December 5, 2023


Olivia Logan is a pretty girl of 18 years. She lived with her foster parents for 17 years.
Park Sung Joo is Olivia’s biological father and he has been searching for his daughter for a long time.
What happened to Olivia that made her got separated from her biological parents? Did she find out that her parents aren’t her real parents? If so, how did she find out?
There’s only one way to find out the answer to these questions and that’s by following the story till the end.

Episode 1

Olivia POV
Olivia! Olivia!! Get up, you don’t want to be late on your first day in college; I heard my Mom’s voice. “I’m coming Mom”, I answered her. I quickly went to the bathroom and did my business, then I brushed and took my bath. My uniform was ironed already by my Mom and neatly placed on my bed. “I love you Mom” I shouted even though I wasn’t sure she heard.
Oops lemme introduce myself. I’m Olivia Logan and I’ll be resuming college today, my Dad is Ethan Logan and he works in a not so big company while my Mom Katherine Logan is a trader. I can say my family is average; not really rich and not poor either. We have everything we need but not everything we want and we also live in a house we built ourselves which consists of 4 rooms, one for me, the other two for my younger brother and sister and the last one for my Mom and Dad. Enough of the introduction
I dressed up quickly and went downstairs to meet my wonderful family having breakfast already. “Morning Mom, morning Dad”, I greeted. “Morning sister Olivia” my siblings chorused, “Morning”, I replied and quickly ate my breakfast.
Dad took me to school on his way to work and the school “Glamorous college” was written boldly on it. The school was really big and beautiful and I’m sure it’s filled with rich spoilt kids. Anyway I have to study hard and make my parents proud. Glamorous college, here I come.

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