{She’s got me twisted}


THEME: Burn for me Elsa🔥

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺


Raymond gasped out from his sleep, his breath was heavy. He gripped his hair and groaned out. The nightmare came hunting again.

“Babe” Brielle held his shoulder but he shrugged her hand off him.

“Get out” he said coldly.

“You alright?” She asked.

“I said get the Fůçƙ out!” He snapped standing to go to the bathroom Ɲ@kēɗ revealing his fine torso.

Brielle grabbed her cloth then put it on before leaving.

Raymond switched on the shower and let the cold water relax his muscles.

“When is this gonna stop” he muttered under the shower.

He got out after some minutes, grab a whiskey and his phone and then played a music.

Escape by Rod wave.

“You do music?” Lucas asked while Elsa smiled awkwardly.

“I’m so sorry I came here without permission” she said looking.

“No..no it’s fine, I actually I’m into music too and I love what you played earlier” He said shocking her.

“Really” she was surprised. He is a musician.

Lucas smiled handsomely and went to meet her. “You can come here whenever.. you Elsa” he said.

Elsa blinked severally at him. She thought he would be upset seeing her here but she was wrong.

“Should we play a music together?” Lucas asked.

“Yes.. sure” Elsa smiled beautiful.

Hours Later…

“Where were you?” Charlie asked Elsa as soon as she walked into the room.

Elsa explained her encounter with Lucas and she gasped.

“Really.. wow! I think he is into you” Charlie said.

“No.. he is a professor”

“A handsome one” Charlie smirked.

“Yeah but this is school, dating a professor would seem awkward”



“I think you like him already” She said.

“Go away!!” Elsa snapped.

The door opened and Natasha came in. They both turned quiet.

“Babes” She said going closer to them.

“Don’t” Elsa said coldly.

“I’m sorry, I left you guys there. My boyfriend texted me that his car broke down on his way so I had no choice than to leave at that moment” she explained. She seems genuine.

“Hmm.. do you know what I went through? That crazy Raymond of a guy tried to find his way with me” Elsa explained.

“Huh?” Both Charlie and Natasha both said.

“Raymond never force himself on a lady. He is a jerk I know but he doesn’t force himself on someone” Natasha explained.

“Wrong. He held me against the wall. He wouldn’t have let me go if I hadn’t slapped him”

“Argh.. you slapped him?” They both gasped again.

Elsa went to sit beside Charlie as usual for Mr Lucas class. She hadn’t seen Raymond or Lucas since the week.

As usual Lucas came in looking handsome as usual.

“We meet again class, let’s get down to business” He smiled. His lips curved up the more when his eyes met with Elsa.

Elsa glance at the door for a while. Is he not coming for class. Wait! Why does she care?

She shrugged bringing out her book and pen.

30 minutes before the class could end Raymond appeared, as usual the girls in the class drooled over him.

Elsa avert his gaze from him and pretend to be busy.

Without a word, Raymond went to sit beside her.

‘Can’t he sit somewhere else?’ Elsa thought.

He checked his pocket, “ah $h|t” he muttered. He forgot his pen again.

“Here” Dahlia said stretching a pen towards him.

‘Wait why is she in this class?’ Elsa asked herself.

Dahlia gave her a glare before facing the board.

Elsa looked up to Raymond face. His face was cold as Fůçƙ! He didn’t even bother looking at her. What happened to him this time? Is he upset with her?

This went on until the class was over.

Raymond stood up immediately and left.

“What’s with him?” She muttered.

“Thank God he didn’t bother you” Charlie said beside her.

“I’m watching you” Dahlia said leaving the class with her Ɓîtçhes.

Elsa scoffed and made to leave.

“Elsa” Lucas called her back. “Can we practice today?”

“Hm.. sure” she smiled.


“Bro what’s up” Leonard said to Raymond as soon as he walked into the bar.

“Not cool” he replied.

“My hand craves for blood and I don’t know why” he replied honestly. His hands were shaking.

“What?” Leonard asked.

“Did you forget what today is?” Jake whispered to Leonard.

“Oh $h|t! You should see Mrs Brown” Leonard said holding his shoulder.

“Nevermind” he said shrugging off his shoulder.

“You guys are attending the bonfire right?” Natasha asked.

“No more party” Elsa said.

“Huh? Why?” Natasha asked.

“I told you what happened to me the last time we went. I don’t want to ever experience that again” She said.

