December 5, 2023


Episode 20

Nelson’s POV

I listened to Olivia as she sang beautifully, even Blackpink and Selena Gomez didn’t sing the song the way she did; everything about her is just perfect.

I never knew she had interest in K-Pop but now that I’m aware of it, I’ll make sure I get the form for the contest that is about to take place in Korea for upcoming K-Pop singers.

The contest is coming up in a month’s time and I’m sure that time will be more than enough for my Olivia to get prepared. Ooh she’s through with the song already and I had actually not wanted the song to end.

“Uhhm… How was it? She asked shyly

“It was awesome, perfect, I mean I don’t even know what to say. You have a really great voice and I never knew you had interest in K-Pop”

“I love K-Pop and my biggest dream is becoming a K-Pop idol”

“But you never told me about it, I’m hurt” I said placing my hand on my chest

“You never asked and I never thought it was necessary to tell you”, she said rolling her eyes

How come she didn’t fall for my fake act? This girl is totally unbelievable

“I just told you now that you hurt my feelings but you’re not doing anything about it”

“Ohh.. what should I do Your Royal Majesty? Am I supposed to go down on my two knees and apologise? It’s not like you asked me what my dream is and I didn’t tell you”

“Okay fine then. A contest is coming up soon in Korea, aren’t you aware of it?

“I’m aware”

“So why didn’t you register?”

“The expenses is much but I’ll try to participate next year”

“You don’t have to worry about that, I’ll take care of the expenses. I’m your boyfriend, you should try to share your problems with me”

“You really don’t have to do that. My Dad is saving money already so by next year, I’ll contest”

“No you have to contest this year”

“Do you want me to start hiding things from you? This is why I didn’t tell you about it, I’ll wait until next year and that’s final”

“Fine then. If that’s what you want, I’m okay with it”

I only said that so we can drop the topic, there’s no way I’m letting her miss this year’s contest. I will get the form and fill it for her without her knowledge.

“The ice-cream melted already”

“Ohh… Let’s just go home then or do you want us to go somewhere else?”

“No it’s late already, let’s go home”

“As Her Royal Highness wishes”

Park Min Shin POV

I’m really nervous right now because my husband called to inform me that he’s coming home with our daughter.

I know I was happy when he told me about it but knowing they’ll be here in few minutes is making me anxious.

She has forgiven her father but I’m not sure if she has also forgiven me or not and I don’t even know how to face her.

Few minutes later, I heard a car drove in and I knew instantly that it was my husband; the house was beautifully decorated and there were lots of appetizing foods on the dinning table, I just hope she forgives me and also accept me as her mother.

“Welcome home honey”

“Thanks darling. Meet our lost Min Jin”, my husband said and made way for her to come in

“H-Hi. How are you doing?”, I stuttered nervously

“I’m fine Mom and you don’t have to be nervous around me because I’ve forgiven you guys”

“Thank you my daughter” I said hugging her

“Okay enough of the hug, we’re famished so take her to her room and let her freshen up”

“I personally cooked the food and I’m sure you will like it”, I said to Stephanie smiling

I went back downstairs to call my sons after showing Stephanie her room, they sometimes like staying in their penthouse to spend time together as brothers.

20 minutes later
My sons were back home and we were all seated at the dinning waiting for Stephanie.

She came downstairs about 3 minutes after my sons arrived.

“Good evening big brothers, I’m sorry I kept you waiting”

“It’s okay, let’s eat”

My sons names are Park Jimin and Park Chang Min respectively, that’s from the eldest to the youngest.

Few minutes into the food, Chang Min decided to start up a conversation with Stephanie

“So you’re our lost sister? His voice was so intimidating

“Y- yes that’s what I was told”, she stuttered nervously. Why does she look suspicious?

“Okay then. But I just hope you aren’t toying with this family by pretending to be our lost Min Jin because if that’s the case, you won’t leave this house alive. I lost my appetite, good night”

What just happened? When Min Jin was still with us as a baby, she shared a great bond with Chang Min and I don’t know if it’s because they kind of have the same name.

Chang would be with Min Jin throughout the day, he never left her side not even for a second. He always ate his food in Min Jin’s room and they were the best siblings then.

Chang Min was the saddest when he discovered he would probably never see Min Jin anymore.

He was still really young when we put her in the basket so he didn’t understand what we did but he understood after two years and he locked himself in his room for a week.

When he came out, he became really withdrawn and distant from everyone. It took about 3 years for him to be a little bit cheerful again.

The only person who can make him that lively and playful boy is Min Jin but he doesn’t even like this girl so I’ll have to watch her closely.

Besides I’m her mother and I’m supposed to feel the bond between us but I can’t even feel anything.

Just wait and see how I’ll expose your true colors Stephanie if you aren’t my daughter.

“Don’t take whatever he says to heart, he’s not in a good mood tonight”, I said to Stephanie

“I understand Mom and I’ll also be in my room. Good night”

Stephanie’s POV
That was close; I actually thought he found out about me already, his looks intimidating.

I guess I have to be very careful as long as I’m in this house, I just got here and I haven’t even received any money or popularity yet.

I need to get rid of all the evidences that’ll make them know I’m not their real daughter and the doctor is the first but I have to lie low for a while and gain their full trust first.

