December 5, 2023

Episode 31

Olivia’s POV

I explained everything to Nelson slowly and carefully without leaving out any detail.

“I think someone did it to cause problems between us and you fell for it just like that” I said to him when I finished my explanation.

“Do you have anyone in mind?” he asked

“Not really. I would have suspected Stephanie but since she just returned, I don’t think she’s the one.

Bella is another suspect but I’m not really sure.

At first I thought she had given up on you since she stopped disturbing me but the message I received on Friday is saying something else.”

“Which message is that?”

I quickly brought out my phone and showed it to him

“Those were the pictures sent to me on Friday night. Was Bella perhaps at your place on Friday?” I asked curiously

“Yes. She only came bcos I was heartbroken”

“I don’t think that’s the case. What did she discuss with you when both of you left me alone on Friday?”

“She apologized for her behavior towards both of us and asked us to start afresh as friends”

“I think Bella is the Mastermind behind what is happening or don’t you think so?

She could have apologized any other day but she choose Friday. Even if she was to apologise on Friday, why did it have to be when there was no student in school.

Break time was there but she didn’t talk to you until that particular time. It looks suspicious.”

“You’re right, why didn’t I think about that? But even if she’s the one, I don’t think she’s behind your kidnap.

She might be an accomplice but she’s not the Mastermind and that means we have a lot of enemies.

Looks like we also have to make our own plans.

For starters, we have to pretend like we’ve broke up especially when we’re in school.

Then I will assign someone to monitor her every move.” Nelson concluded

“Okay. So now you believe me and you’re no longer mad at me, right?” I asked pouting my lips

“Of course, and I’m sorry for doubting you”

“Promise me you’ll always listen to my explanation first before concluding on anything”

“I promise. Hope you’re still studying hard”

“Yes. I sometimes don’t sleep at night. I’m just reading the way I would if I’m to take part in the competition.

You haven’t told me why I’m supposed to read like my life depends on it”

“I will tell you when the time comes. Let’s go to class and don’t forget, the plan starts today.

We can only meet at specific places outside the school so bye. I love you 😘😘”

“I love you too” I said almost crying

How am I supposed to cope? I’m missing him already.

Stephanie’s POV

Did Bella snitch on me or what?

If she’s planning to take Nelson away from me, she better gets herself prepared because she will have to go through me first.

I think I should just ask her about it before jumping into conclusion.

“Hi Bella” I greeted smiling

“Stephanie!! How have you been?”

“Fine and you?”

“Fine also”

“Okay. Uhhm……. do you know anything about the picture trending on Instagram?”

“Picture? Which picture is that?”

“The picture of you K!SSing Nelson”

“Ohh that!! I really don’t know how to explain it to you but trust me when I say I would never betray you.

Nelson just suddenly walked up to me, K!SSed me and left. I’m more confused than you are” she said sadly

“Ohh I was just worried for nothing. Thanks Bestie”

“Anytime” she said and I left

Bella’s POV

My stomach is definitely going to burst from laughing too much.

“Thanks Bestie” I said mimicking Stephanie

Bestie my foot. She hasn’t seen anything yet.

“Ohh Ava and Kath, you guys are here. You should have gotten here earlier, you’ve missed a lot.

Stephanie is the biggest fool I’ve ever come across, she believed everything I said”

“For real?” Ava asked

“Of course, she’s the dumbest person in the world”

“Didn’t I say she would fall for it?” Kath said

“You’re right. She trusts me completely”

“Forget about that and let’s go to class” Ava said

“Bookworm” Kath mocked and ran away before Ava got to her.

Ava hates being called a bookworm even though she’s the most brilliant among us.

I just hope they end their childish fight before classes begin.

South Korea

Park Min Shin’s POV

I’m beginning to have strong doubts about Stephanie because she’s really secretive.

Now I finally see reasons why Chang Min doesn’t like her, I guess I have to start a private investigation on my own.

I will start with the hospital in England where the DNA test was conducted on her.

“Mom why did Stephanie go to England” Jimin asked.

Chang Min doesn’t even care and I doubt if he even knows Stephanie has gone to England.

“She said she had something urgent to take care of and will be back in a week’s time” I explained

“Really? What could be more important than preparing for the contest coming up in few weeks. Dad is over-pampering her, I’m sure if it were I or Chang Min he wouldn’t have allowed us to do that.

