( When Love Heals… )

THEME: Love And Rules


By, Ariel Mirabel
(𝐹𝑖𝑟𝑠𝑡 𝑆𝑡𝑒𝑝)


“Good morning Mr Reynolds” The principal shook hands with Frederick.

“Please have a seat” The principal said and Frederick nodded before sitting

Almost immediately Drake walked in the office with a satisfied smile on his face.

He took his seat beside Frederick. The principal cleared his throat before he began

“Uh.. Mr Reynolds? Your little brother here has been causing nuisance in the school.. From bullying to harassment and now to violence. We’ve been giving him warning and punishment but it seems like he doesn’t want to change” The principal said

Frederick looked at Drake and sighed. He’s really tired of all the reports he’s getting from teachers about his brother and it all started when their mother díed. He got expelled from three schools already because of this his attitude.

“I see, so what punishment did you give him this time” Frederick asked

“Nothing.. We wanted you to decide on what we’ll do with him.”

Frederick nodded.

“If he causes one and I mean one slight problem, I give you my permission to expel him” Frederick said and Drake’s eyes widened.

“What the Fůçƙ are you talking about!!” Drake stood up from his seat

“Watch the way you speak to me.. I’m not dad whom you can do whatever you want and he’ll let you go. I own shares in this school so I can decide whatever they do to you. If you do one and I mean one slight fault, I’ll make sure they expel you and believe me.. This will be the bus stop in your educational life” Frederick said

“You wouldn’t dare it!!” Drake raised his voice while glaring at Frederick.

“Just dare me and you’ll see and I’ll also make sure no other schools accept you” Frederick said and stood up.

“Sir, I hope I’m clear to you” Frederick asked and the principal nodded.

“Good, if you will excuse me I have to go back to my company and make something of my life,, unlike someone” Frederick said and shook hands with Drake before leaving.

Drake gritted his teeth in anger.

“You can leave too Dr-”

Drake stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind him.



“Ahh… My head” Jolie grunted as she rose up from the bed.

She squinted her eyes and looked around.

“How did I get in here? What happened?” She mumbled and her eyes widened slightly when she saw she was putting on a hoodie.

“How did I change into these?” She thought as she stood and left her room for the kitchen

Her eyes widened when she saw Marcel pressing his phone while sipping on a mug of coffee.

“Max?” She muttered in surprise.

Marcel looked up and smiled.

“The snoring beauty has finally woken. Your hangover soup is over there” Marcel pointed at the counter.

Jolie took the soup and went to sit in front of him. She took a sip of it and Mõ@ɲed out in pleasure.

“So you were the one who brought me home” Jolie asked and he nodded.

“Yeah, I couldn’t leave you all alone here so I had to sleep in the living room. You and Cat should grow up, why drink alcohol when you two have low tolerance to it. Luckily, Catalina didn’t drink last night” Marcel said and Jolie chuckled.

Jolie squeezed her face as she tried to remember what happened last night but she couldn’t. She feels like she did something last night but could actually pinpoint what it was.

“Umm JoJo… Do you have something you wanna tell me?” Marcel asked and Jolie looked at him


“Nothing.. Nevermind”



“Wow!! It’s already out of stock!! Wow!! Magic Beauty is definitely the bestseller this month!” Catalina smiled as she checked the statistics of the company.

She smirked and suddenly began laughing scornfully when she tried to imagine how Roman’s face would be at this moment.

“I’m sure his asthma kicked in” She laughed and suddenly flaunted her hair then smirked.

“I don’t really care if he díes of asthma… What if I went and committed suicide because he broke my heart, will he have cared too?” She thought and scoffed then resumed checking the statistics.

Her eyes widened when she realized she hasn’t yet cleaned Frederick’s office nor made his tea

“Fůçƙ! I forgot!!” She exclaimed and ran in his office, luckily he hasn’t yet arrived.

She began arranging his office while the coffee brewed. The coffee filled the mug and was already overflowing

“No.. No!” She rushed back to it and turned it off. She began hearing some machine noises.

Her eyes widened when she realized she turned the printer. How the hell the hell did she do it?!

“Oh no!” Catalina looked at the mess the coffee made and then at the tons of papers flying off the printer

She carried the mug and rushed to his table then placed the mug and the moment her hand landed on the power Ɓụťťon of the printer, another hand landed on hers.

