{She’s got me twisted}


THEME: Burn for me Elsa🔥

Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺



Raymond spranged up from from his sleep, There was sweat all over his body and he was breathing so hard.

The incident happened a year ago and he kept on dreaming about it. He pulled his hair and groaned trying hard to calm himself.

“Do you still have nightmares?” A middle aged woman asked. Her calm gaze was on the guy tapping his finger restlessly on his chair.

With just one look one would know that he wasn’t interested on this discussion he was having.

“I asked you a question young man. Do you still have nightmares?” She asked again stretching her words this time.

“No” He replied in an hoarse voice darting his emerald eyes around the room. He was obviously trying to avoid her gaze.

“You know we’ve been doing this long enough for me to know that you’re lying.. Raymond” She said.

“I don’t have nightmares” he repeated playing with the ring on his lips by diving it in between his upper teeth.

“Are we seriously going to do this today?” She asked and he kept quiet.

“Fine” she said grabbing her cell phone.

“What are you doing?” Raymond asked raising his brow. She didn’t reply as she began to dial a number.

“You’re not calling that old man.. Are you?” He asked but she didn’t stop. “Fine stop! I’ll cooperate, don’t just call the old man alright” he said in a British accent.

Mrs Brown looked up at him and dropped her phone. A soft sigh escape his pink lips as he sank back to his chair.

“You look a little off Raymond, Did something happened lately?” She asked.

Raymond looked at the other side, part of his tattoo were visible.

“I just had to deal with something last night” he replied.

“At the club.. I heard you broke the three rules I gave you” Mrs Brown face shows she wasn’t impressed.

“I didn’t break any of those your boring rules Mrs Brown” he rolled his tongue in his mouth. Something he always does whenever he is lying.

“Rule number one, Never do something illegal. Did you stick to that rule last night?”

“I did”

“Okay tell me what happened last night” she said.

“I was chilling as usual at the club when I spot an @$$ calling for my attention and then I spanked it” he shrugged.

“Hey sexy” Raymond said caressing a girl @$$ all of a sudden. The girl quickly jerk herself away from him.

“Fůçƙ off” she snapped.

“C’mon girl, I kinda like you. Wanna be mine tonight?” He asked licking his lips as his eyes scanned her body.

Someone suddenly grabbed him behind and punched him hard on the face. Raymond touched his bleeding lip and looked up to him.


“Stay the Fůçƙ away from my girl Ďïčkface!” He spat grabbing the girl out of the club.

“Woah! The mighty Raymond Adams just got punched on his face” His close friend Leonard laughed. His body was also covered in tattoo.

“I kinda like that buster” His other close friend Jake said drinking from his bottle.

Raymond licked the blood on his lips and grabbed his jacket.

“Bro! Where are you off to!” Both of his friends yelled then laughed afterwards.

Mrs Brown only kept silence listening to his words.

“You deserved that Ray.. so what did you do after that?” She asked.

“What do you expect me to do huh?” He asked with his eyes turning cold just at the thought of it.

“Did you follow the rule number two?” She asked.

“What’s rule number two again?” He asked frowning.

“Seriously Ray! That’s the whole point of these, Rule number two says you can’t hurt any one remember?” She said loudly shaking her head.

“Oh.. I actually didn’t hurt him” he said biting his lips.

The guy who hit Raymond got down from his car and made to open the door for his so called girlfriend. Just as she got down, he pinned her harshly.

“You enjoyed that motherFůçƙer’s hand on your @$$ didn’t you? I’m sure if I wasn’t there, you’d probably allow him to Fůçƙ you for the night” He asked almost hurting her with the way he pinned her against the car.

“He came all of a sudden, I was caught off guard.. I’m so sorry babe” the girl sobbed.

The next thing the guy felt was someone grabbing him from behind. His head collided on the car window hard and the glass shattered.

“Fůçƙ!” The guy cursed under his breath but he was dragged outside back then his head got pinned on the car.

“Stop!” The lady with him yelled.

Raymond, opened his palm, bought out a knife then stabbed the guy’s hand on the car earning a loud scream from the guy.

“You didn’t?.. then explain this” Mrs Brown bought out the bloody Knife and placed it on the table.

He cursed under his breath, how come he forgot to take that with him.

