{She’s got me twisted}


THEME: Burn for me Elsa🔥


Written by 🌺 Mayor 🌺


The barking sound of a dog woke Piper up from a her deep slumber. She groaned lightly feeling the pain coming from her head. She furrowed her eye brows seeing she was in a cage.

“Where am I?” She asked no one in particular. Her gaze moved to her left and she found a lady, she was in the cage too. Her long black hair was messy and she have bruises around her body.

“Hey” she called but the lady did not budge. Is she dead?

“Hey” she called again hitting the cage this time.

The lady slowly turned her weak gaze to her, Piper could see the dry tears on her face.

“What is this place?” She asked but the Lady turned her gaze away from her.

“Geez! Seriously? You don’t have to be rude” Piper snapped and looked the other way. They are the only person in the room.

“Hello!! Anybody there!! I think you’ve got the wrong person motherFůçƙers, let me out of here!!” She yelled hitting the cage she was kept in.

She heard a creak sounds, her head snapped towards the door and the sound of booth colliding with the floor could be heard.

She raised her head to look at the person, he damn huge and tall.

She heard the quiet Lady began to sobbed just at the sight of him.

“P.. please let me go.. please… I have a baby.. waiting for me at home… Please let me go” she whimpered going on her knee.

Piper blinked at her reaction, though she feel scared about what’s going on but she still open her mouth to speak.

“Hey! Huge man! I think you’ve got the wrong person. I’m just a high school girl and I do have class at the moment!” She said.

The man bent over to her and Piper could finally see his face. He have a scar at his right chin, his lips curved up into a deadly smile and Piper could swear he look scary.

“You’re such a noisy cupcake, shall I teach you a lesson?” His deep voice sounded through her ear.

“Just let me go, I don’t know you” she speak lightly this time.

“Piper Rolland, isn’t that your name?” He asked, Piper furrowed her brow. How does he know her?

“Are you a phyco?” She asked not knowing where she got the courage from. who the hell kidnap a random girl and put her in a cage.

The man face slowly turn sour at her word.

“I hate when rats like you talk back at me, I shall show you want I do to people who are disrespectful” His said turning his gaze to the lady.

“No…” The Lady sobbed the more as he began to walk towards her direction. “No please!!!” She yelled at he began to unlock the cage.

“No!!!… Help!! No!! Please.. help me!!” The man dragged her roughly by the hair.

“What are you doing?” Piper asked.

“Teaching her a lesson.. watch baby girl” he said dangerously. The lady tried to struggle. Getting annoyed, the man hit her hard on her face. He pulled her up again and hit her face again. He repeated the same thing for about five times.

Her white gown was turning brown because of the dirt. The bruises on her body was visible.

“Stop, you’re hurting her!” She yelled.

“Shut the Fůçƙ up!!!” The man roared at a her causing her to whimper. She didn’t know when a tear slipped out her eyes.

He pulled the lady up again but she tried getting away by hitting his hand. He flared up in anger and hit her head on the metal table. Her body went weak completly and blood dripped out of her head.

He pulled her up and made her lay on the table before unbuckling his belt.

‘what is he trying to do?’ Piper thought.

He flipped her dress over revealing her Pů$$¥.

“PL.. please stop” the lady stuttered weakly trying to move but he pulled her to himself.

He pulled his trouser down revealing his huge rod standing already.

“Argh!!!” She screamed agonizingly when he thrust into her in a harsh way. She wasn’t even wet so the pain was unbearable.

She tried to move but an heavy punch landed in her face sending her down. He was such a monster, each thrust widened her Pů$$¥ giving her a hellish pain.

Piper covered her lip using her palm and she watch the monster hurting the poor lady.

“Argh!! Please”


“Ahh.. that hurt!!”

“Let me go.. ah!!”


“An audition? For me?” Elsa squealed. This was the surprise Lucas was talking about.

“Yea.. one of my friend is a producer so I asked for his help” he said smiling.

“Oh my!! This feels like a dream!” She grinned happily showing her white perfect teeth.

“Yeah.. it’s Friday so don’t be late” he said.

“Oh professor.. thank you!!” She screamed jumping to hug him.

Lucas stiffened at his position and his eyes widened. His mind went blank for a moment and his heart skipped a beat.

Realizing what she just did, Elsa quickly pulled away.

“Sorry I was just so happy” She said looking down. Lucas cleared his throat.

