December 5, 2023


Episode 35

Nelson’s POV

I don’t think I will be able to continue with this plan. Imagine being in the same school with my girlfriend and I can’t even be with her.

The problem I’m having is Bella. I think she might be somehow connected to Olivia’s kidnap and I want to know who the person is.

If the person gets to know I’m still dating Olivia, I might never be able to know who it is.

I still have to come up with a really solid plan as it is but I’m too busy for that now.

I have to read hard for my upcoming exam and I also have to follow up on the contest in Korea since Olivia will also be participating.

Here comes my beautiful girlfriend. Sadly, I can’t go to her now.

Why can’t they just leave us alone? We’re definitely not the only ones in this school so why us?

It’s probably because I’m a celebrity. Gosh, celebrity lives Ṣūçƙs.

Olivia got to where I was, stared at me for a while before walking away.

I’m sure she must be dying to be with me but the stupid plan won’t let her.

*In South Korea*

Park Sung Joo’s POV

I miss Stephanie a lot. Oops, I’ve forgotten her name is now Min Jin but why hasn’t she changed her name yet?

I can only ask her when she’s back. I heard she went to England and is going to spend a week there.

I was on a business trip when she was leaving. I wouldn’t have given her permission to go if I knew I would miss her this much.

Should I go to England? No, that’s not possible. I’m the President now so there’s a limit to how I can travel in order to manage the country properly.

Wait! Isn’t this Stephanie? I thought she said she was going to spend a week there? This is probably just the third or fourth day if I’m not mistaken.

“Stephanie I thought you were going to spend a week in England?” I said after she got to where I was seated.

“Yes Dad but I changed my mind. I will go back there later. For now, I have to practice hard in order to make you proud”

Wow! I knew she was a good girl right from the first time I saw her.

“You’re just like your Mom. She takes important things serious and make them her priority, then after that, other less important things can follow. I’m proud of you”

“Thanks Dad. What of Mom and my brothers?”

“Your brothers are not around but they will soon be back. As for your Mom, she’s cooking in the kitchen.

You know that’s kind of like her hobby. After singing, the next thing she loves doing is cooking and I think you should take after her”

“Okay Dad if that’s what you want. I will just freshen up and join her in the kitchen” she said going in

“Yeah, that’s the spirit”

Park Min Shin’s POV

I was cooking in the kitchen when someone suddenly hugged me, I looked behind me and discovered it was Stephanie.

“Ohh…. Stephanie it’s you! But aren’t you supposed to be in England? You said you were going to spend a week there.”

“I know Mom but I changed my mind. I want to focus on the contest and make you proud first, other things can come next” she said making me happy.

Maybe she’s not bad afterall, I think I should stop the investigation. Ahh, I’m really confused.

I will think about that later.

“That’s good of you. Just make sure you focus during practice and make everyone of us proud”

“Okay Mom. What can I help you with?”

“Huh? I didn’t say you should help me with anything. As you can see I’m cooking”

“I know Mom but I also want to make cooking my hobby like you?”

“Really? Who told you cooking is my hobby?”

“It’s Dad and he wants me to take after you”

“Hmm, I thought as much. Okay you can help me with the onion” I said and continued with what I was doing

“Errm…. Mom, what am I supposed to do with the onion” Stephanie asked holding the onion confusedly.

“I don’t understand you Stephanie. I asked you to wash the onion and slice it”

“O-Okay Mom” she stuttered

What’s wrong with her? Is she ill or what?

“Uhhm Stephanie are you okay”

“Yes Mom” she said forcing a smile

“Okay if you say so”

“Stephanie what are you doing?”

“I’m slicing the onion”

“But that’s not how to slice it. Have you ever sliced an onion?”

“No Mom”

“So you don’t know how it’s done?”


“That’s really bad Stephanie. You’re a lady and you will definitely get married someday, don’t you want to be able to cook for your husband? Do you want him to eat only the foods prepared by the maids?

You know, money doesn’t always solve everything. If you don’t know how to cook, a time will come when your husband will suddenly loose interest in you. You don’t want that to happen, right?”

“No Mom”

“Good. So you have to make your self better by learning and practicing. Do you promise to do that for me?”

