December 5, 2023

Episode 14
Park Sung Joo POV
I slowly made my way out of her house in tears, I deserve more than what she did so I won’t blame her. It was as if my wife was waiting for me to sort things out with her because her call came in immediately I got back to the hotel. I don’t even know what to say if I pick the call now but if I don’t answer the call, who knows if she’ll just take the second jet and come here thinking something bad has happened to me so it’s better if I tell her everything now.
“Hello”, I said calmly
“Good morning sweetheart, how was your night?”
“Is everything alright?”, she asked
“I’m not sure, maybe”
“Okay then. So have you gone to see her this morning or you’re about to go?”
“I’ve seen her already”
“Ohh… Okay. What did she say?”, she asked trying to sound calm but it’s obvious she’s so nervous
“You have to brave yourself. She didn’t accept us, she doesn’t even wants to see me”, I said in a breaking voice. I know I’m supposed to be strong for my family but I can’t help it, my only daughter hates me. My wife couldn’t control herself, she broke down in tears and ended the call. It’s like the whole universe is against me but I can’t give up, I have to be strong. Even if I have to go to her house every day and plead with her on my knees, I’ll do it; I will do everything in my power to make her accept me and make my family complete again.
Olivia’s POV
Stephanie isn’t in school today which is quite strange, it’s none of my business anyway because right now I want to see the guy that has completely stolen my heart. It was time for lunch but I and Nelson already planned to spend it at our usual spot alone so here I was waiting for him. Someone covered my eyes with his palm and I knew instantly that it was Nelson and I turned around to face him.
“You kept me waiting for so long”, I said pouting my lips
“Stop what you’re doing now if you don’t want me to K!SS you, I didn’t come early because I was busy. Did you miss me?”
“No I didn’t. Why would I miss someone I saw this morning?”, I said covering my cheeks with my palms because I’m sure they must be completely red now
“Uh-huh, I don’t think your cheeks are saying the same thing with your lips”, he said while I rolled my eyes
“Fine I missed you, so?”
“So let me K!SS you”, he said trying to come closer to me
“Stop. I already said you won’t K!SS me for a week, you can’t even come too close to me and I wasn’t joking so next time you’ll learn to be a good boyfriend” he actually forgot to call me this morning and he didn’t even answer his phone when I called so I told him that was his punishment
“Why are you talking like you know everything about relationships? I’m supposed to teach you everything you need to know
“Yeah I know but I also know a boyfriend should call his girlfriend at least twice daily and that’s in the morning and at night before going to bed”
“Alright I’ve heard you and it won’t happen again so forgive me and let me K!SS you now”
“No there’s no way you’re K!SSing me before two weeks so stop dreaming”, I said while he sighed tiredly
“Okay reduce the punishment then, two weeks is two much and I might just die before the end of those two weeks because of your tempting and irresistible lips” he said making me blush
“Fine then, three days. You can see I’m a good girlfriend”
“No you’re not. A girl that loves her boyfriend so dearly would forgive him for whatever he does without thinking twice and she won’t even think about punishing him”, he said while I looked down sadly
“I never knew about that. So am I a bad girlfriend?”
“You won’t be a bad girlfriend if you forgive me now”
“Okay I forgive you”, he smirked after I said that
“I only said that so you could forgive me and I’m so happy it worked”, he said smiling while I just folded my hands and glared at him
“So you’re using the fact that I know nothing about a relationship against me right? That’s really nice but don’t talk to me anymore” After I said that I left him there and went back to my classroom. I’ll just pretend to be mad at me for some time and then I will forgive him.
Stephanie’s POV
I’m so bored staying at home all day alone. I actually didn’t go to school today to make Mr Park feel more guilt because I’m sure he’s assigned people to watch my every move and I can’t go out since he probably thinks I’m sulking. I’ve been walking around the house since without doing any particular reason. I wish any of my friends were around, I won’t be as bored as I am now but sadly I left everyone of them in Korea. I need to go out before I die of boredom in this house, I’ll just have to use dark shades so no one will be able to recognize me and also Mr Park will think I’m hiding my eyes because it’s red from crying too much. I went to a beach to have a good time but not long after, my gate man called me saying Bella wants to see me and I told him I was on my way home. Wow, if anyone had told me Bella would come to see me, I wouldn’t have believed that person but she’s in my house waiting for me, does that mean she doesn’t have any evil plan for me? I’ll have to think about that later, right now I need to see Bella but I’ll have to cry till I get home so that my eyes can be red when I get home.