Just because she’s the only daughter and last child doesn’t mean she should be given prefrential treatment” Jimin said angrily and walked away

Okay what is going on? I thought it was only Chang Min that dislikes Stephanie so Jimin is also included?

I need to be really fast with my investigation.



Episode 32

Break time

Olivia’s POV

I wish I could just skip this break time until I and Nelson are back to normal.

I slowly made my way to the cafeteria, this is the first time I will be eating alone ever since I started dating Nelson.

When I got to the cafeteria, I bought my lunch went to the farthest part to avoid being seen by most of the students.

Few minutes into the food, Stephanie walked up to me. I should have known something like this is inevitable.

“Hmm look whom we have here. The Almighty Nelson’s girlfriend!

So where’s your beloved lover? For all I know he’s in school and ever since you guys started dating, you always eat together so why is it different today?

Did you guys break up already? You can confide in me, I won’t tell anyone”

I just quietly stood up and made my way out of the cafeteria ignoring her remarks but she blocked my way.

“So you now have the guts to ignore me and also walk out on me? You seem to be forgetting something.

Nelson is no longer your boyfriend so there’s no one to save you from me now because he doesn’t give a damn about you anymore”

“Stephanie please just let me go”

“Answer me first. Did Nelson really break up with you?”

“And how is any of that your business?” I snapped frustratedly.

Within the twinkle of an eye, she landed a heavy slap on my cheeks. What?!!!!

“My status is far different from yours so mind the way you talk to me from now on” she said taking slow menacing steps towards me.

“I’m the President’s daughter, not just any President but the President of South Korea while you’re just a nobody so mind your speech.

With just a snap of my fingers I can have you thrown out of this school so my advice for you is to behave yourself” she concluded and left and I went to a quiet place to cry my eyes out.

Nelson’s POV

I’m definitely going to make Stephanie pay for what she’s doing to Olivia.

When she slapped her, it took everything in me not to leave where I was standing.

She would have made me break my rule of not lifting my hands on a girl.

I wanted to follow Olivia to wherever she went but I decided against it.

I don’t know if there’s anyone watching our every move to know if we truly broke up and I don’t want our plan to fall through before it even starts at all.

Olivia just endure for a little while longer and forgive your incompetent boyfriend who is not man enough to save his girl from another girl.

Bella’s POV

I’ve finally gotten something to blackmail the doctor with, I just hope it works because it’s not really strong but I don’t want to wait any longer.

If the boys can get something stronger before Saturday, then I will use that. If not, I will just go with this.

I have to wait for Stephanie to go back to Korea before I can go to the hospital. Who knows if she’s observing my every move.

Stephanie thinks she stands a chance with Nelson, she must be dreaming to think I will leave Nelson for her.

I can never leave Nelson for Stephanie and Olivia, I want him to myself and I will surely have him.

Now that Olivia is out of the way, Stephanie has to go next.

I know a week won’t be enough for her to win Nelson’s heart so I will just wait for her to leave before I start carrying out my plans on how to make Nelson mine.

Stephanie’s POV

I still find it difficult to believe what Bella told me about Nelson but because I didn’t want it to seem like I don’t trust her, I decided to put the matter to rest.

If what she said is really true, then I have a lot of things to do.

Could it be that Nelson is in love with Bella now that he and Olivia are no longer dating or has he decided to become a playboy since his heart has been shattered twice?

No no, none of that can be possible. Let me be optimistic but still I’m sure there’s something wrong somewhere.

It’s either Bella lied to me or something is wrong with Nelson.

Either way I just have to work on how to get Nelson back but I don’t think that’ll be possible within a week.

I will try to give it my utmost best and while I’m at it, I will make Olivia’s life a living hell.

I think I will also need friends like Ava and Katherine.

Olivia’s POV

I don’t think I can continue with this anymore. For how long will I be able to endure Bella’s mockery.

I think Nelson will have to change the plan because I can’t do this anymore. I miss Nelson crazily.

This is just the first day and I’m already like this. What is going to happen in the other days we have left?

I’m already used to being with Nelson anytime I’m in school so it will be really hard to adapt to this new turn of things.

I can’t believe Stephanie slapped me and also said we’re not of the same status. Just because my family is average today does not mean we can’t be rich tomorrow.

Her Dad won’t always be the President. I just hope she realizes that nothing lasts forever before it’s too late.


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