December 5, 2023

( Hearts Collision… )


By, Cassie B.



At once, Melanie stopped her tears. The only thing that could be heard was her low whimpering.

Axel was still glaring hard at the girls, the anger in his eyes sending shivers of fears down the girl’s spines.

“Lay your hands on her, then you’ve got to face me directly,” he said emotionlessly.

The girls shuddered and some shifted back in fear.

Axel glanced at Melanie in his arms and seeing the tears in her eyes, anger thrummed through his veins.

One thing he has come to hate was seeing her in tears. Seeing her in a vulnerable state was enough to make him go insane.

He breathed out loudly, trying hard to control himself from hitting the girls

Instead, he released a soft smile at her and wiped her tears with his thumb. Melanie was staring at him this time, not uttering out a single word.

“Let’s leave,” he whispered softly.

Melanie nodded slightly and he carried her in his arms, in a bridal style. The students screamed loudly as Axel walked away with Melanie in his arms.

Melanie wrapped her arms around his neck and hid her face on his chest till he left the place.

👥 So, they’re dating?

👥 Then, who made those rumors?

👥 I wish I hadn’t done that to her, Axel will be so mad at me right now

Different murmurings filled the place as they all gossiped among themselves.

A figure stood there watching the whole scenario, hands could be seen curling up in a hard fist and jaws clenching hard.

The figure stood there for a while before leaving the place.


Axel entered a class and dropped Melanie on a chair gently. There was no single student in the class so they were alone.

“Why did you do that?” He asked.

Melanie cleaned her face and looked elsewhere, unable to look at him.

“Till when are you going to stand up for yourself, huh? Will you let them continue bullying you that way?” He asked more in a scolding manner.

Melanie didn’t say anything. Truly, she felt ashamed of herself. They were calling her all sorts of names, and she couldn’t do a thing.

Axel sighed and cupped her cheeks gently.

“Are you okay?”

Melanie faced him, her eyelashes glittering with the tears in them.

She shook her head and tears came spilling out of her eyes.

“I hate myself from being too soft, I hate my life” she weeped gently.

“If you hadn’t come on time, then what’d have become of me?” She continued crying.

Axel felt a prick in his heart as he watched her crying, he brought his arm and pulled her head to his shoulder, patting her back slowly.

“It’s not too late, Mel. You can still change, you can still learn how to stand up for yourself,” he said gently.

After some time, Melanie pulled away from the hug and wiped her tears.

She faced him with a smile.

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

Her eyes suddenly dawned in realization when something clicked in her head.

“You… You called me your girlfriend” she started gently.

“I knew you were gonna talk about it,” Axel chuckled.

“I had to. It’s gonna be everywhere, the students won’t stop talking about it,” she bit her lips slowly.

“It’s good that way, at least they will stop spreading fake rumors about you,” Axel explained.

“You aren’t comfortable with that?” He asked, on noticing her sudden silence.

“It’s not that… It’s just..” Melanie trailed off not knowing what to say.

“You don’t have to worry, it’s just for a while” Axel forced out a smile.

She nodded slightly and he stood up.

“Will you be fine alone?” He asked.

“You’re leaving?” She asked, staring up at him.

“Hmm,” he hummed.

“See you… At home I guess” he went out of the class.

Melanie sighed and rubbed her body with her hands.

She still couldn’t comprehend how the students got to find out about her staying in the same apartment as Axel.

The only people that were aware of it are her friends and Axel’s own. Oh… And Paisley.

Melanie scoffed in disbelief.

“Did she really have to go that far?” She mumbled to herself.

One thing she was sure of was that she won’t let this slide. She’s had enough already.



Axel entered the class to find all the students staring at him. He rolled his eyes and went to take a seat by a corner and brought out his headphones. He wore it and closed his eyes, resting his head on the chair.

He was still meditating when he received a light tap on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to find his friends staring at him.

“Hey,” he removed the headphones from his set and sat up straight.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Ace asked, showing him the picture of him carrying Melanie in his arms with the caption “THE SCHOOL BAD BOY IS KNOWN TO BE DATING A HOT CHICK NAMED, MELANIE BROWN”

Axel sighed.

“It was something that had to be done,” he muttered.

“Like seriously? What the Fůçƙ is going on? Aren’t you going to say anything?” Aiden snapped.

