{Through The
Depth of Love…}

Chapter 25💞 26

Gbemi Writes✍️

★ A Chance★


Tiffany stood starring at the two men who kept glaring at each other.

She had to do something before Frederick ends up firing Philip.

“Frederick” she called pulling his sleeve just to get him to look at her.

“Frederick” she called again and this time, he did look her way.

“You told me to get some rest, I would like to get that rest now” she said as she quickly pulled him towards the elevator.

As soon as the elevator slid shut, she let out a sigh of relief.

“I don’t like him, I don’t like you being around him” Frederick said and she turned to him.

“Philip has been a friend of mine since child hood. You’ve got to get along with him” Tiffany replied.

“Why? Is it because you love him, you want me to get along with the man you love just so you can be close to him, that won’t ever happen” he said as he pressed the Ɓụťťon.

“This isn’t your floor”

“I know! I just want to be alone” he replied as he got out of the elevator before it slid shut.

“Is he angry?” She muttered.

The door slid open and she left the company, heading home and luckily the reporter were no where to be found.


“Aren’t you going to eat?” Layla asked as she forked a beef into her mouth.

Philip who was deep in thought didn’t hear what she said and she had to repeat her question before he did.

“Am sorry, what did you say?”

“What’s troubling you?” Layla asked

“It’s nothing” he answered but she pressed which got him talking.

“It’s Tiffany, she’s getting married” he said looking sad.

“If she’s getting married, you should be happy for her, why are you sad?” Layla asked.

“It’s just that I….the news took me off by surprise, have always seen her as a little sis and suddenly that little sis is getting married ” he replied which got Layla sighing out in frustration.

She has always hated the attention he gives to Tiffany and it’s one of the reason why she has insisted on them eating out but he had to ruin it.

“A little sis will surely grow up and get married. Let’s talk less of Tiffany and talk about us” she said trying to change the subject.

“So, when are you travelling for work again?” Philip asked.

“I don’t know, it depends on my boss” Layla replied looking away in guilt.

Her boss only gave her those task and made her one of his successful employee because she helps warm his bed, some thing Philip does not know.

“Why do you ask? Do you want me to leave?” She asked trying to sound off hand about it.

“I don’t mean that and it’s your life, you can do whatever you want with it” he said looking depressed and that got Layla unleashing her anger.

“You know what, am sick of this. If you are going to keep looking like a depressed dying man, Its best that I leave” she snapped even as she pick up her bag.

“Layla, I didn’t mean to offend you ” Philip said but Layla was too angry to listen.


“Thank God you are back Layla, you should come….what happen?” Yvonne asked on seeing the angry look on Layla’s face.

“I got into a fight with my boyfriend” Layla replied as she sat on the couch.

“Is it the same boyfriend you’ve been cheating on with your boss?” Yvonne asked jokingly and that earned her an angry look from Layla.

“Sorry. Tell me what happened?” Yvonne asked and Layla spilled the whole evening to her.

“It’s Tiffany this, Tiffany that. So very annoying. Enough about me, you were going to tell me some thing earlier” Layla said.

“Well, it’s about what we did. It didn’t work” Yvonne replied showing her the pictures of Frederick and Tiffany.

“It only made that stupid fiancee of his more famous, people now call her a modern day Cinderella, so annoying!”

“Is this is the Tiffany you were talking about?” Layla asked suddenly as she kept starring at the picture.

“It is, is some thing wrong?” Yvonne asked.

“She’s the same Tiffany am talking about, the stupid one my boyfriend is worried about. What a small world” Layla said a smile quirking her lips.

“Not only did she steal my man, she’s also trying to take your man from you. Don’t you think she needs to be taught a lesson?” Yvonne said already etching some thing in mind.

“Tell me your idea and I will gladly support you” Layla replied, a evil grin on her face.


“Is he still angry?” Tiffany asked no one in particular as she pick up her phone.

He didn’t call neither did he message her, he must still be angry, she thought.

“Why am even worried, A little distance from each other is the best for the both of us. Soon he will realise that am not the right girl for him and leave me alone” She muttered and putting her phone aside, she layed on the bed wanting to get some sleep but that ended when Kelvin burst into her room.

“Have told you to always knock!” She yelled as soon as he came in.

