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Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

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By, Prechy Lee




Maltida opened her eyes lazily only to meet her family staring at her. “What’s going on??”

“The question is how did you get here”Came Annette words

“Where’s is he??”Maltida asked anxiously

“Can’t believe you’re asking about him”Isabella rolled her eyes,she managed to save them as quick as possible and now instead of asking how she’s still alive she’s asking about something else

“We both got into an accident don’t you think am supposed to ask about him??”Maltida frowned after listening to Isabella words

“Ok am out of here”Isabella stood up and walked out leaving the rest of the families

“How are you??”Came Mrs Theodore next statement

“Am fine as you can see”Maltida replied

“Why would you help a drunk person that late at night??”Mrs Theodore was really angry at Maltida and it was evident on her face,she couldn’t help but be grateful to Isabella who saved them at once

“Who saved us??”Maltida asked because if she could remember she passed out in shock immediately they hit a car

“You hit Isabella car from behind and you know how she behaves right?? So she came down angrily only to find you unconscious inside the car”Annette narrated

“Oh so she saved me??”Maltida asked

“It turns out to be”Annette replied

“Stay away from Axel and that’s a command not a request”Mrs Theodore said as a finality

“I can’t Mother”Maltida stared at her Mother with wide eyes,she can’t possibly be serious

“Oh yes i can,what if you lost your life??”Mrs Theodore was still very angry. When she heard Maltida had an accident last night she was so scared that she had to rush to the scene and now Maltida is behaving in a way that’s making her angry

“But i didn’t die did I??”Maltida asked

“Enough have spoken and you dare not defile my decision”Mrs Theodore bang the door hard after she walked out of the room leaving Annette behind

“Hmm sorry sis”Annette apologize because Maltida is in this mess all because of her

“I want to be alone”Maltida faced the other side backing Annette. Annette stood up and walked out

Maltida covered herself up with the duvet feeling sad. She has been banned from seeing someone her heart beats for. She couldn’t possibly leave Axel alone after seeing the condition he was yesterday

She couldn’t help but wondered what was going on with him,he was looking so sad and gloomy she failed to asked him knowing Axel won’t tell her a thing



“Good morning ma”An employee greeted

“Morning”Isabella replied

“Chairman Ham wants you to meet him in his office”The guy said

Isabella eyes burged out in shock,her Grandfather his finally in the company. She hasn’t been in the company for weeks and now he’s back

“You never told me about this??”Isabella muttered with a frown

“About what??”@$$ Bai asked confusely. She stepped some feet’s away from Isabella when she saw her looks

“That my Grandfather has been in the company all this while”Isabella hissed loudly,she was really down fall her Grandfather is surely going to scold the hell out of her

“Am sorry i thought you knew about it”@$$ Bai bowed her head. Isabella didn’t bother staring at her nor did she replied her instead she walked towards her Grand Father office

@$$ Bai raised up her head when she heard footsteps getting far and far away from her. Isabella entered the elevator without calling or waiting for her

“Damn she’s mad at me but it’s not my fault right??”@$$ Bai asked no one in particular

“Oh yes it’s your fault,as an @$$ you must give records of everything you saw,heard or know and you just failed woefully”He laughed loud evoking anger in @$$ Bai

“You better keep your mouth shut blockhead”@$$ Bai yelled before she ran towards the elevator

“You’re the blockhead not me”He frowned deep



“Grandpa”Isabella called sweetly after she entered the office

“Grab a seat”Came Grandpa Ham words. Isabella walked to the chair opposite her Grandpa and she sat on it facing him

“Never knew we could go apart this much”He was really sad about how things turns out to be,Isabella no longer cared about him as usual and now Trefor and Annette are equally playing her role

“Am–sorry”Isabella quickly apologize

“No need to apologize”He wasn’t going to get all sweet with her just because she admitted she’s wrong

“From the records you haven’t been in your office for almost two weeks now,what happened??”He asked with a straight face

“I— wasn’t feeling too fine Grandpa”Isabella said hoping her Grand Father will buy her little lie

“Ok hope you’re fine now??”He asked

“Yes Grandpa”Isabella replied with a sweet smile

“Good,heard you made a deal with Leo’s Motors to work on a certain project??”Grandpa Ham asked

“Yes Grandpa”Isabella replied

“Outline me about it”Grandpa Ham said before he sat down well in his chair

“Umm we’re opening a big and massive place that will look like a city,where tourist will be able to visit frequently. We’re going to make it look charming and attractive to the eyes. They are incharged of feeling the place with cars of different kind while we’re incharged of the restaurant part you know. They will be places like Zoo and Musuem inside the small city…”Isabella trailed off

