December 2, 2023

Mr Popular’ s Crush
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Chapter 52&53


A car came to a halt in front of the Richardo’s Apartment and two guys step out looking really hot and dashing.

It was night time but the little reflection of light from a light pole few metres away could help recognize these guys only if one pay a lot attention to them.

The two guys, Bryan and Chris lean against their car patiently waiting for their date. They were dress casually yet hotly. Adjusting their bucket hat, they lower their head slightly and since it was night time, people pay little or no attention to them as everyone passing by were in a hurry to get to their abode.

Bryan and Chris waited for quite a long time before the gate in front of them creek open.

They raise their head and their jaw drop at the sight of the beauties in front of them.

” O.M.G, you look beautiful ” The said at the same time complimenting their partner.

” I know right ” Bianca smiled, flipped her hair back seductively and winked while Ciara just smile shyly.

Chris and Bryan stepped forward and K!SSed their partner slowly and passionately. They pulled away after a while and opened the door gesturing their partner to get in.

Bryan was the one driving the car, Bianca sat beside him while Chris and Ciara sat in the back seat.

Bianca stare at Bryan as he drive admiring his facial features.

” I know i am handsome ” Bryan smirked taking a quick glance at her.

” Tcch, i wasn’t looking at you ” Bianca eyed him and turn away.

Bryan chuckled and pull her cheek before placing a quick K!SS on it.

” Don’t get us killed ” Chris snapped and Bianca turn to him.

” Are you jealous? ” She asked with a silly smile.

” Why will i be when my sunshine is right here beside me ” Chris smirked pulling Ciara closer to himself.

“Hmph ” Bianca scoffed and twisted her mouth from side to side in a funny way before turning away.

” Bryan? ” She called after a while.

” Huh? “.

” Where are we going to? “.

” Didn’t you say you want us to go to an amusement park? “.

” Yeah, but how are we going to visit such a crowded place without your identity getting revealed. And if that happen our date is going to be ruined ” Bianca sulked folding her hands across her chest.

” Don’t worry B, we gat everything covered ” Bryan said and pat her hair his eyes fixed on the road.

Ciara stayed quietly in Chris arm, her head placed on his chest. They both stayed quite enjoying the peace been that close to each other brought to them.


” Here we are ” Bryan announced making Bianca squeal happily. They all stepped out of the car and the beautiful light of the park gave an clear view of their face.

” Wow ” Bianca beamed hugging Bryan’s arm.

” Why is no one here? ” Ciara speak for the first time since they hooked that night.

” It nice to finally hear your voice, sunshine ” Chris smiled and peck her cheeks.

Bianca looked around and find it weird that there is really no one around. The park was suppose to be crowded, right?.

” Why is no one around ” Bianca asked looking up at Bryan.

” We rented the whole park for the night ” Chris replied.

” We don’t want anything to ruin the night. Common let go have some fun ” Bryan said and they all smiled happily ready to make the night one of the best night of their life.


After hours of riding and playing around in the park, they finally settled at an ice cream stall.

” Gosh! I can’t believe you cried because of a rollercoaster. I should have known that i am dating a big baby ” Bianca mocked and scooped a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

” Aish………How many time did you want me to explain this B? I told you i wasn’t crying, something got into my eyes ” Bryan pouted making Bianca roll her eyes.

” Oh, yeah yeah, i understand. The same thing that got you crying also got you screaming. You were like ‘ Mum!!! Dad!!! Someone stop this thing!!! Am gonna die!!! I really am going to die!!! ‘ Bianca mimicked Bryan imitating his gestures.

” Something really got into my eyes. And I told you those weren’t my screams. They really aren’t mine, maybe they belongs to Chris ” Bryan defended himself looking all innocent.

” Don’t drag me into this Ryan. We all know you were the one screaming. Plus you are the only one who was hesitant to get into the rollercoaster in the first place. And are you trying to say your girlfriend doesn’t know your voice? Stop denying it already ” Chris snickered as he fed Ciara her icecream. Bianca giggled and kept teasing him (Bryan) nonstop.

” Gosh! I got into the rollercoaster because i didn’t want her to know i was scared of it but i end up embarrassing myself. I really thought i have overcome my fear for that stuff but turn out i haven’t ” He muttered to himself with a sullen expression on his face.

Bianca stare at him and noticed his mouth moving. She wasn’t able to grasp what he was saying but she was able to read his expression. Is he sad? He look sad. She was only teasing him or maybe she went overboard.

” Awwn, look at my big baby sulking over what i said. Don’t worry i still love you regardless ” She smiled and placed a quick K!SS on his lips.

She winked at him and pick up her bowl of icecream. Bryan took it away from her and placed it back on the table.

She looked at him with a raised brow but he only smiled and leaned closer to her placing his lips on hers.

She smiled and K!SSed him back both tasting the flavour of icecream from eachothers mouth. Bryan K!SSed her fiercely tasting the mixture of vanilla and strawberry from her mouth. He kept twirling his tongue in her mouth as if he want to แนขลซรงฦ™ away every sweetness those flavour gave to her mouth.

” To bad, I don’t think they have rooms in here ” Chris said and they pulled away and placed their foreheads on each other’s trying to catch their breath.

