[ Say You Love Me, Slowly… ]

π—–π—›π—”π—£π—§π—˜π—₯ 43βžͺ44

𝗕𝗬; 𝗠𝗔π—₯π—œπ—˜ π—š.

❝ π”π§πœπ₯𝐞 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐑𝐚𝐧❞
β˜† β˜†β˜†β˜† β˜†

” Oh, my FΕ―Γ§Ζ™! ”

” Faster Maria!!”

Blood practically dried up in Eduardo’s veins. Slowly, he turned around to leave but he came face to face with Rose.

Rose sighed softly as she stared at his shocked expression. Eduardo walked over to her and forced a smile that Rose knew was fake.

She walked to him and cupped his face in her palm.

” Come with me” She held his hands and took him to her room. Eduardo didn’t say a word until they got into her room.

Monica shook her head from where she’s been watching and made to enter the kitchen but stopped when she heard her name.

” Ma’am Monica”

She turned and saw Camelot coming towards her with Louis and Max.

” Ma’am Monica, Max is hungry.. still wondering why sir Mariano had to send all the maids away” Max pouted like a baby which made Monica chuckle.

” Aren’t you happy he’s on good terms with his mom now?” Monica asked as she entered the kitchen with the guys.

” Of course I am. To be honest, I was getting sick of his brutality towards her ” Max giggled.

Monica placed three plates of steak on the counter and the guys sat on the dining in the kitchen and began devouring the meal.

” I’m literally going deaf right now” Camelot said.

” Shut the FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ up” Max hit his head playfully while Louis laughed.

” I wonder when you both will grow up” Louis said.

Monica chuckled at their silliness and left the kitchen.

” You feel bad?” Rose asked, but Eduardo said nothing for a while. He cleared his throat and smiled at Rose.

” Since she chooses him, I’ll respect her decision and…

” The truth is, Menodora has always been his first love, but he doesn’t seem to remember her… I think she doesn’t remember him too” Rose exhaled and Eduardo looked at her

” Yeah, Maria actually met Menodora in elementary school. He was nine and she was just five… but being the type of mom I was, I wanted him to be alone and isolated… I never wanted him to have anything to do with anyone or make friends. She was the only friend he had that he fell sick when I disapproved of their friendship. I didn’t care cos I never wanted him to associate with the other kids. I went as far as transferring him from the school since he didn’t listen to me about ending their friendship ”

” Huh? Why? ”

” I don’t know why I wanted my child to be a loner too. His childhood was a mess and the little girl who always kept him company and made him happy, I had to stop it too. I had no choice but to transfer him cos he got hospitalized because of her”

” Because of her? I don’t understand”

” He got bitten by a dog to save her… He tried to hide it from me so I wouldn’t scold him but for how long could he possibly hide it? The spot got infected and it was starting to decompose until he fainted one faithful day, and that was when I noticed it. One of the reasons why we moved out.. but I have no idea if he ever went to her after that day. I was shocked to see her again as an adult” Rose explained.

” Oh! ” Was the only thing Eduardo said and silence followed afterwards.

” It’s a good thing he found her again at least, he’ll be happy if he knows she’s still the girl from his past” Eduardo smiled.

” I told you this so you wouldn’t think he’s betraying you”

” What do you mean?” Eduardo asked.

” I know you love her too, and…”

” I look pathetic right?”

” Of course not, you’re still the one true friend Mariano trusts” Rose replied and he smiled.

” Alright ma’am, I’ll be on my way now” He bowed and she nodded.

He left the room afterwards and saw Menodora and Mariano descending the stairs.

He stared at them and smiled when Menodora smiled at him.

” Why are you coming out from there?” Mariano asked.

” You foΓ³l! You should soundproof your room, yunno” Eduardo said instead and Menodora bit her lips in embarrassment.

He looked at her.

” Oh! I’m sorry, didn’t mean to make you feel…

” It’s fine ” She laughed awkwardly.

