{ Crazy Love }

Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

Prechy Lee

Chapter 23&24


“Isabella”Mr Theodore called

Isabella looked up only to see her father

“Put the knife down”Mr Theodore said

“Why??”Isabella said

“Because if you kill her you will be sent to jail and the penalty will be life in prisonment”Mt Theodore said

Isabella saw something attractive in the table,she picked it up and drank everything in the bottle

“Put that down it’s alcohol”Annette shouted. Isabella ignored her instead she grabbed another bottle on the table and emptied everything

She kept quiet after drinking everything and everyone else was quiet too. Isabella stared at her nothing suddenly her sense of reasoning turned upside down,her brain was in chaos it was no longer in order

Something she has been dealing with for some years evoke in her,immediately she started laughing before she stared at her dad

“Like am scared of going to jail”Isabella laughed

“Jail what’s jail huh??jail jail jail”Isabella said laughing

“I will kill her yes i will kill her”She said in a tiny voice

They all stared at each other and instantly they new her madness has started. She hasn’t been taking her drugs lately and drinking alcohol untop was totally going to add to her nadness

“Quick call Trefor now”Mr Theodore shouted

“Ok Father”Maltida said before she brought out her phone and dailed Trefor number

Mila was shaking under Isabella. Isabella was tracing her face with a dagger

“You look pretty to be killed mercilessly”Isabella said

“Isabella don’t hurt her”Mr Theodore shouted

“Guards”Mrs Theodore shouted

Immediately the guards ran in

“Hold her”She commanded

“Come close and i slit her throat”Isabella said piercing the knife on Mila throat. Mila screamed out when she felt pains there some drops of blood were coming out

“Stop stay away from her”Mr Theodore said

The gaurds immediately ran back. Isabella let go of Mila before she started walking towards the door with the dagger in front of her

“Where are you going to sister??”Annette asked worriedly

“Where am i going to??I dunno I dunno I dunno”Isabella laughed before she ran out

“Chase after her now”Mr Theodore commanded before he faced his wife

“Look at what you’ve done”Mr Theodore said annoyingly

“What have i done??”Mrs Theodore asked

“Couldn’t you coaxed her as a Mother instead of calling the gaurds on her??”He asked angrily

“She wouldn’t listen to me”Mrs Theodore replied

“She would have listened to you only if you were nice to her from the start,she hasn’t been like this for years and now she has started it again”Mr Theodore snapped

“If i don’t get to catch her before she rummage in the streets you will be blamed for it”Mr Theodore hissed before he ran out

Annette stared at her Mom before he ran after his Father. Maltida walked to Mila who was breathing hard

“Am sorry”Maltida apologize

“I have to go”Mila said standing up

“Are you mad at me??”Maltida asked

“Mad??, did you just asked if am mad at you??”Mila asked

“For goodness sake i almost lost my life,i was almost killed by that dead sister of yours and you’re asking me if am mad at you”Mila yelled

“Don’t blame for you caused everything yourself”Maltida said

“So now i caused everything by my self??”Mila asked

“Yes if only you had keeping your mouth shut like i did,you said you weren’t afraid of her literally you made her release all her angers she has been enduring. I noticed her mood that’s the reason why I respected my self you should have done so too instead of telling her you’re not afraid of her and still you were the one with the alcohol..”Maltida snapped angrily

“Wow wow wow so this is what you’re saying to me right now”Mila said

“Well thanks for nothing but i promise you,you will pay for it dearly”Mila said before she walked away

“Maltida you shouldn’t have said that”Mrs Theodore said

“It’s all your fault”Maltida said

“Oh don’t you dare blame me”Mrs Theodore warned

“Didn’t you noticed her mood huh??,why did you question her about her whereabouts??,why can’t you just keep your mouth to yourself??,now she’s out on the street because of you,bet they can’t get her, everything is your fault so you better go out there and look for her”Maltida said harshly

“Maltida”Mrs Theodore yelled

“Mother”She yelled back

Mrs Theodore was shocked she stared at Maltida unbelievably. Maltida stared at her before she walked out of the house also joining the search for Isabella

Mrs Theodore sat in the chair wondering what to do next


Allyson sat on the bed contemplating on what happened to her,she made up her mind that she will never ever cross paths with Charles again


Charles kept on biting Allyson neck hard. Allyson felt a tingling sensation in her,she was kind of enjoying it but she kicked herself out of her crazy thoughts

She was thinking of what to do suddenly a thought came to her. She started moving under him going up and down slamming her as against his dck