Chris looked at Ciara who was blushing and chuckled. It not like she was the one K!SSed yet she was the one blushing shyly. Their eyes locked and her face grew hotter making her quickly look away with her heart pounding like crazy.

He turned her to face himself and placed his lips on hers. She was hesitant at first but she later give in and opened her mouth giving Chris the access to explore her mouth. Bianca and Bryan watched them K!SS and shake their head.

” Look who was talking about getting a room ” Bianca and Bryan chuckled but Chris didn’t even pay attention to them. He pulled Ciara even closer and K!SSed her intensely as he held her to himself.

Ciara quickly buried her face on his chest as soon as he pulled away as her face was already as red as a burning coal.

Chris tried to pull her up so that he could see her face but she hugged him tightly not letting him go. He chuckled and tried again but failed as her grip around him tightened. He gave up and K!SSed her hair wrapping his hand around her. They both sat in silence enjoying the warmth of been in each other’s arm.

Bryan watched Bianca as she licked her icecream, leaned unto the level of her neck after a while and began to tease her. He use his teeth and tongue to graze the side of her neck and she bit the spoon in her mouth to suppress her Mรต@ษฒ. He แนขลซรงฦ™led on her neck and her teeth tightened around the spoon as her breathing turned erratic.

He stopped and she breath in a sigh of relief removing the spoon from her mouth. He took the spoon away from her and threw it away before resuming his tease. She bit her tongue and close her eyes still refusing to give in. Bryan smirked knowing fully well she won’t be able to hold in much longer.

He moved to the spot behind her ear and teased it with his tongue.

” Bryan??? ” She Mรต@ษฒed out and Bryan smirked again.

” Aaaah ” She Mรต@ษฒed softly the moment he moved to her earlobe. He แนขลซรงฦ™ on it playfully using his tongue to tease her. She Mรต@ษฒed out a number of time and when she couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled him away from her ear and K!SSed him wildly. Bryan reciprocated his hand moving all over her body.

They pulled away after a while and stare into each other’s eyes. Bryan saw how her love for him sparkle in her blue eyes. Thousands of her emotions that can’t be expressed through words sparkle brightly in her eyes and he pulled her into a hug.

The only thing that can separate them is that betrothal contract and he is gonna make sure to get rid of it no matter what it takes for the girl in his arm is someone he is never going to let go of. He hugged her tightly and sniffed in her heavenly scent before pulling away. He stare at her in love and admiration his heart beating wildly in his chest. They have been dating for a while now but she still have the same effect on him. His heart still hammer loudly around her and everyday he find himself falling deeper and deeper in love with her.

” Come, there is something I want to show you ” He said standing up and pulled her up as well. He led her to the pool area and a ‘wow’ escaped her lips when they got there.

She looked at the beautifully decorated area in admiration. Flowers were arranged beautifully on the floor and on the surface of the pool.

A really big heart was made with flowers and a piano was placed beside it. Bryan took her to the middle of heart and smiled at her before walking to the piano.

He sat down and began to play the keys softly while singing a beautiful love song he composed just for her.

The moment was soo romantic that Bianca placed her hand on her chest and cried. He sang really beautifully passing a really wonderful message to her. His voice held a lot of emotions and the tone coming from the piano he was playing wasn’t helping matters. Her emotions overflow and tears fall freely from her eyes. She didn’t try to hold them back, she didn’t try to held them in, instead she let them flow without any hindrance and watch Bryan whose eyes was closed as he sang with his heart and soul. She watched him, the guy that heal her broken heart, the guy who showed her love from another dimension, the guy who showered her with the kind of love she has never experience before, she watched that guy with tears flowing freely from her eyes. She was scared, scared she won’t be able to give as much as she get. No matter how she loves him, will her love ever measure up to his? His voice melt her heart and she smiled out tears as he passed the most powerful of all messages to her as he sang the last line of his song. He touched one last key on the piano and opened his eyes as Bianca clapped gently for him. He walked towards her and she hugged him tightly the moment he got to her sobbing gently on his shoulder which left him confused.

” Thank you……….For loving me ” she muttered and he smiled hugging her back.

He pulled out of her embrace after a while and K!SSed her tears.

” Don’t cry baby ” He whispered wiping her tears.

” I love you ” She muttered and burst into tears again.

” I love you too ” He said and hugged her patting her back.

” Why is my emotions over flowing? ” She pulled out of the hug after a while and chuckled.

” I guess you can’t get over the fact that you have this hot, romantic guy all to yourself ” He smiled proudly pushing his hair backward.

Bianca chuckled and cleaned her tears that kept dropping in quick succession.

” Gosh! what is wrong with me? ” She pouted as her tears won’t stop dropping.

Bryan cupped her face in his palm and K!SSed her shortly. Both expressing their unending love for each other through the short K!SS.

Bryan help her wipe her tears and they look into each other’s eyes afterwards both admiring the eyes of the one they love.

Bryan was the first to look away and he brought out a box from his pocket.

” What in it? ” Bianca asked staring at the box.

He opened it without saying a word and brought out a golden bracelet. The bracelet has a tiny heart caved with gold in front of it and a tiny golden key stuck perfectly to it side.

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