“Charlie.. you too?” Natasha asked.

“I’m going with Leonard” Charlie replied.

Elsa phone buzzed before she could speak. It was from Jake.


She sighed and dropped her phone. “I’m not going” she muttered.

“Elsa” Charlie called.

Elsa’s phone buzz again and she checked it. It was from Lucas this time.


She sighed reading the text. She look at the other girl who have a pleading look on their face.

It won’t be cool if she reject Lucas offer.

“Fine, I’ll go” she said and the girls jumped to hug her.

“I love you so much” Charlie K!SSed her cheek.

Elsa stared at herself in the mirror for a while. Her gaze land on the burn scare at her left leg. The memories of that night flashes before her and she sighed. She is never going to forget that night?

She was wearing a yellow spaghetti short gown which huge her body perfectly.

Her phone buzz and she checked it, it was a message from Lucas.


She threw her phone on the bed and sat down with her arm folded.

“Elsa! How do I look?” Natasha asked. This would be the first time she would be wearing a gown. Though it was black and incredibly short but it look good on her.

“Good” Elsa said blankly.

“What’s with the look?” She asked.

“Lucas is not coming” Elsa said.

“What!” Charlie came out all of a sudden with just lingerie. “Then who’s going to give us a ride?” She pouted.

“Don’t worry I’ll call someone.. just get prepared” Natasha said.

Elsa sighed and began to wonder why Lucas had a change of plan.

After they were all done the came out the hostel and met a car waiting for them.

Elsa eyes widened when she saw who was at the driver seat.


“I called Jake, not you” Natasha said knowing how Elsa feels awkward around the guy.

Raymond gave Elsa a quick glance before looking back at Natasha. “Are you coming in or not?” He asked rudely.

Natasha sighed and sat at the front seat while Charlie and Elsa stayed at the back.

On the way, Elsa kept looking at Raymond through the rear mirror. His face was cold and blank, Did something happen to him lately?

Silence rented the car as they kept on moving.

“Arghh.. the silence is killing me” Natasha groaned.

“Me too” Charlie took a deep breath.

Natasha turned to Charlie. “Charlie.. do you have someone you like already in school?”

“Uhm.. not really” Charlie smiled awkwardly.

“Not really? That means you like someone.. is it Leonard?” She asked.

“No.. I mean.. I don’t know, I’m still yet to find out” she stuttered.

“What about you Elsa?” Natasha asked turning her gaze to her.

“Me? Uhm..” Her gaze moved to Raymond whose eyes was focused on the road.

“Professor Lucas of course” Charlie replied for her and Elsa gave her a glare.

“Uh uh.. Lucas.. the most Handsome Professor in the college” Natasha chuckled. “you both suit each other.. You deserve someone as smart as him”

“Natasha!” Raymond suddenly snapped.

“What’s with you?” Natasha blinked at him.

“Can’t you see I’m driving, you’re talking too loud” he said.

Natasha scoffed and sit back properly. “That’s why I called Jake, I know you’d act like a jerk if I had called you”

Raymond turned quiet and the car maintained it’s silence until they got to the place.

Raymond waited for all of them to get down before he went to park his car properly.

“What’s with him today? Is he always like this?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah but he seems a little bit off today but who cares.. let’s go in” Natasha said taking them in.

“Here” Jake said to Elsa giving her a cup with some drink in it. They were all seated around a fire.

Charlie was with Leonard while Natasha was with a strange guy in which Elsa presume to be her boyfriend.

“I told you.. I don’t drink” Elsa chuckled.

“It won’t be fun if you don’t have some.. trust me” Jake said and she finally collected it from him.

She shut her eyes tightly when she felt the burn in her throat after taking a sip.

“Yeah.. that’s the spirit babe” Jake smiled.

Jake has this cheerful aura around him, though he look rogue with all those tatoos over him but he is still nice.

Elsa gaze when back to Raymond who was seated across him. His gaze was on the fire the entire time.

“You look pretty Pinkie” Leonard said to Charlie who chuckled at his word.

“Hey guys” They all looked up to the person.

Elsa smile slowly disappear seeing the person. It was Dahlia and some other girls.

Dahlia gave Elsa a quick glance before walking to sit beside Raymond. She threw her arm around Raymond and K!SSed his cheek.

“Babe” She called while holding his face.

“Get off me” Raymond shrugged.

Dahlia look over to Jake giving him a look asking what happened. Jake shook his head telling her not to bother him.