“The guy is currently in the hospital with his hand brutally injured” She shook her head.

“I didn’t hurt him that bad, at least he can walk” Raymond said sighing. “What of rule number three; Don’t kill anyone.. I didn’t break that” he shrugged.

“Yes you didn’t but.. You know you can kill someone without hurting them physically right?” She asked.

“That’s bullshit” Raymond chuckled.

“I told you not to use those words here” Mrs Brown scolded and he kept quiet. “I hope you know I’m trying to help you get over your past. Letting it control you won’t help, you’ve killed a lot of people and you’re trying to be right..”

“I’m trying my best doctor”

“Do you have something or someone that makes you feel alive?” She asked.

“Yeah I do.. I…

“Please don’t say Pů$$¥ or alcohol.. that’s not what I meant” she cut in and Raymond cleared his throat.

“That was exactly what I was about to say. You’re such a cynic doc” he muttered.

“Nothing else?” She asked.

“Nothing apart from those two” he said.

“Then that would be your personal assignment”

“I’m not a darn kid”

“Do you want to be free Ray.. then find out something that wake the light in you, I give you a month” she said and closed her book, “and.. this session is over” she added and stood to leave Raymond with his mouth open.

“Fůçƙ the darn Light” he muttered.



A waiter walked towards a girl who seems to be out of the world. She kept on biting her lips while staring intensively at her phone.

“Uhm miss!” The waiter snapping her out of her trance, she raised her pitch eyes and looked up at him.

“Huh?.. uhm.. yes?” For a second, she forget she was in a cafe.

“Can I have your order please.. this would be the third time I’ll be coming to you” The waiter said with a light smile.

“Hmm.. c..can you give me just three minutes. I’m trying to reach someone” she bit her lips and blinked twice. “Please” she added and the waiter sighed before leaving.

She tried the number she had been calling and fortunately, the person on the other side picked.

“Babe for Fůçƙ sake! you want my phone to explode? I told you not to call me during work hours!” The person snapped before she could even say the word ‘Hello’

“Fredrick uhm.. I was.. I was just wondering if you remember what today is?” She asked obviously not expecting the harsh tone she got from him.

“You mean you called just for that?.. oh” Fredrick suddenly groaned.

“Fred are you okay?” She asked hearing his heavy breath.

“I’m fine Elsa.. uhm.. What’s with today? Why are you calling?” His voice came out like a Mõ@ɲ.

“You really don’t remember what today is?” Elsa asked, her eyes blinked severally as she tries her best to hold her anger.

“Damn! Elsa can you just Fůçƙing tell me.. I’m kinda busy yunno.. oh $h|t” he Mõ@ɲed again. Elsa could hear a smacking sound coming from the background.

“It’s.. uhm nevermind” She said dropping her phone on the table and closed her eyes. She picked up her phone again and made to talk but what she heard shocked her to the bones.

“Gosh I love those lips of yours, you could have make me finish my calls before you start.. $h|t” Fredrick grabbed her hair and guide her up and down his length. The Ɓîtçh in front of him was driving him crazy with her skillful lips.

“Sorry love.. I couldn’t just resist it. Can’t you just break up with her already. I wanna be in your arms every moment” she said looking up at him.

“Not yet baby.. Ṣūçƙ faster” he picked his phone only to be shocked, he didn’t even cut the phone.

“Damn! Elsa!” He called but she cut the call already, he hissed and dropped the phone. “She is not going to break up with me anyway, I’m so rich.. she should be happy I’m her boyfriend” He said proudly and looked down at the girl who just lick his tip.

“Oh.. $h|t! Remind me to give a million tomorrow” he groaned.

Elsa bit lips to prevent a loud scream. She bought her hand up then tangled it roughly with her hair. Every words she heard was driving her crazy.

“Miss” the waiter came again but she didn’t reply. “Miss your order”

“Can you just Fůçƙ off!!!” She yelled gaining people in Cafe attention. Even the waiter was so shock on her sudden behavior.

Elsa quickly got on her feet and bow. “I’m so sorry” she said and quickly left the place.

Her phone rang afterwards, Fredrick was calling, she swipe red then dialed a number.

