{ Crazy Love…}

Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

By, Prechy Lee

Chapter 39&40




Isabella woke up quite late because she was really tired. It wasn’t weekend yet and she isn’t obviously free for the day. She has lots of work on her palms

She walked to the bathroom and brushed her teeth before heading downstairs. Her family was there as usual

“Good morning Isabella”Mrs Theodore greeted. Isabella stared at her wondering what she was going to say next

“Since you can’t greet your elders in the morning”Mrs Theodore said

“Morning Tabatha”She replied. Mrs Theodore frowned at Isabella before she continued eating

“So how’s you and Alex doing Maltida??”Mrs Theodore asked. Isabella pursed before she glanced at Maltida who was kind of shocked by her Mom statement

“We….We are..are fine”Maltida stuttered

“Good to hear”Mrs Theodore said

“Which Alex are we talking about??”Annette asked curiously

“Which Alex do you think??”Mrs Theodore asked

“Mr Lorenzo??”Annette asked

“You said it not me”Mrs Theodore was actually picking at Isabella. Isabella kept quiet without saying anything to them

Annette glanced at Isabella and Maltida before starring at her Mom. She knew her Mother was actually playing a deadly game with Isabella

“Annette??”Mrs Theodore called

“Yes”She replied

“Your Dad wants you to join Trefor at the company”Mrs Theodore said

“What?? Mom no,am already a model,i can’t possibly switch to a business woman”Annette said in a rush

“He made the decision not me”Mrs Theodore said

“So much for someone who’s warms the bed and couch everyday”Isabella said while eating

Mrs Theodore snapped her head to Isabella, “Hmm so much from a person like you”

“If you’re not lazy why don’t you join the company Instead if sitting at home all day??”Isabella asked

“Mind the way you speak to me Isabella”Mrs Theodore said with a deadly voice

“And mind the way you speak too,you can’t just say whatever word that’s in your mouth out loud”Isabella said annoyingly

“My sister is not joining Trefor in the company and that’s it,you can’t force her to change her occupation. If you’re not to busy then join the company, unless you’re of no good”Isabella said

“Isabella”Mrs Theodore yelled angrily

“Don’t,Don’t ever yell out my name like that ok,am not your daughter Tabatha don’t forget”Isabella said coldly

“Now i know why your Mom left you”Mrs Theodore said

“Please tell me”Isabella said starring at her intently

“Don’t worry you will know very soon and you will surely hate yourself for it”Mrs Theodore said

“Hate myself for it??”Isabella laughed

“The only person i hate is you and I blame her for her death and nobody else. Trying to spite me with my Mother’s death isn’t going to work Tabatha”Isabella said with a smirk

“If i can’t have a good breakfast here in the house i will go get it somewhere”Isabella said before she stood up and walked out

“So early”Maltida muttered

“Get out the both of you now get out”Mrs Theodore shouted

“But am not done eating”Annette said while Maltida stood up and walk away

“Get out”She shouted. Annette stood up with an angry face

“Such useless children who can’t stand up for their Mom”Mrs Theodore hissed


“Take it take everything and get out”Ariel said

“Arielle”Bianca called

“I don’t ever want to hear my name with those mouth of yours”Ariel said

“Getting angry at me isn’t going to work Ariel”Bianca said

“Then what is going to work forgiveness??”Ariel asked

“You should have known by now that i don’t ask forgiveness from anybody”Bianca said


“Well i thought you were going to beg me to give you back the spotlight”Bianca said

“Even if everybody in this world were to be dead i will never beg you for anything”Ariel said

“If you’re talking about the spotlight,then don’t worry it’s very easy from me to take it back from you”Ariel said

“It’s as easy as you think uhhnn??”Bianca chuckled

“Listen to me very carefully,try as hard as you can but you can never take it back”Bianca smirked

“What does belongs to someone can easily be taken back by the owner or someone else”Ariel said

“Now pack your stuffs and leave your presence suffocates me”Ariel said annoyingly

Bianca glared at her before she picked up her luggage “Bianca”She heard her name

“When was the last time you took your bath??”Ariel asked covering her nose with her hands

“Pardon??”Bianca asked

“You’re smelling or can’t you smell yourself??”Ariel asked

“Oh God i need to make use of my spray after you’re gone”Ariel said dramatically

“You’re the one who’s smelling”Bianca said

“I agree just go”Ariel said shooing her with her hands

Bianca frowned at her, “You dirty thing”

Ariel laughed hard, “Just go ok,and keep the spotlight when i need it I will come get it back Bianca the smelly goat”

