December 5, 2023

Episode 18

Bella’s POV

I’ve been doing some thinking lately. Stephanie said she has been living with her foster parents for years now but she looks a lot like her Mom.

Okay maybe that’s not enough prove but I can remember clearly that her parents donated blood for her twice when she was sick in highschool so is this a coincidence or should I suspect foul play?

I really don’t know what to think anymore but I also don’t think she will go to the extent of bribing anyone just to make her Park Sung Joo’s daughter.

She’s a rich and successful model so why would she do something like that? I’m probably just over thinking things but my mind isn’t at rest. I wish I knew which hospital the test was carried out.

What do I do now? Should I just forget about it? No I don’t think so, I need to clear my doubts.

I picked up my phone and called one of the boys that works for me.

“I need you to find the hospital and doctor that carried out a DNA test on Bella Luis within three weeks”

All I have to do now is go to that hospital and clear my suspicions.

Park Sung Joo POV

It’s evening already and I’m standing at the front of Stephanie’s door contemplating on whether I should knock or not when the door suddenly opened.

“Good evening sir, why didn’t you knock?” Stephanie asked but I just stared at her thinking of what to say

“Eerm….. I just got here and I was about knocking when you suddenly opened the door”, she gave me a look that says I’m lying but she later let it slide

“Come in”

“Thank you”

“So what can I offer you?”

“I’m okay. You don’t have to worry about me”

Okay then. So I’m listening, what happened when I was born?”

I inhaled deeply before telling her everything that happened 17 years ago without leaving out any detail

“That was what happened” I concluded staring at her and she was already in tears

“You went through a lot but that doesn’t give you the right to abandon me”

“I know and I’m really sorry”, I said trying to go close to her but she stopped me

“Please just leave for now, you can drop your phone number so that I’ll call to inform you about my decision after I think about it”

I nodded and dropped the number before leaving the house sadly

Stephanie’s POV

Immediately he left the house, I wiped my tears and relaxed on the couch. I have to act fast, who knows if there’s someone else out there that also wants to become his daughter by all means?

If that happens, he’ll become suspicious of me and my life will be in danger, I have to be very careful.

The result of the election will be released on Friday so I will call him to let him know my decision on Saturday

If he turns out to be the winner then I’ll tell him I’ve forgiven him and accepted him as my father but if he loses I won’t accept him.

I’m sure Nelson and Olivia would have broken up by now, everything is just working out for me. I’ll become the President’s daughter and also Nelson’s girlfriend after which I can live in luxury for the rest of my life. I AM THE MASTER PLANNER.

Olivia’s POV

The week flew by quickly and today is Friday. Bella and Stephanie didn’t disturb I and Nelson and I’m grateful for that but I don’t know how long it will last.

It’s lunch time and I’m headed to the spot I spend time with Nelson when someone suddenly double crossed me, I raised my head and saw it was Stephanie

“Good afternoon”, I greeted her nervously lowering my gaze to the floor

“There’s absolutely nothing good about this afternoon, I’m here to give you a serious warning.

If you know what is good for you, stay clear from Nelson because he’s mine and you know one thing, I only warn special people but I don’t even warn them twice so if you think your life is important to you stay away from my man or you won’t like what will happen”, and with that she left

What just happened? Why won’t Stephanie just let me be? Now that she has threatened me, maybe I should just stay away from Nelson.

Nelson’s POV

I wonder why it’s taking Olivia so much time to get here, she’s always here before me but I’ve been waiting here for close to 10 minutes and she isn’t here yet, I guess I’ll just check on her then.

I was about walking out when she came in but the look on her face shows that all is not well.

It seems she was walking absent mindedly because she didn’t even realize she was in front of me until she raised her head, she tried covering it up with a fake smile but I saw it all already.

“What’s wrong? Don’t even think about lying to me”, I said to her sternly

“Nothing is wrong”

“Fine then I’m leaving”

“Okay I’ll tell you. Stephanie threatened me to stay away from you”, she told me everything Stephanie said to her while I just listened in shock. That Ɓîtçh!! I never knew she could stoop so low to threaten an innocent girl

“Everything will be fine. I know Stephanie, those threats she made were empty ones”, I said hugging her and trying to calm her down.

I only said that to make her feel better, the Stephanie I know would definitely carry out her threats and I won’t be able to forgive myself if something bad happens to Olivia.

I quickly brought out my phone from my pocket and texted one of my guards to take fourteen men with him that’ll always follow Olivia to wherever she goes without anyone’s knowledge.



Episode 19

Stephanie’s POV

I just hope the Ɓîtçh I warned earlier today listens to everything I said else she’ll have to pay the price for disobeying me.

I’m sure the result of the election must be out now, let me see the outcome.
Yes!!! I said it, Mr Park Sung Joo is the winner and he’ll officially become the President in two weeks time.

I can’t wait to be addressed as the President’s daughter, I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Saturday morning
Last night was so great, I slept like a baby because I’m so happy.

After freshing up I put a call through to Mr Park. I told him I’ve forgiven him and accepted him as my father and I’m also ready to accept the rest members of the family.

He was overjoyed and really happy, he told me to get ready because we’ll be leaving for Korea in three hours.