“And other fantasies place,they will be vacant rooms for people incase they will like to stay for a vacation,Water fountains and an available beach with other games sites and different stuffs”Isabella narrated

Grandpa Ham rubbed his chin in satisfaction, “That’s a very nice idea”

“No body has ever taught of opening something like this which made it a really massive idea from a genius. Am sure the Lorenzo couldn’t help but partner with you”Grandpa Ham said

Isabella smile broadened,she couldn’t help but praised herself inwardly. Her GrandFather is really pleased with her ideas. They’re surely going to make a lot of money from her project though they will have to spend alot but it’s best to invest much just to gain in massive

“Leaving your @$$ to handle something like this isn’t right”Grandpa Ham said making Isabella smile die down

“The Lorenzo will think you ain’t serious with it, you’re supposed to be the one they will see and not your @$$”Grandpa Ham was disappointed to see that Isabella hasn’t yet visited the site ever since the project beginned

“I will visit the site today”Isabella muttered

“Good to hear,am believing you in this project and don’t $©®£w it up”Grandpa Ham said

“I won’t fail you Grandpa”Isabella smiled in the sweetest way ever

“You can leave”He ordered before he faced his computer

After some seconds he raised up his head when he didn’t hear any sounds from the doors, “Anything else??”

“Are you still angry at me??”Isabella couldn’t help but ask, knowing how her sweet her Grand Father was to her but now he doesn’t look like that again

“Shouldn’t I be angry??”Grandpa Ham asked

“Oh you think i believed those little lies of yours??”

Isabella jaws dropped,she thought he believed her since he didn’t ask her any more questions


“I didn’t question you further?? Yes cause it’s impractical”Grandpa Ham said

“Now get to work and don’t forget to close those mouth of yours”

Isabella felt her face turned crimson red in embarrassment. She stood up and hurtle out without looking back at her Grand Father

“He always embarrassing me in every chance he got”Isabella muttered covering her face with her palms

“Ma”@$$ Bai called

“We’re going to the site now”Isabella said before walking to the elevator and @$$ Bai followed behind



“When is she going to wake up??”Mrs Eobard asked

“That’s what am not sure of”Doctor Ben couldn’t lie to her by predicting something he isn’t sure of

“Please my sweet Ariel wake up soon, don’t leave me alone like your Father and siblings did”Mrs Eobard said in tears

Doctor Ben stared at the crying woman with a sad look. He his actually feeling her pain caused he has been there too. The feeling of losing everyone you loved and now having just one behind that you won’t want to lose at all cost

“She’s going to be fine Aunt she’s already out of danger”He coaxed sweetly

“Are you sure??”Mrs Eobard asked wiping her tears

“Yes Aunt”Doctor Ben said nodding her head

“Thank you Thank you very much”Mrs Eobard thanked him, she’s really grateful to him for having hopes that her Ariel is still alive

“You don’t have to thank me Aunt,I can possibly do it for any other person”He muttered

“That’s so nice of you”She said

“If you don’t mind,can i at least know a little bit of what happened to the rest of your family??”He asked

“I overhead you saying she’s the only person you have left,just like how my sister is the only person i have left”Doctor Ben said in a husky voice

A hush fell on Mrs Eobard after Doc Ben asked about something she has hidden deep in heart not to speak of. She opened her mouth to say something when she was interrupted by the opening of the door

“Aunt”Val called before she stepped in

“Oh Doctor Ben you’re here”Val said with a smile before staring at Mrs Eobard

“Yeah umm i will take my leave now talk to you Mrs Eobard another time please do take care of yourself”He said earning a nod from Mrs Eobard

“Miss Enoch”He smiled at Val before he walked out. Val kept on smiling despite the fact that he was gone

“Ahem…mmm”Mrs Eobard cleared her throat gaining Valarie attention

“Oh Aunt how are you??”Val asked

“Am fine what’s with the smile??”Mrs Eobard asked starring at the door

“He’s gone now spill it out”Mrs Eobard said with a curious look

“Ther–there– is nothing to spill out”Val stuttered

“Then why are you smiling??”Mrs Eobard asked

“Nothing,he have a good sense of humour that’s all”Val said

“Hmm never knew”Mrs Eobard said

“How’s she fairing??”Val asked changing the topic. She couldn’t continue discussing about someone who she’s having a crush on. She’s definitely going crazy that she’s sure of

