{ Romantic Hates… }

THEME; Entangled With You.



Vanessa’s soft and sweet Mõ@ɲs filled Valentino’s ears as he Ṣūçƙed her fresh Ɲīpplës,her fingers dancing inside his hair,everything he was doing made her feel so good and hot.

“Valentino” She let out a soft Mõ@ɲ and bite her lips

Valentino bite her Ɲīpplës and she gasped out loudly,he raised his head up and took off her nightie,gaining more access to her Ɲīpplës

“Fůçƙ” Vanessa mumbled

A louder Mõ@ɲ escaped her mouth when he rubbed her p*$$y from her P@ŋtie


Valentino continue Ṣūçƙing and at the same time rubbing


Gigi opened the entrance door and met Terence waiting for her,she rolled her eyes at him

“Are you still angry with me?” Terence asked and hold her hand

“Don’t touch me” Gigi said softly as Terence pulled her out

“I’m sorry,I just…got mad for no reason” Terence muttered

“You shouted at me” Gigi snapped

“I’m sorry” Terence said

‘Why? Why are you even sorry?? You never apologized to me” Gigi looked up

“Because…I don’t want you yo be angry with me” Terence answered

“Why does that bother you?” She asked

“Coz I love you” Terence said and Gigi’s eyes widened

“Huh?” She stuttered

“I am in love with you Gigi,I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you because of your boyfriend….but now….I just can’t hold it any longer” Terence said and Gigi swallowed

There was total silence for a while

“Gigi” Terence called and without waiting,Gigi ran into the mansion and closed the door. Her heart was beating so fast,she ran to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water,she drank up everything in three gulps.

‘He’s in love with me’ she said inwardly

‘He loves me too!!’ She screamed in her head and rushed upstairs,she was about going into Vanessa’s room when she started hearing Mõ@ɲs.

“Oh wow” She smiled and went into her room instead with total happiness.


<library>Giovanni was sitting down in the dark all alone,he was watching the trending videos and photos of Vanessa and Valentino on the school blog. Even though he felt more heart broken as he watched,he couldn't stop watching them.

Seconds later,he felt someone sat down beside him and he turned to see Shirley,he recognized her as the girl who gave him her handkerchief few days back

‘Why do I always see her when I’m sad?’ He thought.

“Senior,are you okay?” Shirley asked In a soft voice

Giovanni replied with a nod

“You don’t look okay” Shirley said and Giovanni chuckled

“Do you know me?” He asked and Shirley nodded

“Are you still sad about Vanessa?” She asked

“No,some things are meant to happen no matter how we try to stop them from happening” Giovanni muttered

Shirley moved her face closer and before he could blink,she pecked his lips

Giovanni looked at her in shock

“I’m….sorry” Shirley immediately said

Giovanni ignored her,he stood up and walked away

“Geez Shirley,you should have controlled your lips” Shirley roughed her hair


“Goodnight” Vanessa said as she was about closing the door

Valentino K!SSed her eyes and left the mansion,Vanessa closed the door and turned back only to find Moon standing behind her while crossing her arms.

Vanessa rolled her eyes and made to leave

“You haven’t changed one bit” Moon said and Vanessa frowned before turning back to face her

“Meaning?” She asked

‘You’re still the rude brat who gets all the attention to herself no matter what” Moon said and Vanessa creased her brows

“What are you talking about?” She asked

“I’m saying,you’ve not changed a bit” Moon said

“Do you know me from anywhere or you just wanna display your madness?” Vanessa asked

Moon frowned

Vanessa hissed and walked out of her sight.


“Gosh,where is it?” Vanessa groaned in complaint as she searched for her phone in her bag,she wasn’t watching well and ended up bumping into a body,her bag fell immediately.

“Oh no” She muttered and tried bending down to pick it up but stopped when she saw Giovanni who was also staring at her.

“Vanni” She called slowly

Giovanni was also lost staring into her eyes,it’s as if they’ve not seen each others for years.

Giovanni looked away and bent down to pick her bag for her

“Here” He handed over to her

“Thank you” Vanessa muttered and took it from him.

“Are you going to the meeting lounge?” Giovanni asked and she nodded

They started walking up the lounge together in silence

The got to the lounge and it was empty

“Where have you being? We’ve not been having the meeting because of you,I’m scared the other teams are going to win” Vanessa said

“Do you miss me?” Giovanni asked

“I do” Vanessa muttered and he smiled a little bit

“I’m glad you miss me,coz I think about you every time” Giovanni said and Vanessa bite her bottom lip.

“I’m sorry” she muttered


“I’m sorry I….I just think it’s all my fault” Vanessa said

“No,I’m fine now. At least I’m happy to talk to you again” Giovanni said

Minutes later,Valentino came in with Terence and he let out a frown immediately he saw Vanessa and Giovanni sitting together.