I called Bella after I finished talking to my new Dad and she was happy for me when I told her everything, I guess she’s a nice person after all and I’m lucky to have a friend like her.

Park Sung Joo POV

I was so nervous when I received a call from Stephanie this morning but after hearing that she has agreed to accept us as her family, I was really happy, infact I don’t know which word to use in describing how I felt.

I called my wife and told her the good news. She was happy and at the same time nervous but I managed to put her mind at ease. Finally my family is complete once again.

3 hours later

I and Stephanie are currently in my private jet talking about different things like her childhood memories and some other things, she also asked about my wife and her brothers. We were having a lovely father-daughter chat when I suddenly remembered something, I was so filled with happiness that I forgot I was supposed to talk to Stephanie’s parents before taking her away.

“I’m supposed to see your parents and talk to them before taking you with me, I completely forgot”

“It actually crossed my mind but my parents already pleaded with you not to see them, they said they’re sorry for the way they treated me and you should find a place in your heart to forgive them”

“But I’m still supposed to thank them for taking you in and taking care of you till now”

“No Dad, you know I’ve never asked for anything before. They already released me to come to you so just forget about them please”

“Okay, anything for my Princess”

” Thanks Dad you’re the best”

Olivia’s POV
Nelson called me this morning to prepare for a date this evening and he’ll be coming to pick me up by 7pm. I’m really happy we’re going on a date because I’ve missed him so much so right now it’s 6pm and I’m preparing for the date already.

I finished at exactly 7pm after my sister dolled me up and I heard the sound of Nelson’s car horn. I hurriedly pick my purse and went downstairs, I bade my family farewell and went outside to meet Nelson.

He was standing by his car probably waiting to open the door for me and he looked really handsome with his left hand in his pocket and his right hand was holding his phone.

He raised his head and his eyes widened in shock, his mouth was agape and his phone came crashing on the floor. Okay this is getting out of hand.

Firstly, I know the cloth I’m wearing is a bit different from the ones I wear too school and it was my sister that forced me to wear it. Again I’m using make up that I haven’t used before, I think the make up is too much or something.

I managed to walk to him in embarrassment

“You look stunning, I don’t even know the right word to use” huh! I thought I was ugly, why was he looking at me like that then? I decided to say something to break the silence

“Thanks, you look great too”, he opened the car door for me and also got in the other side of the car.

After some minutes of driving, we finally arrived at our destination. It doesn’t look like a restaurant or a garden so what exactly did we come here to do?

Nelson took my hand and we started climbing to the top of the building, when we finally got there my mouth was hung open.

The view was just too beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like this before. I could clearly see the stars and there were also fireworks.

“Do you like it” he asked

“Like? I love it, thanks”

I was still staring at the stars when I heard Nelson snap his fingers, what was that?

I watched him in confusion when some chefs suddenly brought different dishes, ooh so that’s what he meant when he snapped his fingers.

After the chefs left, we sat down and opened the dishes but I haven’t eaten this kind of food before. I raised my brow at Nelson

“They are Korean dishes”, he said and I mouthed an ooh.

When we were done eating, Nelson snapped his fingers while the chefs came to clear the dishes and also brought ice cream. Nelson is probably the best boyfriend in the universe.

We started eating the ice cream and watched the beautiful view but I rested my head on Nelson’s shoulder after a while.

“Can you sing?”, Nelson asked me

“I can try”

“Okay, sing one song for me”

I enjoy K-Pop songs so I decided to sing ice cream by Selena Gomez and Blackpink since we were taking ice cream. It’s one of their latest songs, I decided to sing only the first and second verse.

“Come a little closer
’cause you lookin’ thirsty
I’ma make it better
slip it like a slurpee

Snow cone chilly
get it free like willy
in the jeans like billie
you be poppin’ like a wheelie

Even in the sun
you know I keep it icy
you could take a lick
but it’s too cold to bite me

Brr brr frozen
you’re the one been chosen
play the part like Moses
keep it fresh like roses

Look so good yeah
look so sweet
Lookin’ good enough to eat

Coldest with the K!SS
so he call me ice cream
catch me in the fridge
right where the ice be

Look so good yeah
look so sweet
baby you deserve a treat

Diamonds on my wrist
so he call me ice cream
you could double-dip
’cause I know you like me

Ice cream chillin’ chillin’
Ice cream chillin’
Ice cream chillin’chillin’
Ice cream chillin’

Verse 2
I know that my heart
can be so cold
but I’m sweet for you
come put me in a cone

You’re the only touch
yeah that get me melting
he’s my favorite flavor
always gonna pick him

You’re the cherry piece
just stay on top of me so
I can’t see nobody else for me no

Get it flip it scoop it
do it like that oh yeah oh yeah
like it love it lick it
do it like la la la oh yeah

Look so good yeah
look so sweet
Lookin’ good enough to eat

Coldest with the K!SS
so he call me ice cream
catch me in the fridge
right where the ice be

Look so good yeah
look so sweet
baby you deserve a treat

Diamonds on my wrist
so he call me ice cream
you could double-dip
’cause I know you like me

Ice cream chillin’ chillin’
Ice cream chillin’
Ice cream chillin’ chillin’
Ice cream chillin’
Ice cream chillin’ chillin’
Ice cream


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