“Yes Mom”

“Good. Now watch how I’m going to slice the onion”

I collected the onion from her and sliced it.

“You will have to watch me for a while before you start slicing it. Next, I will slice the carrot and cabbage.”

I sliced them and finish with the cooking of the food. Stephanie only watched because sadly, she doesn’t know anything about cooking.

“So did you learn anything” I asked her when I was done

“A little. I will catch up with time. It seems difficult a bit.”

“It’s not difficult but don’t worry, with time you will become an expert in cooking”

Bella’s POV

Finally, school is over. I can now clear my curiosity and doubts, I just hope this plan works.

I got into my car and drove straight to the hospital.

“Good day ma’am. How may we be of help to you?” A nurse asked me

“I’m here to see Doctor Philip”

“Do you have an appointment with him?”

“Not really but I have to see him urgently. I promise I won’t take much time”

“I’m sorry but that’s not how we work here. Mr Philip is a senior doctor here so without an appointment, you can’t see him. I’m sorry” she said and was about walking away when someone suddenly walked up to us.

“Bella is that you?”

“Uncle!!!” I screamed and hug him. It’s been a while I saw him

“Wow you’ve grown so much and you didn’t even care to ask about me all these while, it’s not fair you know?”

“It’s not like that uncle. You know I’m now in college so I’m really busy with my studies but I will visit you once in a while from now on”

“Okay. So why are you here?”

“I came to see Doctor Philip but the nurse said I can’t see him without an appointment” I said sadly, he then turned to the nurse

“She’s my niece so let her in, she won’t take much time”

“Okay sir. This way ma’am” the nurse said

“Thanks uncle”

“Anytime Ella”

I quickly followed the nurse so as not to miss my way. She went inside first probably to inform the doctor.

“You can go in now” she said when she finally came out.

“Thanks” I said to her and went inside.

Hmm the office screams money, I wonder how long he has been receiving bribe from people. Let’s get down to business


©️ Tricia


Episode 36

Olivia’s POV

When I got back home from school, I freshened up and sat in the sitting room waiting for Nelson as usual.

Why can’t I just get mad at him for once? I said I won’t talk to him but here I am dying to see him.

I waited for two hours but I didn’t see him. Does that mean he isn’t going to come over today?

No, Nelson can’t do this to me. I’m missing him so much as it is so I don’t think I will be able to survive it if he doesn’t come.

I think I should call him.

“Hey cupcake. How are you doing?” Nelson said the moment he answered the call.

“I’m not fine” I said sadly

“Why? What happened?” he asked concerned

“I miss you. Won’t you come over today?” I asked him hopefully

“Errm…. I won’t be coming over, I have a lot of things to take care of but I promise to make it up to you tomorrow”

“Okay, bye” I said wanting to end the call but he stopped me

“Olivia try to understand me please, I’m really busy. Okay, will you come to my house then?”

“What?!! ”

“Why are you screaming? Can’t you come over to your boyfriend’s house?”

“Don’t worry I’ll wait till tomorrow”

“So you can’t come right? No problem, I’ve heard you”

“It’s not as if I can’t come, I just don’t want to come now” I explained to him

“I understand. Bye” he said and ended the call

Is he mad at me? What do I do now? I tried calling him back but he didn’t pick the call and I don’t want to go to his house now because I’m not ready to loose my virginity yet.

I will just apologise to him when he comes over tomorrow.

Bella’s POV

“Good day doctor” I greeted calmly

“Good day young lady, please sit” he said gently

Hmm! If he was this gentle, why did he accept bribe?

After few minutes of sitting, he finally finished whatever he was doing.

“So how may I help you?” he asked

“You carried out a DNA test on Stephanie not to long ago. Am I right?” I noticed his discomfort but he quickly covered it up. This is getting really interesting.

“I don’t disclose information about my patients to anyone no matter who the person is so if that’s all you want to talk about, you’re excused” he said and started another work.

Hmm, if only he knows what I have in store for him.

“Okay then. You can’t disclose your patient’s information to strangers but at least you will be able to go to court and tell them the reason why you’ve been accepting bribes from patients”

“Did you come here to threaten me? Besides who told you I accepted bribe from anyone? I’m a just and righteous man so you can do whatever you want”

“Even though I have evidence?” I said raising my brows

“Really? Where’s your evidence?”

