{ Romantic Hates… }

THEME; Entangled With You.


By: Summer Gold R.


Gigi was watching a movie in the living room when suddenly the door opened and Vanessa entered,she almost got up to hug her but when she saw Vanessa’s face,she stopped

“Pumpkin,are you okay?” She asked

Vanessa ignored her and went upstaurs

“What’s going on?” Gigi muttered and turned off the TV,she rushed upstairs and entered Vanessa’s room.

Vanessa was sitting on the bed with her face buried in her palms

“Baby,are you okay?” Gigi sat down beside her and touched her hair

Vanessa looked up and Gigi was surprised to see her teary eyes

“What happened?” She asked worriedly

“He’s……getting engaged” Vanessa said and Gigi’s eyes widened

“What?! Who?” She asked confusedly

“Valentino….his mom came with a strange girl,his fiancee” Vanessa said and wiped her tears

“I don’t even know why I’m crying right now,but….it hurts” She said

Gigi hugged her

“It’s because you’re in love with him” She said

Vanessa rest her head on Gigi’s shoulder

“But I’m sure Valentino loves you too,he won’t do that to you,trust me” Gigi said

After Gigi left,Vanessa got up to undress,her phone buzzed snd she checked the message. It’s from Valentino,he’s been calling her but she haven’t answered PR returned his calls. She actually left him with his mom and Moon so she doesn’t even know what was going on,she just wanted to stay away from him at that very moment.

She was still reading his message when she heard her window opening and without been told,she knew it’s Valentino and like that he entered.

“Nessa” He called

Vanessa ignored him and made to go into the bathroom but Valentino grabbed her hand

“Why are you here??” Vanessa asked

“Because you refused to answer my calls and I am so worried already” He replied

“Why are you here?? You should be with your Fiancee…..”

“Against my wish?? Isn’t it obvious already?” Valentino asked and Vanessa looked up

“Obvious? What?” She asked

“That I am in love with you Nessa,I really love you…”

“So now what? Huh? Do you expect me to be happy and tell you I love you too? Do you expect me to say that?!” She snapped and Valentino swallowed

“Are you going to reject me?” He asked in a soft voice

“You have a fiancee……”

“Does that matter?? I don’t care about any Fůçƙing thing my mom is gonna do anymore” Valentino said

“I like you okay? And I am even mad at myself for liking you this much” Vanessa said

Valentino pulled her into a hug

“But….I’m sorry,I can’t be your girlfriend if you have a fiancee” She mumbled against his shoulder

“Don’t worry about that,I know what to do” Valentino said

Vanessa sighed and hugged him back.


As Valentino entered the mansion,the guys all turned their heads at a time

“How was it?” Reed asked

Valentino sighed out and collapsed on the couch

“Seems like a bad one” Terence muttered

“Did you get rejected?” Virgil asked

“This is crazier than being rejected” Valentino muttered

“What happened?” Reed asked

“Sometimes I don’t know what my mom thinks in her head,can’t believe she got me a fiancee” Valentino said

“What?!!” The boys screamed

“A fiancee? Why?” Terence asked

“I don’t understand a thing bro,I don’t know why mom is acting this way” Valentino muttered

“Is she pretty?” Reed grinned and Terence slapped his head

“Does that matter right now?”

“Of course it matters” Reed chuckled

Valentino got up

“So what are you planning to do now?” Virgil asked

“I don’t care about anything she’s doing,I don’t care” Valentino said and went upstairs.

The moment he got to his room,he dialed Selena’s number


“Hey” Vanessa joined Gigi on the couch in the living room

“Are you okay now?” Gigi asked and Vanessa nodded,picking from the popcorn she was eating

“So…what are you planning to do?? Date him even though he has a fiancee?”

