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baby 💄




Lorenzo pulled her closer by her waist, he deepened the K!SS but Melody disengage from the his K!SS and parted away, she looked at him and their eyes met.

Lorenzo swallowed, he wanted to say something but he didn’t know what to say, he stretch his hand reaching for her but she took to her heels.

“Melody, wait..”

Melody rushed down but she collided with Meghan on the stairs making all the books in her hand fall

“Sorry,” she mumbled and continues her race

“That Pig, I will surely be the end of you,” Meghan spat evilly



Agatha leaned on the shelf, checking out the book in her hand, she dropped it and tried reaching for another one on the upper shelf but her hand couldn’t reach

“Come here you,” she mumbled raising her toe

“Aggie,” Barry took the book from the upper shelf, handing it over to her

She took it

“Barry,” she called, going through the book pages

“Do you still remember Romeo and Juliet,” he asked

“Who doesn’t know about Romeo and Juliet?” she looked at him before returning her gaze to the book in her hand

“You know how they said love expands the mind, while it also expands every other thing,” he added

She instantly understand what he was up to

“Barry not now, I don’t have much time, I have to get the book I want and also go and arrange the church before serves this evening,” she said walking away from him

He hissed whilst waving his hand at his face

“Forget the church, Lemme up lift you, I will take you somewhere you won’t need a guidebook, you won’t need streetmap nor satellite navigation cos my compass always points up,” he said, demonstrating it with his hand

She gasped, looking around

“Barry please,” Agatha called, her eyes nearly popping out

Why is he always talking naughty? Can he ever talk like a normal person?

“I’m a very good Pilot, I might not have years of experience but I’m always busy going and coming, come into my Cöçkpit Aggie, slight play with my flaps but please go easy with my under courage, lemme lay you down in business class and slowly engage my reverse thrust and have you screaming, “ahhhhh!!!” he groans, his both arms spread apart, with his eyes closed

Agatha scurried off

Barry slowly opened his eyes to see two older women staring at him

“$h|t,” he cursed under his breath



“Renzo, you okay?” Lilly asked

Simon looked at him

“Yeah, I will just step out for a while,” Lorenzo replied and left

Lilly and Simon exchanged glances

“Have you seen Melody?” Abigail asked walking towards them

“Nope,” Simon shook his head negatively

She search through the place, Clara was seated in front of the stage already, her fingers fixed on the piano in front of her

The light was dimmed blue and red, crowded with people but she didn’t have much crowd like when she performed with her gang

A sweet sound came from the Piano


🎵 Heart beats fast

🎵Colours in promises

🎵How to be brave?

🎵How can I love, when I’m afraid?

🎵To fall

🎵But watching you stand, all alone

🎵All of my doubt

🎵Suddenly goes away somehow

“I feel like falling in love,” Lilly rested her head on Simon’s shoulder

“Get off me Ďïčk,” he pushed her off instantly, dusting himself, a big frown on his face

“Simon, what a jerk,”

“It’s not my fault that you can’t keep a boyfriend,” he walked away from her, she followed him, tapping his shoulder from behind

“What?…. Argh!!! Lilly I’m gonna kill you,” Simon winched in pain holding his bleeding nose

She punched him

“What a lovely song,” Rose said

“I want mask Melody,” Selena rolled her eyes

“Me too, singing and dancing is the way to heaven,” Georgia supported


🎵Time stands still

🎵Beauty In all she is

🎵I will be brave

🎵I will not let anything take away

🎵What’s standing in front

🎵Of me

🎵Every breath

🎵Every hour has come to this

🎵We are one step closer

Clara didn’t stop searching for Abigail in the crowd while singing, her song came to an end without her getting a glimpse of Abigail and she swallowed emptiness, sadly she stood and the crowd cheered her up

She didn’t bother to thank them and left, getting to the backstage she saw Charles

“you alright?” he asked, trying to touch her face but she shifted back

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she pushed past him

“What’s wrong with her?” Micheal asked

“No, idea,”

Clara ran into the bathroom placing her hand on the wall, she was so pained

“She said she was gonna come,” she mumbled

Slowly the door cracked open and Abigail entered

She quickly wipe the tears in her eyes with her thumb, she thought Abigail didn’t come as promised, how can she be so stupid to justify without confirmation? Now she has seen her crying.

