi to your sister?”

“I’m still searching for my sister” he answered coldly

Here we go again, just that he’s right this time but he isn’t aware.

“What about Stephanie? Isn’t she your sister?” I further asked

“She’s not my sister. I made some investigations and found out she isn’t our lost Min Jin.

You can believe me if you want to but as for me, I’m still searching for my lost sister” he said and left

I just hope Chang Min doesn’t ruin everything for me bcos I don’t want Stephanie to find out yet.

Olivia’s POV

Today is the second day for the practical aspect of the contest. After tomorrow, the lucky people will be announced, I’m so nervous.

I quickly took my bath and prepared for the contest. My dress was kind of simple but Nelson insisted I use a little make over.

I would agree the make up added to my beauty but it still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like it.

When I was finally ready, I and Nelson went to the hall where the contest was to take place as usual.

“Good day contestants! I will assume all of you here checked your email before coming here so as to know if you made it to this round or not.”

I guess all of them did except me and that’s bcos my naughty boyfriend won’t let me check it.

He only told me I made it to this round but he doesn’t want me to know my exact position so that it won’t affect me. If it’s in a positive or negative way, I don’t know.

The MC as usual asked us to go to the back of the stage and we performed according to our tag numbers.

Within few hours, we were done with our performances and this time around I wasn’t weak or tired.

I thought about what Nelson said and I’ve decided to train myself to become a hard-working K-Pop idol in the future.

“How was it?” Nelson asked

“It was okay” I replied

“Looks like someone has decided to change”

“Yes, thanks to the best boyfriend in the world” I said sarcastically causing Nelson to giggle.

“I only told you the truth your highness, don’t be upset”

“I was only joking but sincerely you’re the best among the best”

“Awwn…. I’m blushing”

“Meet me at home after you finish blushing” I said and started walking away while Nelson ran a bit to catch up with me.

“Mean girl” he said when he got to me

“Thanks! At least you love me that way” with that, we went to his hotel.

“Olivia, tomorrow is going to be the last day of the contest and I want you to put in your best as if this will be the last time you will dance. You will make me proud, right” Nelson said when we got home.

“I will try my best”

“Okay, I trusr and believe in you. So should we practice now or you want to take a nap first?”

That’s one of the things I like about Nelson, he’s really considerate and loving.

“Let’s practice”

We practiced for about 3 hours before we finally drew the curtain. I was the one that practiced, Nelson only checked my dance steps.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day!


©️ Tricia

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