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<Renzo… please>

Melody sat on the bed with the duvet wrapped around her, Lorenzo also covered himself as they stared at the cops rampaging through her room

“What in the name of Fůçƙ are you guys still doing here? I got nothing, alright? Unless Fůçƙing is now a crime,” she said and rolled her eyes

A cop walked out of her bathroom

“All clear,” he said

“Are you sure?” The one who seem to be their leader asked

“Seriously? Did you even check my neighbor’s house? Just because this person jumped over my fence doesn’t mean that he’s here, I wanna continue from where I stopped so get your @ss outta my house or I’m suing you guys,” she shouted, Melody tried standing but Lorenzo held her back

“All clear sir,” Another cop came upstairs

Abigail was by the door staring at them, she didn’t know where to start from cos seeing Lorenzo I’m bed with Melody, that is something she least expected

“We apologize…”

“Go already, gosh! So annoying,” She folded her hands under her br*ast, with a sad look on her face.

The officers left

Abigail stare at them and without saying a word, she left

Lorenzo fell back on her bed

“That was close,” he mumbled

Melody made to go down but he held her hand, she stopped and looked at him

“I need to put on my clothes,” she said in a pleading tone

“What’s this long line on your back?” He asked, trying to touch it but she quickly went down the bed, dragged the duvet along

He stares at her, wondering why she has to run off like that.

“It’s a birthmark,” she lied

It’s actually a zip

He didn’t say a thing, Lorenzo watched her go into the bathroom, Sebastian came into his head and he balled his fist

“He’s sure gonna get it from me,” He mumbled

“That was close,” Melody mumbled, resting her head on the wall

“Gosh,” she placed her hand on the wall, it scanned her finger print, the wall she leaned in cracked

It was her secret room where she changes her clothes, she store everything about Masked Melody in there including her fat costume

She always wears her fat costume after bathing, since Abigail moved in with her, she’s always conscious of herself

She doesn’t want Abigail to walk in on her without her fat costume, that’s why she always put it on before coming out

After a few seconds, Melody walked out to see Lorenzo already dressed, he scanned through her body and moved closer

“Y…You’re still here?” She stammered

He was having a great effect on her, Melody took in her lower lips, giving it a hard bit

“I’m sorry for using your house as an escape root,” he said softly, he could feel his heart hammering against his chest

He can’t even explain what she has done to him, he could have gone somehow else when the cops came for him but her thought won’t just leave his head

She doesn’t know how hard it was for him to ignore her all day, he could have died of a heart attack

“What happened to your back? Did someone do that to you?” He asked, caressing her face

She didn’t move an inch, something inside him was calling out to her, they were so close that she could feel her heartbeat

It was pounding against her chest


“Hey, what’s Cutie-pie?” She shifted back a little, he pulled her closer, pressing her body against he’s

“You’re my cutie-pie,” he replied and pecked her lip

“Hey…” He pecked her again

“Renzo…” He pecked her again

She did know when she found herself blushing, he is just too romantic

“Wanna hang out?” He asked, releasing his hold on her

“No, I’m going to see Mom,” she replied and he nodded

“You still haven’t told me about the voice,” she added

He signed

“My father forbids me from taking, he put this dictator behind my neck, that way he can hear whatever I say…”

“But why will he do that?” She asked cutting in

“I will tell you some other time, maybe tomorrow after school,” he replied and she gave him that crazy look

“Promise,” he added

“Alright,” Melody mumbled going over to the door but Lorenzo swiftly pulled her back. her head landed on his chest

He K!SSed her nose, then her forehead, and then her both cheeks

“Can we go now, not like we are dating?” She mumbled

“Do you want us to date?” He asked teasingly

” Don’t be silly,”

“You look like a freshly baked cookie….”

“Damn you,” she hit his chest

“Can you both stop it with the lovey-dovey? Melody someone is here to see you,” Abigail said by the door

They walked out of the room only to see Jeremy in the living room

“You,” Lorenzo said, he could feel the anger building up inside him

“You,” Jeremy said fuming with rage

Melody stare at Jeremy, she returns her gaze to Lorenzo

“Do you two know each other?” She asked confused

“I’m out of here,” Lorenzo stormed off

She went after him


“Let him go,” Jeremy pulled her back, she started wiggling her hand to break free but he held her tightly

“Your Mom will be very mad….”

