December 5, 2023


Episode 43


Bella’s POV

We’re finally done with our exams, just 2 years more and I’ll be done with college.

I haven’t seen Olivia and Nelson in school ever since we finished the exam and I know Nelson isn’t someone to miss school even after exams.

I will use this opportunity to go to his mansion and seduce him. After wearing a really skimpy dress, I got into my car and drove off to his mansion.

“Good day, what of Nelson?” I asked the gateman that opened the gate for me.

“He is not around, he travelled few days ago” the gateman replied

“Travelled? To where and with who?”

“I don’t know about that ma”

“Okay, thanks for your time” I said and drove out of the compound.

Where could Nelson have travelled to? Let me check up on Olivia first.

“Good day ma’am” I greeted the person I presume to be Olivia’s Mom when I got there.

“Welcome dear. How may I help you?”

“I’m Olivia’s friend ma” I replied nervously

“Uhh…. you’re Cindy right?” she asked leaving me in confusion

Who is Cindy and what connection does she have with Olivia? I guess this is just the perfect chance I needed.

“Yes ma’am. I’m Cindy and I came to check up on Olivia because she hasn’t been in school for a while now”

“Ohh…. that! She travelled”

“Travelled? May I know where she travelled to?” I asked but I notice she hesitated a little before responding.

“She travelled to her uncle’s place but she will be back before you know it”

“Thanks ma, I will be on my way now” I said and left

I’m relieved knowing Olivia isn’t with Nelson, I had actually thought they travelled together. What a huge relief!

The only thing left now is to find out where Nelson travelled to and of course, that’s not going to be difficult since he’s a celebrity.

*In South Korea”

Olivia’s POV

My nervousness has reached it’s peak as it is now. I was thinking it will be easier to perform than answering questions but now I know I’m completely wrong.

How am I supposed to perform in the presence of 400 contestants, many judges and the audience at large. Apart from that, the contest is going to be shown on every Korean TV stations.

“Olivia can you please let me concentrate on driving?” Nelson said frustratedly

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m really nervous”

“Why?!! You and I know you’re really good at dancing and dancing so why are you nervous?”

“I…….I, I’m not really good at dancing” I stuttered

“I won’t argue with you but please let me focus, okay”

“Alright then” I said and sat quietly without making a single sound.

“Don’t Fůçƙ up in there because of your nervousness, also, be optimistic. Believe in your self and the rest will be easy. Promise me you won’t be nervous”

“I promise” he pecked my cheeks and then I went to the hall

“Ladies and gentlemen, you won’t be making use of the hall today. Instead you will pick up your things and go to the back of the stage where you will be given new tags. The audience are going to sit in the hall, please be fast about that” the coordinator said and left the stage while we all stood up and went to the back of the stage.

“Contestant number one” we heard from the blaring speakers. The first contestant quickly stood up and went on stage after we were given head worn microphones.

They kept calling them until it finally got to my turn. Ohh God, please help me.

“You’re going to be performing ‘chu rumor’ by iz*one” the contestant said to me when I got on stage.

I never knew they were going to give us a song to perform. This is going to be a bit difficult.

No, I shouldn’t think that way. Nelson said I should be optimistic and not nervous.

“Your time starts…….. now”

The song without music came up and I instantly got into position, I can do this.

After about 3 minutes and some seconds, I finished performing. The crowd cheered so much that I feared my eardrum would close.

“You did great babe” Nelson said to me when I got outside while I collapsed on his shoulders

“I’m really tired” I said barely audibly

“You only performed one song and you are tired? Is this how you’re going to behave when you finally become a K-Pop idol?” Nelson asked

“No but you know I practiced a lot last night so I would definitely be tired”

“Okay then. You will rest for few hours in my hotel before the meeting with the First Lady”
Nelson said after which we went to the hotel.

Park Min Shin’s POV

I haven’t been my myself ever since I saw the test result last night, everything is just so confusing.

If Stephanie isn’t my daughter, then where did the mistake come from? How would a renouned doctor make this kind of mistake?

Thankfully I’ve hired private investigators to work on the case so very soon the truth of the matter will be out.


©️ Tricia


Episode 44

*South Korea*

Park Min Shin’s POV (contd.)

After Stephanie came back home from the contest, my husband also returned home like he has been waiting for Stephanie’s return.

Why am I having a bad feeling about this? It’s probably nothing. I started climbing the stairs but stopped when I heard my husband calling Stephanie to come downstairs.

I wanted to continue walking to my room so I can clear my head from the truth I just discovered but something told me to wait.

“The documents are ready Steph so all you need to do is sign here and it’s all yours” my husband said leaving me in confusion.

What are they talking about? Stephanie’s scream jolted me back to life.

“Ahhhhh…… Thanks Dad, you’re the best”

“Uhhm…. Honey what are you talking about?” I asked walking back downstairs

“Didn’t I tell you about it?” my husband asked

“Tell me about what?”

“It must have skipped my mind then. I’m transferring some of my companies to Stephanie. I’ve processed the papers already so all that’s left is for her to sign the documents” my husband concluded

No, I can’t let this happen. My real daughter is out there somewhere probably suffering, I can’t let Stephanie sign this document.