“I.. it’s alright.. it’s fine really” Lucas sighed heavily. His body haven’t still recovered from the hug. “You owe me a lunch then.. you can use that to thank me” he smiled.

“Yeah.. I’ll keep that in mind!” She said quickly.

“Alright” he smiled before leaving the place.

Elsa smiled staring at the paper given to her. She was so lucky to meet someone like Lucas. ‘Such a nice man’ she thought to herself.

Dahlia watch Elsa leave the Music room and she twisted her lips. “something is going on with Elsa and Professor Lucas.. hmm.. I never know she such a Ɓîtçh”. She smirked chewing her gum gently.

Leonard went to the kitchen to grab an orange juice for himself when he spot a girl laying Ɲ@kēɗ on his couch. she was laying with one side caressing her @$$.

“How the hell did you get in?” He asked.

“Your door was opened.. so as this” She widened her leg revealing her part to him.

Leonard smirked and drank from his drink. His eyes slowly scan her B@@bs down to her wetness. His Ďïčk erected immediately and he felt hot instantly.

“Fůçƙ Carina” he thought to himself.

The girl stood on her feet and slowly walk towards him. She bought her hand to the hem of his shirt and began to unƁụťťon it.

“Did you miss me?” Carina asked seducively brushing her red lips on his.

Without replying, Leonard roughly grabbed her hair and captured her lips with his. He nibbled her lips in an harsh way.

Grabbing her @$$ possessively, Leonard threw her on the couch, she giggled against his. “Fůçƙ me like there’s no tomorrow Leo” her voice came as a Mõ@ɲed.

“On four” Leonard ordered, she quickly rolled and set her @$$ to face him. Her back curve in a sexy way, she moved her finger to her Pů$$¥ and began to pleasure herself waiting for him to bring out his rod.

“Ouch.. Leo” Carina Mõ@ɲed throwing her head backwards when she felt him go inside of her. He was fat and warm.

Leonard didn’t bother going on a slow move at first, instead his thrust inside her in a fast way causing her eyeball to roll backwards.

“Uhmm.. Leo!”

“Yeah Fůçƙ that hole baby!!”

“Oh yes!!.. faster!!”

“$h|t! I love you!!”

“Ouch!.. Leo!!”


“No way!!” Natasha exclaimed when Elsa told them about the audition.

“Lucas did that?” Charlie gasped.

“Fůçƙ girl you’re so lucky.. I’ve never seen Professor Lucas been good to a Lady before”

“I think he likes you” Charlie said.

“Think? It’s clearly he likes her.. so Elsa when are you guys gonna get married?” Natasha asked.

“Natasha!!” Both Charlie and Elsa exclaimed.

“What?” She blinked severally. “Elsa.. if Lucas ask you to be his woman, will you say yes?”

“I.. I don’t know.. I mean he’s good, kind. He’s a man any Lady would wish for..

“So you’ll say yes?”Natasha asked.

“I don’t know.. can we change the topic?” Elsa sighed.

At Evening, Elsa stared at her phone while drifting into a deep thought. “Why isn’t she picking?” She muttered. She had been trying to call Piper since morning and she was not picking.

She decided to call her uncle.

“Uncle” she said immediately he picked.

“Elsa” came a Vogue voice from her uncle.

“What happened? I’ve been trying to reach Piper but she isn’t picking up, is she home?” She asked.

“One of her friends name Newton said her phone got spoilt and she is spending the night with her friend”

“Ohkay” Elsa replied more like a whisper. She feel wrong about this.



A bucket of water was splashed on Raymond face, he groaned lightly and forced his eyes open.

He shook his head trying to remember what happened.

“Hey bro” Zeke said while staring down at him.

Raymond scoffed hearing his voice. “I wish to break you bones right now Thomas” he muttered without looking up. His hand was tied behind the chair he was sitting on.

“I told you it’s Zeke now.. not Thomas” he said.

“Traitor” Raymond said.

He raised his gaze towards his once upon friend. “who are you working for?” he asked.

The gate opened and a guy walked in, the aura in the room changed dramatically.

Raymond looked up at him, he have never seen this motherFůçƙer before.

Brahms gave him a light smile, he waved his hand to one of his men to bring him a chair.

After sitting comfortably, he placed his intense gaze on the guy before him. Just with one look one would know he had seen a lot.

“Why am I here?” Raymond asked having a blank look on his face.

“You should be asking who am I.. Ray” Came a weary voice from the guy before him. Yeah, his aura seems dangerous.

