( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules


By, Ariel Mirabel

(π‘‡β„Žπ‘’ π‘π‘’π‘π‘˜π‘™π‘Žπ‘π‘’)

“What did you do to me?” He whispered and her eyes widened.

“Uhm…. Boss?” She muttered and Frederick quickly got back to his senses.

He immediately released her and took a step back before clearing his throat, looking away embarrassingly

“Uhh sorry, I just got lost thinking about…something” Frederick said and Catalina nodded then smiled widely.

“Looks like I passed step two! Yes!” She exclaimed and Frederick nodded then smiled…

“So that’s all for today. Do you have somewhere in mind where you wanna go? Or should I take you home” Frederick asked.

“Umm” She began thinking and then suddenly smiled.

“I actually have a place in mind”



“I really… Had fun today” Aubrey said as they walked while licking her ice cream.

“Me too… Didn’t know you were this fun to be with” Calvin said.


“Miss Aubrey!” A voice said behind her.

Aubrey sighed and turned to see it was her bodyguards.

“Looks like they finally found me” She shrugged and turned to Calvin.

“Guess we’ll see each other on Monday then” Aubrey said

“Don’t I get a good bye K!SS” Calvin smirked and Aubrey shot him a glare. He chuckled.

“See ya!” She said and walked to her driver then entered the car.

The bodyguards gave him a dirty look before entering the car. The car immediately sped off

“She’s cool.” He smiled and licked his ice cream.

Someone suddenly hit his head from behind.

“Ouch!” He frowned and turned to see Nelson glaring at him.

“I’ve been searching for you all over the town for almost an hour and you’re here catching fun time with a chick!! Who’s she by the way” Nelson frowned

“Aubrey” He said and Nelson’s eyes widened.

“Did she come with Alice?” He immediately said and Calvin sighed.

“Still haven’t given up on your silly crush on her? Didn’t you see the way she punched that guy in class?” Calvin said

“Even if she breaks my nose, I’ll never give up on her!” Nelson said dreamily.

Calvin sighed and began walking home.

“Hey! Wait for me!”



Thalia sat down on the couch as she kept thinking on ways to speak to Flynn once he gets back home.

She told everything to Mrs Lambert and she advised him to apologize to Flynn.

The door to the living room opened and Flynn walked in. She immediately stood up and looked at him. Flynn looked at her and immediately diverted his gaze with no emotion showing on his face.

“Flynn I-”

Flynn began heading upstairs before she could finish talking. She sighed and followed him..

She got in and saw him pulling off his shirt and tie..

“Flynn, please can we talk?”

Flynn ignored her and began walking to the closet. She rushed and stood in front of the closet, blocking his way.


“Thalia please move aside…” Flynn said

“He didn’t call me wifey like he used to do. He must be so mad..” She thought and her shoulder fell as he moved aside

He brought out a clean pair of clothes before heading to the bathroom.

“What do I do now” She sighed.


“Yoohoo!!” Catalina screamed as she ran barefooted and jumped in the water.

“So this was the place she wanted to go to? A river? That’s weird” Frederick thought and sat down on the grass.

Frederick exhaled out as he looked at the moon which was slowly coming out then he looked at Catalina who was busy swimming splashing water in the air.

Frederick couldn’t help but smile as he watched her play in the water like a kid.

Other women will always want to pretend to be what they aren’t but her she doesn’t. She’ll always say whatever she has in mind, she’ll always do what she wants without caring about other’s opinion and that’s what makes her so different

She’s just so…natural

“Hey boss! Come play with me! The water is really good!!” She waved her hand.

Frederick’s lips immediately turned to a straight line and he quickly shook his head.

Catalina frowned and just nodded. She continued playing with the water.

“Argh!!” She suddenly screamed and held her arm.

Frederick’s eyes widened and he quickly stood up.

“Catalina!” Without thinking twice he pulled off his hoodie and tossed of his shoe before running to the water.