I also don’t want her to know about what I found out because I don’t know if she bribed the doctor or the doctor made a mistake.

“Darling please keep the documents for now. We have plenty of time so she can definitely sign them later. For now, I want to tell you something very important”

“What could be more important than our daughter? I’ve promised her this for a while now so let her sign the papers first, you can tell me anything after that” my husband said

“I never said it’s more important than our daughter, it’s just that it’s really important. Please….. She can sign the documents after that” I said giving him my best sad face

“Fine then. Stephanie, I will keep this documents myself because I want to make sure I’m present when you’re signing the papers.” My husband said turning to Stephanie

“Alright Dad, I will be in my room” Stephanie said and left us.

“So what is it you wanted to say” my husband said

“It’s not something that can be discussed here, let’s go to our room” I said while he groaned for a while before coming upstairs with me

“So what’s it?” he asked impatiently.

“Calm down please. What I’m about to say will probably leave you heartbroken but I have to tell you now before you do something everyone of us will regret”

“W- what are you talking about?” he stuttered

“Sit” I told him

“Okay, I’m seated already”

“Take in a deep breath” I said to him and he did it without hesitation

“Okay. Stephanie isn’t our daughter” I dropped the bomb

“You know this isn’t the month of April. I was thinking you really had something to say, I just tensed for nothing” he said and stood up trying to walk out.

“Look into my eyes and tell me if I’m serious or not” I said and he stared at me for a while

“I don’t believe you. I told the doctor to carry out the test twice and both were positive”

“Don’t you trust me anymore?”

“You know I do but….. Okay, who told you? You shouldn’t just believe what any…… ” he was saying but I cut him off

“I did the test myself and you know I would never make a mistake. I started suspecting Stephanie a long time ago but I shrugged it off until I discovered something else.

When I gave birth to Min Jin, she had a birth mark on her shoulder so I checked her shoulder but I didn’t see any mark.

I then decided to conduct a DNA test on her and it showed negative” I concluded my explanation.

“Are you being serious right now?”

“I don’t like the way you’re talking. Do you think I would lie about something as important and crucial as this?”

“Okay I’m sorry. Does that mean we were being played by Stephanie all this while?”

“That’s what I’m not sure of but I’m investigating already so the truth of the matter will be out before you know it. For now, we can’t let Stephanie know about what we’ve found out”

“Alright then. It means Stephanie can’t sign the papers right?”

“Of course” I said rolling my eyes

“Okay but you also have to be fast with your investigation so we can know what to do”

“Alright darling. I will be on my way now”

“Where to? If I can remember clearly, you don’t have an appointment for the rest of the day”

“Actually….. I just want to see someone and I will be back before you know it”

“Okay then.”

I got into my car and off I went to the place I was supposed to meet Olivia.”

Olivia’s POV

I’ve been waiting for some minutes at the restaurant I’m supposed to meet the First Lady but she hasn’t showed up.

Maybe I should have relaxed a little before coming here. Ohh…… here she comes.

“Good day ma’am” I greeted politely

“How are you doing my dear? I’m sorry I’m late”

“I’m fine ma and you don’t really have to apologise, I understand you’re a very busy person”

“Thanks darling. So what would you like to have or should I choose for you like I did the last time?”

“That won’t be necessary ma, I would be okay with a table water”

“You’re really humble and I’m sure your parents must be proud of you”

“Thanks ma” I replied smiling a little.

The waiter came to take our order and as usual, she ordered for an orange juice. I guess that’s her favorite drink.

“How was the contest today” she asked immediately the waiter left after bringing our order to us.

“It was fine but stressful ma’am and I was really nervous since it’s my first time performing in front of a large crowd”

“You will get over it with time. I also felt that way the first time I performed in the contest but I got used to it with time. I’m sure you know I was a K-Pop idol, right?”

“No ma’am, I didn’t know that”

“Ohh… I was a really popular idol back then but I stopped singing after I got married in order to have time for my family”

“Wow, that’s cool. A lot of people won’t do that and sadly I’m part of those people. I don’t want to ever stop singing till I leave this world bcos it has been like my biggest dream for long so I’m going to devote my everything to it”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as determined as you are. Keep it up and before you know it, you will be at the top”

“Thanks ma. So why did you ask to see me?”

“Errm… I just want to know more about you” she stuttered

“You know everything about me already, right?”

“Y-Yes but you haven’t told me anything about your family”

“Ohh… My family consists of five, my Mom, Dad, two siblings(a boy and girl) and finally me.”

“That’s great. Have your parents ever been in Korea?”

“I’m not sure about that ma but ever since I could differentiate between left and right, my family has never been to Korea”

“Alright. I will let you go now so you can rest, okay?”

“Yes ma’am. Thanks”

“You’re welcome” she said and stood up then went behind me

“This was on your hair” she said showing it to me”

“Thanks ma’am”

“You’re always welcome. See you some other time” she said and left hurriedly

Hmm! Weird. I shrugged it off and also left.


©️ Tricia

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