“So guys.. let’s play a game” Natasha said.

“Truth or Dare” Leonard said.

“C’mon we play that game almost all the time” Natasha said.

“We can play it again, since we have new faces” Leonard shrugged

“Sure.. new faces” Dahlia said giving Elsa a disgusting look.

They all agreed except Raymond who only kept quiet.

Natasha was the one who spin the bottle. It stop and face Charlie and Izzy. Izzy was the one to ask.

“Truth or Dare Pinkie?” She asked.

“Uhm.. Truth” Charlie said.

“If you’re to K!SS someone here.. who would it be?.. if you can’t answer then you have to drink a whole cup of vodka” She said.

Charlie bit her lips and looked at Leonard. “Leonard I think” she said.

“Awwn.. I can’t wait for you guys to have babies” Natasha said.

“Woah! You’re moving too fast” Leonard said then look back at Charlie. “Me too” he smiled.

Natasha spinned the bottle again, this time he stopped at Jake and a girl name Sasha. Sasha was the one to ask.

“Which one?” She asked.

“Dare” he said.

“I dare you to K!SS the girl beside you” She said.

Elsa eyes widened at her word. “Huh?”

Raymond eyes changed for a moment.

“Hey can you change it?” Jake asked.

“If you can’t do it then drink” Sasha shrugged.

Jake grabbed a cup of vodka and gulp it in one goal. He knows Elsa won’t be cool with it.

“Boring” Dahlia said.

The bottle was spin again, this time it stopped in between Raymond and Elsa. Elsa was the one to ask. Raymond finally raise his bloodshot eyes at her.

“Truth or Dare Raymond?” She asked.


“What made you like this?” She asked.

Jake who was beside her stiffened.

“What do you mean?”

“Did something happen to you in the past?” She asked.

Without a word Raymond grabbed the drink before him and gulp it down in one goal. He grabbed another bottle and left the place.

“You shouldn’t have asked him that Elsa” Jake said standing up to follow him.

Elsa also stood and follow them.

They went to the backyard, Raymond was busy drinking like there was no tomorrow.

“Okay Ray.. that’s enough” Jake said trying to stop him but he pushed him away.

“Fůçƙ off!!” Raymond yelled, his bloodshot eyes went towards Elsa and he drink from his bottle again.

Jake tried to stop him again but was pushed again.

Seeing this, Elsa ran towards him. “Ray, that’s enough!” Elsa yelled trying to take the bottle from him.

“I said let go!!” He yelled. He wants to push the person holding him but seeing it was Elsa he stopped.

His breath was heavy and for the first time Elsa saw tears in his eyes.

“Why do you have to ask huh?” He asked in-between his breath.

“I.. I’m sorry” she muttered. Was his past that cruel.

“I’ll be right back.. I need to treat my arm” he said. He had hurt his arm while trying to stop Raymond.

“I’m sorry Jake” Raymond muttered.

“It’s alright.. take care of him Elsa” he said while Elsa nodded.

“Go away” He said sitting on a chair.

“Ray..” she called but he suddenly smashed the bottle on the floor causing Elsa to jerk.

Her eyes went back to him and she sighed.

Raymond head was lowered, his elbow was rest on his knee and he kept his eyes close.

“Ah” He heard her yelp and he looked up. She was trying to pick up the bottle.

“What the hell Elsa” His eyes widened seeing the blood on her finger.

Elsa Ṣūçƙed on the blood on it but it still stings.

Raymond stood and grab her hand to check it. “It’s deep, I’ll get it treated”

He dragged her before she could protest. There was a small house at the backyard.


“It’s mine, Don’t worry” he said answering her unspoken question.

Raymond made her sit on the bed and get the first aid box. Elsa only watch and swallow every second.

He sat very close to her before grabbing her hand to applied some ointment on it.

“Ah” she yelp at the pain.

“Sorry” he said lighten then continue to dress the wound.

Elsa never thought she would see this side of him. He was like a different person. Her gaze went towards his sexy wet lips and she imagine herself K!SSing him hard.

She shut her eyes at the thought of it. Is she crazy? Maybe the alcohol was now having effect on her.

She opened her eyes, her gaze went to his lips again. The cold guy was so focus on dressing her wound.

His face was a bit close to hers and the dim light in the room made him so handsome.

Not able to hold herself any longer, Elsa swift moved her lips towards his and gently captured it closing her eyes.




To be continued..😱


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