Bianca left the house angrily making Ariel laughed the more



“What’s going on??”Trefor asked

“Nothing”Isabella replied

“Then it’s a shocking thing you’re here”Trefor said

“Why are you here??”He asked

“So am no longer allowed here right??”Isabella asked

“Don’t change my words”Trefor said

“So….”Isabella trailed off

“I just want to spend some time with my brother or am prohibited from doing so??”Isabella asked

“You’re not prohibited Isabella,your sudden visit here after how many years needs some questioning”Trefor said

“Ah ok…your Mom wants Annette to quit her modelling career so she can work here with you”Isabella said

“So you’re here because of her??”Trefor asked

“Kind of”Isabella replied

“Wow”Trefor exclaimed

“Wow what??”Isabella asked confusedly

“So you do care about Annette”Trefor said

“Isn’t she my sister??”Isabella asked

“Yes Yes Yes she’s. You finally came to the company after 10 years just because of Annette,am quite impress”Trefor said clapping his hands

“Stop you’re making me blush”Isabella said dramatically

“So what do you want me to do??”Trefor asked

“Is that even a question??”Isabella asked

“You’re supposed to stop your Mom from killing Annette career”Isabella said

“Ok i will see it to it”Trefor said

“Not see to it,you will stop it”Isabella said before she stood up

“I will be heading towards my office now have a good day”Isabella said before he walked out

“Hmm she’s obviously changing for good”Trefor said. Almost immediately his telephone rang

“Sir”His Secretary called

“What is it??”Trefor asked

“A woman is here to see you”The girl said

“Let her in”Trefor commanded

“Ok sir”The girl replied

Trefor dropped the telephone while starring at the door wondering who’s here to see him. The door opened and Tessa walked in with a bag

“Tess”Trefor called

“You’re….here”Trefor said shockingly. Never did he expected the girl his secretary talked about to be his wife Tessa

“Yes”Tessa replied

“Umm i was heading to the company so i decided to bring breakfast for you since you didn’t had one before leaving”Tessa said without starring at him

“That’s…so nice of you”Trefor said with a smile

“Can i have it??”He asked

“Yes sure”Tessa replied before she placed the flask on his table

“So you’re finally resuming??”Trefor asked

“Yeah”Tessa replied. Trefor stood up before he walked to her

“You’re no longer mad at your family??”He asked before he tucked her hair behind her ear

“Mmmm”Tessa hummed

“So i was thinking if we could stay together”Trefor said before he picked a strand of her hair playing with it

“What do you mean??”Tessa asked starring at him. Trefor looked down at her and their eyes locked gaze with each other

“I mean if we could share a room as a couple, what do you think??”Trefor asked

His he crazy?? what does he mean by that?? Oh my God his he trying to take over his responsibility as a man?? Gosh not when my aunt will be coming soon, Tessa panicked inwardly

“It’s okay if you don’t want it”Trefor said before he let go of her hair


“It’s ok,we should stay the way we’re for the now till we improve our relationship”Trefor said

Tessa nod at him, “I will be going now”

“Ok,I won’t be coming back today”Trefor said

“You’re busy today??”Tessa asked

“Throughout this week am busy”Trefor said

“Ok,enjoy your food”Tessa said before he walked out

“Tess Tess Tess what are you doing to me??”Trefor asked



“So here are all the details”Isabella said

“Never expected something to be in that head of yours”Alex said with a smile

“Funny what you think of me”Isabella said

“So we’re starting tomorrow officially??”Alex asked

“Yes officially”Isabella replied

“So can i ask you some questions??”Alex asked

“You’re not a reporter if i can remember”Alex said

“It’s just some questions relating to business”Isabella said

“Ok go on”Alex said

“How old were you when you managed to handle Lorenzo Corporations in England??”Isabella asked

“21”Alex asked

“So it’s true that you entered the college when…”

“I was 15?? Yes and i studied business for five years before taking over Lorenzo Corporations”Alex said cutting her off

“Wow no wonder you’re cool alongside your friends”Isabella said with a smile

“You think??”Asked Alex

“Yes back then you were trending on the news and every one were crushing on you till when you became successful as a business man”Isabella said shaking her head

“And you?? Weren’t you also crushing on me??”Alex asked with a smile

“I didn’t get to know you because i was obviously in the mili…”Isabella trailed off

“Military??”Alex asked

“Umm I better get going i have an important place to go”Isabella said before she stood up

“No place is more important than here”Alex said walking behind her

“Where are you going to??”Isabella asked

“Isn’t obvious am going out”Alex said

“Oh”Isabella mouthed

They both walked out together but they stopped when they both saw someone

Alex was shocked when he saw who it was but he was able to masked it up with an expressionless face

“Long time no see Alex”Tiana said with a smile




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