“Do I look like I care? She can boil all she wants,” Melody snarled cutting in

She forcefully took her hand from him and stormed off, she went Into the already waiting car

While Jeremy Wave Abigail goodbye and left, shortly after they left Sebastian’s car came to a hint in from of the mansion

He rang the doorbell, after a few seconds Abigail opened the door

“Who are you?” She asked staring strangely at him

“This is for your friend,” he dropped the letter he came with and turned around, walking away Instantly

Abigail stood there staring at his back, she shrugged and went in with it



“No…no…why is he doing this to me?” Bex asked no one on particular, tears fighting Their way out of her eyes

“Just why? Am I the first lady to ever get pregnant from a nightstand?” She lamented

“Baby, what happened?” Arianna asked softly, she dropped the bowl of popcorn with her on the table

She sat beside her on the bed, Bex passed her phone to her and Arianna took it, her jaw dropped instantly

“$0:00,” she muttered and looked at Bex

“What happened to all your money?” she asked shocked to the core

“He froze my account,” She replied sobbing

“Why the Fůçƙ will he do that? Sue his @ss,” Arianna snapped angrily

Bex increases her cries, sobbing harder

The door opened and Madison came in, she looked at Arianna and then back at Bex

“What happened?” She inquired, staring from one person to another

Arianna explained everything to her

“Oh, he asked me to give you this,” Madison brought out the cheque


“Bex just take it and do the needful, you can still get pregnant and have kids…”

“I can’t believe you’re saying this, you’re my friend and should be by my side,” Bex yelled at her

“I’m on your side, just that you can’t see it,” Madison said faking a smile

“Bex, I think you should go home….”

“Which home, the one that she stole from?” Madison asked

“It’s still her family, go home Bex….”

“You don’t understand, My mom will kill me,” Bex cut in

“I understand perfectly, My mother once told me that the word ” MOTHER” is very powerful, it melts the heart no matter how strong it might be, go home and let her kill you if that’s what will make her happy,” Arianna said, she held her shoulder before pulling her into a tight hug

“He might buy this building tomorrow morning and asked you to pack out, where will you move in to? Just go and plead, let your mom know how sorry you’re for what you did,” Arianna added, Bex cried more, her tears wetting her shoulder

Madison Walked past them furiously


“Send another guy over kid,” a female voice spoke through the phone

“I’m not your errands girl….”

“You are my girl kid, so shut up and do what Mama wants,” the person shouted, cutting her off

She ended the call

She walked out of the room, stopping at the door next to hers, she pushed it open and went in without knocking

Jeremy on the other hand became alarmed, he swiftly took his gun but the glass cup he was holding slipped down his hand and went crashing on the floor

“Mistress,” he lowered his gun, immediately after he saw her

Goddess was silent, walking behind him she placed her hand on his shoulder

He shivered under her touch

“Three days have gone by and you still haven’t figured out who drugged me,” she whispered into his ear

“Mistress, I’m still working on it,” he replied

“Kneel” came her cold voice

He was taken aback, she’s his boss but… He wasn’t expecting that

“Mistress,” he called to be sure

“Do you need help?” She asked whilst shifting away from him

Jeremy gulped

“There are broken glasses on the floor….”

“Kneel,” she ordered coldly

Jeremy swallowed nothing, slowly he placed his hand on the floor, pieces of broken glasses pierced into his palm, blood came surging out

He clenched his teeth tightly and knelt, she squats to his level, with that blank expression on her face

“I do not have the luxury of Mercy, don’t think I will spare you cos you mean nothing to me and remind me how much you cost me again,” she stood

He swallowed emptiness, does she have to remind him that she bought him? He knows he was a slave and she doesn’t need to remind him of that

“Cat got your tongue?”

