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THEME:Addicted With You.

A collaboration story by Elena Queen and Twinkle Starr.

Chapter 20✰21

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“Doctor how is she?. ” Nathaniel asked the doctor.

“She’s fine, she fainted due to the shock, nothing bad happened to her, she just need to rest. ” The doctor replied.

“Thanks doctor. ” Nathaniel said and the doctor arrange his stuff before leaving.

“Be quick to wake up, Jasmine. ” Nathaniel said and K!SSed her forehead.

Suddenly Jacinta rushed in and said something. “Hope nothing happened to jasmine?. ” Jacinta asked.

“Nothing bad! but how did you know, I did not call to tell you? So how did you find out?. ” He asked in his husky voice.

“Yes, you didn’t inform me, but Mateo did. ” Jacinta quickly said.


“So did you saw anyone?. ” She asked again and Nathaniel stare at her.

“Not really, I didn’t see the person face, just his shadow. ” Nathaniel replied and Jacinta breathe a sigh of relief.

“So what did you wanna do now?. ” She asked further.

“I would leave that to jasmine, she should perhaps decide what she wanna do to the person who tried to hurt her. ” Nathaniel said.

“Ok, I would like to use the bathroom. ” Jacinta said and walked out from jasmine room, to her room.

She got there and flinged her high heels to the bed

“How did she escape the snake bite, $h|t, Jasper. “she muttered and grabbed her bag, she got her phone and dial Jasper number.

He picked at the very first ring.

” Hi deal maker did you call to tell me how the poisonous snake affected her so badly,that how it work and you see they is no cure for it at all. “Jasper said and puffed out some smoke.

” Blah, blah, blah, are you sure you’re a real gangster, coz you messed everything up, fool. “Jasmine yelled.

“Why did I pay you when you did an unfinished job? Huh. ” She added.

“Stop beatings round the bush and tell me what exactly happened?. ” Jasper asked.

“Jasmine is ALIVE, the same jasmine you claim to put a poisonous snake in her room SHE IS ALiVE. ” Jacinta said.

“What.” Jasper spranged up from where he was seated.

“That the fact Jasper, you are just good for nothing, a gangster that doesn’t think before doing a great job, I wonder why people call you for those kind of stuff. ” Jacinta muttered

“Shut your trash up! I can take anything else from you, but not you disregarding my work, ion no why she was save all I know is that I did all what you asked of me. ” Jasper said.

“Then why’s she alive? Huh? Why is she not dead?. ” Jacinta yelled.

“You better find a solution to all this,else I will tell Nathaniel that you’re behind all this. ” Jacinta added

“And you think he will believe you?. ” Jasper asked.

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend. ”

“Boyfriend.. You have got that gut to tell me that he’s your boyfriend, how can a stripper have a boyfriend, not just a stripper but a prostitute.. Bear it in mind that if I’m going down.. You will also go down with me Jacinta. ” Jasper said and disconnected the call.

“How ..did ..he ..know?. ” she stuttered


Joyce finished cooking, she served the food in the dining table.

“Baby food is ready. ” She called Xavier.

Xavier who was staring at Jasmine picture, snapped out from it.

He went down stairs and place a light K!SS in Joyce lips.

“Don’t start with this now, eat what I made. “Joyce said and Xavier grabbed his fork.

She made him macaroni cheese, he looked at the food and dig in.

“This is my first time making food for you, now tell me how is it?. ” Joyce asked.

Xavier looked at her and spat all away.

“What did you made, is this what you call a food, it’s poison not something I can eat. ” Xavier yell.

“What do you mean. “Joyce asked.

” You must be a fool to be asking me such question, I rather eat something else than this, you can’t even cook something properly, you can’t do anything properly, all you know how to do is to Mõ@ɲ out my name. “Xavier hissed.

” Bae, do you realise that you’re hurting me. “Joyce said crying already.

” And do I look like I care,now I know Jasmine is far more better than you 101%.”Xavier said.

And Joyce slapped him.

“I won’t take that from you, stop praising her in front of him, just stop….

Before she could complete her words he landed her a hard resounding slap.

” I won’t take that from you when you raise your silly hands to my face, you cheap and low brat. “Xavier said.

” I just need to find Jasmine and asked her for forgiveness, then I’ll throw you and your entire generation out from my house. “Xavier said.

” So you now prefer Jasmine than me?. “Joyce asked in a sad tone.

“Yeah I prefer her than your tasteless @ss, you’re just so dumb, I don’t love you again. ” he hissed.

“I’m_i_m pr….

“Keep that $h|t you want to say to yourself, I don’t wanna listen, and all this you made, finished it yourself, there’s no space for wasting anything in my house. “Xavier said and walked out leaving Joyce alone.

If he continues behaving like this, how would she tell him that she’s going to be a mother soon? How would she tell him that she’s pregnant for his child? Just how?

The thought of it made her cried the more.


Jacinta walked inside the owner office, her face was still covered.

What Jasper had said tore her heart into a million pieces, what will be her fate if Nathaniel should perhaps find out that she’s a stripper?Would he still love her? She loves him and she would not like their relationship to end like that if he perhaps find out! She just need to cut off this foolish deal.

“What brings you here? Noel Gallagher asked.

“I want to resign from this brothel. ” Jacinta said and Noel stop whatever he was doing to face her.

“You want to do what?. ” he asked.

“Resign.” She said..

“You know it’s not possible, it can never be possible, have you forgotten that you’re the face of this brothel, and once you resign it will be a great loss to this brothel?. ” Noel asked.

“I don’t care, just give me my resign paper, lemme leave. ” Jacinta said.

“And have you forgotten the deal you strike with me, that after 6 months will you be able to resign. ” Noel said.

“I needed money during that particular time, so I don’t wanna do again, I’m not interested in Fůçƙing those useless brat with no future again. ” Jacinta said.

“Then Fůçƙ me?. ” Noel asked.


“If you need your resign paper, then Fůçƙ me?. ” Noel said smiling mischievously.

“You must be insane. ” Jacinta said and was about walking away when Noel grabbed her and pushed her into his office room.

“Are you trying to Ř@pê me? Huh?. ” Jacinta asked in tears.

“No, I’m about doing wonders on your body. “He said and tore her clothes, before grabbing her round full bòobs in his hand.

This was all he ever wanted since Jacinta came pleading to him to helped her, he loves her but she wouldn’t look at his side, he tried telling Nathaniel but whenever he thinks of it he just snapped it off, he just didn’t know why? He want her in his arms, the two of them to cuddle and make love together, he didn’t plan on raping her but she’s to pure to resist.

” Please.. Don’t.. Do this.. “She pleaded and that got him driving his full in her hole, roughly.

He was banging her faster with no mercy.

The more she tried fighting back, the more involuntary Mõ@ɲ escape from her.


Jasmine opened her eyes, and it felt blurry at first, she spranged up as soon as she remembered all that transpired.

“Did the snake bite me?. ” She asked and check all her body, but there was none.

“If perhaps did snake bite me, why am I heal, and who was the person who saved me from the snake bite?. ” She asked no one in particular.

Just then the door opened slightly and she shrieked, using the thick duvet to cover her face.

She slowly removed the duvet to see who it was,

She left out a sigh of relief as soon as she saw who she has been expecting to see.

“Nathaniel!!. ” She called happily and ran to hug him.





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