December 5, 2023

Episode 16
Olivia’s POV
Last night was the best night of my life because I and Nelson video chatted for over two hours, we missed each other so much and we couldn’t get enough of ourselves.

I wish I and Nelson could spend a week together alone without anyone to disturb us but I know my parents will never let that happen. Thank God I’ve dressed for school now because I can’t wait to see Nelson and I think I should skip breakfast so I can get to school early and spend time with him.

“Good morning Mom and Dad, I’m off to school”, I said hurriedly and tried walking out of the house but Mom’s voice stopped me

“And where do you think you’re going young lady? You didn’t even have breakfast and you’re just rushing to school like someone being chased. So tell me who is chasing you”, I slowly turned around to face her

“You see Mom you’re misunderstanding everything, I’m only running to school because I’m late”

“You’re late for school when it’s not yet 7am, are you sure you’re okay?” that was Dad talking

“Does anyone even notice she has been behaving strangely or am I the only one seeing it? She’s always with her phone smiling non stop and she was brought home yesterday in an expensive car that we can’t afford in three years time. By the way, who brought you home yesterday?”, mom said

“It was a friend”, I replied sharply

“Really? Wow so you now have a friend, that’s great. So what’s her name” Mom asked

“Eeerrmm…… her name is Cindy” Why can’t I just say it without stuttering, now they will know I’m lying

“You know you’re really bad when it comes to lying so it’ll be good if you just tell us the truth”, Dad said

“Okay. It was Nelson that brought me home yesterday”

“Which Nelson?”, Mom asked confused

“The one in my school that you guys thought I was dating”

“But you told us you guys weren’t even friends, right? Dad asked

“Yes, we just became friends recently”

“Okay, so you guys are dating, isn’t it?” Mom asked

“Yes Mom”

“I just hope you know what you’re doing”, Dad said

“Yes Dad”

“No wonder why she was running like someone that wanted to collect a visa to Korea”, Mom teased
I’ve always wanted to go to Korea but I know now is not the right time

I waved at Mom and Dad and then I left for school

Stephanie’s POV
I dressed up for school and was about leaving when I heard the doorbell. Who could be disturbing me this early morning? I opened the door and discovered it was the man that claim to be my birth father, I don’t feel like talking to him this morning so I tried closing the door but he stopped it with his hand

“Can I at least come in?”, he asked calmly

“No you can’t. I didn’t go to school yesterday because of you and you want the same thing to happen today, that’s not possible. Please just leave”, I said coldly but he went down on his knees and I pitied him and told him to stand up

“I’ll think about it but first you have to explain what happened that made you abandon me and that’ll be in the evening when I’m back from school. For now, just leave please”, I told him trying to sound a little bit polite

“Okay, I’ll be back in the evening” and with that he left

I got into my car and drove to school after making use of my dark shades, at least it’ll convince Bella to believe me.

When I got to school, my fans among the students rushed to me asking me why I wasn’t in school the previous day but I just waved them off before going to my class

Nelson’s POV
I spent time with Olivia as usual before we headed to our class since both of us came to school early today. After we parted ways I saw Stephanie also heading to the class with glasses on.

That reminds me, she was absent from school yesterday but I didn’t really notice it and I wonder why she’s hiding her eyes. I shrugged the thoughts off and went to my class to begin the day’s lecture.
Lunch time
It was time for lunch and as usual, I made my way to the cafeteria but was stopped by Nelson

“Nelson I want to talk to you”, she said almost crying but that didn’t move me

“We have nothing to talk about”, I said trying to walk away but she pulled me back and it was starting to attract attention to us so I just followed her

“So what do you want to talk about”, I asked her frustratedly because I’m supposed to be with Olivia now

“The reason why I used the glasses is because something is going on with me and I have no other friend in this school except you”

That seemed to catch my attention because I also want to know why she’s hiding her face

“Okay go on but we’re not friends and we can never be”


Episode 17
Stephanie’s POV
I felt really bad when Nelson said we can never be friends, I don’t know why I felt that way but I only wanted to keep him away from Olivia and this was the only plan I could come up with.

I told him everything even though it was a lie; I told him how I was abandoned by my real parents and I’ve been living in lies all these years. I made sure I took off the glasses before I told him anything and by the time I was done my face was soaked with tears, no one would ever believe I was lying.

I looked at his face through the corner of my eyes and I saw his face soften, I’ll definitely use this to my advantage.

I rested my head on his shoulder and continued with my fake tears, I knew he won’t push me away because he pities me and feels my pain.