“We will meet in court. You said you’re a just man so you shouldn’t be scared. If I fabricate the evidence, you will definitely know.

I will be on my way now” I said standing up but he came to block my way.

“Errm…. we can talk about this, please sit.”

Hmm, thank goodness. I actually thought he will let me leave just like that.

“What do you want?” he asked

“Firstly, were you the one that carried out the DNA test on Stephanie?”

“Y-Yes” he stuttered

“If you’re thinking of lying to me, I will advice you to think twice. I have my answers already but I’m only asking you to be sure you really mean business.”

“Okay I will say only the truth”

“Good. Is she really the daughter of Park Sung Joo?”

“Yes” he said nervously and he was even beginning to perspirate.

“I told you I know the answers already, right?” I said taking slow menacing steps round him.

“I… I had no choice. She promised me a huge amount of money, I never thought of the consequences. Please forgive me.

Don’t report me to anyone, I will do whatever you want.” he concluded while I just stared at him with my mouth agape trying to comprehend what he just said

“Y-You mean Stephanie bribed you t-to lie to Park Sung Joo about being his daughter” I stuttered when I finally found my tongue

“Y-Yes” he said shakily

“Okay thanks” I said and walked out of his office. I will still come back later for some things but for now, I need to digest the information I just heard.

My head is really hot and I fear I might collapse any moment from now.

How could Stephanie be so cruel to have played such a dangerous game with someone like Park Sung Joo?

Even if he doesn’t find out now, he will definitely find out in the future. If someone had told me Stephanie could be this cruel, I wouldn’t have believed it.

The kind of friends she has have succeeded in teaching her many wrong things to the extent that she doesn’t even have any human feeling again.

I will have to ask her about it. Maybe the doctor lied to me, I really don’t want to believe it.

Stephanie was innocent from the start but the moment she tasted wealth, she never wanted to go back to being poor again so she’s doing everything in het power to keep her wealth going.

*In South Korea*

Stephanie’s POV

I really hate this practice. I’m the President’s daughter so why can’t I just skip this process and become a K-Pop idol?

I wonder why Mr Park’s family is so strict. If it were to be other families that are the President of a country, they will pamper their children and make sure they don’t stress themselves.

I’ve been trying to befriend the judges that would be present that day but they’re all too strict.

Still, I will make sure I bribe one of them before the contest so that I can come first.

“Ma’am your tutor is waiting” a maid said outside my room.

“Just a minute” I said and packed my books before going for the tutorial

“Miss Stephanie please always try to attend classes early because my schedule is really tight” she said softly

I wanted to eye her and talk to her in a way she will never forget but Mom had to walk in at that moment.

“Bapasseo mian haeyo seonseangnim” (I’m sorry teacher, I was busy). Naneun byeonhwaleul yagsoghanda (I promise to change)” I said like I meant it. Mom told me to speak Korean instead of English so I can be fluent.

“It’s okay miss. Let’s get down to business”

“How is she coming up?” Mom asked

“Her dance steps are still a bit weak and her written aspect is not really okay too but her voice is kinda better”

Can’t this lady just stop running her mouth?

“Stephanie I hope you heard her, it means you need to be more focused and study hard. Make sure you listen carefully, I will be in my room” Mom said and left.

She thought me some things for a while like how to improve my singing ability and the rest.

“So you will come forward now and dance to secret story of the swan by iz*one. Hope you’re fully prepared because I remember I told you to practice it.”

“I’m prepared” I went forward and she played the song.

*After the dance*

Stephanie you’re lagging behind a lot. You’re not going to be competing with 10 people, you’re going to compete with hundreds of people and I’m sorry to say if you continue like this, you won’t be chosen so please try to put more effort.

I can only teach you, I can’t dance or sing in your place. Practice make perfection like they say so all you have to do is practice hard, okay”

“Alright. Thank you”

“Okay that’s all for today. See you tomorrow” and with that she left.

Ahh, I’m finally free. Do they want me to kill myself because of a contest?

Let me eat and sleep, I’ve overworked myself too much.


©️ Tricia

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