” So, why were you leaving there?” Mariano asked again.

” Isn’t he permitted to see me?” Rose asked from behind.

Mariano faced her.

” Oh!.. Good morning…” He paused, contemplating whether she deserved to be called his mom.

He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. He opened it again and smiled before going to meet her.

” Good morning, Mom” He greeted, and that only brought tears to her eyes.

She touched his face and used her index finger to trace his face fondly.

” You must be hungry ”

” I ate already” He whispered into her ears and Rose chuckled.

” Morning, Mom” Menodora smiled and Rose left Mariano to her. She pulled her into a warm hug which she reciprocated.

” What do you wanna eat?” Rose asked and Menodora pouted cutely.

” Anything from you is fine” She replied and Rose nodded with a smile.

” I’ll be back in a few minutes” Rose said, leaving their presence.

Menodora smiled and went to Mariano.

They both said next to each other while Eduardo sat on the couch opposite them and they began talking randomly while laughing.



Frida paced restlessly in her room. She took her phone and tapped on Bijoux’s number before sending her a message.

α•― π‹πžπ­’𝐬 π¦πžπžπ­α•―

Frida was about to seat when Gladys held her waist from behind, hugging her with a big smile on her face.

Frida faced her and saw her daughter all dressed.

” Mom, is everything okay? You look bothered” Gladys said when she noticed the dull look on her mom’s face.

” Is it that obvious?” Frida smiled and she nodded.

” I saw Menodora yesterday on my way home”

” Really? How’s she?” Gladys asked.

” I mean, she’s living well.. though I don’t know where she came from but I tailed the cab she took and saw her enter a mansion ”

” Wait, is it perhaps where Attorney Bills lives?” Gladys asked.

” I don’t know but I’m convinced she’s met Bills” Frida sighed and sat on her bed.

” If she’s met Attorney Bills, then it’s fine… Can you tell me the house address you saw her enter please?” Gladys blinked cutely.

” I’m not certain yet, I’ll definitely tell you about it..” Frida smiled.

Gladys hugged her before standing properly.

” I’ll be on my way now, Mom. I’ll be with Jesse” She said and left the room to the sitting room where she met Bijoux seated.

She pretended like Bijoux wasn’t there as she walked out of the house. Gladys entered her car and wanted to drive off but stopped.

” What’s Bijoux doing at our home? What does mom want from her?” She wondered.

She drove out of the compound to a place not far from their mansion as she awaits Bijoux.


Dorian used her right hand to feel the space next to her for a while, when she didn’t feel what she intended to feel, she opened her eyes.

She looked around the room before sitting room.

” Where is he?” She wondered and left the bed completely. She yawned as she found her way around the house.

” Santario” She called, yet no reply.

” Did he go out without telling me?” She frowned.

” How could he leave me in this huge house all alone?” She pouted, diverting her gaze to the couch where she saw a note.

She went for it and opened it.


She scoffed and placed the note back on the table.

” Gawd, I miss Dora” She pouted as she moved her gaze to the wall clock.

” Jeez, I slept for long! I should eat, you must be hungry little one” She touched her stomach before standing. She left for the kitchen and truly, breakfast was set already.

” Oh baby, You’ve got a lovely Dad. I just hope we survive all this and become one happy family” She rubbed her stomach fondly as she started eating with her bare hands.



Ruby flipped the table upside down as he laughed heartily while Santario was on a knee with blood leaving his mouth.

Bob bent his head.

” You told me you only go out for a good FΕ―Γ§Ζ™, but what the hell happened? You impregnated a girl and as if that wasn’t enough, you…”

” And I’ll say it again, I love her and I’m ready to protect her with all I have” Santario said and a kick landed on his face, making him crash on a metal pole.

He groaned lowly with blood leaving his mouth profusely. He didn’t back down cos he went back on his knees, close to Ruby.