I’ve assigned some boys to watch Olivia and inform me if she listened to my warning or not.

If she doesn’t listen, I have a plan for her that’ll make Nelson leave her for good. I want her out of my way and I will surely make that happen.



Episode 21

Monday morning

Olivia’s POV
An headline has been trending on internet since last night but I don’t know how true it is.

It says Stephanie is the lost daughter of Park Sung Joo, the man that just won the Presidential election in South Korea.

I guess I’ll have to ask Nelson about it. Ooh here he comes, it seems like he’s getting more handsome each passing day

“Good morning baby”, I said smiling

“Morning cupcake”, he replied

“Hmm since when did you give me a pet name?

“Maybe this morning and you should also give me a pet name”

“Why should I give you one?”

“It will make me feel special knowing I’m the only one you call that name”

“Alright your Royal Highness. The news about Stephanie, is it true?

“Yeah. According to Park Sung Joo she’s his lost daughter but I find it strange”

“How? It might be that something happened that separated them so what’s strange about it”, I asked confused

“You see, I know Stephanie’s parents like the back of my palm. Stephanie was my first love and I saw her parents as mine. I’m really close to them and I’m 95% sure they’re her real parents. It’s either someone is trying to play a dangerous game or there’s a mix up somewhere”

“Okay”, I said simply

“What’s wrong?”, Nelson asked

“Nothing is wrong, I’ll be in my class”, I said walking away only to be pulled back by Nelson

“Tell me what’s wrong, why did your mood suddenly change?” He tried raising my face to look at him but I looked down immediately because of the tears that were threatening to spill

“You never told me she was your first love, you even said you weren’t friends with her. Have you been playing with my feelings all these time? I asked already in tears

When I heard him mention first love, it was as if time stopped, I couldn’t even hear what he was saying again. Maybe he doesn’t even love me

Nelson’s POV

Why do I always have to put myself in a difficult situation and make Olivia cry all the time? I’ve cut all ties with Stephanie but she still causes problem between I and Olivia almost everytime?

“Olivia it’s not what you think. Let me explain please”

“What exactly do you want to say? You always have an excuse to give when it comes to Stephanie.

Are you going to tell me you had a memory loss when you told me she wasn’t even your friend or which excuse do you have this time. Do you derive pleasure in hurting my feelings?”

I really hate seeing her in tears but what breaks my heart more is that I’m the reason for those tears

“Olivia please listen to me just this once, I’m begging you” I said almost going down on my knees but she stopped me

“Okay say whatever you want to say”

Flashback (3 years ago)

Author’s POV

Two students (a male and female) could be seen running around the school and laughing happily.

Back then Nelson and Stephanie were the best couple in high school, every student envied them and wished their relationship could also be perfect like theirs.

Both Nelson and Stephanie were naive and quiet and they claim to have never dated before but Stephanie was no longer a virgin.

She claimed to have been R@P£D by a guy that was wooing her. According to her, the guy asked her out and when she didn’t listen, he decided to Ř@pê her.

Nelson believed her and showered her with more than enough love unknown to him that she lied to him.

She dated a guy before Nelson and gave her virginity to him but she lied to Nelson because she wanted him to see her as a good girl.

When they were close to their final year in high school, Stephanie started showing her true colors.

She would go to a night club, drink and get laid every night.

Nelson’s friends that also go to the club would see her and tell Nelson about it but he won’t believe them.

He trusts Stephanie so much that if she tells him anything, he’ll instantly believe it’s the truth and when she told him she didn’t go to any club, he believed her.

One night, Nelson’s friends asked him to come over to the club where Stephanie was getting wasted.

He didn’t wanted to go at first but he decided to prove his friends wrong so he went there.

Before he got there, Stephanie was already making out in a room with one of the guys there and Nelson’s friends made sure they followed her to the particular room she went.

When Nelson arrived he was taken to the room where he met with the shock of his life.

Immediately Stephanie saw Nelson, she got down from the bed and went to him.

“Nelson please I can explain”

“I don’t want to hear anything” and with that he left.

After some time, Nelson decided to listen to Stephanie because of the love he had for her.

Stephanie said she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. She begged Nelson for forgiveness and being a soft hearted guy, he forgave her.

Two months into their final year in high school, Stephanie introduced a really handsome guy to Nelson.

“This is my boyfriend, the only guy I’ve ever truly loved and the guy I gave my virginity to” she continued

“I never loved you, I only dated you because my boyfriend travelled and you’re also rich and handsome. If you noticed, you’ll see that I didn’t let you sleep with me and that’s because I was keeping myself for my boyfriend”

“Thanks for being a cheerful giver, I’m talking about your money and other things. I’ll be going to Korea with the love of my life and I hope you meet the right girl for you. Bye”

Nelson thought it was a joke until she started walking away.

“Stephanie please don’t do this to me. If this is a joke stop it now please.”

“I’m not joking, I’m serious. Can’t you see for yourself?”, Stephanie asked already getting pissed

Nelson cried and begged her not to leave but she paid deaf ears to his pleas and left him broken.

It was during this period that Bella came into the picture and helped Nelson to get back on his feet but he couldn’t fall in love with her because he has shut his heart to girls until he met with Olivia.


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