{ Crazy Love…}

Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

By, Prechy Lee

Chapter 31&32



Isabella woke up as early as she could,she has a business meeting to attend and at all cost she mustn’t be late

When she remembered yesterday dinner and how their faces were when she said she and Alex had S£X she laughed loudly.

Trefor and Tessa were the only one who found what she said funny because they didn’t believe her

She removed the bandage on her knees before she put on her P@ŋts suit and jacket,she grab her bag before she ran out

Everyone was probably still sleeping because they weren’t at the dinning table. She walked out only for her to be hit by the morning hot fresh breeze. She looked at the sky that was a bit bright but the clouds were still dark

She entered her car and drove off heading to the Republic Bereau Of Investment. She made a whole lots of projects to present

She stopped when she saw someone strange laying on the floor in her own pool of blood. She checked the place to be sure if they weren’t acting criminals

After inspecting that nothing was wrong she came down and ran to the person. It then turns out to be a girl,she rolled the person over only to see that she was shot

She immediately lifted her up and placed her arm around her neck before she grabbed her feet dragging her along. She opened the back seat and placed her inside before she closed the door and entered through the driver’s seat and drove off

She got to the hospital within half an hour. She rushed down to call the nurse before they came and took her inside

“Here is my business card incase she wakes up call me”Isabella said

“Okay ma’am we will work on her right away”The Doc said

Isabella nod her head before she checked the time it was close to 8:00,she immediately ran to her car and drove off without changing her clothes


The Elders and CEO of every companies were in the hall. Each person was discussing about the benefits of their company if they were to partner with them

“Who’s still absent??”Elder Mathew asked

“The director of Ham’s Company isn’t here”Someone replied

Alex glanced at the chair beside him and wondered where Isabella was. He has known her not to always keen to time

Immediately the door opened and Isabella ran in P@ŋting hard. She has been running ever since she entered the company. Everyone stared at her from her head to toe

Her hair looks disheveled,some part of her face were covered with sweats while her clothes was painted red due to the stain of blood from that person

“What rubbish is this??”Elder Mathew asked

“Good Morning Elder Mathew am sorry for be…”

“Keep your explanations to yourself”Elder Mathew cut her off rudely

“Did you bother looking at yourself in the mirror before coming here??”Elder Mathew asked

Isabella was dumbstruck wondering why he was asking her this questions. She wondered if she has now looked extra ugly

“This is a meeting not some mad place for mad people”Elder Mathew said. Isabella frowned hard

“What does been mad has to do with me??”Isabella asked

“Just look at yourself now you’re acting like the mad girl you’re”Elder Mathew said scrutinizing her with his eyes

Isabella stared at herself that’s when she realized her blue suit was stained red. She touched her hair and found it ruff. She immediately felt embarrassed but when she remembered him saying she’s now acting like the mad girl she’s her frown deepened

“Me being mad does not affect your life so why are you making a fuss out of nothing?? You should have told me I looked unkept right now and not you mocking me with my predicament”Isabella said harshly

“Isabella mind the way you speak to Elder Mathew”Chairman Ricardo said

Isabella stared at him and she could see him smirking at her

“You know Theodore made a big mistake by handling his wife precious company in your care”Elder Mathew said

“Yes what can a mad girl like her do,her brain must be obviously useless right now”Elder Nik said in sarcasm

“How’s she able to know the basic statics in business when she’s like this”Another said

“She’s must leave here because she’s the only girl here and what does lady knows about business”Elder Ricardo said

“Elder Ricardo”Alexander called before he stood up and walked to Isabella

“Do you people realize you’re saying $h|ts to her in front of me??”Alex asked

“Who’s she to you??”Elder Mathew asked

Isabella immediately stared at him wondering what he would say next

“She’s my girlfriend”Alex said before he faced Isabella and grabbed her by the waist

“Do you realize who she is??”Someone asked

“Yes I know everything about her,so I love her the way she’s”Alex said still staring at Isabella who was shocked by his words

His brought out his handkerchief and wiped her face with it before he combed her hair with his hands and arranged it

“What happened to you??”Alex asked

“I saved a girl earlier on the road, looks like she was shot so i had to carry her that’s how i got stained with blood, because i was rushing here i didn’t bother checking out my outfit”Isabella said

“You heard that huh??, The main reason why I like her is because of her kind heart,she must be crazy or what so ever but she would never neglect an helpless person”Alex said

