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“Mrs. Park, Good evening to you,” Michael greeted warmly, addressing her with Melody’s last night.

Goddess stood there staring at him with no expression on her face, she masked up her face with makeup, looking all different.

Michael swallowed nothing, he was already nervous, why isn’t she saying anything? Did he do something wrong for coming?

“I will just head downstairs,” he turned around and left instantly

Goddess turned her gaze to Melody who rolled her eyes and scoffed

“You have grown so much to go against me, right?” She asked coldly, her voice was different from the sweet and loving voice she spoke with a few minutes ago

She nodded going through her phone, Goddess called someone, putting her phone on loudspeaker

The person picked instantly

“Boss,” Bush’s voice came from the other end

“The boy that left just now, bring me his head,” she ordered and ended the call

Melody’s eyes widened

“You can’t do that! you can’t go around killing people,” she yelled and sat up

Goddess ignored her, walking over to the door


“Mom please,” Melody ran after her

She knows best to get her to change her mind if not Micheal will be a history

“This is why I detest you, you like doing things in your favor not even bothered about other people,” she spat angrily

Goddess stopped by the door

“Will killing him make you happy? Cos all I know is that you have never been happy, you’re always a bitter woman who derives joy in seeing others In misery,” Melody yelled, tears rolling down her cheeks

Dark memories came rushing into Goddess’s head, she was fighting back, pushing them away but they kept coming

Memories that has been giving her sleepless nights, no peace of mind, she kept herself on med to extend her life

“You want to know what I’m hiding….”

“Yes, tell me. What are you hiding Goddess? What is it?” Melody asked, cutting in

She was fed up with her hide and seek

“I Will tell you what you want to hear, I was molested by my mother’s boyfriend while she was next door, at 13 my mother married me off…” She stopped, sniffing, river of tears lingering at the corner of her eyes but she didn’t let them

“They took away my brother,” she stopped, her voice breaking

Her body began shaking, her lips quivering

“My superhero, who would do anything for me….” Memories clouded her mind instantly


“Richard, where do you get money?” The little girl of about 14 years old asked, her hands resting on her baby bump

“I stole it from my boss…”

“Richard, they will k*ll you,” she shouted, shocked at his revelation

“They wouldn’t, they will hit me and make me work until I’m exhausted,” he replied

“But you said stealing is bad….”

“Christiane, I can’t let those men keep doing all the things they want with you, look at you carrying a baby at 14, it’s not right and I’m mad cos I can’t even fight them, I’m mad cos am small and they are big…”

“But it’s not your fault, it’s mother’s fault,” she replied, blinking back tears

“That’s why I’m sending you to the city….”

“No! What about you and the baby?” She panicked

He held her face, staring directly into her eyes, hot tears rolling down her cheeks.

He was trying hard not to cry, if he cry who will console her?

“I would have gone but I can’t leave you here, promise me you will come back for me when you become rich,” he said gently


“Promise me, Christiane,”

“But I’m having a baby, I don’t even know what to do with a baby, how will I eat? Where will I sleep? Who will give me food? Who will….”

“Christiane… Christiane,” he called shaking her body virtuously

She calmed down a little

“You said I’m Bro-Dad so you do what I say, do you hear that?” He asked and she nodded, sniffing

“Buy food from this money, Good girl is dead and buried, become very bad and dangerous, then come back so that we will k*ll mom and go to the city together then build a big EMPIRE and then look for dad and k*ll him, his new rich wife and children,” he said with seriousness, he was so mad at them all

Why will his father have unprotected S£x if he didn’t want kids? Why does he have to suffer with his sister? Why will their father leave them and follow a rich woman?

Why didn’t he take them along? Why hasn’t he come back for them after all those years?

“But Richard…..”

“Christine, You’ve beauty and Pů$$¥ just like mother said, you’re so pretty like a Goddess….”

“You think I’m beautiful?” She asked cutting in

“You’re so beautiful, just like Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty,” he replied and she smiled widely


“Yes, sometimes I do wonder why a goddess like you will come from a dying hippopotamus like mother,” he replied and she burst out laughing

“That’s funny,” she said and he roughed her hair, before stroking it gently.