“I can’t do that,I won’t” Vanessa muttered

Just then,they heard the door bell and they exchanged glances

“Expecting someone?” Vanessa asked and Gigi shook her head

“It’s almost 10pm,who is it?” Gigi muttered

The door bell jingled again and they both got up and walked to tge door,Gigi opened and Vanessa frowned when she saw Moon,her bags on the floor

“Who are you?” Gigi asked

“New housemate,what else?” Moon said and came on,passing their middle. She turned to Vanessa

“Oh it’s you” She smirked

“What are you doing here?” Vanessa asked

“I don’t understand,the last time I checked,this school is not for you. And besides I was directed that this is supposed to be my house” Moon winked,looking around

Gigi turned to Vanessa

“Who’s she?” She asked

Vanessa only turned and went upstairs

“Can you show me the empty room?” Moon asked

“Find it yourself” Gigi hissed and went upstairs

“Are they crazy?? But,this is gonna be fun” Moon chuckled

Gigi entered Vanessa’s room

“Do you know her?…”

“That’s Valentino’s fiancee” Vanessa cut in and Gigi’s eyes widened

“What the heck?!!” She screamed

“We should move out of this place then” She said

“Are you crazy? Why should we do that? We have nothing to do with her okay? I don’t care about her” Vanessa scoffed amd Gigi smiled

“Trust me”


Ace and Pierce were about going out of the mansion when Giovanni walked in,he was looking so Fůçƙing rough

“Giovanni!” Pierce called and tried touching him

“Stop” Giovanni muttered,slapping his hands off

“Oh please,we’ve been worried about you since last night,you refused to pick our calls amd now you’re just going to ignore us?” Ace asked

“I want to be alone” Giovanni muttered and went upstairs

“Wow,what the Fůçƙ happened to him?” Ace muttered

“I think I get it now” Pierce said

“What happened?” Ace asked

“Vanessa rejected him” Pierce replied and Ace gasped

“Geez,is he planning to die just because of that?” He muttered

“Let’s go,you know he won’t talk until he’s calm” Pierce said and they both left the house.


Vanessa was walking with Gigi when suddenly they heard Valentino calling from behind. Vanessa stopped and turned to see Valentino running after her

“Are you trying to punish me? I’ve been calling you Nessa” Valentino said when he finally got to them

“I didn’t hear you” Vanessa said

“I was thinking…..”

“Baby!” Valentino was interrupted by Moon’s voice

The students passing by turned immediately,Moon ran to Valentino and hugged him

🗣 Baby?!

🗣 So it’s true that he’s engaged??

🗣 I thought it was Vanesaa

🗣 Wow I can’t believe this

Terence,Virgil and Reed were also walking toward them

Valentino pushed Moon away

“Are you crazy??” He asked

“No I’m not,I am your fiancee” Moon said

“Who cares? You can date yourself,not me” Valentino said

“Why? Because of her??” Moon asked,glaring at Vanessa

“What happened to her??” Gigi asked

“I don’t think they look so good Together I’m saying she doesn’t deserve Valentino,I heard she’s a Ɓîtçh” Moon smirked

“What did you just say?” Gigi asked,moving closer to her

“Gigi” Vanessa stopped Gigi and moved forward instead

“What $h|t did you just spilled out?” Vanessa asked

“I said you’re just a Ɓîtçh” Moon said and Vanessa slapped her sp hard on her face

Moon raised her hand to return the slap but Valentino grabbed her hand

“Let go of me!” Moon shouted,glaring at Vanessa

“Just get lost” Valentino said

“No,I’m not done with her yet” Vanessa smirked and tied up her hair in a pony tail,she gave Gigi her bag

“Nessa…” Valentino tried to say something

“Stop me and don’t talk to me again” Vanessa glared at Valentino and he immediately kept quiet

“Come here Ɓîtçh” Vanessa grabbed Moon’s hair

“Ahh!!!! Leave me alone!!” She screamed as Vanessa dragged her into the nearest class and then shut the door

Everything was follow by loud screams of Moon.



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