“You said she looks so unkept that she didn’t stare at the mirror before coming here but your son couldn’t get her eyes off her”Alex said staring at Mike

Isabella stared at all of them before she faced Alex and looked back at everyone

“After how many years am stepping here and because i wasn’t accompanied by my Grandfather i was being mocked by you’ll,you know, i made a promise to my self that nobody silly words is going to make me sad or cry. Thank you so much for seeing me worthless just because am a girl….have a nice day”Isabella said before she turned her back and walked out

“Mr Lorenzo am sorry for their rudely attitude towards her”Mike said. Alex stared at him without saying anything

“Am done with this meeting”Alex said before he walked out

“Look at what you’ll have done,when we were supposed to have him to ourside now you all have pushed him away with your crazy attitudes”Mike said raising his voice a bit high

“Am done also you guys should work it out yourselves”Mike hissed before he stood up

“Mike you dare not back down now”Elder Mathew said but Mike didn’t heard him because he had already walked out

Isabella sat down in the corners of the garden that was a bit dark. Those words hit her alot and she felt like crying but she decided to hold back her tears

She isn’t in the right state to drive because a lot of going through her mind or would will say she’s going through alot

Alex walked to her and sat down beside her

“You can cry in my arms if you want to”Alex said

“I don’t want to cry”Isabella refused

“You have been holding it for too long”Alex said

“Crying doesn’t solves anything”Isabella said

“Just let the feeling out and be relieved”Alex said

“Whenever i cry i blame my Mom am not in for it again”Isabella said

“You’re blaming your Mom??”Alex asked

“Yes she caused everything to me, it’s all because of her am in this condition only..only..if she listened to my plead that day”Isabella muttered sadly

“What happened to you in those years??”Alex asked

Isabella stared at him contemplating on why he suddenly cared about her. She opened her mouth to speak when her phone rang. It was an unknown number she picked the call immediately

“Hello”Isabella said

“Good Morning Miss Theodore,the patient you brought in is safe and alive,and she’s awake”The Doc said

Isabella never expected them to call her so quickly,for crying out loud she was shot how come she’s awake so soon

“Ok I’ll be there soon”Isabella said before she ended the call

“I have to go the victim i helped is awake now”Isabella said

“Where are my photocopies??”Alex asked

“Oh that I will bring it to you later or tomorrow”Isabella said before she stood up

“Isabella”Alex called

“Yes”She replied before she faced him. Alex walked to her before he squat in front of her raising her P@ŋts suit up

“You removed the bandage??”Alex asked

“Umm yeah i hates bandages alot they makes me feel so uncomfortable so i had to pull it off”Isabella said

“Get it treated when you get to the hospital”Alex said. Isabella nod her head at him

He let go of her P@ŋts before he stood up staring at her. He ruffed her hair before he smiled at her

“Go”Alex said

“Are you going back inside??”Isabella asked

“No i have other important works to attend to”Alex said

“Did you left the meeting because of me??”Isabella asked

“I left because they were scheming something and i already knew why they invited me at first place”Alex said

“Oh”Isabella mouthed

“Did you re..”

Isabella bite her lip when she realized that she was about to say rubbish,she wanted to ask him if he meant what he said inside

“Go on”Alex said

“Umm bye i have to go thank you for standing up for me earlier”Isabella said before she ran off

Alex stood there staring at her retreated back


Ariel entered the hospital with all pride. She was here to see her friend who was hospitalized

She mistakenly opened the wrong door she wanted to closed it back when she saw someone laying on the bed

She opened the door and entered fully walking to the person on the bed

“Tiana”Ariel called

Tiana opened her eyes and she was shocked when she saw Ariel standing beside her

“Tiana”She called again

“What are you doing here??”Tiana asked

“You’re here in the sick bed”Ariel laughed

“I asked what you’re doing here”Tiana said

“I didn’t remembered you owned here”Ariel scoff

“So you’re back why??”Ariel asked

“I don’t need to answer your question”Tiana hissed

“Well for your information Alex already has a girlfriend”Said Ariel. Tiana glared at her hard making Ariel burst into laugh

“Do you think he’s going to like you forever??”Ariel asked with mockery tone

“You better snapped out of your dreams and realized the world you’re now”Ariel said

“Get out”Tiana yelled

“Shhhh…..baby girl this a hospital it has free movement,it’s not like your dumb room”Ariel said

