December 2, 2023

Episode 26

Nelson’s POV

I now have time for those guys, they have to tell me whoever sent them to kidnap Olivia and why else they’ll die in my hands.

“So are you ready to talk?” I asked the guy that begged me to spare him the previous day.

“Yes sir. I’m ready to answer all your questions but please spare me. I promise not to do any bad thing anymore” he said shakily

“We won’t be having any problem as long as you give me a truthful and right answer to each question I ask

If you ever give me a wrong answer, it’ll be your loss because I will make sure I fry your balls and feed it to dogs”

“You don’t need to do that sir, I’ll answer you truthfully”

“Good. So who sent you”

“To be sincere sir, I don’t know who the person is” he answered infuriating me more.

“Bring it in” I said calmly

“But I do know the voice was that of a really young woman. I swear we didn’t see her because she isn’t in the country, she only called us with an international number and gave us the job.

I think she’s rich because she already paid more than half of the agreed amount” he said P@ŋting nervously

“Leave it” I said to my guards.

“So you didn’t see the person that gave you a job and you still went ahead with it. What if it was a plan to get rid of you guys?”

“This is not the first time we’ll be doing this kind of job.

Some of the people we’ve worked for who appreciate our services might recommend us to other people anywhere in the world and since we need the money, we have no choice”

“Okay. Will you be able to recognize the person’s voice if you listen to it elsewhere?”

“Yes sir”

“Sir Nelson I have something to tell you” one of my guards said

“Go on but make sure it has to do with what we’re discussing”

“Of course sir. You see, few minutes before you and ma’am Olivia came out of the school I saw ma’am Bella.

At first I didn’t suspect anything but after what happened to you and ma’am Olivia, I thought about it clearly.

Ma’am Bella ran out of the school as if she was afraid of being caught after doing something bad, got into her car and zoomed off with great speed”

“Really? And you’re just telling me that now?”

“I didn’t suspect anything before but when he mentioned that the person who hired them is a woman, it then crossed my mind”

“Okay I’m not disputing the fact that the job was given to you by a woman but I’m sure that woman is not Bella.

You said the person called with a foreign number and we both know Bella is here in England so it’s one of these two things.

It’s either what happened yesterday was a coincidence with Bella or Bella is an accomplice of the woman that gave you the job but just to be sure I’ll find a way to record Bella’s voice and bring it to you tomorrow”
I concluded

“Let’s go, it’s getting late already”

When we got outside, I turned to my guards.

“So fifteen of you should keep a close watch on Olivia. Always be on alert and make sure your eyes doesn’t leave her for a second.

If what happened ever repeats itself just consider yourself dead. Understood?”

“Yes sir”

“Okay then. Good night”

Bella’s POV

My boys have finally been able to locate the doctor that carried out the DNA test on Stephanie.

Honestly I don’t feel like going anymore because I don’t think there’s anyone that’ll be willing to risk his or her life by playing a dangerous game with Park Sung Joo but since I wasted my time and money on it, I have to satisfy my curiosity.

First thing on Saturday morning will be to go to that hospital.

It’s not really certain yet because I have to find something I can blackmail the doctor with like maybe a crime he has committed or one of his deepest secrets.

The boys are working on that already so I don’t have a problem, I just hope they’re able to get something before Saturday.

I’ve seen the perfect guy for the plan I made with my friends so he will be coming to school on Friday to carry out my plan, I can’t wait for Nelson to finally become mine.

After the plan becomes successful the only thing left is to win Nelson’s heart before Stephanie returns.

Stephanie’s POV

I’m so confused right now.

I have to choose between going to England to fight for Nelson and staying here in Korea to practice for the upcoming K-Pop competition.

Why does this have to happen to me now? If there was a way I could even contact those guys to know what’s going on it’ll make things easier for me.

Their number isn’t reachable anymore and I have just about 2-3 weeks to prepare for the competition. What do I do now?

Okay maybe I’ll just spend a week in England so that I can at least have an idea of what is going on.

I’d have contacted Bella but I want to see things for myself and I also want to pay a surprise visit to her.

I just hope my current parents permit me to go because they already said I must not miss any of those lessons I have for the next three weeks.

They said I have to come out in flying colors as the President’s daughter without cheating or bribing my way through.

That’s gonna be a bit hard because I’ve always bribed people when it comes to my exams.

I guess I’ll just have to do it again without their knowledge.

TBC …….


