{ Crazy Love…}

Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

By, Prechy Lee

Chapter 7&8



Maisie was at the living room looking at magazines

“Maisie”Mrs Lorenzo called

“Yes Mom”Maisie replied

“Your Grandpa would be coming in any minute quick go get change”Mrs Theodore said

“No need for that”Maisie said

“Why??”Mrs Theodore

“He’s only coming back home it’s not like we’re attending a banquet”Maisie rolled her eyes

Mrs Theodore sighed before she walked to the door. Maisie isn’t in good terms with her Grandpa

She opened the door with a smile

“Father”She called sweetly

“My daughter”He replied

“You’re highly welcome”Mrs Theodore said

“Mother”Elsie called with a smile

“Ohh my precious girl”Mrs Theodore said before she hugged her

“Have missed you so much”Elsie said

“Me too”Mrs Theodore said

“I hope the both of you are not planning to keep me standing”Grandpa Lorenzo said

“Sorry father”Mrs Theodore said before they started walking inside

“Welcome back”Maisie said without lifting her head

Grandpa Lorenzo stared at her

“You’re back??”Grandpa Lorenzo asked

Maisie raised up her head and looked at her Grandfather

“Yes”She replied bluntly

“Maisie”Elsie called rushing towards her

Maisie stood up and walked past her ignoring her sweet talks

“Invite my grandson’s over for dinner”Grandpa Lorenzo said

“Okay father”Mrs Lorenzo said

“Grandpa you need to rest okay let’s go upstairs”Elsie said before she placed his arm around her neck

Grandpa Lorenzo smiled at her. Mrs Lorenzo sighed before she entered her room


Isabella laid on the bed lazily. All thanks to Trefor she would have been locked up in the pitch dark room

Her phone rang snapping her out of her thoughts. She took her phone and she checked the caller ID it turns out to be her Grand Father

“Grandpa”Isabella called sweetly

“Who’s this??”Grandpa Theodore asked

Isabella creased her brows she removed the phone from her ear and she checked the caller id again to be sure of who she’s talking to

“Grandpa it’s me Isabella”Isabella said

“Are you sure??”Grandpa Theodore asked

“Yes Grandpa”Isabella said

“The Isabella i know will always call to check on me all the time”Grandpa Theodore said

Isabella chuckled. She has obviously forgot to check on her Grandpa. She hit her head in frustration

“Am so sorry Grandpa i was obviously busy and stressed out”Isabella said

“I will come prepare your favorite just like how Grandma taught me”Isabella said

Grandpa Theodore smiled sweetly

“You act just like your Mother”Grandpa Theodore said

Isabella smile immediately turned into a frown

‘ Like my Mother??No way i don’t act like my Mother,never ever. Am not like her in anyway ‘ Isabella disagreed inwardly

“Can i ask you something Grandpa??”Isabella asked

“Sure go ahead”Grandpa Theodore replied

“If my mom was a psycho like me would you have allowed your son to get married to her??”Isabella asked

Silence immediately reigned between them

“Be honest with me”Isabella repeated

“As far as my son is ready to treat and take care of her”Grandpa Theodore replied

“Then do you think I’ll ever get married??”Isabella asked

“You will Isabella believe me when i say that right perfect man awaits you”Grandpa Theodore said

Isabella sighed deeply

“Will you have lunch with me??”Grandpa Theodore asked

“Yes”Isabella replied

“Ok meet me at Crystal Hotel 1:00″Grandpa Theodore said

“Okay Grandpa”Isabella said with a smile before the call ended

“Am obviously not like my mother who died miserably because of love”Isabella hissed


Annette and Cosette stood at the bridge. They were enjoying their blissful time, eating, laughing and taking pictures