“And you better stop shouting else you will eventually die right away”She added

“Shut up you crazy Ɓîtçh”Tiana scoff

“The only person who’s crazy is you. You know,have been wondering who saved your life”Ariel said rubbing her chin when the door opened and Isabella walked in

Isabella stared at Ariel before staring at the patient she helped on the bed. She walked towards the hospital bed to check on Tiana

“Oh guess you saved her life”Ariel said

“Yeah and what are you doing here??”Isabella asked

“Well she’s my friend”Ariel replied

“Oh,how were you aware or rather informed about the condition she’s in??”Isabella asked

“I don’t think i need to answer your question”Ariel said

“Hmm”Isabella hummed before she faced Tiana

“Umm how are you feeling??”Isabella asked

“Better,thanks for saving my life”Tiana thanked

“Oh yeah you’re welcome. I only paid attention to you because you were blocking my part so i had to check on you”Isabella said

“I really appreciate”Tiana said with a smile

“Now I know why you looked so unkept”Ariel said staring at her intently

“And what are you still doing here??”Isabella asked with an annoyed tone

“This is a hospital so y..”

“That’s doesn’t mean you can barge into people wards as you like?? C’mon let’s go try it to someone else and see if your pretty face will not be ruined”Isabella said

“Am glad you know am pretty”Ariel said. Isabella shook her head at Ariel,at of everything she said Ariel only heard that statement

“By the way why would you helped a witch like her??”Ariel asked

“Thought she was friend??”Isabella asked

“An evil friend”Ariel replied

“You move out with a witch makes you also a witch,you move it with a devil makes you also a devil Ariel…”Isabella said

“So if i move out with you makes me mad like you??”Ariel asked with with a smile

Isabella stared at her and she could guess she was obviously mocking her. She looked away from her and faced Tiana without replying Ariel

“I will go pay your hospital bills”Tiana said

“No you don’t have to,i can do it,you have tried alot for me lately”Tiana refused her offer

“I brought you here so you’re under my care. Don’t worry i can handle it,am not as low as you think of me”Isabella said

Tiana shook her head at her with a smile. Ariel face was still scrunched up. Isabella walked to her and drag her out

“Go”Isabella said

“I will”Ariel hissed before she walked past her. Anger was vivid in her face,she obviously didn’t like the way Isabella abruptly dragged her out

If only she knew who she helped,if only she knew who was behind that smiling face,if only she knew the kinds of things she does that makes people search for her to be hunt down

She isn’t going to be the one tell or warn her about Tiana,she was going to wait till Isabella has tasted of her evil stuffs

She walked to her car and elited out. While she was driving something caught her attention,it was a club house that she has cherish so much

She remembered the countless times she comes here and get herself drunk when she felt sad. She parked her car before she came down entering the club house. Because it was still morning some few people were seen. She walked to the bar and sat down

“Hey Val”She called. The bar attender turned only to see Ariel sitting there with a smile

“Ariel where have you been??”She asked cheerfully

“Just been on one side you know”Ariel replied

“And you forgot your friend not cool”Val said with a sad look

“C’mon Val never expected you to still be working here”Ariel said

“Am still searching for my man”Val muttered

“Be waiting for Mr Perfect”Ariel said

“Am almost there, I feel he’s close to me”Val said with chuckle

“So your right parents are aware about it??”Ariel asked

“Not really”Val replied

“Don’t tell me you’re still keeping it as a secret till now??”Ariel asked

“I guess i am”Val replied scratching her hair

“Silly girl”Ariel laughed

“So you and Bianca are still very close??”Val asked

“Yeah”Ariel replied

“Well i saw her earlier”Val said

“Where??”Ariel immediately asked

“Here”Val replied

“When??”Ariel asked

“Some minutes ago with a man”Val replied

“A man?? Thought she was waiting for Mr Perfect like you”Ariel muttered confusedly

“She already met her Mr Perfect the guy was absolutely handsome and he’s really popular”Val said

“Who is he??”Ariel asked

“He’s..well they’re over there already”Val said pointing to their direction

Ariel snapped her heads towards them only for her to receive the shock of her life. She stood up in a rush

This was the same man who she told Bianca about,the same man who has been asking her out for some time,the same she wanted to fully give her heart to and now it’s the same man who’s with her friend,not just only her friend but her best friend

“Bianca”She screamed loudly. Bianca turned to her in shock she immediately let go of the man hands




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