He plunged in and swam to her.

“Are you okay?” He took her hand and stared at her hand, worry clearly written on his face.

“Got you!” Catalina laughed.

“You were just joking?” Frederick frowned and she stuck out her tongue.

“That’s not funny!” Frederick flicked her forehead

“Ouch!” She frowned and punched his tummy.

“That tickles” He smirked and Catalina scoffed.

“Now that you’re all wet let’s swim” Catalina said and Frederick sighed.

“I’m not in the mood for swimming” He said and began walking back to the edge of the pool but Catalina suddenly dragged him in, both of them falling in the water.




“Boss you called for me?” Ellis said and walked in the study room.

Flynn was backing him as he stared out of the window while smoking. He looked at Ellis sideways and couldn’t help but notice the visible marks on his arms.

Flynn smoked one more from his cigarette before lighting it out. He slowly walked to Ellis who boldly stood his grounds.

Immediately he got to Ellis, one heavy punch landed on his face. Ellis landed on the table there, crashing the things in the table.

Flynn gave him another punch and then grabbed him by the hair


“Tell me,, for how many years have you been working here?” Flynn asked calmly.

“Three years” He answered with great difficulty.

“Have I ever treated you unfairly? Did I try to steal from you?” Flynn asked and Ellis didn’t reply.

He kicked his face and he crashed on the other table, breaking the table in the process..

“I never stole from you.. So why did you try to steal my wife! Why!! I trusted you enough to appoint you as her bodyguard, is this how you repay me!! You bastard!!” Flynn punched his face.

Blood escaped from Flynn’s mouth.

“I love Thalia and nothing is going to make me stood loving her!!” Ellis spatted the words to his face and another punch landed on his face.

“You bΓ stard!!”

Flynn pushed him and his back crashed on the wall..


Thalia and Mrs Lambert who heard screams and things crashing, rushed to the study room. Their eyes widened at what they say.

“No!!” Thalia stood in between them while Mrs Lambert held his arm..

“Thalia move out of the way” Flynn said calmly.

“No… You’ll kΓ­ll him!”

“I love Thalia… More than you could ever do!! C’mon kΓ­ll me, show to her the real monster that you are!!” Ellis said from the ground he was laying on while smiling

“You-” Flynn made to go to him

“No!!” Thalia hugged him, preventing him from moving any further.

Flynn folded his fists tightly as he glared at Ellis..

“If by next morning, I still see your face in my mansion. I swear I’m going to kΓ­ll you.” Flynn said and removed Thalia’s hands from him before leaving

Mrs Lambert looked at Thalia then at Ellis. She shook her head before going after Flynn.


Catalina could be seen running in the dark streets of Australia. Her heart kept beating fast as she heard steps chasing after, they were getting closer and closer to her.

She was getting tired, her strength was leaving her body. As she made to take one more step, someone grabbed her wrists.

“Got you!!” The voice said.

“No please!! Let me go!! I promise I won’t tell anyone what I heard!!” She kept struggling but the person pushed her down.

She fell on the floor and he came on top of her..

“You look too ripe for your age” The guy said and licked her neck.

“Make it quick, I wanna have a taste of her too” The other guy said and brought out his phone to take a video.

“No!! Help!!” Catalina screamed out her lungs. The faces of the two guys wasn’t clear to her, it looked blurry. The only thing she could see was his golden pendant which had “F” carved on it as it dangled round his neck

He tore off her clothes and all she could do was scream but no one could hear her.

“Please let me go!! Help!! Have mercy please!!” She screamed loudly.

As the guy made to insert his Ďïčk inside her…

“No!!!” Catalina screamed loudly as she jolted up from her sleep

She placed her hand on her chest, trying to calm her racing heart.. She touched her cheek to see tears, looks like she was crying in her dream.

“It was all a nightmare?” She said but shook her immediately..

That felt too real to be a dream must be a recall of what happened to her..

“But why can’t I remember their faces” She said frustratingly, burying her face in her palms.