In a basketball court a short haired girl could be seen bouncing a ball. She has a small statue and was wearing just a white tight singlet and a short. There were seven guys before her and the net was some meters away.

Her lips curved up, she moved in a fast way and dribbled those guys without problem.

After dodging six of them, she came in contact with a built tall guy.

“You can’t escape me” The guy said positioning himself.

“You wish” she muttered then slide under him.

“What?” The guy muttered, she was so fast he couldn’t see her movement.

She jumped and slide the ball into the net.

“Waooo ooh!!!” She screamed.

“Damn she’s good” One guy said.

“Can’t believe that short girl dribbled seven of us.. we should just quit” another one said.

“Piper! That was awesome!!!” Elsa’s best friend Charlie squeal. She has a pink short hair and she was beautiful with a million followers on Instagram ready to die for her.

Elsa actually sent her to stay with Piper.

Piper grabbed a bottle of water first and gulped it down as if she had been thirsty for years. Without replying, she went back to the court again.

“Sigh… She’s still upset with her sister” Charlie muttered.

“Charlie!” Mason; Charlie’s younger brother called running towards her. “Here is your burger” he said giving her a nylon.

“What took you so long? You left an hour ago” Charlie asked.

“I was busy with some stuff” Mason said.

“We are never gonna know what stuff you’re always busy with” Charlie hissed and her phone rang. It was Elsa.

“Hey snow Babe!!!.. before you say anything, Happy Birthday! You’re the best gift I’ve ever received from Father Lord! And I won’t hesitate to die for you!” Charlie screamed happily then began to K!SS her phone.

“Yuck” Mason muttered.

Hearing the heavy breaths coming from her Charlie frowned. “Babe?” She called.

After a while her eyes widened.

“Whaaatttt!!!!!” Charlie screamed in anger.

Mason jerk and look at her.

In a room, Fredrick has a girl all on four as he kept driving into her from behind. The girl was screaming out his name while her tongue sticks out every seconds.

Fredrick slapped her Ɓụťť cheek and she threw her head back then grab the sheet tightly.

“Oh! Yes.. Fred!”

“Give it to me!”

“Oh my!!”

“Love it!!.. faster!”

The door suddenly opens.

“What the… Elsa?” Fredrick eyes widened seeing her. Her face wasn’t the adorable innocent one instead if was filled with anger.

“You!!” She screamed. The guy she thought she could trust. Why does all guys think girls are toys.

Charlie has her lips parted as she began to video while Mason only stood there gasping.

“Ah.. ah.. I can explain.. you stop videoing” Fredrick grabbed the sheet and covered his Ɲ@kēɗ.

Elsa quickly went towards him and remove the sheet from him.

“Oh please” Fredrick shrink.

“Continue” Elsa said coldly and he looked up to her. “I said continue” she repeated.

“Elsa.. plea…”

“Complete that statement then trust me, I’m gonna cut that stick of yours.. hurry hurry.. don’t keep your momma waiting” Elsa waved her hand up and down.

Fredrick slowly stood with fear and moved towards the girl still on bed.

“Hey! Momma.. make sure you Mõ@ɲ so good cus you’ll need it” Elsa said to the girl, she turn confused and scared at the same time.

“Now start Ďïčkface” Elsa said and Fredrick slowly dip his length into the girl’s Honeypot and began to move in and out slowly while his heart was pounding like crazy.

“Mason.. Go grab some water” she ordered and Mason came in with a bucket of water.

Elsa grabbed the water from him and poured it on them, then went to grab the belt from Frederick trouser.

Before he could check what she was doing, his back recieved a lash.

“Argh!!!” He screamed pulling out from the girl before him.

“Hey!!! Who asked you to pull out. Go back in there motherFůçƙer!” Elsa’s fierce glare was enough for him to obey.

Another lash land on his back and he screamed out.

The girl received some lashes too and they began to cry like a baby.

“Mõ@ɲ!!” Elsa screamed giving them more lashes.

Charlie couldn’t help her laughter as she kept videoing the two people. Mason sighed and shook his head.

Fredrick was shivering while slamming the girl in a funny way.

The girl was also crying her heart out while recieving her lashes too.

Another intense lash landed on Fredrick’s Ɓụťť and then, he screamed.





To be continued..😂


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