Her eyes widened when she looked back to see Frederick standing behind her

“Calm down,,, I won’t hurt you. Just take a deep breath and relax. Think of positive thoughts” Frederick said in the softest voice ever.

Catalina began taking deep breath trying to calm her racing heart, the silhouette of those two mens began trying to come but she did like Frederick said, she did her best to think of something positive and it was none other than her family. Her trembling hands slowly began relaxing, even her tensed muscles.

Frederick slowly took her hand completely in his and she turned to face him, though her eyes were still closed as she took deep breaths.

“Open your eyes..” Frederick said and she slowly opened her eyes to look at his hands holding hers.

“See? I didn’t harm you…” Frederick said.

Catalina slowly smiled as she intertwined their hands. Words can’t explain how overjoyed she felt at that moment.

This act just propelled up her hopes up that one day,, just one day she’ll get through all these and finally be her normal self.

Frederick on the other hand just stared at her face. This was the first time he was standing this close to her and he couldn’t believe he didn’t notice all along how pretty she looks.

The broad and cute smile she had on her face and the way her doll eyes sparkled as she squeezed and felt his hands like a kid.

The way she was looking at his hand was the same way a baby looks like at toy which they’ve never played with before.

Frederick now looked at their hands.. The way her slender hand fit so perfectly into hers, how soft and smooth it felt.

“What I’m I thinking?” He quickly shook off those thoughts and removed his hands from hers before taking a step away from her

“See? You passed your first test, tomorrow will be test 2” Frederick said and Catalina smiled widely.

“Now back to my office…” Frederick looked at all the mess she made. All that in few seconds

“You really deserve a Guinness record for this” Frederick scoffed and Catalina smiled cutely



Thalia walked out of the bathroom with a towel round her slender body. She removed the towel and dropped it then picked her body lotion to apply it.

She was still at it when suddenly her door swung open and Flynn walked in, fixing his tie.

“Ahh!!” She shrieked and covered her chest with her hands.

“Wow… What a nice view to behold before I go to work” Flynn smirked.

“Are you insane!! Has your brain finally turned to a potato!! Can’t you knock!” Thalia ranted as she picked her towel and wrapped it round her body.

“Why the fuss? Not like there’s something I’ve never seen there” Flynn shrugged, coming closer to her.

“I’m here to tell you that the maids are going to move your things to my room today” Flynn said.

“Why! I don’t want to!!”

“You have no choice.. Mom will be spending the whole of next week starting from tonight and what will she think when she realizes we’re both sleeping in separate room” Flynn said.

“It’s just for the meantime so relax” Flynn said and leaned closer to her ear.

“Though I don’t really know I’ll be able to resist you for those one week” Flynn whispered and K!SSed her neck.

“Stop that!” Thalia pushed him away, trying to hide the blush creeping up her cheek.

“Ah!” A gasp escaped her lips when Flynn suddenly pushed her to the bed with him hovering above.

“What.. Do you think you’re doing?” She stuttered abit.

“I heard S£x before work makes one to be more efficient” Flynn smirked, pulling off her towel before he cupped one of her br**sts.

“Stop it!” Thalia said, more like a Mõ@ɲ

“Really? Then why does your body says otherwise” Flynn whispered to her before K!SSing her chest.

“Flynn, I’m warning you.. Stop this! S.. Stop.. Flynn.. F.. Flynn.. F- Ahh!” She Mõ@ɲed out when he slid his fingers inside her wet Pů$$¥.

She shivered as his fingers began working on her Pů$$¥ with his thumb massaging her ćƖĩť. He plunged his finger deeper into her.

“Fůçƙ!” She Mõ@ɲed out as her hands gripped a handful of the sheet while her legs spread on her own.

Flynn placed a K!SS on her tummy before bringing his face to her Pů$$¥. Before Thalia could understand what was happening to her, he Ṣūçƙed on her pinkish ćƖĩť before delving his tongue inside her.

Thalia’s senses flew to who knows where as her mouth began saying gibberish. What his warm tongue was doing to her was enough to make her lose her senses.

“Fůçƙ!! Yes.. Yes!”

“Ah!! Oh my gosh!!”

Her toes curled and her back ached when she felt a huge wave of pleasure building up inside her, she could feel herself inching closer and closer to it.

Flynn suddenly stopped his administration and looked up.

“Why?” She said breathlessly, her whole body was on fire.