” Should I just kill you?” Ruby ruffled his hair as he pointed his gun at Santario’s forehead. Bob immediately went on his knees.

” Spare him, boss… It’s a misunderstanding, and… ”

” I’m serious about my feelings for her” Santario cut in while Bob tried using his palm to prevent Santario from talking, but before he could do that, Larry already slapped Santario across the face.

He stepped on Santario’s face with his boots, pressing his face to the ground like some dirt.

Santario only groan without retaliating.

” Stop” Ruby finally said and Larry stood back.

” I see you really cherish her. I don’t blame you though, it’s normal for a homeless orphan to wanna feel loved. Did you forget I picked you up on the street?” Ruby asked, walking around Santario who was still on the floor breathing heavily.

” I’m sure she’s the girl you’re tryna save” Ruby said, showing him Dorian’s picture. She was putting on a red Ι“Θ•Ο» short and a crop top.

Santario’s eyes widened.

” Ah! Lest I forget; the picture was taken this morning after you left the mansion. I’m curious as to who owns the house. It looks so nice inside… the owner must be pretty rich”

” Please don’t hurt her, I’ll do anything… anything!” Santario said in tears. Ruby chuckled and went to him.

He bent to his level, then cleaned his tears.

” Men don’t cry” He muttered, taking Santario’s phone.

” Why don’t you call her to confirm the clothes she’s putting on right now? You might think I’m joking?” He smiled, handing the phone to Santario. He took it with a shaky hand as he dialed Dorian’s number. She picked up immediately like she’s been expecting his call.

πŸ“ž Hey… Thanks for the meal, our baby enjoyed it. She smiled from her end.

πŸ“ž You look really good in the red Ι“Θ•Ο» short and the crop top you’re putting on. He said tearfully, trying hard to hide his pain.

πŸ“ž Can you see me? I thought you left the…

πŸ“ž I’ll see you in the evening… Don’t go anywhere and stay calm. I’ll protect you with all I have…

πŸ“ž Is…

Ruby ended the call before Dorian could complete her statement. Santario’s tears started afresh.

” Now you’ve confirmed, can you tell me the whereabouts of Menodora Richardson?” Ruby asked and Santario stopped his tears. He looked up, making sure he locked gaze with Ruby.

” Yeah, this is the little boy I picked up on the street and clothed… This is the eyes I’ve known for years now”

” I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again…I have no idea about the whereabouts of Menodora Richardson” Santario said without batting his lashes.

” Well then… I’ll believe you, but I’ll give you a week to tell me about her whereabouts or the girl with you dies” Ruby said and wore another silicone mask.

He faced Santario with a smile.

” Don’t even think of running away cos as long as I live, you’ll always be under my watch… You owe me your life, boy” He tapped Santario’s shoulder before walking out of the place with Larry.

” Do you believe him, boss?” Larry asked.

” I know him more than anyone else… just keep a close eye on him, that’s all.” Ruby replied as he entered his car. Larry went for the driver’s seat and drove out of the place.


” Boss” Those in there rushed to him. Santario didn’t say a word as he stood on his feet. He staggered and almost fell but Bob caught him.

He helped Santario into the inner room and began using the first aid kit on him.

” How did he know about the mansion?” Santario asked.

” I didn’t know about the mansion too, but he sent Larry here late last night and Larry was ordered to take our phones for a reason I didn’t know. He then came here this morning, looking very furious. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure he tracked your phone” Bob explained.

Santario sighed. He took his phone to message Dorian, but Bob took it from him.

” Anything you say or send to her is registered on his system. I remembered hacking into his system one day and saw a message of Mr. Marlo who I think is Menodora’s late father on his computer. So I’m sure he did the same with yours… It’s risky” Bob cautioned.

” A message? With late Marlo? What is it about? Can you hack into his system again?” Santario asked hopefully but Bob shook his head.