“I don’t give a Fůçƙ about you dude.. just tell me the reason why I’m being tied to this chair. I do have some Pů$$¥ waiting for me and I don’t wanna keep them waiting” he said rudely.

Raymond heard the guy take a sharp intake of breath before leaning closer.

“I never thought my new brother would be rude” Brahms said.

“Bro.. what?” Raymond raised his brow. “Did I hear you say brother.. oh wait! No $h|t!.. are you Brahms?” Even with the situation Raymond let out an amusing smile. He was enjoying this.

“I’m glad you now know who I am” Brahma said calmly.

“Wow! This is so cool.. let’s start with an handshake” Raymond suddenly pulled his hand out for Brahms.

People in the room eyes widened, even Brahms was a bit shock himself. When did he get out?

Zeke quickly set his gun ready for what might come next but Brahms raised his hand indicating him to drop his gun.

Raymond noticed this and chuckled. “Oh! About my hand.. I actually freed myself while talking to this idiot over here” Raymond said raising his chin towards Zeke.

“So can I have an handshake Brother?” He asked waving his hand towards Brahms.

He looked down to his hand and back at Raymond.

“Oh right.. no hand shake then” He said withdrawing his hand.

“Hmm.. I never know you talk too much Ray. Beside don’t call me brother, it disgust me” Brahms warned.

“Yeah.. me too, I actually feel like puking right now. So why am I here? Are you so riled up that I got adopted by that old man? Are you perhaps scared?” Raymond asked.

“Scared? That word isn’t in my dictionary” Brahms said.

“Hmm.. it might be, maybe you need your glasses to check it out” he said rudely.

Brahms never thought he would be this rude. He is he provoking him on purpose. Knowing how to trigger him, Brahms smirked

“I heard something about you Raymond, your sister was R@P£D and stabbed thirteen times on different part by you”

Raymond face dramatically changed, it was as if he turned to another person just within a second.

“You got arrested by the cops.. sigh.. pathetic.. you kept denying that it wasn’t you but no one believed even those people who adopted you when you were just three didn’t believe you..” Brahms stopped at a moment.

“Stop” His breath was starting to get heavy. Zeke secretly held his gun tightly.

“They got into an accident on their way home.. hmm.. maybe the news made them die in such a way” he paused.

“Stop” He repeated.

“Or should I say, you killed them because of what you did to their daughter”

“I didn’t do it”

“Can you prove it? No you can’t cuz you can’t even remember what happened.. you spent two years in jail which bought out the worse in you. My father adopted you and then the first thing you think of was to kill people.. Raider and his gang.. wow Ray you’re such a phyco”

Raymond was trying his best to control his anger trying to remember Mrs Brown words. The nightmare won’t go away until he doesn’t hurt anyone.

How the hell did this guy know so much about him just in a short amount of time?

“Oh! Not to forget about the girl.. or should I say Lady. Raider’s first daughter.. I was surprised when I heard you didn’t kill her”

Raymond remembered how he shot the wall instead of her head. Her face was covered with sand when he saw her, he is sure he won’t be able to recognize her if they happen to meet again. The only thing he saw was the scar on her left leg.

“I’ve killed a lot of people Ray and I do not feel ashame about it.. infact it’s lovely when you hear their cries when you kill them slowly.. Gosh! The pleasure” Brahms closed his eyes with a smile.

His finger digged into his palm as his fist got tightened. Right now he was reaching his peak.

“DON’T PROVOKE ME” He managed to through his gritted teeth.

“Why didn’t you kill her Raymond you should have finish the job of being a monster”

With Swift move Raymond grabbed him by the neck but, Brahms swiftly twist his arm.

“C’mon Ray.. show me that monster in you” Brahms chuckled.

“Fůçƙ you!!” He spat turning to release his arm from him and kick Brahms on the face sending him several feets away.

Raymond suddenly threw a knife at the guy standing on his right. The knife penetrated through his right eyes sending him dead to the floor. He actually got the knife from Brahms when his arm was twisted.

Zeke was surprised seeing this, How come Raymond changed this way within three years?

Brahms wasn’t flinched by what happened. Instead he let out a smile, at least he wasn’t bored.

Raymond sighed, he broke Mrs Brown rules again but at this moment, he can’t go back. His beast was awakened already.

He raised his deadly gaze to the guy who just licked the blood from his lips with a smirk.

“I’m gonna carve your intestine out Brahms” his blood boils.




To be continued..😎

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