“Stop”Charles said with a deep voice

Allyson ignored him even when she felt him down there. His member stood erected poking her. Charles used his hands to pin her to the wall so she would stop moving

After some seconds he let go of Allyson hands and stepped back giving her chance to run. Allyson turned back and saw him staring at her with LΕ«$t

She wondered why he just let her go, though she’s aware he can’t FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ her in a place like this but he can still go through the back if he wanted to

Without waiting for what he would do next Allyson arranged herself properly before she ran to the door and stop

“You’re a pervert,a spoilt child,a FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ boy and a rapist”Allyson said before she ran away. Charles couldn’t help but smile at her words


The ringing of her phone jolted her back to reality. She checked the caller IDs and was surprised to see Annette calling her,she immediately picked the call

“Hello”Allyson said

“He…He.. Hello”Annette said shakingly

“Annette what is it??, talk to me”Allyson asked worriedly

“Isa…isabel…”Annette stuttered

“Annie calm down take a deep breath and talk to me”Allyson said

“Isabella has gone really mad this time around”Annette said

“How??,what happened??”Allyson asked sitting upright

“She was really really angry after getting pissed off by my mom,she grabbed a knife threatening Mila with it before she mistakenly drank the alcohol that was in the table adding to her madness”Annette said

“Oh my God”Allyson exclaimed loudly

“Please help us to find her please you know where she always goes to please i don’t want her to be on the streets again”Annette said

“I will Annie trust me ok”Allyson and

“Ok i will get back to you later”Annette said before she cut the call

Allyson ruffed her hair she doesn’t really know where Isabella might be right now. She decided on calling Alex since they’re dating but she doesn’t have his number

She decided to call Maisie since they have been cool for some time. She immediately dialled her number and after the second ring she picked the phone

“Hello Maisie”Allyson called

“Hey Allyson wassup”Maisie said

“Am not cul there’s a big problem right now”Allyson said

“What is it??”Maisie asked with concern

“Isabella has gone crazy now she’s no where to be found,she ran out of the house some minutes ago”Allyson said

“What??, she was ok earlier this morning”Maisie said

“You guys have settled your dispute between each other??”Allyson asked

“Yeah so how do you intend on finding her??”Maisie asked

“Umm what about getting help from your brother??”Allyson asked

“Oh yeah you’re right I will text his number to you”Maisie said

“Wait you’re not going to inform him??”Allyson asked

“No way,by the way he’s not going to believe me”Maisie said

“Ok have texted his number to you let’s meet at Tomahawk so we will both search for her together”Maisie said

“Ok thanks”Allyson said before Maisie ended the call

She took a deep breath before she dialled his number he answered the call in the last ring

“He…Hello”Allyson stuttered

“Who’s this??”Alex deep voice asked

“Umm..it’s Isabella friend Allyson”Allyson said

“Ok how may i help you??”Alex asked coldly

“Isabella has gone mad again she’s on the street and no where to be found”Allyson said

“When did it happened??”Alex asked

“Some minutes ago”Allyson said

“Ok i will send the search team to look for her”Alex said

“Thank you very much”Allyson said

“Ok”Alex said before the call got disconnected


“Mother where’s she??”Trefor asked immediately he ran in with Tessa

“Trefor”Mrs Theodore called before she burst into tears

“She’s out on the street again”Mrs Theodore said

“How??,why didn’t you all tried stopping her??”Trefor asked

“We tried our best but she held a knife in her hand”Mrs Theodore said faking a tears

“Where are they??”Trefor asked

“They’ll went in search for her”Mrs Theodore said

“Who’s she??”Mrs Theodore asked immediately she noticed Tessa

“She’s my wife”Trefor replied

“You got married without informing me your Mother??”Mrs Theodore asked confusedly

“Let’s not talk about this now”Trefor said

“My dear please try and come around so we will get to know you more don’t mind this jerk of a son i have”Mrs Theodore said

Tessa chuckled slightly

“Ok Mother”Tessa said

“I would just pretend i didn’t hear you well,let’s go Tess”Trefor said before he ran out

“Bye Mother”Tessa said before she ran after Trefor

“Bye sweetie”She said with a pretty smile

“What a sweet girl”She said


Alex sat down on his office holding a file. He was busy with work because he had to finish a project before he would work on Isabella own

He wasn’t able to concentrate because of what he heard about Isabella, though he has sent the search team his mind wasn’t still calm

He closed his eyes and opened it before he pinched the space between his brows. His phone rang he immediately grabbed the phone hoping it was from the search team