” His security is kinda tight… He might trace me this time around. Concerning the message, I think it’s about business, a business trip…”

” Yeah, he told me the Richardson were to go on a business trip that faithful day with their daughter since little Dora’s nanny wasn’t home cos she was sick.. but what was his reason? I remembered he attended the meeting in their place, but why is he doing all this? Who is he to late Marlo?” Santario wondered.

” Is he perhaps after Marlo’s wealth? From what I remember, the Richardson were the richest in the country 15 years ago and would still be if his property comes to light… Did he kill them for their property? Is that why he is after Bills, Marlo’s lawyer? Cos he wasn’t able to claim their property because their only daughter is still alive? Is that why he wants Dora dead too? Who is he to them? Is Ruby perhaps related to late Marlo?”

Bob broke into his thoughts when he suddenly tapped him.

” Huh?”

” What were you thinking?” Bob asked.

” Oh! Nothing… ” He replied and Bob nodded.

” Please text Dorian I won’t make it home cos I’m so occupied” He said and faced the other side of the bed. Bob shrugged and took Santario’s phone. He did what he asked and dropped the phone beside Santario before leaving the room.


Bijoux was in a cab patiently waiting in front of a luxury mansion. Gladys’ car was packed few meters away from the cab as she also await whoever Bijoux was waiting for.

Not long after, Menodora, Mariano, and Eduardo left the house.

” Why take a cab when you have a car?” Menodora asked and Eduardo shrugged. He hugged her slightly but Mariano pulled them apart which made them laugh.

” He’s jealous” Menodora laughed. Eduardo smiled and waved at them as he flagged down a cab. He entered and the cab took off.

Menodora pecked Mariano’s lips while he carried her back into the house.

Bijoux asked the cab man to drive her back and he made a U-turn.

Gladys smirked.

” She met Attorney Bills already? Wow!” She chuckled and revised her car, heading to Jesse’s mansion.


Mariano made Menodora sit on the bed before sitting next to her.

” I’ve been wanting to ask about the mark on your arm. How did you get it? Looks like you got bitten by something ” She said and Mariano stared at it.

” Yeah it is, but I don’t know how I got it… Maybe I was too frightened that I had to forget” He muttered and she laughed.

” You must’ve been a troublesome kid ” She teased.

” Me? I wasn’t, I was the obedient type” He said, coming over her while smiling naughtily.

” What do you wanna do?” She asked.

” K!SS you, FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ you, αΉ’Ε«Γ§Ζ™ you, and make you breathless” He K!SSed her and she chuckled.

” You’re never gonna change, are you?”

” And that’s why you like me” He replied, lying beside her afterwards. She placed her head on his chest, hugging him tight as she perceived his cologne.

” I love you” she muttered.

” The heavens and Earth can’t explain my feelings for you” He replied and K!SSed her hair.

” So when will you tell me about your family? Especially your mom, I wanna know why you hated her” She stared at him.

” Not today… Maybe some other time ” He replied and she nodded.

” I’ll be visiting your school tomorrow after work, so expect me” He added.

” Really? ”

” Why? ”

” Please tell me you aren’t kidding… I wanna show you off to my friends” She said.

” Introducing me to new p*ssies?” He asked teasingly and she hit him.

” I was kidding. I love you alone okay? So you have nothing to worry about” He said and she smiled, hugging him to herself.



Gladys walked into the mansion and met Jesse smoking, heavily while looking furious. She hugged him from the back.

Knowing who it was, he forced out a smile before turning to face her.

” How have you been?” He asked and made her seat on his lap.

” I’m fine… I just miss you, that’s all” She hugged him and he reciprocated. She broke the hug and K!SSed him shortly.

” I wanted to come earlier but couldn’t ”

” I wasn’t home too, I came back not too long ago” Jesse replied.

” I have good news for you, baby” She said excitedly and Jesse looked at her strangely.