“I did that to save her, fine?” Axel snapped back.

“Save her? As how?” Aaron asked.

“The students managed to find out that we stay in the same house and called her all sorts of names. I did that just to save her, that’s all” Axel said.

“Are you sure you did that just to save her? Is that all?” Ace asked.

“Calm down, dude,” Aaron said to him.

Axel sighed and stood up.

“I’m outta here,” he muttered and left the class.

Audrey stood up and went after him.

“The rumors are fake, right?” She asked when she got to him.

“Does it look like a lie to you?” Axel asked back.


Axel scoffed and went away.

“He’s dating her? For real?” Audrey stood here, her eyes wide in shock.

The Axel she knows would never date any girl, never! His logo was known to be “Fůçƙ and go”.

But… He has a girlfriend now? And she’s not the one??


Lauren paced outside the hall worriedly. Melanie was not yet in school and the class will be starting soon.

Moreover, she saw the video of the students talking about Melanie in a harsh way and she was worried Melanie wouldn’t have seen it.

She stopped pacing about when she saw Julie. She watched as Julie came closer before bringing out her phone.

“Do you know about this?” Lauren asked.

“I saw it on the blog too, is she okay?” Julie asked.

Lauren sighed before putting her phone in her pocket.

“I haven’t seen her and I’m worried as hell. I just hope she hasn’t gotten to hear about it,” she muttered.

“But, who do you think is behind this?” Lauren asked after some time.

At that time, Paisley walked by.

Lauren smirked before folding her fist.

“Speaking of the devil,” she gritted and marched towards Paisley.

“Hey, wait up!” She dragged Paisley to her and landed a slap on her cheek, shocking the living daylight out of her.

“That’s for spreading fake rumors about my best friend!” Lauren shot.

She raised her hand and hit Paisley again, this time harder than the first.

“That’s for humiliating her!” She shouted.

Paisley held her cheek in shock, staring at Lauren.

“What do you think you’re doing , Ɓîtçh!” She fired.

Lauren squinted her eyes and made to slap her again when Julie caught her hand.

“That’s enough,” she shook her head.

Lauren sighed before snatching her hand away from Julie’s.

“It’s never enough for me, how could she think of doing that to her! Even if you’re not friends with her anymore, can’t you consider the fact that she still takes you as her best friend?!” She yelled.

Paisley stared at her confusingly. She didn’t even understand what she was talking about.

“How could you think of spreading false rumors about her? Are you that heartless?!” Lauren kept shouting.

“Can you just stop accusing me? I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” Paisley snapped when she couldn’t even take it anymore.

“Oh, look at her acting like a saint,” Lauren rolled her eyes.

Melanie was walking to the hall when she saw the scene, she went to the place immediately.

“Thank God you’re here, Lanie… I.”

“You believe it too?” Paisley cuts Lauren off, staring at Melanie.

“I don’t know what she’s talking about but do you believe I’ll be going around spreading fake rumors about you?” Paisley asked, this time raising her voice.

“I might hate you but I’ll never stoop so low in doing that. Rather, you should check the friends you have around you… Who knows, you might have a chameleon right by your side” Paisley eyed Julie before staring at Lauren.

“Can’t believe this right now,” she mumbled and walked away, brushing past Melanie’s shoulder.

Melanie staggered lightly and Julie quickly held her.

“Are you alright?” Julie asked worriedly.

“Yea,” Melanie moved out of her hold.

“Did you believe she’s innocent?” Lauren asked.

“I don’t know. No one else knows I stay with Axel, except you two. And Axel’s friends too” Melanie muttered.

“Then, do you think this is Ace’s doing?” Julie asked.

Melanie shook her head immediately.

“Ace can never do that, he can’t,” she mumbled.

“Then someone might have been spying on me, but who?” She asked rhetorically.

She sighed after a while and faced her friends.

“Let’s go, our class will be starting soon,” she said.

They walked towards the hall.


Immediately Paisley settled on a chair in the class, she brought out her phone and went to the school blog.

She watched some videos before tossing her phone to a side.

“So, that was it?” She scoffed.



Aaron was taking a walk around the school when his eyes caught her. She was walking alone and her hair was flowing with the wind.

“Finally,” he smiled and sauntered towards her.

He got to her front and stopped her from taking any further move.