“Are you alright?” Abigail asked, she stood by the door

Clara nodded

“Yeah, something got into my eyes,” she lied

“You did great out there and the song was perfect,” Abigail said and she swiftly looked at her

“You love it?”

“Of course, how can I say that I don’t love my friends song….” Clara hugged her tightly before she could finish her statement, she just couldn’t help it.

It was kinda weird but Abigail kept calm, slowly she hugged her back




Bex came out from Arianna’s car, they are both laughing, she came to buy baby stuff then go home and prepare for her interview at GOLDEN WILL AGENCY

“Or What? Or what old woman?” they heard a female voice not from afar

Bex and Arianna exchanged glances, going closer

“Listen, I don’t care if he is your son or not, stay away from me if not I will do something you won’t like, isn’t the hatred enough for you? Why can’t you just stay off my part,” Natalie yelled at Mrs. Miller

“My stupid son will never listen, what has he achieved since he started dating you? Not like you have only him but you’re also in a relationship with other men, who is this one?” Mrs. Miller shouted at her whilst pointing at the guy beside her

Natalie rolled her eyes

“Just yesterday I saw you with another and today this one, HIV is real, don’t pass it to my son $lüt,” Mrs Miller yelled and a slap landed on her cheek instantly

It came from Natalie

“How dare you call me names old witch,” she snarled, fuming with rage

Mrs. Miller’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe that her son’s girlfriend just slapped her inside a Mall

“Did you just raise your hand at me….”

“I will slap you a million times if that’s what it takes to keep you off my back,” Natalie cut in rudely, her fingers pointing at Mrs. Miller

Natalie shoved her out of the way and made to walk past but Mrs Miller pulled her back by her blouse

“Did you slap me?” she asked, she was still in shock

Natalie pushed her off, she fell but someone caught her before she could hit the ground.

“And who the h£ll….” that was interrupted by a thunderous slap, Natalie staggered back and another slap landed on her eyes, everything went black

“Who the…’ Another slap landed on her both cheeks, she moved back a little but the hand grabbed her hair, pulling her closer before giving her four consecutive slaps

Her head spun and she fell on her Ɓụťť,

“Argh!!!” Came her loud screams, she couldn’t see a thing, stars were the only thing she saw

“Are you alright,” Arianna asked Mrs Miller

“yes, thank you very much,” Mrs Miller replied, staring at Bex who was still dealing with Natalie on the floor, till the security pulled her away

Bex walked back to Mrs Miller and Arianna, she smiled lightly at the woman

“Ma’am I’m sorry for the slap…”

“But you didn’t slap me,” Mrs Miller cut in

“Uh-mm yeah but, I kinda felt bad for not coming on time,” she replied, her head down

“Thank you, here, this is my card, I’m inviting you for dinner at Thanksgiving,” Mrs. Miller said, she doesn’t even know her

“Just her?” Arianna asked pouting

“Both of you,” Mrs Miller corrected and she smiled

They stood and watch her walk out of the mall, Natalie already left

They bought all the things they needed and left the mall too, Just when Bex was about going into the car she was stopped by Glassman

“Glassy,” she called smiling sweetly at him

“My ladies, should I..”