I wish there was a way I could take a picture of us and send it to Olivia so that she’ll know Nelson is mine and mine alone but it seems luck was on my side because almost immediately I saw Olivia around the place we were sitting.

I have to think of something before she finds us because I know she’ll definitely see us soon. Yes, I’ve gotten the perfect plan.

I raised my head to look at Nelson with tear filled eyes

“Nelson please can you do me a favor”, I asked weakly

“What’s that?”

“Please let me K!SS you one last time, I promise not to disturb you again please”, he just stared at me like I was speaking a different language entirely

“I’m really sorry Stephanie but I can’t do what you’re asking me to do. I have a girlfriend so K!SSing you would mean I’m cheating on her and I don’t want that to happen”

“Nelson just this once please for the love we shared in the past. I’m in a lot of pain right now and I need someone to K!SS the pain away and tell me everything will be fine, please”

“Fine then, just this once” I glanced at Olivia and saw her walking towards us already so I quickly pulled him into a deep K!SS and I saw her run away from the corner of my eyes.

Olivia’s POV
I and Nelson are supposed to have lunch together but he’s nowhere to be found so I decided to check on him in his class but I still didn’t see him there. Where could he be?

I started searching for him and after a while I found him but he wasn’t alone, he was with Stephanie.

We were supposed to have lunch together but he decided to be with Stephanie instead, I won’t jump into conclusion yet. I was about walking up to them but I saw something that shattered my heart completely

Right before me was Nelson and Stephanie K!SSing each other like long lost lovers, so he doesn’t even love me at all. I’m going to be strong, I won’t let it get to me but who am I kidding? I’m so heartbroken right now, I just went to a quiet place and cried my eyes out throughout lunch time.

After we finished lecture, I started heading home without saying anything to Nelson but he caught up with me in no time.

“Hey! What’s wrong? Why didn’t you wait for me as usual?”, he asked playfully that I was even beginning to doubt if he was the one K!SSing Stephanie few hours ago but of course he did because I saw him with my own two eyes.

I didn’t answer him, instead I just continued walking like he wasn’t talking to me. He just sighed and kept quiet until we got to his car, he expected me to get in with him but I just walked away with sparing him a glance and that was when he ran up to me.

“Olivia why are you behaving this way, is something wrong?”

“Everything is wrong Nelson, you should never have toyed with my heart. I was blinded by the fake love you claim to have for me that I never saw this coming. Why would you ever want to date an average girl like me of all girls in the world? But that doesn’t matter, you should have just left me alone instead of playing with my feelings”, I concluded with tears dropping from my eyes like rainfall

Nelson’s POV
I don’t understand a single thing Olivia is saying because I love her more than anything in this world. My feelings for her are genuine and I’m sure she knows that so why is she saying all these?

“Olivia please let’s talk in my car so we don’t create a scene here”

“No, we have nothing to talk about”

“Olivia please 🙏🙏”

“Fine then”

“So will you explain what you said few minutes ago because I don’t seem to understand you” I said to her after we got in the car

“Really? It’s not like I was expecting you to admit it but what exactly don’t you understand huh? It’s obvious you love Stephanie so why don’t you go to her and stop toying with my heart? What did I ever do to you to deserve this?, she said releasing more tears

“What are you even saying? You’re the one I love or do you think I like Stephanie because she wears short dresses? I don’t love her and we aren’t even friends so just stop it please. Besides why do you think I love her?”, I asked totally helpless because I can’t seem to comprehend what she’s saying

“So you’re still lying to me? Okay fine. Did you or did you not K!SS Stephanie today?, she asked while I just stared at her in shock

“Answer me!!”

“How did you know?”

“That’s not the answer to the question I asked but it’s okay I’ve gotten the answer I need already”

“It’s not what you think, I I I…….. I can explain”

“Keep your explanations to yourself please”, she said and wanted to leave the car but I went down on my knees

“Olivia please just hear me out”

“Okay, I’m listening”

I told her everything that happened and she just stared at me without emotions

“Olivia I swear that’s what happened”

“It still doesn’t make any difference. Why did you K!SS her when you knew you had a girlfriend or are you tired of me already because I know nothing about relationships?

“No Olivia you know that’s not true. Please just forgive me this once and I promise it won’t happen again please”

“You promise?”, she asked to be sure

“I swear on my life”

“You don’t have to say that because I trust you. Just don’t break my heart ever again”

“So are we good now?

“Sure” and I pulled her into a hug

I’m sure Stephanie purposely K!SSed me and I’ll definitely make her pay.


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