Lauren creased a brow and he flashed a beautiful smile at her.

“Who are you?” She asked, eyeing him slowly.

Aaron frowned.

“You don’t know me?”

Lauren rolled her eyes and walked past him without stopping to glance at him.

“Who am I?” Aaron stood there still pondering over her question.

“Who’s she?” He asked himself.


Kylie sat in a corner, watching the video of Axel carrying Melanie in his arms all over again. He just couldn’t get it out of his head.

“She told me there was nothing between them,” he mumbled slowly.

“Was that a lie?”

Fortunately, he saw her passing by. He put his phone in his pocket and walked briskly to her.

“Melanie, we need to talk,” he held her hand when he got to her.

“About what?”

“I saw the video. You’re dating Axel,” he muttered.

Melanie sighed.

“That was only to…”

“He’s not good for you, Melanie. He’s only going to hurt you at the end, can’t you see? He’s a player, he smokes, he drinks…”

Melanie sighed exasperatedly and jerked her hand away from his.

“Don’t ever talk about Axel in that manner anymore. He isn’t who you think he is, if you don’t know him, then don’t say anything,” she said and walked away

Kylie watched as she left and he could feel his heart shredding into pieces.



It’s been a day since the incident happened and the news hasn’t died down yet.

It got to an extent that Melanie wasn’t free anymore, she couldn’t even walk freely.

Melanie decided to stay at home since she wasn’t having any classes that day. Besides, she didn’t think she was ready to face Axel again.

After he left the class, she hasn’t set her eyes on him again and she felt a little comfortable with that.

Melanie sat up and groaned frustratedly. She actually thought not seeing him would be okay for her, but she was wrong. Here, she was missing him badly and that scared her.

She stood up and walked to the door, she opened it and her eyes widened when she saw him.

He was sitting on a couch in the living room.

“Mel,” he called when he sighted her. He stood up from the chair.

Melanie turned and held the doorknob, she tried going back inside her room but he already caught her before she could do so.

His arms were around her and he was hugging her back tightly to himself.

Her heart started running Olympics as he rested his head on her shoulder.

“I thought I’d be fine if I stayed away from you for a while, but I guess I was wrong. I can’t, not when this crazy thing I’m feeling threatens to make me go insane,” he whispered.

Melanie held her breath as he broke the hug. He turned her to him and the first thing she noticed was his eyes. He already changed his lenses to the normal ones… Brown.

He was staring at her and she could feel his stares down deep in her soul. A smile left his lips when he saw the girl he was craving to see right in his front

“Why are you so innocent?” He whispered, moving closer to her.

Melanie started moving back till her back met with the wall.

“Stay away from me,” she warned in a shaky voice, avoiding his eyes. His presence alone was sending some strange feelings into her heart and all she wanted was to stay away from him.

“I can’t, Mel. I’m gonna die if I do so” he raised her chin with his fingers, staring into those cute eyes he loves.

“I missed you,” he whispered.

Melanie released a breath and stared into his cute brown eyes.

Her lips moved against her own accord and she found herself saying…

“I missed you too,” she murmured gently.

Axel smiled and caressed her cheek for a short while.

“I love you” he whispered, his lips smashing on hers at once.

Melanie’s eyes widened. His lips were moving on hers but that wasn’t her problem at the moment. His words….

Axel broke the K!SS and smiled down at her.

“I know this is wrong, I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way considering the fact that you’re my friend’s ex. But, I can’t just help it, this is my first time feeling this way and I’m going crazy about it already.”

Melanie stared at him, her lips parted in shock. She wasn’t expecting that confession from him, not even for once.

“Your beauty trapped me, your innocence melted my heart beyond my control”

“I love you, your innocence. Your eyes, your cute figure, your voice. Every Fůçƙing thing about you drive me insane, Mel” Axel continued saying.

Staring at his eyes alone, all she found was deep love and affection. His eyes had it all, the admiration in it melted her instantly.

“I’m not expecting you to say a word yet, but I’m ready to wait. Even if it takes ten years, I’ll wait for you Melanie and that’s because…. I LOVE YOU,” he pulled her to him and claimed her lips in the sweetest way ever.

A single tear escaped Melanie’s eyes and her hand went to his chest, holding his shirt tightly as his lips moved passionately against her own.


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