“Wow today is really a wonderful day for me”Cosette said

“Me either,just that am worried about my sister”Annette said

“Maltida??”Cosette asked

“Yeah Isabella almost killed her”Annette said

“Really??how??”Cosette asked worriedly

“Isabella slit the side of her neck with her useless daggers”Annette said

“Holy $h|t”Cosette exclaimed loudly

“Why would she do such a thing??”Cosette asked

“She’s mad remember”Annette said

“Yeah”Cosette said

“Oh my goodness is that Jayden??”Cosette asked

“Where??”Annette asked

“Look”Cosette said pointing her fingers

Annette snapped her head towards the direction Cosette pointed to

“So cute”Cosette said

“And charming”Annette added

“He’s coming here”Cosette said

“Wait how do i look??”Annette asked

“Great and me??”Cosette asked

“Perfect”Annette replied

Jayden walked up to them with a smile

“Hello ladies”Jayden said sweetly

“Hello”They both chorused

“What are you pretty girls doing here alone??”Jayden asked

“Just having fun i guess”Annette replied

“Jayden”someone called from behind

“Sup man”Jayden said before they both shook hands

“Cool”Axel replied

“Hi am Axel”Axel said extending his hands to Cosette

“Am Cosette but you can call me Coco”Cosette replied before she accepted his handshake with a smile

“Annette”Annette said accepting his hand also

“Nice meeting you both”Axel said

“You too”They both replied

“Hmm i thought i was the one talking to them before”Jayden said

“That’s before”Axel said

Annette and Cosette chuckled

“Well am Jayden”Jayden introduced himself

“You already know out names already”Cosette said

“Yeah, would you guys hang out with us for a while??”Jayden asked

Annette felt Ɓụťťerflies in her stomach

“Yeah sure”Annette replied

Axel immediately grabbed Annette hands before Jayden could hold her. Jayden frowned before he held Cosette hands

Annette frowned inwardly while Cosette kept on grinning from ear to ear


Isabella came down from her car before she entered the hotel. The hotel looks beautiful and Gigantic but it didn’t move Isabella

“Why build a magnificent hotel so people can commit suicide easily”Isabella hissed

Natalie was walking while operating her phone. She bumped into Isabella almost sending her down,she continued walking without looking back

“Hey you blind bat”Isabella said annoyingly

Natalie stopped on her tracks and she turned back only to see Isabella standing there

“What’s going on here”

“Is that Natalie with the mad girl”

“Did she just called her a blind bat??”

People kept on murmuring

“Are you talking to me??”She asked confusedly

“No am talking to the person behind you of course it’s you idiot”Isabella said calmly

“Watch your language”Natalie warned

“Or else what??huh??tell me what are you going to do??”Isabella asked

“Don’t cross my path”Natalie warned

“Your path??what path??what path are you talking about??”Isabella asked expressionlessly

“Is it the path of you being foolish or the path of you being useless or rather the path of you being an idiot and shameless Ɓîtçh??”Isabella asked staring at her intently

Natalie stood rooted to the floor in shock

“Listen to me very carefully this is no longer the 13 years old me anymore”Isabella said

“You mess with me and wait for the repercussions, idiot”Isabella hissed before she walked away

” So shameful”

“She just insulted Natalie”

“Oh my God”

Natalie stared at her retreating back before she turned back and walked away in embarrassment without staring at anyone

“Good afternoon ma’am”The female receptionist greeted

Isabella ignored her greetings waiting for what she will say next

“Welcome to Royal De Hotel,how can we help you??”She asked politely

“Am here to have lunch”Isabella replied

“Do you have a reserved table??”She asked

“No but my….”

“Sorry will can’t help you”She said calmly

Isabella stared at her with a frown,she wasn’t done talking yet and this little fool cutted her off

“She didn’t reserved a table and she’s here”

“What a useless psycho”

“Guess she’s here to destroy this hotel as always”

Isabella folded her fist,she bit her lip hard to push the anger back.

‘This people are really getting on my nerves, don’t they have any better thing to do with their lifes’ Isabella said inwardly

“My Grandfather reserved a table for the both of us okay”Isabella said

“Name??”She asked

“Chairman Hamilton’s or Theodore the owner of Ham’s Company”Isabella said

The receptionist stares at her in shock. She has been wondering where she has seen her face before and now it turns out to be her

Fear immediately gripped her. She was typing on the computer really fast to check the reservations

Her throat tightened when she couldn’t see any reservations under that name

“Ma…Ma… Madam there’s no reservations with that name”She muttered

Isabella frowned deepened.