“That isn’t the problem, the problem is why you are here. Are you really going to marry him?” Kelvin asked showing her the news of her and Frederick.

“Answer me! Are you really getting married to this guy? How on earth did you manage to get a rich guy like him” Kelvin asked again and that got her throwing a pillow at him.

Just at that moment, their father came to join them having heard the news too.

“I watched the news while fishing with some friends, are you getting married to Frederick?” George asked and that got her nodding.

“I didn’t mean to keep it a secret but….” She stopped not knowing what else to say.

“Leave us alone for a while” George said to Kelvin who grumbled before walking out of the room.

“Are you really getting married? Is that why am not being sent to jail? ” George asked as soon as Kelvin was out of the room.

“No dad. To be sincere with you Frederick and I have been dating secretly for a while and when your thing happened, I only spoke to him and he handled everything” Tiffany replied forming her lies.

“I hope I didn’t ruin things between you two?”

“You didn’t. He loves me as much as I love him and my family is his family as well. So stop worrying” she assured which got him relaxing a bit.

“Tiffany! Philip is outside waiting for you” Kelvin called from the door way.

“I will go and talk to Philip” Tiffany said to her father before leaving the room.

On the other hand, Frederick sat in his car which was parked right in front of Tiffany’s place.

“Aren’t you going to go in sir?” Willow asked Frederick who kept starring at the house in silence.

“No. I just wanted to check up on her” he replied slowly.

“But how do you check up on her when you don’t even see her?” Willow asked.

Frederick didn’t get to give a reply cause he saw Philip leaving his house and going into Tiffany’s.

A while later he saw Tiffany going to meet him. She had a bright smile on her face, a smile he has never seen on her before.

Maybe it’s because she’s with the man she loves, he thought sadly.

“There she is sir, you can go to her now” Willow said.

“Take me home” Frederick said, Willow wondered what was wrong with his boss and knowing his place he chose not to ask and drive them home.


“I have to go Dad, am running late” Tiffany said as she picked up her bag.

“I can give you a ride on my motorbike” Kelvin suggested.

“Am never getting on that crazy thing” she declared before leaving the house.

She was heading to the bus stop when she some one horn at her from the other side of the road.

She smiled before waving at Philip, on seeing the green lights on.

Tiffany began to walk towards his car when suddenly she heard a woman yell at her.

“Watch out!”

Tiffany could do nothing as she watch the car get close to her and the last thing she heard before losing conciousness was Philip yelling out her name.


“Sir, everyone is waiting for you at the meeting room” Frederick secretary informed.

“I will be there then” he replied which got her leaving the office.

He was about going to the meeting room when he got a call from Tiffany.

A smile left his lips before he pick the call.

“Tiffany” he called in excitement.

“This isn’t Tiffany but your future brother in law” The voice said and though it took a while for Frederick to realise who it is, he finally did.

“Kelvin?” He called.

“Woah! You even know my name. Tiffany have been talking ill of me right?” Kelvin asked.

“No” Frederick replied a smile forming his lips.

“Well we will leave this discussion for when we meet, I only called to tell you that Tiffany is In the hospital”

“Hospital! How is she doing?” Frederick asked immediately.

“She is at the emergency room and….”

“Text me the hospital you are in, am on my way” he said ending the call.

“Are you ready for the meeting dude, you….where are you going?” Lucas called when Frederick ran past him.

“Am going to Tiffany. Handle the meeting ” he replied as he got into the elevator before Lucas could say more.

As soon as he got to the hospital, he didn’t wait for Willow to open his door, he got out himself, running into the hospital.

Getting the information he needs from the nurse, he went in search of her ward feeling a bit relieved when he heard that she’s out of danger.

He got to her room wanting to go in when he saw her with Philip.

Philip was talking to her while he fed her the food which was brought to her and the look on her face told him that she’s enjoying every bit of her time with him.

Feeling angry, he turned the door knob wanting to go in but changed his mind and left instead.

On the other hand, Tiffany shook her head when Philip tried to feed her again.

“Stop treating me like an invalid. I only broke my arm ” she said as her gaze went to her left arm which was in a sling.

“And that’s why you need all the care in the world” Philip persisted wanting to feed her but she refused.

“Am fine and I think it’s time you go to work” she urged.