“400 million dollars,”

“You’re right, I own you. So don’t think cos I made you my right-hand man, that you’re important, you’re not!” she said expressionlessly

He felt hurt by her words

“I’m giving you a week to find out who drugged me, it won’t be funny if you fail again,” she added

“Mum dinner is…” Melody stopped by the door, shocked at the sight before her

She looked at her mother who has no expression on her face, narrowing her gaze at Jeremy who was already on his feetz blood dripping from his palms

“What did you do to him? What did you do you monster?” She yelled going towards her mother but Jeremy rushed forward and stood in her way

She chuckled with disbelief

“You’re still gonna protect her? After doing that to your hand? Are you that draft?” She asked staring at him

Goddess Shove her out of the way and walked past

“Jeremy,” she called

“She didn’t do anything,” he replied softly

“I’m not blind, I can clearly see, okay? So don’t think I’m stupid,” she said

Why can’t she just have a normal mom like everyone else?

“The glass cup broke by mistake, she wanted me to get the maids but I told her I can do it…”

“You’re lying,”

“Have I ever lied to you?” He asked and she kept quiet

“It’s nothing, I choose to pick it so I got wounded,” he lied again

She hugged him instantly, taking him by surprise

“Please don’t get hurt, she’s a monster who derives joy in seeing others in pain…”

“She’s not a monster,” he cut in and she disengaged from the hug

“Remember the father-daughter dance when you were still in sixth grade?” He asked and she smiled widely

” Wanna dance?” Melody asked happily

Melody started talking about the things they did that day, how he nearly fought with another man who also came for the dance

He has always been the one attending her school meetings, Goddess never went, that’s why she takes him as dad sometimes


Everyone is currently in the dining having dinner

“Melody, you have grown so big and beautiful,” The lady next to her said

Melody looked at her then at her mother

“Christine, you didn’t tell her?” The lady asked

Goddess didn’t even look up from her food

“She’s always rude, I’m her big sister, Stacy,” the lady added

“Christine? Stacy?” Melody fixed her gaze on goddess

“What’s this? You said you didn’t have any relatives,” she said staring confusedly at her mother

Goddess didn’t say a thing

“I demand an explanation,” Melody banged her fist against the table

“Do that again if you have some balls,” Goddess looked up, staring directly into her eyes

“Okay, I think we should eat,” Stacy said gently

Melody glared at Goddess angrily, she stood to leave but Stacy stopped her

“No, honey, sit and eat okay? You don’t have to go cos of her,” she said, stroking her hand gently.

Everywhere became quiet again as they continue eating

“Do you perhaps know where I can find Miracle Baby and Zion? When is he coming back….”

“Miracle baby, Zion? Who are they?” Melody asked, remembering the anonymous letter

Goddess dropped her cutlery, pushing her chair back a little she stood, walking away

“Mom!!!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, so she has a sister after all and her mother has been lying to her

Could this Zion truly be her brother? What did she do to him?



“Bro, what happened?” Glassman asked by the door, walking fully into the room

“Natalie is dead….”

“What?? Did she get Into an accident? What happened?” Glassman throws a bunch of questions at him, all In one word

“She died while doing the abortion,” Nickolas replied, he sat on the couch, his both hands on his jaw

Sobbing sorrowfully

“I… I saw her… Glassman I saw her just today and I tried to stop her but she didn’t listen,” he broke into tears

“It’s okay man, damn!” Glassman exclaimed, the Natalie he saw this evening is dead




“Ooh, yeah, right there,”

“Yes!! That’s it baby!!” Selena’s Mõ@ɲs filled the air as He thrust deep and fast into her

Her both legs hunged in the air, the door suddenly burst open

Sebastian didn’t bother to stop what he was doing, he thrust deeper, his member worshiping her @ss

“Little brother….” That was interrupted by a long kick, it came from Lorenzo

Sebastian fell on the other side of the bed, he smirked already on his feet

“Get lost,” he ordered

Selena groaned, she needed more of him, she left

“The cops didn’t get you? How did you manage to escape? I set the perfect trap… Ahhh,” Sebastian covered his bleeding mouth

Cleaning his mouth with the back of his palm, he spit out blood

“Little Brother,” he called and chuckled reaching for the wrapped weed on the center table

Sebastian took it and lit it, he started smoking, with a swift move, Lorenzo took it from him, twisting his hand he pushed the burning weed into his eyes

It came sudden

“Argh!!!!” Sebastian let out agonizing cry

Lorenzo pinned him down, pressing the burning weed hard against his eyes

“Renzo!!! Argh!!! Fůçƙ, please stop my eyes…..

TBC 😁😀😍💖


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