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THEME:Addicted With You.

A collaboration story by Elena Queen and Twinkle Starr.

Chapter 24✰25

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“Nathaniel please stop, I’m not joking, please give it back. “Jasmine pleaded.

“Why?. ”

“I don’t have answered to your question, just give me back. “Jasmine said carrying a pillow.

“Why should I give you? Answer my question? Why. ” Nathaniel muttered.

“You don’t wanna give me, then I have no choice but too… ” She said and threw the pillow at him.

“Oh.. Really. ” He also pick another pillow and threw it at her.

But she dodged it and threw another at him.

They kept throwing pillow to themselves, Jasmine was laughing hard like a maniac.

She climbed on the bed and continue throwing pillow at him.

“Yippee it’s fun, fun fun, so are you willing to give it back?. ” She asked again.

“No ” he said and also climbed the bed.

She threw a pillow at him and made to run away, when Nathaniel pillow hit her hard.

“Ouch.” She winced and lost her balance,falling on the bed.

Nathaniel who wanted to save her also fell on top of her.

Their gazes lock, none not ready to unlock each other gazes…

Nathaniel slowly moved his hand to her hair, he removed some strands of it.

He stare at her face, then to her lips, it looks so tempting has ever.

He wishes to taste this pinkish lips of her, but he can’t coz they’re related.

He made to stand up but something drew him back again, his lips accidentally brush her own.

And Jasmine widened her eyes in total shock.


The cops drag Austin out from the cell to the visiting room.

“You have just (Two minutes) to discuss whatever you want to discuss with him. ” The cops said and left.

“Hello, father in law. ” Xavier voice jolt Austin back to reality.

“You… ”

“Yes me.. Father in law, aren’t you happy to see me. ” Austin said.

Austin said nothing.

“If you aren’t happy to see me, am really happy to see you. “Xavier said.

” Go straight to the point and tell me why you’re here. “Austin said.

” You will never change father in law. “Xavier said and put his right hand in his pocket.

” Don’t call me that,, I can never be and ever be your father in law. “Austin said and Xavier chuckled facing him.

” I’m sure you have an idea where your daughter is right? So I want you to tell me. “Xavier said.

” Seriously, and you think coming to me will make me tell you about where she stays now, then you’re wrong… I was arrested you never came to visit me and now you came here coz you needed my help, you can leave coz I’m never going to spilled the secret about where she’s,and you might have forgotten that I never approved you guys relationship .”Austin said.

” Father in law….

“And I said don’t call me that.. ” Austin cut him off.

“You clearly know how much i love your daughter, I just need you to tell me which country she stays in, so that I can pay her a visit, your daughter might be dying very hard to see me. ” Xavier muttered.

” Then call her she can tell you that, coz as for me I won’t say a word.

“Her number isn’t going, it like she change her number or perhaps she has blocked me. ”

“My daughter won’t just block you like that except you wrong her. ” Austin said.

“I’m not here for all that just tell me where she stays now,, please. ” Xavier pleaded.

“On one condition. ” he said and smirked.

“Which is…?. ” He asked.

“Get me out from prison, I’m not used in staying in this environment, I wanna go back to my daughter, I Fůçƙing hate here. ” Austin said.

“Are you mad! Don’t you know that it’s a murder case, the police won’t let you go so easily, and even a bail can’t set you free, even if I try very hard to get you bail out the police will also see me as a murderer, I don’t wanna get my name stain. ” Xavier said.

“Then leave. ” Austin muttered.

“I will come back for you, but please tell me where your daughter stays, I’m dying to see her….. ” Xavier pleaded and Austin was about telling him,he was interrupted by one of the cops.

“Visiting time is over you can come back in the next two week. ” The cops said and drag Austin away.

“$h|t,just when he was about to tell him. .. ” he cursed under his breath.


“That’s it Done.”Olivia said and Jasmine giggles.

” Thanks. “Jasmine said, Nathaniel just left some minutes ago coz of a meeting.

Jasmine phone suddenly rang and it was Nathaniel who called her.

She smiled and quickly swiped the green icon.

” Hi big bro. “She said.

” Jasmine are you busy?. “He asked.