They are currently on the railroad, waiting for a train

“Use what you have to get what you want and come back for me, okay? You know I love you very much and I will be waiting for you,” he said, placing a soft K!SS on her hair, he K!SSed her baby bump

“Your Miracle baby is growing fast,” he mumbled, cycling his hand around her big baby bump

“Richard’s mother is coming with her boyfriend,” Christiane said, pointing at Pablo and Their mother

He looked back and truly Pablo and their mother were coming for them

Richard picked up a stick going toward them

A Train was coming their way

“Go Christine, go!” He shouted, rushing towards their mother and Pablo’s

“Richard wait… Richard! Come back!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, scared to death

Right before her eyes a loud thud landed on her brother’s neck and he fell to his knees, Pablo kick his tummy

“Richard!!!” She screamed

“You little $h|t,” Pablo went after her enraged

“Discipline both of them, stupid kids just like their stupid father,” their mother spat

“Leave my sister alone,” Richard jumped on his back from behind but with a single fling, his back landed on the rock nearby

Pablo flings him away

“Argh!!” He let out an agonizing scream, groaning in pain

Pablo started dealing with him

“Leave him alone… Please I will do whatever you want, just leave my brother alone,” Christiane cried out

“Christiane go!!!” Richard yelled with a bloody mouth, a sudden sharp pain in his left rib shut him up, Pablo pulled out his dagger, stabbing him again

“No…. No!! Stop!” Their mother yelled, she pushed Pablo away squatting beside him

“RICHARD!!!” Christiane yelled at the top of her lungs, watching as Blood ooze out from his mouth

Her world came scrambling, she wished it was a dream and wanted someone to wake her up from this terrifying nightmare, but it wasn’t.

Her superhero, her backbone, her reason to live, her happiness, her source of Joy, with him, she’s alive, and without him, she doesn’t know what will become of her.

“CHRISTIANE,” Richard called with the little strength left in him, but it came as a whisper, stretching his hand as if to reach her.

“Richard, Richard look at me, it’s gonna be alright,” their mother said, she pushed her hand against his tummy, trying to block the blood gushing out


“Don’t you dare,”

“I was doing what you asked me to…”

“I said punish them not kill him, he’s my son….. do something stupid idiot!” she yelled in tears

“He’s Cold,”


“Mom… Mom,” Melody called tapping her shoulder, she has been calling her for over two minutes and she didn’t reply

She was already scared

“Mom!!!” She yelled loudly and Goddess came back to reality

Without looking at Melody she left the room, a tear dropped from her eyes



“Bro, what happened?” He asked shocked to see Barry and Agatha at their doorstep

“He got into a fight….”

“That’s a lie, I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover. a heavy champion of love,” Barry cut in, showing her his muscles

“You could have just let me finish,” She mumbled, only to his hearing

“So you will lie against me?” He asked winking at her

Michael walked past them and they exchange glances

“What happened with him?” Both Barry and Charles asked at a time

“I should be asking you?” Barry added

“Mikey,” Meghan went after him

“My room is that way,” Barry said, urging Agatha to take him to his room.

“I Missed choir practice, I won’t miss my evening reading, have a good night,” she replied walking away.

Barry’s gaze fixed on her @ss, her walking steps alone were something to write home about

“What a fantastic view”



Bex alighted from the taxi, she was just coming back from her new job, she haven’t taken up to five steps when Nickolas blocked her way

She scoffed and moved back a little.

“I will make it quick,” he brought out a cheque, passing it to her

She looked at the cheque in his hand before staring at his face then scoffed.

“That’s five million dollars, take it and abort that child,” he said with seriousness

She shoved him out of her way, walking past but he pulled back by her arm

“Don’t you get it? What is it that you want with this child?” He asked, More like yelling

“No amount of money will make me terminate my pregnancy….”

“Ten million dollars,” he said cutting in

She chuckled

“I’m not desperate for money,” she pushed his chest backward, walking away

“Don’t make me do this the hard way,” he suddenly snapped

“What did you just say?” She stopped, squeezing up her face

“You don’t know who you’re messing with Bex, I’m trying to be nice here so don’t push it,” Nickolas smirked evilly

“I should be the one telling you that, you want me to get a restraining order? Or lock your white @ss up for stalking me?” She asked, moving closer, who the h£ll does he think he is?