“He said she’s going to wake up soon”Mrs Eobard said staring at Ariel pale face



“You mean she’s in town??”Charles asked

“Am not surprised you’re not aware”Tiana made her return a secret that he knows about

“Haven’t been in the country for days now”Charles said

“You went out with your Dad??”Alex asked in disbelief

“Yeah he kept on forcing me to assist him to a fancy banquet where those old men daughters dresses like princess”Charles said before he stuffed a chicken meat into his mouth

“Guess he found a perfect bride for you”Alex laughed loud knowing what Charles Father can do

“Hmm guess you planned it with him”Charles said

“He his your father so he has a right to do that”Alex smiled

“I can also find a bride for you too”Charles said with a smile

“Too bad you’re not my Father”Alex chuckled while Charles scoff

“But am older than you”He smiled making Alex frown

“Just months”Alex said

“Get to my month if it’s easy since it’s just months”Charles laughed loud.This is the only way he gets to Alex

“Ain’t funny”Alex scoff

“So you think Tiana is behind it??”Charles asked looking all serious

“Am not that sure but she was shot while she was about to tell me a grave secret of Tiana”Alex said remembering how Ariel screamed out his name

“She’s surely full of evils”Charles scoff

“Something is quite off with them”Alex said staring at something

“What is it??”Charles asked curiously

“Crystal made mention of her Grandfather being alone”Alex said

“So??”Charles asked confusedly

“Elder Mark hasn’t been in this country ever since they won the last war,he refused to come back and it’s been 23 years”Alex muttered still staring at something

“What are you trying to say??”Charles asked not getting his point

“Tiana and Crystal has been in town for quite some time now and they are surely leaving with Elder Mark younger brother”Alex said

“And..”Charles asked impatiently

“She has been harbouring a plan for very long time using her daughter as a bait”

“Tiana is feeding Crystal up with lies and it’s really wrong that she’s also using her situation just to get my attention is bad and she’s obviously the cost of it”Alex said

“Now why are you talking about all this things??”Charles asked

“Because she’s up to something not good and am going to get to it”Alex stood up and walked away

Charles stared at him confusely, “Now where are you going to??”

He stood up and ran after him



“Do you enjoy the feeling of being here??”Someone asked from behind. Maisie turned back only to see Lincoln behind him

“Li–Lin–Lincoln”Maisie stuttered

“It’s Lincoln”Lincoln smiled

“Yeah sorry”Maisie blushed

“What are you doing here?? If i could remember i also saw you here the last time under this same tree”Lincoln said

“Am just here to get something clear but you don’t have to worry about me”Maisie smiled

“Ok since you’re here mind if we have a drink together in the bar side??”Lincoln asked

“You’re asking me for a drink??”Maisie couldn’t believe her ears right now

“Yes if you’re declining my offer am just gonna turn bac–”

“No i didn’t say so”Maisie grabbed him by his arm. Lincoln stared down at his arms before staring at her

Maisie immediately let go of his arms before she composed herself well

“So is that a yes then??”Lincoln asked

“Yes i accept your offer”Maisie said

“Good let’s go”Lincoln said before walking further and Maisie followed behind him



Isabella sat down in a brick feeling tired. She has been shouting and talking ever since she arrived. The workers are really frustrating and they ain’t getting anything straight

“Ma do you need a water??”@$$ Bai asked

“Yes”Isabella quickly replied. Her throat as really dried off

@$$ Bai handed the mineral water to her and Isabella gulped down everything in a rush before she felt a weird feeling

She stared at @$$ Bai before observing her surrounding just so she will be sure danger isn’t coming her way

“Thank you”Isabella muttered before she dropped the can beside her

“Is this what you have been enduring for weeks??”Isabella asked with a tired look

“Yes ma and i can control them now perfectly without stress”@$$ Bai smiled

‘ Hmm that’s good for you,I wouldn’t have sent you here earlier instead i would have knew them well before sending you here ‘

‘ Now am the one stressing out and not you’ Isabella said inwardly

“Hey be careful don’t spill that on me”Isabella said when she saw a worker carrying something heavy on his head but his steps weren’t steady

Isabella used her palms to cover the sunlight from shoning on her face

“Steady pl..” She didn’t get to finished her words before the worker finally poured what he was carrying on her body. Isabella frowned after she felt the cold mixed cement on her

“Boss”@$$ Bai exclaimed loudly

“What’s wrong with you??”@$$ Bai asked bashfully

Isabella stood up angrily ready to struggle the person who humiliated to her death

“You…”She trailed off after seeing the person face




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