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THEME:Addicted With You.

A collaboration story by Elena Queen and Twinkle Starr.

Chapter 18✰19

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Nathaniel sighed and dropped the phone down, he just finished speaking to jasmine that he would be coming late coz of his busy schedule.

He was about sitting down when Caterina run to his office, she was breathing hard.

“What’s it Caterina?. ” he asked.

“Well Mr. Frank Secretary just called that they wouldn’t be able to meet you up today, coz of something that just came up with him, so he rescheduled it till tomorrow. ” Caterina muttered, trying to catch her breath.

“Really?. ” He asked and she nod.

“Then I need to go. ” he said arranging his stuff.

“Sir,let me help with it. ” Caterina said.

“Don’t worry, am done, bye Caterina. ” Nathaniel said waving at her before leaving the office.

“Wow he called me by my name, he noticed me for the first time. ” Caterina said and giggles.


Nathaniel was still driving when a commotion started in the middle of the road.

Coz of it there was traffic.

“Come outside from my car you idiot, you dare cheat on me. ” The man who started the commotion said.

“Please honey forgive me, I promise not to do it again. ” The woman said with pleading tone.

Nathaniel tried to come outside from the car, but it’s was impossible coz another car came to block him.

“What trash is this, is it when I’m in a hurry to leave, that all this has to happen. ” He said to himself.

“Sir Hutton. ” A police officer said to him, which made him to look at the direction.

“Am afraid, you can’t use this road, the road as been blocked, we need to settle this first, so my advice is that you found a taxi. ” The police officer said.

“Don’t worry about your car, we will deliver it to your house, when everything is settled. “The police officer assured him an he nods.

” Thanks sir. “He said and tried every possible best to come out from his car, but with the police officer helped he managed to do so.

Just then heavy rain began to fall, he made to call jasmine again, but it dawn on him that he forgot his phone inside his car.

” Taxi. “He called and one taxi driver stops.

” Hutton mansion. “He said

“It’s too far, am sorry I can’t drop you there, I’m sure my wife and children will be waiting for me. ” the taxi said before driving off.

“Jasmine also is waiting for him. ” he thought.

He met up to three taxi driver but the same thing they were saying.

He sighed and ruffled his hair.

“Were to sir. “He heard a voice and he turn back, only to see a taxi driver.

” Hutton mansion. “He quickly said.

“Hopped on. ” The taxi driver said, and he quickly entered the car, and then the taxi driver drove off.


Nathaniel got down and paid the taxi driver, with the help of his pass code he was quick to entered his mansion.

He was about entering his room, when he felt someone present besides him, he quickly turn back but no one was there.

He can swore he felt it.

Just then the light turn off and that got him more alert.

“Who’s there?. “He asked no one in particular.

He walked slowly to jasmine room, and he caught a glimpse of something down stairs, a person shadow.

“Who’s there again?. ” he asked but no answer.

He made to walked downstairs but he stopped when he heard jasmine voice.

“Help me, help me. ”

“Jasmine are you in. ” he asked and opened the door, but it was locked.

“Jasmine.” He called again, but no answer.

Is she perhaps in trouble? The light which went off, and the shadow. Just what the Fůçƙ.the thought of her in trouble make him scared.

He pushed the door with is whole might and it opened he widened his eyes at what he saw.

Jasmine was lying on the floor and a poisonous snake was slowly crawling to her.

As the snake saw him, he turn towards the widow and flew out.

Relief washed through Nathaniel immediately.

“Jasmine, please wake up. ” Nathaniel said and placed her head on his lap.

“Wake up, please. ” he muttered, he didn’t knew when tears came flowing out from his eyes.

Knowing that he forgot his phone in his car, he grabbed Jasmine phone and dial Mateo number.


Mateo came out from the bathroom, he walked towards his dressings room and wore a Celine knickers and shirt.

His phone chimed and he looked at the caller ID, it was Jasmine.

He didn’t not fail to look at the missed calls, from Jasmine,he swiped the green icon and Nathaniel voice came in.

“Call the family doctor. ” Nathaniel said in a calm yet audible tone.

“Why dude? . ” he asked Nathaniel.

“Jasmine… Jasmine she’s.. Just call the family doctor. ” Nathaniel said from the other end of the phone.

“Okay.” Mateo said and disconnected the phone call.

