December 5, 2023


Episode 33

Nelson’s POV

Thank God classes are over so I can finally be with Olivia.

I quickly went home to prevent anyone from suspecting anything and I also changed my clothes before going to Olivia’s house.

I wanted it to be a surprise visit so I didn’t inform her before going.

When I got to her house, I made sure I hid my face properly before going inside her house and I made sure I used a car no one knows I own because I wouldn’t want to endanger Olivia anymore.

I wonder what her reaction will be when she sees me.

I got to the door and knocked nervously. Now that I think about it, this is the first time I will be entering Olivia’s house.

What if her parents don’t like me? I think I should have informed Olivia before coming but it’s too late now because someone is opening the door already.

Olivia’s POV

When I got back from school, I freshened up and changed my clothes before going downstairs

I sat dejectedly in the sitting room like a rejected bride. So I’m really not going to see or talk to Nelson again today?

I was still in deep thoughts when a knock brought me back to reality.

Could dad be back already? No, I don’t think so. Who is disturbing my peaceful moment?

“Olivia get the door” Mom shouted from the kitchen

“I was already going to open it” I mumbled under my breath

I slowly stood up and took sluggish steps towards the door, this better be worth it.

Huh? Who is this? The hair is luke…… ahh! Nelson’s hair.

I opened the door and he took of the scarf and face cap.

“Nelson!!!!!!!!” I screamed and jumped on him . How did he know I was missing him so much to have come here?

“I can…n’t bre……athe” he said and I quickly released him.

“I’m sorry, I just missed you too much” I said in a low voice.

“It’s okay, I understand”

“Uhhm come in” I said expecting him to walk behind me but he stood outside so I went back to meet him”

“What’s wrong? Are you leaving already?” I asked and I noticed his nervousness. Why is he nervous?

“No I’m not leaving. Are your parents in?”

“My dad isn’t back from work yet but my mom is in. Wait, is that why you are nervous?”

“What? Me? Nervous? Who told you that?”

“It’s glaringly obvious. Let’s just go in ”

I led the way and he followed me this time.

I hope our house won’t be too small for someone like him? Who am I kidding? Of course it would.

I looked at him and noticed he was staring around. You see, I said it.

“You have a beautiful house” he complemented

“Thanks. I’m sorry for the inconveniences, I know it’s not up to your standard. It’s small and……… ” I was saying but he cut me off.

“Please don’t say that. Your house is comfortable, really cool and up to my standard so please don’t say that again”

“Alright then” okay, now I’m the one nervous.

This is the first time my boyfriend will be coming to my house since I’ve never had one so how am I supposed to make his stay comfortable?

I guess I will have to ask Mom about it and I know she’s going to tease me for the rest if my life.

*In the kitchen”

“Mom, Nelson is here” I said to her

“Nelson? Which Nelson are you talking about? she asked making me roll my eyes.

I wanted to reply her when she knocked my head.

“Ouch! Mom…….?” I whined

“I’ve warned you to stop rolling your eyes at me, you can do that to Nelson.

Wait! The Nelson you’re talking about, is it your boyfriend?”

” Yes Mom”

“Wow but you never informed me he will be coming.

“It’s a surprise visit be so I didn’t know he will be coming either. Mom what am I supposed to do?

“You’ve offered him a drink right?”

“N-No mom”

“Really? So you just left him alone? When are you ever going to learn?

Take a glass now and give him juice. I’m sure you don’t know his favorite so just give him any one. ”

I poured the juice inside the glass like she said and took it to Nelson nervously.

I wanted to give it to him but my hand shook making the drink spill on him. Olivia, what have you done?

“I’m sorry” I said dropping the juice and cleaning his clothes with a napkin.

Nelson’s POV

I noticed Olivia was nervous when she was bringing the juice so I’m not surprise she spilled it on me.

This is the first time a guy will be visiting her so I was expecting this.

She looks really cute trying remove the stain with the napkin, how I’ve missed those lips.

I held her hand to prevent her from wasting her energy and she looked up at me but she looked like she will cry at any moment. I’m sure she must be feeling really bad.

“Take me to your bathroom” I said to her

“Why?” she asked confused

“To get rid if the stain of course. The napkin won’t do a thing.”

“O- kay” she stuttered and took me to her room, it was filled with pink just like I imagined.

She took me to the bathroom and waited for me in her room.

After few minutes, I came out and she stood up wanting to leave the room but I pulled her back and stared at her.

It seems she got the message because she looked down shyly, she’s always like that whenever I want to K!SS her.

I pulled her closer to myself.

“When are you going to stop being shy?”

“I’m sorry” she said in a small tiny voice

“Common you don’t have to be, I understand”

I pulled away from the hug and slammed my lips on hers. Hmm, still tastes like candy.

Her lips is the sweetest I’ve ever K!SSed, it’s not like I’ve K!SSed many lips though but hers is the best among the ones I’ve tasted.

The K!SS became really intense and I didn’t know when or how we got to the bed.

She was lying with her back on the bed while I was on top of her and I continued K!SSing her without giving her a breathing space.

Since she was just putting on a short gown, it gave me access to her body.

I dipped my hands into the gown and slowly moved it from her laps to her waist line, good thing she was only wearing a p*nt.

I pulled it down and tossed it somewhere on the floor.

I dipped my hands under again and slowly rubbed her ćƖĩť before moving a finger inside her.

She screamed but because if the K!SS, the sound didn’t come out.

I’ve never slept with a V before, I just hope I’m gentle with her.

It’s not like I want to deflower her now, I can’t possibly do that in her dad’s house.

I only want her to have her first 0rg@zm, that’s all.