” Don’t tell me you’re pregnant cos I remember never pouring into you” He said and she scoffed.

” I’d be happy if I were thou” She muttered inaudibly.

” Well, I saw Dora and I know where she stays… I think she must’ve met Attorney Bills too”

” Really? Jesse asked curiously and she nodded.

” Can you tell me where?” He asked and she smirked.

” On one condition”

” What condition?”

” Let’s spend the night together. These past few days, you’ve been busy and never at home… I’ve really missed you” Gladys pouted.

” Alright, why don’t we start now?”Jesse said and attached their lips which she responded to.

He carried her and she belt her legs around his waist, still not breaking the K!SS.

” All this is for a short while, cos I’ll have to kill everyone that knows me as Jesse including you Gladys… Love isn’t my thing. If I can stab Marlo whom I cherished and considered my brother, then an ordinary girl like you means nothing” He said in his head as they headed to his room.



Tessa sat down with her two sons as they ate fruits while watching a movie.

” You both, have you let go of your feelings for her?” She suddenly asked but her sons kept mute.

” I’m not asking you both to let go of your feelings for her, I’m commanding you both! The doctor told me your dad’s brain cells seem to start functioning so I’m sure he’s gonna wake up soon. I want you both to… ”

” I’ll take care of my own feelings” Steve and Eduardo said at once. They stared at each other while their mom chuckled.

” Love is indeed crΓ zy” She laughed loudly, making her sons frown.

” I’m not mocking you both… It’s just…” She trailed off.

” Well, let’s visit your dad next week” She said instead and they nodded.

” I should go to work. See you later, Mom” Eduardo stood up and went to his mom, he pecked her hair before leaving.

” And you, you’ve decided to be jobless rather than work with your brother?” Tessa faced Steve.

” I will, when Dad gains consciousness” He replied and left for his room.


Mariano drove Menodora to school that morning before driving back to his company. He got to the company and as usual, the employees greeted him.

He was smiling all through, leaving his employees wondering, but none said a word as they watch him take the elevator.

He got into his office and it was already arranged and his coffee was set.

” Should I just sack Suzie and let Menodora work here? Gosh, I’m missing her so much already” He muttered, staring at the coffee in front of him.

He took it and made to sip it but he thought against it. He took his phone and placed a call through Suzie and she came in within minutes.

” Drink this” He said but she hesitated.

” Don’t get me wrong… I just want you to have a taste of your coffee too” He said.

She quickly went on her knees and Mariano smirked.

” You drugged this right?” He asked.

” I’m sorry Sir” she sobbed.

” Why? Because of my Ďïčk? Wow! My Ďïčk be doing wonders” He laughed.

” I’m sorry Sir… I… I’m just…” She couldn’t make a complete statement cos she had nothing to say.

She’s been hΓΆrny and really wanted to FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ Mariano, but never in her life did she think he’d found out she drugged his coffee.

” I was already talking about sacking you… Are the heavens on my side?” He mumbled as he took his phone.

He made a call through the station and in no time, the cops were in his office.

” She poisoned my coffee and she mustn’t leave your unit until she learns her lessons” He told the cop as they dragged Suzie away.

” I’m sorry Sir Mariano” Suzie pleaded as the cops took her away.

Mariano sighed and sat on his swivel chair. He turned on his computer and was about to work on it when Mrs. Kendra came in.

” Good morning Mrs. Kendra. I hope you aren’t here because of Suzie, cos you should know better”

” I’m not here for that, there’s actually a man who says he wants to see you. He said his name is Santiago” Mrs Kendra replied.

” Santiago? I’m not sure I know him but let him in” Mariano said and she bowed. She turned to leave but stopped when she saw the man who called himself Santiago in front of her.

” He’s here, Sir Mariano”

” Mariano Di Falco ” Santiago smiled and Mariano looked up.

” Uncle Nathan?” He called, shocked.

” Long time, nephew” Santiago smiled.





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