“I think your boyfriend is angry” Giovanni muttered

Valentino walked over to them and Vanessa smiled at him

“Hey” She said

“I’ve been calling you” Valentino said

“I can’t even find my phone,maybe I left it in the house” Vanessa replied

Gigi came in with Erica then Becky and Chanel entered together.

Giovanni got up

“We are complete now” He said and everyone settled down

Gigi and Terence’s eyes met and Gigi quickly looked away

“We are going to be teams for now,to make things faster” Giovanni said

“Teams? Like how many in a team?” Erica asked

“Three,who’s good in handling computers?” Giovanni asked

Terence and Valentino raised their hands shortly

“Good…we are supposed to track out this car” Giovanni said,showing them only a blurry picture of a car

“How are we supposed to find out the car when it’s so blurry as hell?”Gigi asked

“We were given the DNA instead” Giovanni said

“Here” Valentino opened his own laptop

“So,I think we are going to be teaming up this way…Giovanni,Valentino and Terence.” Vanessa said

“Giovanni team” Erica said

“Valentino” Gigi said

“Valentino” Becky also said

“Terence” Chanel muttered

“Vanessa,what about you?” Becky asked

“Giovanni” Vanessa said and Valentino chuckled

They split after that and each team started walking on the tracking.

Minutes later

“I think it’s all fair now,we are going to get the alert once the tracker works out” Valentino muttered,pointing at where his own bug was verified on his system

“Mine too is perfectly placed” Terence said

“Here too” Vanessa said


“I need to go” Virgil said as he walked out of their own meeting lounge

“Why are you In such a hurry to leave?” Reed asked

“I will see you later” Virgil said and walked away

“Seriously?” Reed scoffed,staring at Virgil as she walked away

Soraya suddenly ran pass him and she didnt know when her phone fell as she rushed

“Hey” Reed called but she didn’t hear him

He walled to the phone and picked it from the floor,he would give her if he see her next time so he left on his own.


Lotus was staring out of the window as the rain fell heavily,she was enjoying every bit of it until Virgil entered

“I should take you home…”

“I don’t want to go,I’m staying with you this night and that’s it” Lotus snapped

“What? Do you even know what that means?? I am going to die” Virgil said

“Are you really that scared?” Lotus teased

“No,I’m just scared of my friendship” Virgil muttered

“Nevertheless,I’m taking you home Lotus,please” Virgil said

“When are we ever going to spend the night together?” Lotus asked

“Very soon okay? We promised to keep this as a secret right?” Virgil asked and Lotus nkdded

“I always miss you every night” She mumbled and hugged him

“Me too,you know I love you so much” Virgil said and K!SSed her hair

“I love you more bear” Lotus said and they broke the hug

“Let’s go,even though it’s rainy” Virgil said and Lotus smiled

“You’re so handsome” she grinned

Virgil connected their lips gently and K!SSed her


Reed entered the mansion and met Mrs Lake about going into the dinning room

“Son!” She called in surprise and Reed immediately hugged her

“I missed you so much” He said

“I wanted to call you over tonight actually,but the rain stopped me. Join me son,I was just about to eat” Mrs Lakes said and Reed smiled

“Where’s Lotus?” He asked

“Oh,she went to a friend’s place for an assignment” Mrs Lakes replied

“Really?” Reed frowned

“Yeah,she return every night. I’m glad she got friends so soon anyway” Mrs Lakes smiled and Reed’s head jingled at once,a strong headache caught him

“What do you mean by she returns every night? Do you know her friend’s place?” He asked

“No i don’t,but I was planning to….”

‘You always plan to do things,mom it’s rainy outside there!” Reed said loudly


“I’m going to bring her home” He cut in and immediately walked out of the house

“That bastard” Reed muttered and he immediately dialed Virgil’s number but got no answer

“It better not be what I’m thinking,I’m going to kill him” he said and entered his car,driving off roughly in the rain as he tried tracking Lotus’s location.


Vanessa and Gigi rushed into the lounge at a time,they met Terence and Giovanni already on the system,the tracker on the killer was beeping so loudly and they are trying to get his location.

“What’s that?” Vanessa immediately asked when the location came on the screen and it was written boldly on their screen. ALS

“Our school?” Gigi was surprised too

“What’s going on? Why are we getting our school location instead of the killer….” Terence was still talking when Giovanni’s phone rang and he answered the call,he put it in a loud speaker so everyone could hear

“It’s Prof Kelly’s car” Valentino’s voice came up and everyone exchanged glances

“What do you mean?” Vanessa asked

“Prof Kelly’s car just drove out of the school,I’m going after him” Valentino said

“Don’t go alone!!!” Vanessa screamed but he already hanged up while everyone had a shocked expression on their faces.

“What the h**k is going on?” Gigi asked

“We need to follow Valentino” Vanessa said and like that they all rushed out of the lounge.


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