“I have to go to work wifey” Flynn smirked and made to stand up But Thalia pulled him down, crashing her lips on his.

“After putting me in this mess you think you’ll just leave, you’ll finish what you started” Thalia muttered in the K!SS as she unƁụťťoned his shirt.

Flynn smirked in K!SS as he held her waist possessively, K!SSing her back



After hours, Aubrey finally opened her eyes.

“Where I’m I?” She squinted her eyes and slowly sat up. That’s when she realized she was in a school clinic.

All the memories of what happened in the morning rushed in her head and tears immediately welled in her eyes..

“How could you… I loved you like never before” She cried loudly.

“You’re awake” Alice muttered, entering the ward she was in

“So is it finally time to tell you that I told you so?” Alice said and began laughing loudly.

Aubrey cried more at that. She couldn’t look up at Alice who kept mocking her

“I warned you that this day will come and that I’ll laugh at you right?” Alice said while laughing.

She stopped after a good moment of laughter before looking at Aubrey. She was not longer crying but her eyes were so red.

“I already spoke to the head of the school blog and he brought down the video and as for the student’s mockery, it’ll take a while before people forget about what happened today” Alice said

“He was playing a fool out of me Alice, I gave him my virginity and all my heart and this is what I get in return. I feel so fóolish! And you know the part that hurt more, is that I still love him… Very much” Aubrey broke down in another fit of tears.

Alice went and sat next to her then hugged her.

“Take it easy on yourself. It will take time but I’m sure you’ll forget about him” Alice said, rubbing her shoulder.

Calvin who was looking at them through the window sighed and left. He was actually passing by when he decided to stop by and check on her.

The video went viral all over the school so it definitely reached his ears.

“I tried warning you but you didn’t want to listen… If this is how fóolish and blind love is then I rather remain this way” Calvin said and left his way.



Frederick had a slight smile on his lips as he stared at the company’s statistics. Catalina was really right when she advised them to release the product at an early date.

“It took three hours for our products to be out of stock. Wow.” He muttered and he suddenly thought of Roman.

The worst mistake he did was fóoling Catalina and that he’ll surely be regretting it now.

“I shouldn’t get into her bad book then… She’s so vengeful” He chuckled and stood up then left his office.

He looked at Catalina’s office to see her working on her laptop. She would occasionally look at the hand Frederick held and then smiled widely before resuming.

Frederick smiled and shook his head before walking to her.

“Boss!” Catalina stood up.

“I’m going for a lunch break. Mind joining me?” Frederick said.

“So long as all bills are on you then okay” Catalina said and Frederick shook his head before leading the way.

Catalina looked at her hand again and smiled widely. She still can’t believe she held a man’s hand. That was like a huge step forward to her healing.

“Boss?” Catalina suddenly called.

“Hmm?” Frederick hummed, signaling her that he was listening.

“Can I.. Can I hold your hands again?” She said and took in her lips like a baby.

Frederick looked at her and couldn’t help but smile at how cute she looked. Instead of replying her, he just took her hands to himself and interlocked them.

She smiled and squeezed his hand as they walked..

👥 Wait is today April Fool’s day?

👥 My eyes are failing me now… I’m I seeing boss and his secretary holding hands?!

👥 What is happening? Who I’m I?

The people kept murmuring as Frederick and Catalina walked but all it took was one cold glance from Frederick for an icy silence to decent upon the place.

The moment they got out of the company, Belinda (Frederick’s contracted girlfriend) was also coming down her car.

Since Frederick wasn’t longer picking her calls, she decided to come over to see him.

A furnace of burning jealousy took over her when she saw the way they were both holding hands with Frederick looking at Catalina.

Frederick has never hold her hands talk less of looking at her the way he looked at Catalina.

“You Ɓîtçh!! I knew it, I knew there was something going on between you two!!!” Belinda screamed maniacally and then ran to Catalina.

Without wasting time, she landed a slap on Catalina’s cheek.

“You cheap thing!! How dare you steal my man!! You whóre!! Shameless slút!!” Belinda screamed madly.

Frederick’s warm face immediately changed to a cold one. He felt like slapping her for what she said but he doesn’t hit ladies.

“Miss Watson, I’ll increase your salary if you beat the Fůçƙ out of her” Frederick said, shocking Belinda.

Before Belinda could say anything, Catalina landed a deafening slap on her cheek and Belinda could swear that she heard her ancestors whispering in her ears.



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