” Yes, why did you called, did you call to ask me that, or you call me to hear your voice or did you perhaps miss me?. “She asked smiling.

“Miss you, really I didn’t call to tell you all that. ” Nathaniel said.

“Huh! Now tell me why you call?.She asked.

” The thing is that.. I forgot a very important documents and i’m having a meeting in the next 10 minutes, so can you help me bring it?. “He asked.

” ERM.. Sure. “She quickly said.

” Okay bye… ”

“Wait,, but I don’t know your company. ” She said

“I’ll send it now, bye.. ” He said and disconnected the call.

She then breathed out a sigh of relief..

She ran upstairs and get the document he needed,before walking down stairs.

“Going out, I’ll be back. “Jasmine said to Olivia and Olive.

” What should we prepare for dinner?. “Olive asked.

” Anything. “She said and ran out from the mansion

Fortunately she found a taxi and showed him the address that Nathaniel sent to her.

“Drive fast sir please. ” Jasmine said.

“Are you in a hurry to meet your boyfriend?. ” The taxi driver asked.

At the mention of a boyfriend she smiled.

“Nope sir. ” She said and the driver scoffed.

“But that’s how young lady of your age behave,asking the driver to drive fast coz of their boyfriend who’s waiting for them.

“I’m not those lady sir. ” Jasmine said.

“I know coz ur dressing code already speaks. ” The driver said.


“It’s nice talking to you. ” The driver said.

“It feels good talking to you also ” Jasmine said and the driver chuckled.

“We have reached. ” The driver said and she paid him before getting down from the car.

She ran towards the entrance of the building and was about entering inside when the security stopped her.

“You can’t entered Ma’am. ” The security man said to her.

“Why?. ” She asked.

“You can’t just entered without you not have an appointment with sir Nathaniel .” The security man said.

“But it’s Nathaniel who called me.. I need to entered coz this documents is really important to Nathaniel. “Jasmine said.

“Am sorry ma’am! Please you can leave. ”

“But you can at least call him to confirm. ” Jasmine pleaded.

“No need for that!!.” She heard a voice and she turn only to see Jacinta.

This is the first time after the heartbreak, after two weeks she laid her eyes on Jacinta.

“Give me the documents, I’ll give it to him. ” Jacinta said.

“No!!!. ” She said.

“Yes ma’am since you can’t entered I think you should give her the documents so that she can give it to Nathaniel.

” You just keep shut,, okay. “Jasmine said.

” And what makes you think that I’ll give it to you, after what you did to Nathaniel, you cheated on him, you broke his heart, and now you’re back, where were you when he feels heart broken Jacinta, why did you do that to him? Just why?. “Jasmine said.

” I don’t have to give you an explanation, you don’t deserve my explanation, you trash. “Jacinta said.

“You shameless wĥõrë you’re nothing but a stripper, you mean nothing to both me and Nathaniel. ”

“How dare you call me a wĥõrë. ” She asked and was about slapping her when Nathaniel held her hand.

“She’s right, you mean nothing to me, you’re just a shameless wĥõrë.” He said and flinged her hand to the air.

“Huh, why didn’t I noticed it, you always support her coz she’s a Ɓîtçh to you, she’s the one you now use to satisfy yourself on bed right?. ” Jacinta said and smirked while Jasmine widened her eyes.

“You’re so shameless Nathaniel, you’re having S£x with your step sister that was why you broke up with me? Why Nathaniel? I love you but you chose her over me. ” Jacinta smirked.


🗣 He’s having S£x with his step sister!!!!

🗣️As she said they’re both shameless!!!!

🗣️This goes against our community standards.

Jacinta smirked when she sees that her plan was working.

“What’re you saying Jacinta, what the hell are you saying?. ” Jasmine asked.

“You’re just a relationship breaker, it’s because of you that Nathaniel broke up with him, coz you satisfy him more than me. ” Jacinta said crying.

🗣️They need to be punished!! How could they.

“Yes they deserved to be punished.”

Just then two women with a black bucket paint on their hands head towards Jasmine.

Before she could get what was happening, they threw the paint at her.

And Nathaniel widened his eyes, heading towards them and…


TB Continued…


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