Nickolas balled his fist tightly, how dare she?

“You will regret this,” he said going over to his car

“Disarm her, once she is left with nothing she will come crawling to you,” Madison’s words came rushing into his mind



Nickolas walked into their house only to meet his mother’s angry face

“How could Natalie do this to Mom and you did nothing?” Bella asked angrily

He ignored them

“Nickolas,” Mrs. Miller called

“Mom please, not now I’m having a bad day,” he cut her off, ascending the stairs

“Your girlfriend hit our mother and you say you’re having a bad day?” Bella asked

He stopped instantly

“Stop this madness, Bella,” he snapped, pointing his fingers at her

“Look I know Natalie and she will never do that, she’s decent, okay? Mom I understand you don’t like Nata but lying against her is immature and lame,” He walked away

Their jaw dropped, Mrs. Miller and Bella exchanged glances

The shocked expression on their face was beyond written words



Melody exhaled, standing at their doorstep, she was ready to go meet this anonymous and she doesn’t care what will come out of it

She’s not in her piggy fat costume, she was dressed as Masked Melody

Looking all beautiful and Șëx¥

“Who’s home?” She asked coming in

“Ahhh, you’re back,” Charles shouted happily

“Gosh I miss you so much, gimme a K!SS,” Barry said and she placed a soft K!SS on his cheek

“Now I’m jealous,” Charles pouted

Everyone burst out laughing

Meghan scoffed, she stood up and left, going into her room

“Mikey, where are you?” Melody Called, going to his room but the lights suddenly went out

She actually wanted Micheal to go with her

“Barry turn it on, you know how bad I detest darkness…. argh!!!” She screamed when a hand pulled her forcefully

A bullet fly past where she was standing, hitting the big plasma Tv on the wall

The person let go of her and the next thing she heard was the clashing sound of swords, it was so intense that her legs were crumbling

The same hand grabbed her wrist pulling her out of the house, how could the person see in the dark?

The scene left everyone in terrified and shocked to death.


The fight is still going on, it was more like a movie to Melody cos she hasn’t seen anyone fight like they do

Six again three

Just like American Ninja, but little wonder she wasn’t scared

She wanted the one holding her to hold her tightly and not let go, she doesn’t know the person cos their faces were covered with masks, the same mask

“Lilly, you’re making a Mistake,” Sebastian said, pushing his sword against hers

She pushed him off

“You should be on my side, I’m your boss…”

“I have only one boss and that person is Lorenzo D’hans, every other boss is nothing to me,” she threw two punches at him

He docked

Lorenzo cut the person he was fighting with open, Melody who was terrified covered her mouth

His moves were incredible

He grabbed her hand pulling her away instantly, Sebastian saw that

He rushed after them but Lilly blocked his way

“I don’t want to waste you, move!” He said, staring at Lorenzo and Melody

“You have to go through me first before you get to him,” She replied boldly

“You have been outnumbered, so I advise you to put it down,” Simon said, a gun to his head

Slowly shifting back, he looked around to see all his men down

“Godfather will hear this,” he said and left



“Why do you save me?” Melody asked in her tiny voice

They are currently walking down the street, heading to Goddess Mansion.

Lorenzo ignored her

“Say something, you came with those people trying to k*ll me but you fought for me instead, why did you do that?” She asked again

She has even forgotten the mysterious letter

Truly Lorenzo didn’t have an answer to that question, he was also asking himself the same

He was sent to assassinate Masked Melody, her Mask lead them to where she was and the mission was to waste her but his heart, his heart was in control.

Like why will his heart beat for two different women? It’s crazy, right? First was Piggy Fat and now Masked Melody

“Hey, can I see your face?” Melody asked, wishing he will say yes

He was silent

“Can we be friends?” She asked again

He ignored her

“Can you….”

“You never shut up!!!” He snapped, staring angrily at her.

“What a cute bad boy…..”

TBC 😁😀😍💖


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