He quickly called the family doctor and told him to go to Nathaniel house as fast as he can


The door opened and she walked in, the goons who saw her bowed to her.

Her eyes saw who she has been wanting to see, the Lord of gangster.

He sat down there majestically, with a stick of cigarette in his hand.

“Welcome Jacinta. ” He said and she smirked.

“His my work done?. ” Jacinta asked and he raise his brow.

“Yes your work is done, now our pay.” He asked and Jacinta opened her purse to give him 1 million.

“But wait, I would like to know how you guys did it within 1 hour. ”

“It’s not that hard, since you told us the pass code of the house, all we just did was to tamper with the light and place the poisonous snake in her room. ” Jasper said.

Jasper bike halted in front of Hutton mansion, he got down and carried the box of pizza in his hand, it wasn’t even pizza that was in the box, it’s was a snake.

“Hey, who are you?. ” One guards asked and he faced him.

“A delivery man.” Jasper said.

“What’s that in your hand. ” Another one asked.

“Erm, you see…

” Hey, come here and complete your work. “One of the guard said, interrupting what Jasper was about to say.

” Right on my way. “The one who asked Jasper a question earlier muttered and walked off.

Jasper smirked and walked away from there, to the door.

He was about typing the pass code but he stopped, when he remember what Jacinta told him.

We’ve maid who works for us, and they’re closed to Jasmine, so please be careful, coz they’re smarthe recalls and knocked on the door.

No answer at first, but he knocked again and Olive was the one who opened the door.

” Hey, who’re you?. “Olive asked.

“I’m a delivery man, Jasmine sent me here. ” Jasper replied.

“Huh, ok, why? Did she sent you here. “Olive asked.

” To deliver this. “Jasper said pointing to the box in his hand.

” What’s there?. “Olive asked further

” Even I don’t know. “Jasper said.

” Lemme help you. ”

“No, no I will manage. ” Jasper muttered.

“You can come in. ” Olive said and he went inside.

While olive went to complete her work in the kitchen, Jasper was climbing the stairs when he bumped into Olivia.

The box fell down from his hand

“Wait isn’t she the girl who I met in the door few minutes ago how come is she here. ” He thought.

“Yes who’re you, and what’re you doing here of all places. ” Olivia said and place her two hand on her waist.

Her eyes caught something and she made to pick it up, but Jasper was quick to grabbed it before she could.

“What’s that?. ” Olivia asked.


“It’s what?. ” Olive asked.

“You see, I don’t know what is inside this boxes, all I know is that Ms Jasmine asked me to put it in her room.

” Let me help you with that. “Olivia said.

” I can manage, ok. “Jasper said.

” I don’t trust you, bring it I’ll put it inside her room. “Olivia said.

“Ms Jasmine said it’s a surprised, she want to gift it to Nathaniel, so she doesn’t want any of you to see what’s inside. ” Jasper said.

“Did Jasmine said so?. ” Olivia asked and he nods.

“Okay, you can put it inside her room, for all I care. ” Olivia said.

“Where’s her room? . ” Jasper asked.

“Take right. ” Olivia said and went down stairs.

Jasper got to her room and opened the box, he placed the poisonous snake in her carpet grass, and the snake coiled himself in the carpet grass.

He smirked before breathing hard.

“My work is done here. ” he muttered and left her room.

He made to walked again when he heard a knock sound in the door.

Olive quickly opened the door, and Jasmine came in, his heart skipped a bit as soon as he saw her.

“What if they told her about him? Will he be caught?

They were whispering something which he couldn’t here properly.

Just then he saw Jasmine waving to the twins, it was like they were done for today and they were going home.

Jasmine locked the door, and he saw her went to the kitchen to drank water, she was making call with someone.

He used that opportunity and went towards the door.

He tried the pass code but it was not working,it like Jacinta only gave him the pass code of outside, not the inside own.

He messed up his hair, another idea popped up in his brain.

He just has to tamper with the light, since he knew that there is not escaped route for him, since that will keep his boredom, Before someone come to opened the door for him.

“Simple Task like ABC, that the simplest task have done for someone. ” Jasper said.

“You didn’t mention how you escape?. ” Jacinta asked.

“Well, when Nathaniel came in, he forgot to locked the door, so that how I escaped, but there is a little problem. ” Jasper said.

“Which is?

” Nathaniel saw my shadow. “Jasper said.





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