{Through The
Depth of Love…}

Chapter 39💞 40

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Philip entered the club hating the fact that Yvonne had told him to meet her there.

“Your finally here” she said as he joined her.

“Why did you tell me to come meet you here?” Philip asked.

“To relax and have a talk” Yvonne replied.

“Talking is the only reason why am here” Philip replied which got her smiling.

“So uptight! No wonder Layla couldn’t stand you” Yvonne murmured.

“Do you know Layla?” Philip asked and she nodded in return.

“Layla is a very close friend of mine though it was bad of you to end things with her in that manner” Yvonne berated.

“Just as you know, am in love with Tiffany and that’s why I broke up with Layla though I don’t need to tell you my reason” he replied hotly.

“Fine. I won’t pry, let’s talk about the real reason why we are here” Yvonne said looking serious.

“Tiffany and Frederick just came back from their honey moon, you must have seen Tiffany right?” Yvonne asked.

“I have and am sure that she doesn’t love Frederick which is why I want them apart” Philip replied.

“Fine then cause have got a plan ” She said having a evil grin on her face.

“What’s your plan?”

“We will use Frederick’s weakness against him ” Yvonne replied.

“And what’s this weakness?”

“Jealousy” she replied with a smug look on her face.


As soon as Tiffany got to the airport, she went straight to the vip Lounge where she’s sure Frederick will be.

She was about going in when the security man stopped her.

“Where are you going?”

“Am Frederick Davies wife and I need to talk to him before his flight takes off” Tiffany said but the guard stopped her.

“You can’t go In and besides, I don’t know about Mr Davies being married, so I suggest you try another tactic ” the guard replied.

“But am married to Frederick!” Tiffany said as she stared at her watch.

“It’s only a fool that will believe that. Look miss,have got a lot of things to do and so I suggest you don’t add to it” the guard replied.

” Since you won’t let me in, help me get him. Tell him that Tiffany is waiting here for him ”

“That will not be possible since Mr Frederick isn’t here, he just went to the rest room”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Tiffany yelled at him in anger before going off in search of the rest room.

She got to it and in a rush she open the gent toilet only to see three to four men in it.

“What are you doing lady!” One of them yelled at her.

“Am sorry! Am sorry” She said before closing the door.

She stood by the gent door way waiting for Frederick to come out but there was no sign of him.

“Please is some one still there?” Tiffany asked the last man who came out of it.

“Everyone in there already came out” He replied.

Tiffany decided to call him again but he still didn’t pick.

She was heading back to the VIP lounge when she saw him.

He was on the escalator which was taking him to the second floor.

“Frederick! Frederick!” She called out but he was too far to hear.

She went after him and when she got to the second floor there was no sign of him.

Taking a deep breath, she called his number again and there was no reply.

“Where are you” she muttered to herself as she continued her search.

Every where she went to there was no sign of him and all her calls to him wasn’t picked.

She was heading back down stairs when her eyes caught some thing.

Coming up with a plan, she quickly went to the broadcasting room where a lady was speaking into the mic.

“Please I need a favour from you” Tiffany said as she approach the lady.

“What can I help you with?”

“My husband. He left home and I didn’t get to say goodbye to him, have been trying to reach him but he won’t pick. Can you please tell him that am waiting here for him” Tiffany begged.

“We don’t do ….”

“Please miss! If I don’t get to see him now then I will have to wait for a month before I do and I won’t be able to tell him what I have to tell him” Tiffany said again and on seeing the desperate look on Tiffany’s face, the lady decided to help.

“If you are hearing this Mr Frederick Davies, your wife is currently waiting for you at the broadcasting room, she says it’s urgent” the lady said into the mic and repeated it twice.

Tiffany could only wait after the announcement.

Minutes went by and there was no sign of Frederick, an hour later and there was still no sign of him.

Tiffany could feel the tears coming but she held it back not wanting to burst into tears in front of everyone.

“Can you please help me announce it again, he’s not coming” Tiffany requested as she went back to the lady.

“What’s your husband flight?” The lady asked.

“He’s traveling to London” Tiffany replied biting her nails due to the agitation she felt.