“I already called my superior, so you don’t have to….”

“I hate that you are missing work for my sake, it makes me feel guilty” she admitted which got him putting the food aside.

“Are you that eager to get rid of me?” He asked suddenly which got her starring at him.

“Don’t put it that way, I only want to….”

“It’s fine, I know you are only worried about me and so am going to do as you say” he said even as he took his coat which was laying on the sofa.

“Isn’t your fiance meant to be here or doesn’t he know about you being here?” Philip asked.

“He doesn’t and I prefer it that way. Off you go now” she said not wanting him to ask more questions about Frederick.

“Okay then, see you later” he said moving towards her.

She was expecting the brotherly K!SS on the forehead but he surprised her when he K!SSed her instead on the cheek very close to her lips.

It was a brief K!SS but it got Tiffany feeling strange.

She quickly pulled away from him and after he left, she wondered why he gave her such a goodbye K!SS.

She shook off Philip thought and picked up her phone.

She was going through her call log when she saw Frederick’s number.

She didn’t remember calling him, so how on earth did….

“Kelvin” she muttered.

The jerk had borrowed her phone with the excuse of calling his friend but he had called Frederick instead.

“He is your fiance and it’s right for him to know” Kelvin said when she called him a while later

“But I didn’t ask you to do that” she yelled at him.

“You didn’t but as his soon to be brother in law, I saw it as part of my duty. So stop fretting and wait for him, he will come to you soon and you don’t have to thank me, I already like Frederick for you” Kelvin said which got her ending the call on him.

Since Kelvin has made the call, she could do nothing but to wait for him to arrive.

And so for the next few hours, Tiffany found herself waiting for Frederick to show up.

She was standing by the window, gazing outside when she heard the door open.

Thinking it was Frederick, she turned with expectation only to see that it’s the nurse.

“Time for your meds” the cheerful nurse said and she went to take her meds.

“One of it is going to get you sleepy, so I suggest you stay in bed” the nurse advice before leaving the room.

Tiffany got into her bed still thinking about Frederick.

“Is he still angry?” She murmured as sleep claimed her.

Tiffany woke up to see that it was night and definitely late, some thing else she noticed was that she was no longer alone and that some one was sleeping next to her.

Knowing who it was, she turned snuggling close into his arms.

“Do you even know who it is?” Frederick asked a smile appearing on his face.


“I can tell by your smell” she murmured breathing in his smell.

“Really? How many men do you know their scent?” Frederick asked.

“Just you ” she replied which got him smiling.

“Kelvin told me that he called you” She asked.

“He did, have you been waiting for me?” Frederick asked which got her nodding.

“I have been waiting for you and when you didn’t come, I thought you were still angry about yesterday” she admitted.

“I did come” he said and that got her opening her eyes to stare at him.


“Some time ago but you were with Philip and so I chose to leave” he replied truthfully.

“Why did you leave?” She asked.

“I was angry and also….you were happy being with him. I didn’t want to ruin that moment for you” Frederick answered which got her sighing.

“Then you are a fool” she said suddenly.

“What does that mean?”

“If you hadn’t come to your own conclusion then you would have noticed that I didn’t want Philip’s company” she said.

“Tiffany, what are you trying to say?” He asked as he stared down at her.

“Before jumping to your conclusion once again, you should know that I still don’t feel the same way as you, I haven’t fallen for you ” she said which wipe off the hope In his eyes.

“But I wouldn’t do some thing that will hurt you ” she added which got him starring at her.

“I know that you love me, you’ve told me that countless of times and so, I promise not to do some thing that will hurt your feelings. I will never give you a chance to doubt me, so you should stop being jealous whenever Philip is with me”

Frederick let out a slow smile, it’s not the confession that he’s been hoping to hear but hearing this from her has got him feeling a bit relieved.

“So, do you intend to give me a chance to show you how much I love you?” He asked.

“I already gave you a chance” she replied feeling sleepy.


“When I agreed to marry you, I gave you a chance then. So don’t think that your black mail worked on me” she replied which got him laughing.

“So you don’t mind if I choose to get us married next week?” He asked

“I don’t ” she replied already dozing off in his arms but that didn’t stop Frederick from K!SSing her.

“Good night, love” he murmured pulling her close and a while later, he dozed off too……

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️


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