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THEME:Addicted With You.

By, Elena Queen.

Chapter 28✰29

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༆༆(I MISS YOU)༆༆

“You have been feeling restless since we came back from the concert. “Ariel said.

” Am I? She faced Ariel and asked.

“Yes,you’re what’s it!! You can always tell us. ” Delaney said.

“The things is that, uhm… You see.. I know Nathaniel Hutton he’s my step brother, and uhm.. I don’t feel like seeing him! He wants to strike a deal with us and if i’m not there he might cut off the deal with us.. And I don’t…

” Why don’t you wanna see him, he’s your step brother and I don’t understand why you wanna hide yourself away from him.. Or is there something you’re hiding from us. “Ariel muttered and she looked at them.

“Erm… I…

“It okay, since you don’t wanna share,, let us just find a solution About how you won’t be meeting with your step brother. ” Ariel said.

“Since our director want you to be there why don’t you use a mask to cover your face and we will give excuse that it’s because of your cracking voice. ” Delaney said.

“Will that work?. ” She asked Delaney and she nods.

“C’mon babe we will always be there for you always,just like how will were there for you one year ago. ” Ariel said.


National dived himself inside a pool, his milky skin was so fresh and soft as ever his Bob hair was combed to the back and his lips was now very much pinkish. His broad chest was giving the vibe.

“President.” He heard a voice and he brings his head out from the water.

“Tell me and leave. ” His Cöçky voice giving no emotions spoke up.

“The Jayden.. They accept to meet with you!!. ” His secretary Clinton said.

“I know they can’t refuse. ” He said and smirked.

“Go and make all the arrangement for tomorrow, I don’t want anything to go wrong. ” Nathaniel said and went back inside the pool.


“I miss you like Fůçƙ! I just wish you could be here, we should cuddle in each other arms but that’s not possible. ” Jaycee said.

They were doing a video call in their laptop.

“I also miss you, but don’t worry I’ll be free tomorrow, let meet each other tomorrow. ” Ariel said.

“Really?. ” Jaycee asked.

“I’m ready to go against our director just for your sake. ” Ariel said.

“So how are you doing?. ” She asked.

“Great as usual, but my life feels empty coz I haven’t felt your touch on me. ” Jaycee said.

“You’ re being naughty, but I love you more when you’re more Naughtier than this. “Ariel said.

” Love you heart. “Jaycee said.

” I love you a million times. “Ariel said.

” Love you more.. More.. More. “Jaycee muttered.

” Awnnnn. “Delaney and Jasmine jumped on the bed.

” Call you tomorrow baby. “Jaycee said and disconnected the call.

” Won’t you stop this oppression of yours, have you forgotten that you have single people living with you. “Delaney said.

“Ok I love you.. Is that what you want me to say?. ” Ariel asked.

“Yippee sure, coz i love you also. ” Delaney said.

“Me too I love you. ” Jasmine whispered.

“I’m scared of tomorrow, I can’t get it away from my mind. ” Jasmine said.

“We gat your back baby girl.” Ariel and Delaney said together.


A car halted in front of Jayden ENTERTAINMENT, and out of it came Nathaniel, looking all handsome like never before.

🗣How can he be so Handsome!!!

🗣️His lips so tempting!!!

🗣️Gawd his hair!!!!.

🗣️His walking Steps are taking away my breath..

He ignored everything they said, walking majestically like a slow mo into the gigantic building.

“Sir.. Please wait here, while I go arrange everything. ” Clinton said and left.

Nathaniel carried his phone.he was smiling hard. Just then someone suddenly rushed to him and his phone fell down.

He bent down to pick it, the same time the person bent down also.

Their hands touched and Jasmine slowly look at the person,,she widened her eyes in shock.. It was Nathaniel.

She turned and face to the other side, she then stood up and began running.

“Hey wait you didn’t even bothered to say sorry. ” she heard Nathaniel voice but she didn’t even stop.

“Mad girl. ” he cursed.

“Sir, everything is prepared.. Let go in. ” Clinton said and Nathaniel faced the direction that Jasmine took before turning back to his secretary.

“Let go. ” he said and they went in.


Jasmine ran into the room and locked the door, she was P@ŋting heavily, her heart was racing faster.

Is it because she saw Nathaniel for the first time after one year?or is it because of she misses him?

She didn’t knew the answer to that.

