{ Romantic Hates… }

THEME; Entangled With You.


By: Summer Gold R.


There was total silence between Vanessa amd Valentino as they both sat down on the bed together,until Valentino spoke up

“Nessa” He called and Vanessa looked up almost nervously,she was almost regret evwr doing that In front of the whole students. By now their videos is already over the school blog and the students are giving them names already like VALNESSA,The combination of their names,but then it was something she couldn’t control at that moment

“I love you” Valentino said and Vanessa’s heart skipped a beat,

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked further


“I told you I don’t care about Moon or my mom,you’re the one I love” Valentino said akd Vanessa found herself smiling.

“I love you too Valentine” She said

Valentino pulled her up and made her sit on his laps

“You don’t even know how happy I am right now” he muttered

“How happy?” Vanessa asked

“My intestines are screaming out joyfully,too bad you can’t hear them” Valentino said

“No,I can hear” Vanessa muttered and Valentino chuckled

“I didn’t tell you in the morning,you look so hot babe” he said and Vanessa’s cheeks turned red,she hugged him gently

“Promise you won’t ever cheat on me?” She asked

“Never,I’m going to stop being a playboy,I will stop smoking,I will stop doing anything you don’t like,because I love you” Valentino said and Vanessa broke the hug.

She cupped his cheeks and his lips landed on his own,Valentino quickly took over the K!SS and pulled her on the bed. He K!SSed her so deeply and slowly,her soft Mõ@ɲs filled his mouth sweetly.

They were interrupted by Valentino’s phone so he broke tge K!SS

“I Need to go” he said and Vanessa nodded

“I will be back” He said and Vanessa nodded again wishing he would change his mind

Valentino K!SSed her eyes and went out of the room


Gigi walked through the parking lots and finally set her eyes on Nelson who was waiting beside his car,he’s been calling her for days but she ignored all but now he’s here so she have no choice than to meet him.

Nelson looked up immediately she got closer

“Babe….” He tried to hug him

“Don’t come closer” Gigi immediately moved back

“Is something wrong? I’ve been calling you for days Gigi…..”

“Seriously? Gosh,why are guys like this? How can you come here looking so innocent when you Fůçƙing have another girl?!” Gigi yelled and Nelson’s eyes widened

“Are you surprised?” Gigi asked


“You don’t have to talk,actually,I’ve btoken up with you,I didn’t tell you because there’s no reason for me to tell you Nelson,don’t ever call me again,bye” Gigi said and turbed to go big Nelson grabbed her hand

“Don’t Fůçƙing touch me!’ Gigi throw his hand off

“You should at least listen to me before breaking up with me” Nelson said

“Seriously? After seeing you K!SSing another girl,I should wait for explanation? What the h£ll do you take me for?! A fool?! You think I love you too much that I wanna die with you? What a joke” Gigi hissed and made to leave again

“Gigi” Nelson held her

“Let go of her” Terence’s voice came from behind anf Gigi turned

Nelson dropped Gigi’s hand

“Who’s he?” He asked

“What do you think?’ Terence asked and moved closer

Nelson faced Gigi

“Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking”

“I’m here boyfriend,so get lost and don’t ever touch her again if you love your hand” Terence said and pulled Gigi to his side

‘Gigi” Nelson called

“Leave Nelson” Gigi said and Terence began pulling her away.

“How did you know I was here?” Gigi asked ad Terence dragged her

“Do you really have to meet your ex boyfriend?” Terence asked anf released her hand

“I broke up with him on my own,he doesn’t even know” Gigi said and Terence sighed

“Be careful” He muttered

“But why did you tell him you’re my boyfriend?” Gigi snapped

“I was trying yo save you from unnecessary drama,you should appreciate that at least”

“It’s too early for me to have a boyfriend,what if he thinks…..”

“Why do you care about what he thinks? Do you still have feelings for him or what?! Why do you care if he thinks you’re dating too fast or not?!’ Terence shouted

“Why the h*lo are you shouting at me?! You’re also nothing to me! You boys are all the same!” Gigi yelled and walked away angrily

Terence bite his lips and roughed his hair

“Gosh why did I even got angry?” He muttered and sighed out before walking away


“What the Fůçƙ?!’ Mrs Clark exclaimed as she watched the video of Vanessa and Valentino K!SSing

“What is she doing?!!” She shouted angrily and took another phone immediately

She dialed her number but Vanessa didn’t answer the call

“That kid” Mrs Clark groaned and dropped her phone and roughed her hair.

Her PA suddenly entered

“Suga knock before coming in” Mrs Clark said

“I’m sorry ma’am” Suga bowed

“Don’t tell me I have to leave now” She said

“It’s almost two” Suga replied and she sighed out

“Gosh,I’m going to dress up okay?” She said and stood up from her seat.


Vanessa was awake,her eyes opened. She’s been expecting Valentino but seems he wouldn’t be coming,strangely the feelings grew even more deeper and now she’s missing him so badly than she would ever imagine.

She sat up on the bed and took her phone,she almost dialed his number when she suddenly heard a knock on her door

“Valentine'”she uttered and quickly rushed to open the door,revealing Valentino’s handsome face

“Have you been waiting for…..” Before he could finish,Vanessa pulled him In and slammed her lips on his own,shocking him. She broke the K!SS shortly after

“I missed you” She muttered and Valentino stared at her speechlessly

“I’m sorry I took so long” he said and she nodded

“Wanna go out?” He asked and Vanessa nodded

Valentino pecked her lips

“Then….let me take you to heaven” He whispers into her ear and her heart stopped for a minute

Valentino carried her at once and dropped her on the bed,his lips connected with her pink Ɲīpplës which was sticking out of her transparent nightie

“Gosh! Valentine!!’ Vanessa Mõ@ɲed out.



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