I started moving my finger in and out slowly, I increased it to two at some point but I didn’t leave it for long before changing it to one because she was already crying.

I used one hand to squeeze her B@@bs through her clothes and continue fínģƐŕįńǧ her with the other hand.

Few minutes later, she reached climax and finally Çvḿmed.

I stared at her face and as expected, she looked away. Shy girl!

I know she will get used to it with time.


©️ Tricia


Episode 34

Olivia’s POV

I can’t believe I had my first 0rg@zm and from Nelson at that. Thank God he didn’t go beyond that.

Gosh, I’m really shy. How am I supposed to face him now?

“Olivia let’s go back downstairs” Nelson said

What?!! I can’t possibly face him now

“Go first, I’ll be right behind you” I said to him

“Come on Olivia, you should get used to this and stop being shy. I’m your boyfriend okay?”

“But I can’t control it” I said still not looking at him

“You can, just believe in yourself”

“Okay.” then I sat up and picked at my fingers shyly.

I’m not wearing anything except this short gown now because my expertise of a boyfriend has skillfully pulled off my p**t and throw it somewhere.

What am I supposed to do now?

“Okay let’s go” he said again

“Errm… I’ll meet you downstairs”


“Nothing, I will come after you”

“No give me a genuine reason why you don’t want to come with me or I won’t leave without you” he said adamantly

“I want to put on my errm… p**t” I said shyly

“Really? So you can’t wear it now?”

“Okay I will wear it” I stood up and searched around for it.

When I finally saw it, I took it and went to the bathroom to wear it while Nelson’s just shook his head.

After few minutes, I came out of the bathroom and we went downstairs together.

Mom was already through with cooking and she already served it in the dining, she was probably just waiting for us to come downstairs.

“You guys are finally done, I was thinking you wanted to make babies upstairs. What were you guys even doing?” Mom asked

“Errm……. We…..” I was saying but Nelson cut me off

“We were just catching up on some things” Nelson said making me scoff. Catching up on what? Ohh…. catching up on our lips and.. I don’t even want to think about the rest.

“Okay then, let’s eat” Mom said and we went to the dining to eat

“The food is delicious ma, I must say” Nelson said politely.

I knew he would say that of course because my Mom’s food is the best so far among the ones I’ve tasted.

“Thanks son. So will you tell me how you two fell in love?” Mom asked making me roll my eyes

I already know discussions like this would be inevitable, does Mom really have to do this?

“I don’t know about Olivia but for me it was love at first sight. When I saw her, I became drawn to her instantly.

We became friends from there before we finally started dating.” Nelson explained his own part

“Wow! That’s great. What about you Olivia?” Mom said facing me

“Uhh? I thought you were only talking to Nelson”

“No I’m talking to both of you so answer me”

“No Mom, let’s just eat”

“Just tell us, or maybe you’ve been lying about loving me all these while” Nelson said

What?!! How can he say something like that? I’m going to answer their question but I will also pretend to be mad at Nelson and make him pay.

“I was already crushing on Nelson even before I met him but I never for once thought I would be able to meet him not to talk of dating me.

We became friends like he said, then he asked me out and I accepted” I concluded and focused on my food.

“Hmm that’s also great. So how many times have you guys had S£x?” Mom asked making me choke on my food

Nelson quickly passed a glass of water to me

“Sorry” Mom said rubbing my back “What happened?” she asked again

“It’s your question” I wanted to say but restrained myself.

“So back to the question I asked, when was the last time you guys had S£x?

No that’s not it, how many times have you guys had S£x?” Mom pressed

Why can’t she just forget the question?

“We….” Nelson was saying but I cut him off

“That’s our personal life Mom so we can’t tell you” I said

“You don’t have to tell me because I know you guys just had a quickie in your room before coming downstairs”

“Mom… ” I called. My cheeks were already on fire, why does she have to remind me about what happened few minutes ago.

“You see, you’re even blushing which means I’m right”

I dropped my spoon and ran upstairs when I couldn’t take it anymore. They should continue their discussion without me.

After some minutes

“Olivia your boyfriend is leaving, won’t you see him off to the gate?” Mom shouted from downstairs

I sluggishly wore my slippers and went downstairs to meet them.

“I will leave you two now” Mom said and left

I wanted to ask Nelson about what they discussed when I left but I decided against it because I already said I will pretend to be mad at him.

“I’m leaving” Nelson said

“Yeah I know. Good night” I said and turned around to leave but he held my hand

“I know you can’t see me off to the gate because of what happened but still you’re behaving weird. Did I do anything wrong?” He asked

“No I’m just tired. Bye” I said and left and he didn’t stop me this time.

Stephanie’s POV

I’ve decided to return to Korea tomorrow since I have nothing doing here.

Nelson can’t possibly become mine within that one week, Olivia is out of the way so Nelson is automatically mine.

I will go to Korea and become a K-Pop singer and when I’m back I will make him mine because he won’t be able to resist me then.

I’ve been stressing myself too much lately, I need a good S£x.

I heard there’s a new club for celebrities and lots of handsome guys are there. I guess I will have to go there to get laid because it’s been a while.

Bella’s POV

Bella called to inform me this evening that she will be leaving for Korea tomorrow.

Finally, I will be able to carry out my plans and I have to be fast about it before Bella returns from Korea.

I’m even thinking I should go and see the doctor tomorrow after school.

There’s no point postponing it till Saturday when curiosity is eating me up here so after school tomorrow, I will see the doctor.

I can’t believe Nelson broke up with Olivia because of that fake video and picture, it means he didn’t even trust her at all and a relationship without trust would definitely fall apart.

I just hope it will be different when we start dating.


©️ Tricia

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