‘Is she crazy?? What does she mean by no reservations under that name??’ Isabella said inwardly

“Isabella”Someone called from behind

The receptionist heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the manager

“The reservations was made under her name and i made it clear to you earlier”The Manager said

All the workers including the receptionist was shocked. They haven’t see their stoic Manager helped some one out no matter their reputation

“Come with me”The Manager said

Isabella nod her head before she followed him


“Kimberly Kimberly”Natalie yelled loudly before she fling her bag across the room

“Woah woah woah babe calm down”Kimberly said

“What happened to you??”Kimberly asked

“I hate her i hate her”Natalie shouted

“Hate who??are you okay??”Kimberly asked with concern

“Okay??do i look okay to you??”Natalie asked

“Not really okay tell me what happened”Kimberly asked

“That Ɓîtçh,that bastard,that useless girl dare humiliate me in front of everyone”Natalie said

“Who??”Kimberly asked

“Isabella of course”Natalie asked

“Isabella??you mean that freaky psycho??”Kimberly asked

“Yes yes yes”Natalie replied covering her eyes with her palms

“She has really grown some wings”Kimberly scoff

“She has building a thick and big walls around her,we can’t hurt her neither would what will say affect her anymore”Natalie said

“Really?? thought she was a crying baby”Kimberly said

“That was then she was so calm why insulting and disgracing me”Natalie said

“Wow this is unbelievable”Kimberly said

“I will get her for this i promise”Natalie said hatefully

Kimberly relaxed her back on the wall trying to think what happened to Isabella during those years she was been locked up


“Wassup babe”The other person on the line said cheerfully

“Cool you??”Maltida asked

“Cool”She replied

“So how’s your health??”She asked

“Great at least i didn’t die”Maltida said

“Yeah that’s something to be happy about”She said

“About the couple banquet who’s your date??”She asked

“Mila”Maltida called

“Don’t tell me you don’t have anyone in mind??”Mila asked

“No one”Maltida replied shaking her head as if Mila could see her

“C’mon babe,ok who do you have in mind??”Mila asked

“No one”Maltida answered again

“Would you rather go on a blind date??”Mila asked

“What are you saying??”Maltida scoff

“Ok what about my brother??”Mila asked

Maltida heart skipped a beat she has been crushing on Mila brother right from when she was a child till now

“Bet he has a girlfriend”Maltida said

“No way Axel would obviously accept you after i made him a deal on something”Mila said

“Hmm i hope he agrees with you”Maltida said

“What about you??”Maltida asked

“Jayden i guess”Mila said

“Jayden that big time play boy??”Maltida asked

“Yes”Mila replied

“Are you going to get him to be yr partner for a day??”Maltida asked

“Don’t worry leave that up to me okay”Mila said

Maltida rolled her eyes

“Okay”She replied


“Grandpa”Isabella called before she ran to him and hugged him

“Guess you’re planning to kill me with your bear hug”Grandpa Theodore said

Isabella chuckled before she sat down

“You look beautiful as always”Grandpa Theodore said

“Oh Grandpa stop flattering me”Isabella said with a blush

“I hope work isn’t stressing you out??”Grandpa Theodore asked

“Of course not”Isabella replied before her eyes fell on the dishes on the table

“You ordered my favorite”Isabella said

“Yes eat eat eat”Grandpa Theodore said

Isabella immediately picked up the fork and she started eating. She felt someone eyes on her she raised up her head and she saw her Grandpa staring at her

“Grandpa are you not eating??”Isabella asked

“Seeing you eating is enough for me”Grandpa said

Isabella cheeks became deep red

“No Grandpa don’t say that you need to eat”Isabella said

“I can see you keen to your promise”Grandpa Theodore said

“Yes Grandpa i told you i will try my best which am doing,i obviously stopped fighting and drinking”Isabella said