“Of course, hop in,” Arianna shouted from the driver’s seat

he chuckled and went to the back, Bex joined him there

“Where to Boss and Ma’am,” Arianna asked mimicking a cab driver’s voice

“To paradise,” he replied and they laughed

Arianna Zoomed off

“Oh, I nearly hit that,” Bex screamed exactly

“But you didn’t hit it,” Glassman stick out his tongue and stuck hands with Arianna

“Seriously, you should be on my side Anna!” she frowned

“Oh, she’s crying,” Arianna said making a face,

She burst out laughing with Glassman

“I hate you both,” Bex shouted and Arianna stuck hands with Glassman again

They are currently playing games at the game house

Nickolas suddenly grabbed her arm from behind

“We need to talk,” he said pulling her out

“Easy bro,” Glassman stepped forward

“Stay out of this man!” Nickolas said with seriousness

Glassman looked at Bex and she slowly nodded, glaring at Nickolas, he shifted back

Bex stood before Nickolas outside the game house, her hands crossed under her Břě@šť

“Listen, I will make it brief, I have a girlfriend and we are really serious, I don’t want to have a child out of wedlock, so here,” he brought out a cheque

“That’s 2 million, terminate that pregnancy….”

“You’re kidding right?” Bex squeeze up her face, staring at him in disbelief

“That’s my child and I.. ”

“Our child, put it that way! your sperm alone can’t make a baby without a female egg, if there is no egg, your sperm is useless..”

“I don’t care what this is all about but that child must not live….”

“You lie! you know I have kept up with your bullsh*t for so long, peste me again… ”

“What will you do?” Nickolas roared

“what kind of a woman throws herself at a man like some cheap rage,” he snarled and a loud slap landed on his cheek instantly

“Did you just…..” Another hot slap landed on his other cheek

Filled with rage Nickolas raised his hand




“What took you so long?” Georgia asked, immediately after Micheal entered the empty class

“Give me that your back,” he ordered, ignoring her question.

she didn’t waste a second before bending over

He didn’t take his medication when Meghan K!SSed in that’s why his body reacted harshly, he’s allergic to physical touch and must use pills to contend himself

“fk, You’re so huge,” Georgia Mõ@ɲed when she felt his dk inside her Pů$$¥, holding tightly unto the desk, she shut her eyes

Micheal held her waist perfectly, thrusting deep at a fast pace


“uhhh, Fůçƙ!!”

He slapped her Ɓụťť cheeks and her Mõ@ɲs increased

“Mikey!!! yes harder!!”

“What do you plan to do with Piggy Fat,” she suddenly asked, but it came out as a Mõ@ɲ

“What do you mean,” he asked groaning, Michael pulled out and thrust back in again


“Come on Mikey, I know what you know,” she replied

“Disgrace her until she ran out from this school, what else, she’s too ugly and fat to be here,” he replied and closed his eyes

“Uhh, Fůçƙ,” Micheal grunts, lifting her left leg

Georgia smirked, just what she wanted

“So, we will work as a team then,” she asked, she pulled down her skirt after he was done, watching as he fixed his belt

Without saying a word, Micheal walked out



Lorenzo kept stealing glances at Melody, she didn’t even look his way, she kept a straight face

“That’s it for today, Selena, Melody, Abigail, and Lorenzo join Michael, Clara, and Meghan in group A. and Agatha, Simon, Rose, Derek, Lilly, Georgia, Barry, and Charles, will be in group B, I will tell you guys what to do tomorrow,” professor Owen said and left

Recess bell ranged and Melody was the first to walk out from the class

“Is she mad at me?” Lorenzo thought staring at her

Melody didn’t wait for her friends either, she didn’t even have a good night cos she was thinking of the K!SS, having her first K!SS with Lorenzo, she thought he was a friend so, do friends K!SS?

What if Goddess finds out about the K!SS? She can’t underestimate what goddess can do cos that woman can do anything.

She’s as good as dead.

Walking down the hallway someone bumped into her, a piece of paper fell from the person and she picked it up and looked around but the person was nowhere to be found

Slowly she opened the paper

“I know who you’re and I know you have been looking for answers, Goddess won’t tell you what you need to know cos she’s dangerous to everyone, it might interest you to know why you’re always covering up, I know about your father and sister, I know you might not want to take your mother down but remember she’s very dangerous to everyone around her, do the needful and what is expected of you. You might think I’m lying but Goddess has been married 3 times, you have a brother Called Zion. now does that interest you? Meet me at Blue Parlour to know more, come alone, don’t tell anyone cos she’s always watching…..

TBC 😁😀😍💖


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