“Good morning boss”The guy on the other line greeted

“What is it??”He asked

“Boss there’s a pest here in our garbage attempting to fight us”The guy said

“Then deal with the pest why calling me”Alex said annoyingly

“She’s a girl she looks mad to me”The guy said

“Describe her”Alex commanded

“Not too tall nor short she’s just average,have a very slender body,her eyes are somehow, she’s beautiful but she exudes a dark and crazy aura,has long hair with one side dyed pink”The guy said

Alex kept quiet trying to picture everything about her in his head

“Don’t let her escape i will be there”Alex said before he stood up

“Ok boss”The guy replied

Alex grabbed his suit jacket and walked out of the office in a fast pace. All his workers who saw him wondered what was going on


Isabella ran out of the masion and started running in the road. She stopped when she saw a car coming she immediately ran in front of the car and the car stopped immediately

“Are you nut??, or are you planning to get yourself killed??”The girl asked

Isabella ignored her,instead she walked to the other side and opened the door before she entered

“Drive”She said with a childish voice blinking her eyes like a baby

“Are you okay??,do you realize you’re in my car??”The girl asked angrily

“I said drive”Isabella shouted pointing the the knife in her hand at her

The girl immediately stopped talking instead she turned on the ignition and drove off in fear

“Fast”Isabella commanded

“Faster”She commanded

The girl increase the speed breaking all traffic rules. She kept driving through the directions Isabella said

Isabella traced her face with the knife

“You look really pretty to be killed”She laughing like an old witch

“Please don’t hurt me please”The girl pleaded in tears

“Awnn you’re crying you poor thing”Isabella laughed

“I don’t hurt people I kill them”Isabella laughed

“This is a close end”The girl said immediately she got to a desert looking street

“Ok thank you”Isabella said with a box smiled before she came down

The girl immediately revised the car and drove off without looking back or caring about where Isabella was going to. Isabella started walking with her hands in her P@Ε‹ts

She kept on murmuring and laughing to herself. She saw a group of boys who was staring at her shockingly

“What is it??”She asked

“Who are you and what are you doing here??”A guy asked

“Who are you and what are you doing here??”She asked back with a smile

“Do you realize where you’re??”Another guy asked

“I don’t hear English”Isabella said

“But you’re speaking English”The guy said

“I am??oh my God can’t believe am speaking English”Isabella said jumping up and down in excitement

“Ok let’s get to business who amongst you will I kill??”Isabella asked standing in a bad guy stature

“Are you normal??”a guy asked

“Are you normal??”Isabella asked with a frown

The guy stood up angrily walking towards Isabella he intended on gripping her when Isabella cut him with her knife

“Ahhh…”The guy screamed before he walked back

Oh so you came prepared”The guy smirk before he brought out his dagger

“Ta ta ta ba ba ba di di si …”Isabella muttered absentmindedly like a baby while laughing

The guy approach Isabella why she moved back slitting his cheek. The guy held his cheek before he attack again

They kept on fighting while Isabella knife fell on the floor she decided to use her fist. Her hairs were scattered she was fighting with pleasure another guy joined while Isabella kept on dealing with the both of them she managed to use her skills she has been working on,on one of them making him pass out

Others joined while she made them passed out also making it five against one. She stood and pushed her hair back before she tight her fist till someone grabbed her from behind

She turned and started fighting with the person without minding who it was. Alex was taken aback in shock but he defended himself dodging all her punches

He gripped her hands tightly but still Isabella kept on using her legs. He decided to raise her head up so she will stare at him immediately their eyes locked gaze Isabella stopped kicking him and smiled

“My boyfriend”She called sweetly before she hugged him

All the boys were suprised when they heard her. Alex pat her hair slightly

“Are you okay??”Alex asked

“Am okay am okay am okay”Isabella said before she raised up her head and stared at him

“Why are you so cute??”She asked before she cupped his cheeks with her hands

Alex couldn’t reply her because he never expected those words from her

“Let’s go home”Alex said

“No”Isabella quickly refused him

“Why??”Alex asked

“I hate my home they’re they’re so wicked and rude towards me”Isabella said sadly

“I like here and i want to stay here”Isabella said

“Why don’t you want to go home??”Alex asked

“They will to lock me up and I won’t be able to come out again,hide me they’re coming please don’t let them take me away please”Isabella said hugging him again

Alex looked behind him but couldn’t find anyone. He sighed before he pulled her away from him

“No one is coming after you,i will go home with you”Alex said

“Really?”She asked

“Yes so let’s go”Alex said

“Wait only on one condition”Isabella said smiling

“Which is??”Alex asked

“Give me a K!SS first”she said biting on her lower lip

Alex stared at her in shock

“A K!SS??”Alex asked




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