“Good”Grandpa Theodore said

Grandpa Theodore smiled two things he liked about Isabella is that she doesn’t make promise she can’t keen to and she also an open minded person

Isabella nod her head before she continued eating

“Do you intend on going on a blind date??”Grandpa Theodore asked

Isabella immediately became stiffened

“No Grandpa the last one i went to was a disater am not interested”Isabella said

“I just want someone who will love me for who i am and me not been pretentious”Isabella said

Grandpa smiled before he started eating


“Everybody was sited at the dinning table including Alex and Jayden. Maisie kept quiet as always

“So Jayden have you started working in the company??”Grandpa Lorenzo asked

Jayden dropped his fork before he cleared his throat

“Yes Grandpa”Jayden replied

“Good cause my offer of you and Maisie joining the military still stands”Grandpa Lorenzo said

Maisie immediately choked on her food she grabbed some water and drank from it

“Are you okay??”Mrs Lorenzo asked

“Yes”Maisie replied

Maisie frowned inwardly she hates the fact that he’s always threatening her with that

She rather die than work in the military under her Grand Father and her father

“Brother Alex where’s my gift”Elsie asked

Alex stared at her

“I forgot i will get it for you another time”Alex replied

Elsie immediately formed a sad face

“Sister Maisie”Elsie called

“Sister Maisie”She called again

Maisie ignored her and she continued eating

“Maisie”Grandpa Lorenzo called

Maisie immediately looked up

“Yes Grandpa”She replied

“What’s wrong with you??”Grandpa Lorenzo asked

“Nothing am fine as you can see”Maisie said

“Will you continue ignoring your sister??”Grandpa Lorenzo asked

“She’s not my sister,this girl is not my sister”Maisie said

“Enough of this your useless talks”Grandpa Lorenzo snapped

“No it’s not enough it’s not, you’ll transferred the love you once had for me to her,yes her Grandfather saved your life in the battle field and you promised him that Alex will get married to her fine am not complaining but you all you all treated me like trash for years no one no one cares about me no one…”Maisie snapped

Elsie bit her lower lip

Maisie remembered everything. When they scolded her after Elsie lied for been bullied by her,how Alexander stood up for her all the time and Jayden plays with her and she was been left alone all by herself

“Did you bother asking me how i was doing did you??let me get this thing straight to you Elsie my brother Alex will never ever get married to a scum bag like you”Maisie said

Elsie immediately started crying she rushed to Grandpa Lorenzo and tugged his shirt

“Grandpa Grandpa look how she behaving towards me”Elsie said crying

“Maisie”Grandpa yelled angrily

“See what am saying…”

“Enough Maisie”Alex said calmly

Maisie wiped her tears before she walked out

Jayden stood up before he followed Maisie

“Cry baby”He stifled a laugh

“When will you ever grow??”Jayden asked

“Don’t let me strangle you brother”Maisie said

“Your strength can’t match with mine kid sis”Jayden said before he walked past her


“Elsie come here”Mrs Lorenzo said

Elsie immediately ran to her

“It’s okay it’s okay now stop crying”Mrs Lorenzo coaxed rubbing her back

Maisie sat on the floor staring at the wall. She was in the secret layer only she and Alex knows about

She was lubricating on her thoughts. This was obviously the reason she left the main masion and never returned until now

She sighed deeply when she remembered how her brother’s always sided with Elsie

The Lorenzo family are known for their business and military. Grandpa Lorenzo is a general in the military while her father is a Commander

Commander Elliot saved her Grand Father during the civil war and Grandpa Lorenzo promised he will get his only last family Elsie to get married to Alex

The door opened and Alex walked in he stared at her before he went over to her and sat down beside her staring at the wall also

Maisie ignored him

“I wonder what’s so special about this particular wall”Alex said

“He’s my only friend and family”Maisie said

Alex stared at her with a creased brows

“What am i to you potato??”Alex asked

“I guess”Maisie replied

“Ha ha ha not funny”Alex frowned




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