December 2, 2023


Episode 30

Nelson’s POV

I got to school early since I was used to doing that with Olivia but before I came I released those guys that tried to Ř@pê Olivia and told them to go far away.

I don’t see any reason why I should hold them captive when they don’t know anything.

I was still walking towards my classroom when I heard someone call my name and I knew instantly that it was Olivia.

“Good morning Nelson”, she greeted

“Morning” I said and continued walking but she stopped me.

“Nelson please let’s talk. Believe me everything is a misunderstanding” she said holding my hand

“I don’t care. We have nothing to talk about”

“When I caught you K!SSing Stephanie, I listened to your explanation so why can’t you listen to mine now?

Don’t you even trust me at all? If you don’t, why did you go into a relationship with me? At least listen to what I have to say first please”

Okay maybe she’s right but still what excuse does she have? I clearly saw her standing still when the guy was K!SSing her.

I will just listen to her for old times sake, it’s not like it will change anything.

“Fine then, come with me” I said to her and we went to a quiet place.

“So… I’m listening” I said when we got to somewhere quiet.

“After you left with Bella, the guy just suddenly showed out of nowhere and started talking to me.

I told him to leave me but he said something was on my hair and I let him come closer to remove whatever it was.

Before I could say Jack, his lips was on mine already. I tried pushing him away but he was too strong.

That’s what happened I swear” she said already crying

Her tears are melting my heart already but who knows if they’re fake tears?

“And you want me to believe that? I saw both of you and it was obvious you were enjoying the K!SS”

“It might have seemed that way because I couldn’t move, he was really muscular. What reason do I have to cheat on you?”

“What reason did Stephanie had when she cheated on me?”

“Stop comparing me to Stephanie. Besides if I really wanted to cheat on you, why would I do it in school when you’re around?”

“Who knows? Maybe you were trying to show off since he’s really handsome.

Now that I think about it, you were the one that forced me to leave with Bella and the next thing I met you doing when I came back was K!SSing someone.

You probably had everything planned out”

“I should have just kept quiet then. I thought she had something important to tell you but don’t worry anymore.

You can choose to believe me if you want and I even doubt if you ever loved me because few minutes after what happened you were already K!SSing Bella and also made her your official girlfriend.

I will take my leave now since I’m not needed anymore. I hope you enjoy your relationship with Bella. Bye.” she said and started walking away but I quickly pulled her back.

“What did you just say? Why would I K!SS Bella when I’m perfectly fine? Do you just believe what people tell you?” I asked angrily

“No, I have no reason to believe anything without prove. When was the last time you went on social media?” She asked confusing me

“It was on Thursday, last week”

“No wonder. Turn on your data connection”

I brought out my phone and turned it on. When I turned on my connection, different notifications just started popping in.


“Bring your phone” I gave the phone to her and waited patiently for her to show me whatever she wants to.

Few minutes later

“Check this out” she said stretching the phone to me

“What is it?” I asked

“Just check it”

“Fine then” I said and collected it reluctantly

“I don’t know wh……” I swallowed the rest things I wanted to say.

It was a picture of I and Bella K!SSing, I wouldn’t even want to talk about the likes and comments.

From what I’m seeing here the post has been trending since Friday but because of what happened between I and Olivia, I haven’t logged in since Thursday.

“I don’t understand. What’s the meaning of this?” I said turning to Olivia but she scoffed

“Are you really asking me that question? You were K!SSing Bella in the picture and you’re asking me what it means?

I think I should be asking you that” she said rolling her eyes.

“Do you believe I can do something like this?”

“Ohh, really? You’re asking me?

Why didn’t you also think that way on Friday? If someone had told me you would ever do something like that to me, I wouldn’t have believed such person. You just left without giving me the chance to say anything.

You don’t trust me at all and I doubt if you even love me because if you do you will definitely trust me” she concluded and a pang of guilt washed through me.

She’s absolutely right. I didn’t listen to any of her explanation and I still switched off my phone because of her numerous calls.

I’m probably the worst boyfriend in the world.

“Olivia I’m truly sorry, I’ve realized my mistake.

I’m sorry for not listening to you before jumping into conclusion. Please forgive me.

I trust you, it’s just that your position with him was awkward coupled with the fact that Stephanie has done that to me before.

Please explain everything from the start so that I can understand”

“I don’t think that’s important anymore since Bella is there for you”

“Believe me when I say I know nothing about the picture but we’ll talk about it later.

Explain what happened so that we will know how to solve everything.”

“Fine I’ll explain”


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