Catalina looked at the time to see it was almost 7am so she left the bed and went to get ready for work.



Thalia slowly opened her eyes and sat up on the bed. She looked at the stand next to the bed to see her breakfast well cooked.

She sighed and sat up. She needs no soothsayer to tell her that it’s Flynn.

“Why is he doing it for me when he’s mad at me” She thought

Last night, he slept on the couch. Thalia tried starting a conversation but he replied with not more than two words phrases.

Looks like he really meant what he said that he’ll give her the distance she has always asked for and for some unknown reasons, it disturbed her…a lot.

Thalia looked round the room and saw him picking his briefcase, about to leave the room.

She quickly tossed the duvet off her body and rushed to him. Before Flynn could take another step, she wrapped her arms round his waist.

“Please Flynn, stop ignoring me… I’m sorry for all what I said, sorry for calling you a monster, sorry for making you feel like your love is worthless.. I’m sorry” She hugged him tightly.

Flynn made to remove her hand from his tummy but she tightened her grip

“Please forgive me and let’s go back to the way things, I promise I’ll believe everything you tell me and I’ll also try and make this marriage work out… Please” She said, already tearing up.

Flynn sighed and placed his briefcase down before turning to her. She was looking down as tears trickled down her eyes

“Thought you don’t know how to cry” Flynn said and cleaned her tears before K!SSing her nose.

“I’m also sorry if I hurt you with my irrational decision at the beginning.” Flynn said and Thalia nodded.

“Though your words really hurt me… I’m I that bad of a husband? Aren’t I trying?” Flynn asked and Thalia immediately shook her head then hugged him again.

“You’re not a bad husband, I’m sorry if my words hurt. I wasn’t thinking back then” Thalia said and Flynn smiled then hugged her.

“I love you” Flynn said and K!SSed her hair.

“Won’t you call me wifey?” Thalia pouted.

Flynn chuckled and pecked her lips..

“Wifey” He said and she smiled then stood on her toe.

Flynn held her waist as their lips met. She wrapped her hands round his neck as they K!SSed

He lifted her up, heading to the bed.

“Thought you were heading to work?” Thalia said as he dropped on her bed.

“Work can wait… Not when I’m addicted to you.” He muttered and pulled off her nightie.

She giggled as they reconnected back their lips..



Frederick dragged his tie loose and then unƁα»₯Ε₯Ε₯oned two Ɓα»₯Ε₯Ε₯ons of his shirt so he could feel free.

It was early in the morning and they were already having loads of work like this.

He finished reading through an e-mail sent to him by his business partners in Spain and sighed loudly.

“Another business trip…” He mumbled and pressed a Ɓα»₯Ε₯Ε₯on.

Catalina walked in immediately with the files he asked her to work on.

“Are the files ready?” He asked and she nodded..

Frederick furrowed his brows. He couldn’t help but notice that she has been spacing out a lot since she arrived.

“Are you okay? You seem tired” He asked.

“Oh I’m fine” She forced a smile.

The truth is that the fact that she couldn’t remember the faces of her rapists really bothered her and when she’ll force herself to remember, an unbearable migraines will hit her.

“Oh okay, if you say so” Frederick said.

“Before I forget, we’re going on a business trip to Spain in three days from now. Make sure you get ready before then” Frederick said and her eyes immediately brightened.

“I’m going to fly in a plane for my first time ever!! Yay!!” She exclaimed and Frederick chuckled at her silliness.

As she kept jubilating, she tripped and fell down spraining her ankle


Frederick immediately stood and walked to her then crouched to her level

“Silly you, does it hurt that much?” He asked, checking out her ankle

“No, not-” Catalina paused when she caught something round his neck.

Her eyes widened in horror. The necklace she saw one of her rapists wearing in her dreams, he was wearing it round his neck… Nothing changed in it, it’s identical

She slowly looked at Frederick’s face with a terrified look on her face.



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