“Am sorry to say but the London flight is about to take off” the lady replied and that got Tiffany leaving the broadcasting room.

She got back down stairs and was heading to the VIP lounge when she heard some one say.

“Say goodbye to papa, have a safe trip to London” the lady holding onto her toddler said as she waved at the plane which was whisking into the air.

Slowly, Tiffany made her way to the show glass staring at the plane which is now in air.

She pulled out her phone and called Frederick and again she was left with no response.

Feeling hurt and lost, she left the airport and drove back home.

As soon as she got home, she sank into the sofa and let out the tears she has been holding in.

She used her hand to cover her face and was still crying that she didn’t hear the opening of a door.

“Thank God you are back, have you seen the suit I wore on…. what’s wrong?” Frederick asked on seeing Tiffany in tears.

Tiffany who was surprised at seeing him at home burst into fresh tears and that got him going to her.

“What’s wrong love? Why are you crying?” He asked kneeling in front of her.

“You bad jerk!” She said in between tears.

“Tiffany what’s….” He didn’t get to finish his sentence because Tiffany pushed him away before standing on her feet.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as he also got off the floor.

“You are cruel! How can you choose to leave with out saying anything? Do you know how long have been searching for you at the airport?” She said as she kept hitting him on the chest.

“Were you searching for me at the air port?” Frederick asked as he held onto her hand.

“I was! I thought you left, I thought it will be a month till I see you again. You have no idea how hurt I felt when I saw the plane take off”

“Why did you decide to leave? How can you have the heart to leave when you claim you love me, how dare you try to leave when you made me fall for you!” She said all of this in tears and Frederick who had been listening could only recall one of the things she said.

“Tiffany, did you just say that you’ve fallen for me or did I hear it wrong?” He asked.

“You didn’t hear it wrong! I love you Frederick. I love you and though you might find it hard to believe, I really do love you” she replied starring at him with so much love in her eyes.

“Every thing you did just to earn my love softened my heart towards you. I found it hard to be alone when you aren’t with me, I think of you all the time and when I see with another lady most especially your ex, I get hurt and say things to hurt you ”

“I believed myself to be in love with Philip and so I held back from you and tried to convince myself that what I feel for you isn’t love but while waiting for you at the airport. I realized how empty life will be with out you in it, I love you Frederick Davies, I love you so much that I hurt” she admitted to him.

Frederick who was still feeling stunned by her admission kept starring at her with out saying a thing.

“Am too late right? You hate me now and no longer feel a thing, I deserve it since have been distant with you but I won’t give up. Just like you I will chase you around the world just to get you to love me again, I won’t let you be and I will….” She stop talking when he pulled her into his arms.

“Shut up and listen” he whispered as a smile lit up his face.

“You are the girl I love and you will keep on being the girl I love till the day I die. You have no idea how happy I am to hear this from you”

“Thank you for opening your heart to me and also for loving me in return” he said as she pulled slightly away to stare at him.

“So you still love me?” Tiffany asked.

“More than life itself you dummy!” He said lightly and that earned him a bright smile from her.

“Am sorry it took me this long to reciprocate your feelings” she murmured and he gave her a K!SS in return.

“Why don’t you pay me back for the long wait by giving me some thing else” he suggested.

“What? ” She asked and he whispered the answer into her ear.

“You insatiable ogre” she mocked lightly even as he lifted her into his arms, heading to their bed room.


Sophia stood in Lucas room gazing out through the window, lost in thought.

It wasn’t until she heard some one cough that she got back to earth.

“Lucas!” She called as she quickly went to him.

“Am so glad you are up” she said as she began to cry.

“What happened?” Lucas croaked out and Sophia filled him on everything.

“You don’t know how worried have been, you made me cry a lot” she said holding onto his hand.

“Did I? ” He asked sending a smile her way.

” Let me go get the doctor” she said wanting to leave but he tightened his hold on her hand.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Before you call anyone here, I need to ask you some thing” Lucas said.

“What is it?”

“Will you marry me?” Lucas asked which got her moving away from him.

“What did you just say?”

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️


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