“Gawd how do I face him! When he sees me?. ” She asked herself.

Her phone chimed it’s was a message from Ariel.

✯Where’re you✯

She wiped her tears and used her mask to cover her face, before leaving from there.

She got there and twisted the door knob, before entering in.

Nathaniel was busy talking when his eyes landed on Jasmine own.

She looks so much like Jasmine.

Her hair, it remembered him of how they tripped and how her hair was so scattered on the bed, his eyes moved to her lips and he could also remembered how his lips brushed on her own.

Jasmine clutches her dress so hard, she could feel his gaze on her own.

“She’s not Jasmine. “He finally concluded.

Jasmine walked passed him to the sofa,and her Cologne hit him so hard on his face..

He stare at her before turning away.

“Thanks for coming Nathaniel Hutton. ” Francis their director said.

“Thank you. “he said.

They were still chatting when Nathaniel caught a glimpse of Jasmine.

He then remembered that she hasn’t say a word since she came in.

” Don’t she talk?. “He asked Francis, just then Jasmine realize that he was referring to her.

” It’s just.. That…

“No, I need her to answered my question. ” Nathaniel cut Francis off and Ariel stare at Jasmine.

“My voice.. It’s.. Uhm.. It’s cracking. ” Jasmine stuttered in her low voice.

Nathaniel didn’t hear a thing but he knew she said something.

“Excuse me I wanna use the restroom. “Jasmine said and ran out quickly.

” Excuse me also. “Nathaniel said.


“What do you mean, you’re in love with Jasmine?. ” Jaycee asked Dean.

“I don’t know when I started growing feeling towards her, it just has to happened in the way I didn’t even expect, I wasn’t not planning on falling for her, but the moment we spent together is enough reason for me falling for her. “Dean said

“But she told you she doesn’t do love, if you try every possible best to confessed she might just turn you down. ” Jaycee said.

“That’s why I’m never going to be telling her a word, I’m not going to tell her that I’m in love with her. ” Dean said.

“You fell in love with her and you are not going to tell her?.”Jaycee said.

“You can blame my poor heart for falling in love with her, I’m scared if I perhaps confessed to her she might cut off our friendship and trust me I don’t want that. ” Dean said.

“Just tell her first and then faced any consequences that has to come,how did you think me and Ariel started dating,I told her and she accepted me now she’s my whole world, who knows whether Jasmine feels the same way toward you,but she’s scared to tell you,so just try your luck. “Jaycee said.

” Thank you buddy. “Dean said and picked his car keys.

“Where to?.”Jaycee asked.

” To confessed my feelings to her. “Dean said and walked out from the mansion.


Jasmine rushed into the restroom and took off her mask.

” I almost disgrace myself there. “She said and breathe out a sigh of relief.

” For how long will you keep hiding away from me? Huh? How long will you run away from me. “She heard the voice, the voice that makes her heart racing each time, that voice that she was scared of hearing.

She turn back and as expected she saw Nathaniel, his right hand was inside his pockets and his left hand was holding a glass of Cöçktail.

“How did you find out that I was here?. ” She asked him.

And he brought out a Ɓụťťerfly bracelet.

It fell down from her hand the moment she bumped into him.

And from there he knew she was the one.

“Why did you leave me to suffer alone? Huh? Just why?. ” he said moving closer to her.


“Am I that disgusting that you wouldn’t even tell me that you were going far away, you didn’t even bother to tell me,Why? . “He asked again taking a step towards her and every step that he took was lingering into her ear.

” You don’t miss me that was why you didn’t even bother to call me, to asked me how I was living without you, if you wanna know it was hell, you not by my side feels like hell. “Nathaniel said.

” Do you miss me?. “He finally asked.

” I don’t. “She said and took a step backwards till her back met with the wall.

” You don’t? . “He asked and smirked,he move more closer to her, she was inhaling his Cologne, the Cologne she has comes to loves.

He drew her more closer and her body met with his hard chest.

” Don’t you feel anything as I held you like this? . “He asked.

” I don’t feel a thing. “She said and he move more closer to her, their lips almost meeting, his hot breath was fanning her neck.

” Don’t You still feel anything?. “He asked instead of she replying him, She closed her eyes and held him so tight.

” I__i miss you so very much Nathaniel. “She stuttered and he smiled, before hugging her.


TB Continued…


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