Episode 27

Olivia’s POV

Nelson has been really protective of me ever since the kidnap happened.

I always tell him not to worry that I’m fine but he wouldn’t listen.

Today is Friday so we don’t really have much to do.

When I got to school, I and Nelson went to our usual spot and discussed many things.

Sincerely, I never expected the relationship to turn out this great considering the fact that Nelson is from a rich family while I’m just from an average family.

I’m really grateful to God for giving me a good and nice man like Nelson as my first love and I hope the relationship lasts forever.

After we finished discussing, we went back to our class to begin lecture.

Lunch time

I was walking towards the cafeteria when I suddenly heard screams from the students, I have to check out what is happening.

I turned around and started walking towards the place when I suddenly bumped into someone. Ohh it’s Nelson.

“Where are you headed to?” Nelson asked

“I want to check what is going on or can’t you hear the screams of the students?”

“Alright let’s go together then”

We held hands and walked towards where the students gathered but it was too crowded so we couldn’t see a thing.

“What is going on here?” Nelson asked one of the students

“The President’s daughter is here, I mean the President of Korea.

I’m sure you know who that is so that’s why the students are screaming their lungs out”

Really? So all this noise is just because of Stephanie? I’m sure she’ll be feeling on top of the world now. And here I was thinking it was something important.

“Let’s go Nelson” I said already walking away

“Are you jealous?” Nelson asked after we took our lunch to our usual spot.

“Huh? Me? Jealous of who or what?” I asked confused

“You don’t have to deny it. J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y is written all over your face, I know you’re jealous of Stephanie”

“I’m not jealous cos I have no reason to be”

“Liar, but you don’t have to be jealous. You don’t necessarily have to be a President’s daughter before people scream your name like that.

Okay let me ask you something. If Blackpink and Stephanie were to walk into this school at the same time, who will gain more recognition, I mean whose name will people scream more?”

“It’s Blackpink of course” I said without thinking twice.

I’m sure it will be Blackpink because they’re the number one female K-Pop group in Korea.

“You’re right. So you see, being a President’s daughter means absolutely nothing.

All you have to do is work hard and become someone of great importance in life, the fame and respect will definitely come on its own” Nelson concluded

Wow! That was a really great speech from my boyfriend. From today I won’t envy anyone.

Instead I will work on becoming an important person myself and for starters I’ll fulfill my first dream of becoming a K-Pop idol.

Bella’s POV

What is this I’m hearing from the students? Stephanie is back? They better be joking.

Anytime I want to carry out my plan on Olivia, Stephanie will always be around to stop me but I won’t back down this time.

The plan I mapped out with Ava and Katherine is taking place today and absolutely no one can stop me.

Let me just say hi to Stephanie like a good friend would.

“Stephanie I’ve missed you so much” I said pulling her into a hug

“Awwn…. I missed you too” she replied and we disengaged from the hug.

“So how are you coping with your new life? I’m sure you won’t have a problem with Korea since you lived there before”

“Yeah I’m trying to adjust to a Korean girl and I don’t have any problem at all.

I can say I’m really lucky because I have great parents” she said smiling

“That’s nice! So why did you come back to England when you’re among the K-Pop contestants? Besides you didn’t inform your friend before coming and you know that’s not fair” I said pretending to be hurt

“Ohh…. I’m really sorry, I just wanted to surprise you and I came here because I have something to take care of. I will be leaving in a week’s time to prepare for the contest”

” Okay that’s great cos you need to prepare hard. You’re now the President’s daughter so you should lead by example”

After lecture

It’s finally time to carry out my plan and fortunately for me Stephanie is no longer in school. That will make the job easier and faster.

I have to find a way to distract Nelson so that Olivia will be alone.

What do I even talk about after distracting him? Gosh! I’m so confused and they’ve almost gotten to the school gate.

“Nelson good afternoon” I greeted nervously

“Afternoon, is there a problem?” he asked

“Not at all, I just want to discuss something with you”

“Really? Go on, I’m listening”

“Errm…. it’s not something I want to talk about here. Let’s go to a private place alone”

“Olivia is my girlfriend and if you can’t say whatever you want to say in front of her, it means we have nothing to discuss. Bye”

“Just listen to her, it might be important. Please… ” Olivia said giving him her puppy face. I just hate this girl

“Okay fine let’s go for Olivia’s sake”
I took Nelson away from there after signalling to the guy to carry out the plan.


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