To be continued…..

Episode 15
Nelson’s POV
This Olivia is really mean, how can she ask me not to talk to her anymore? I also don’t know how I forgot to call her this morning, I had her in mind and I’ve never made the mistake of not calling her twice daily so I guess that’s why she was mad at me. School is over and she still hasn’t talked to me since afternoon.

“Olivia I’m really sorry. You know I can’t do without you, please forgive me”, I said trying to catch up with her but she didn’t even behave like she had what I said and she also didn’t stop walking but I’m sure she heard what I said

“Olivia please if you don’t forgive me now, I’ll go down on my knees and apologise to you in front of everyone”, I said after blocking her way hoping she would listen but she didn’t spare me a glance and wanted to walk away again so I started going down on my knees

“Fine I’ve heard you. You’ll always blackmail me into forgiving you but I’m sure you won’t forgive me easily if I offend you”, she said folding her hands and pouting her lips which made her look really cute.

“You know that’s not true, I’ll definitely forgive you cos I truly love you”

“Okay let’s go home now”

“I want to K!SS you first”

“Really?”, she scoffed. You mean you want to K!SS me in front of everyone here?”

“Yeah there’s nothing wrong with that but if you’re not okay with it let’s go home together in my car so that we can do whatever we want without anyone watching us”

“Pervert”, I heard her mutter under her breath

“I’m not a pervert, okay? Or has it suddenly become a crime for me to K!SS my girlfriend?”

“I never said it’s a crime. There’s no point arguing with you, let’s just go.”
We got into the car and I wasted no time before slamming my lips on hers.
Bella’s POV
Going to Stephanie’s house was totally not part of my plan but Katherine managed to convince me to go there. She said it’ll make Stephanie trust me more and it sounds kinda true but I still don’t like the idea. Anyway I’ll just have to wait for her because I was told she stepped out for a while. Oh.., here she comes but why is she wearing glasses to hide her face, I just hope all is well.

“Stephanie welcome home, where did you go?”, I said trying to sound as friendly as I could

“I went out to get some fresh air”, she said tiredly

“Are you sure you’re alright? Why weren’t you in school today?”, I tried sounding like I was concerned about her but the truth is I wish she never comes to school again

“You won’t believe what happened, I don’t even know where to start from”, she said with a cracked voice and it was obvious she would cry anytime soon but what could be wrong? I stood up from the couch I sat and went to sit beside her so I could take off the shades and then she’ll tell me what’s going on but I was shocked when I saw her eyes red and puffy and I think it’s because she cried so much.

“Stephanie what happened? Why is your face like this”, I asked clearly shocked because I’ve never seen her in tears and this one is too much but she busted into fresh tears and I was left with no choice but to hug and console her.

“It’s okay, everything will be fine just let the tears out”, I patted her back and it took her about thirty minutes before she stopped crying

“So are you going to tell me what happened or you’ll tell me some other time?”, I asked calmly

“I will tell you because I actually needed someone to talk to”

“Okay go on, I’m listening”

“The people I believe were my parents all these years are not my biological parents. You might have heard of Park Sung Joo because he’s one of the richest men in Korea but even if you haven’t heard of him, he came here today and claimed to be my birth father”, she concluded in tears while I just stared at her like she was speaking another language entirely

“You mean Park Sung Joo that is currently contesting for the position of President?”

“Yes. Have you heard of him before?”

“Who wouldn’t know the father to the two most handsome guys in the whole of Korea but how did it happen?”

“I really don’t know but he (Mr Park) came to my house today with the DNA test that proves I’m his daughter and he pleaded with me to forgive him and accept him as my father”

“So what did you tell him?”

“I told him to leave. I mean how can he abandon me for years and suddenly come to claim me now, it doesn’t make any sense”

“Hmm but you do know you’ll live a life of luxury and you’ll be the sister to two extremely handsome guys. Your decision isn’t really wrong but ask him how everything happened and accept him back after sometime because I’m sure he has realized his mistake”

“That’s true. Thanks so much, you’re a good friend indeed”

“Alright I’ll be on my way now, it’s getting late. Take care of yourself and make sure you eat early”

“Thanks. Bye”

To be continued……

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